Live Ornaments for my Garden

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Jane, Sadie and Angela were just going away on a long weekend together when they were drugged at the bar and taken back to my farm.

We stood in the garden now that had recently been landscaped all it was missing were some garden ornaments and now I had three.

In the garden were three holes freshly dug and there was a supply of fast drying concrete ready to be poured.

Sadie was first, she was Janes daughter. She was just 23 years old nice big tits and a big mouth just right for what I had planned for her.

I told her to strip naked, she looked at me horrified as I explained what was going to happen. Each of them would become my garden ornaments ready to entertain my guests and me whenever we felt the need. When I was bored with them they would be tortured to death.

Sadie knew she had nowhere to run or escape to, she started to undress. When she was naked and trying to cover herself I pushed her into the deepest hole. I had made marks for her to place her feet which meant her pussy was nicely exposed. I started to pour the concrete. As the hole filled Sadie was crying, she had her hands above her head so they would be free she could feel the concrete seeping into her pussy As soon as the hole was filled the concrete was hard and Sadie was my first ornament at just the right height for cock sucking.

Jane was next, her hole was much shallower, as she stripped I explained she would be on all fours her legs and hands would be concreted in place, so Sadie would have to feed her and give her drinks but she was in just the right place to be able to suck her daughters tit. As she knelt down in place I made Jane suck Sadies breast just to make sure she could reach, then I poured the concrete to make my second ornament. With Jane in place that just left Angela. There were two holes ready for her, as she undressed I explained she would be concreted to her knees meaning she could be fucked standing or laying down either way she was in position to entertain.

Angela had amazing tits big and firm and a lovely pussy and arse that were going to be well used, she was 40 years old and looked to be a great fuck. Jane was 51 but still in good shape and she had nice tits as well.

I explained that a few friends were here to try out the new garden, and as they walked in already naked and cocks hard the fun began. Jane had a cock in her mouth and up her pussy and Sadie had a cock in her hand and one in her mouth I had Angela on her back squeezing her tits and fucking her hard, The three women didnt know how hard this was going to be for them as they were repeatedly raped and abused throughout the day. Sadie was covered in cum and her nipple was sore from where her mother had been made to suck it time and time again, the day was only just beginning and for my living ornaments this waqs day one fo the rest of their lives.

For Angela this proved to be shorter than she thought it would be. We had been fucking her all day and were hungry and decided that we would keep the mother and daughter and instead we would barbecue Angela.

The grill was hot and ready, we had broken her free from the concrete without a mark on her, she thought we were going to let her go until we walked her to the grill. I cuffed her hands behind her back, and told her that we were first of all going to cook her breasts. Jane and Sadie looked on horrified wondering if this would happen to them as well. I pushed Angela down squeezing her breast onto the grill. They sizzled immediately and Angela howled like an injured animal. She struggled to get herself away from the heat but there was no escape her breasts were seared on one side so I moved her slightly so they were cooking evenly.I pushed a fork into her breast and there was just clear juices so they were done. Whilst she was still bent over the grill I got a large knife and sliced her breast off letting them fall onto the barbecue grill. We let Angela sit with Jane and Sadie so they could comfort her although she was in shock as we had told her that we would be cutting her pussy and clit off when we had finished eating.

Angelas breast tasted fantastic even the nipples were cooked just right. I made her lie down n the floor when we had finished, t was time for Jane to lick Angelas pussy and clit so it was ripe and ready to be removed. Jane had never licked or tasted pussy before but she did as she was told as she didnt want the same fate to befall her and her daughter. Angela begged Jane to stop but she kept on licking till we said we were ready.

Right in front of Janes face I sliced through Angelas pussy lips making her scream and howl again as I sliced through her clit her body shuddered and she let out a long scream till her voice broke.

Just when she thought we had finished I pushed a tube deep into her pussy that was full of razor blades her eyes flickered as the pain registered she couldnt scream anymore she had no voice but as I fucked her with the tube she silently begged me to stop, her pussy was ripped to shreds inside now it was time to cook her pussy and clit, again Angela didn't know it yet but she was going to eat it.

Part two to follow soon

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