Salvation Ch. 16 Ashdown Manor

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Ashdown Manor, the ancestral home of the Blackstone's stands in its own
extensive grounds a mile from the old Oxford road. To the front of the
Manor there is a large ornamental lake and to the rear many smaller

It was quite dark when Karen and Deborah Mellor arrived and to them
everywhere looked cold, drab and most uninviting. Miss Victoria Hall, the
housekeeper, ushered them straight into the warm kitchen, serving them
some special broth to help get them warm again after their long journey
in the damp carriage.

Always delighted with the girls the Judge placed under her authority,
Victoria was particularly taken with these pretty sisters who looked so
innocent and vulnerable.

John Blackstone valued her services and always found attractive girls to
satisfy her sadistic lesbian passions, counting on this to secure her co-
operation when it came to his turn to ravish them.


The carriage dropped Judge Blackstone off later that evening and Miss
Hall was waiting there to greet him.

"A good day I hear My Lord."

Miss Victoria Hall was a tall and slender woman with dark hair, and eyes
that watched with deep understanding, piercing those who didn't follow
her instructions. Dark clothes accentuated her pale, flawless skin while
her bound hair added to her height.

Her letter of introduction said she had been in her early twenties and
yet she had looked both younger and older, carrying an air of authority
few others could ever muster.

She had good references too, much better than she needed, but she seemed
happy, never more so than when he sentenced young girls to a week of
servitude under her authority.

In actual fact, the punishment at the Manor had been quite straight
forward before Miss Hall's arrived. The girls were set to work in the
gardens, the stable or the kitchens, depending upon their aptitude but it
was only when Miss Hall was appointed that they were put to use upstairs.

This was a form of punishment that developed slowly, becoming ever more
of a priority during their stay at Ashdown Manor.

"A very good day," John grinned, his mind reviewing the day; Alice at the
coaching Inn, Marsha twice in one day, and still the Mellor girls to

"Have the sisters arrived?" he asked.

"Yes Sir they have, but they were exhausted after their journey so I
bathed them and put them to bed," smiling in such a way that betrayed the
wicked pleasures she had no doubt enjoyed whilst doing so.

"They are very pretty, and so innocent Sir," Victoria said taking his hat
and coat and then following him into the comfortable parlour, a large
wooden panelled room with an imposing fireplace in which logs crackled
and spluttered with flame. The heavy drapes had already been closed
against the cold winter's evening and the room held a welcome that
threatened to set him to drowsing.

"I hope I'm up to whatever you have planned," he told her as he sat and
lifted a foot to allow her to remove his shoes.

"I considered that you might have had too much excitement for one day,"
she told him. "So tonight we shall savour what we can enjoy much further
tomorrow," she explained, taking away his shoes and leaving him with a
glass of Madeira.

His mind returned to the moment he had opened his bladder into young
Alice's mouth, an exquisite sensation, and one he'd not experienced
before, but certainly hoped to experience again. The drink filled his
mouth with flavour and warmed him within, which stirred his loins.

As he sat, the Madeira at hand, he recalled the younger Mellor girl,
Deborah he recalled her name. She had sat half pressed against her elder
sister, possible unaware of how much cotton-clad thigh she had been

He liked immature girls, he liked their innocence and their eagerness to
learn and have fun. Deborah Mellor would be fun, that is until her
punishment began, and then there'd be another type of fun to be had.

"So, what's to do?" he asked as Victoria returned.

She carried a tray with a large bowl of broth and basket of bread rolls.
He sat up and let her place it on his lap and picked up the spoon,
suddenly ravenous.

"I've imposed upon Marcus Barrett to allow his daughter to stay the night
again," Victoria said, watching the obese man begin scooping the rich
broth into his mouth. Mary was twelve old and a brainless child, doing as
she was told, never questioning or arguing.

Her father had been the first to realise her docility and Victoria had
quickly noticed it when calling for eggs one morning. Now there was an
agreement between them that the girl would be made available whenever
needed, and the farmer would only need to pay half the rent due.

"Ever had an employer that wished to urinate over another?" John asked,
watching his housekeeper closely.

Victoria smiled in the fond memory of holding one of her ward's head back
so she could let her water flow over the child's face.

In fact, in her travelling case she always carried a set of urethra
catheters that would remove control from the person and send the rich
fluid through a rubber pipe to wherever she wished, even the person's own

"A very pleasant experience My Lord." She told him with a nod.

"If you could arrange such opportunities for me," he said, returning to
his soup. Victoria wondered where he'd come across such pleasure and put
another log on the fire, ensuring the room would be kept nice and warm.

She then departed to bring the Barrett girl up from the kitchen where
she'd been sitting on the bench, swinging her legs waiting patiently to
be called.

Victoria knelt beside the child and smiled. In truth, she preferred girls
with more spirit, but girls like Mary had their place; pretty little
tarts that would obediently undertake whatever task they were given.

"Excited?" Victoria asked the child.

The girl grinned and then nodded, used to playing up to Miss Hall's
requirements. None the less, Victoria swept the girl's drab skirts up,
uncovering pretty, young thighs and, at their junction, a pretty little
cunt on which fine young hairs had begun to darken.

"Very pretty," she agreed, tapping her knee so she would obediently part
her thighs and allow Victoria's fingers to feel her vagina, to determine
how moist and ready she was.

Her thumb pushed the young lips aside and ran up her slit, drawing the
slippery wetness up and over her stubby little clitoris. Mary spread her
thighs a little further; enjoying the stabbing pleasure the sudden touch
to her clitoris had given her.

Smiling knowingly she pulled her hand away, smelling her thumb before
licking the girl's sticky flavour from it.

"Come," she ordered, taking the girl's hand and roughly pulling her from
the bench, before matching her upstairs. The judge was drowsing in his
chair, his eyelids heavy.

Seeing the girl, he sat up and blinked, pushing away sleep as he began
dreaming of what Miss Hall had in mind for the little girl.

Placing the girl in front of her seated employer, Victoria knelt and
began helping the girl shed her shabby clothes, removing them piece-by-
piece so that he could fully appreciate the youth of the child.

But for her face, neck and arms, the girl's skin was perfectly pale,
completely untouched by the sun. Her nipples were tiny dark circles of
tender skin, the tips sticking up excitedly as Victoria finished removing
her skirts to reveal the fine hairs around her little cunt.

"What do you have in mind?" John asked excitedly.

Her slender body had brought him erect, but he couldn't be bothered to
mount the girl. She would be far too tight for him in his current mood.
Victoria turned the girl so he would see her delicious bottom, so nicely
pronounced for such a young girl. The lines from her last whipping still
showed, feint lines that held a tinge of pink.

Victoria gripped and squeezed her bottom pulling the cheeks apart, and
smiling as their parting caught the Judge's attention.

"May I have your belt please My Lord?" Victoria asked.

Mary Barrett licked her lips nervously but remained still as her mistress
continued to roughly squeeze her little bottom cheeks.

John grunted and eagerly pulled the belt from his breeches, taking the
opportunity to open them, button by button, until his cock reared its
head from under his shirttails. He smiled at the child as she stared at
his cock, a pretty blush brightening her features.

Victoria doubled the belt in her hand before running it over Mary's young
body. She ran it over the child's nipples, flicking each little teat and
watched the child lick her lips and breathe more deeply.

John felt his excitement rise, just watching the loop of his belt slide
across the young girl's flesh. Unable to stand the frustration, anymore
he took himself in hand, stroking and pulling his foreskin, watching the
girl's pale skin begin to glow. The leather reached her once bald pubis
and ruffle her little fine hairs. Unbelievably, he watched her pelvis
push forward against the stroking, patting belt.

"Open you thighs child," Victoria murmured softly.

Such was the power Miss Hall enjoyed over people that she rarely if ever
lifted her voice. Her wrist tapped the coiled leather against the girl's
pubis, the idle flick making the girl pant in worried anticipation, her
slender young thighs slowly inching apart.

Mary watched her mistress's face, continuing to part her thighs until she
nodded to stop. By which time her feet were so far apart that her sweet
cunt, that part of her that men like her father and the Judge loved so
much, was now exposed in readiness.

The belt rose higher than it had before and swung downwards, striking her
pubis and sending the loop swinging up between her legs, flicking upward
to slap into her softly contoured labia.

Mary jumped and gasped, her eyes wide at the mix of pain and pleasure
that it sent soaring into her belly and chest.

"Thank me Mary," Victoria murmured, her hands stroking the belt to see if
any of the girl's moisture had landed on it.

"Thank you Mistress," Mary answered meekly, panting for breath.

The belt swung again, landing that little bit more harshly between her
thighs, lifting her to her toes and bringing her hands down to swiftly
rub her smarting skin.

"Stop that this instant!" Victoria ordered, smacking hands away.
Mary whimpered but obediently pulled her fingers away, panting and
squirming instead as the strong and wicked sensations flew through her
little cunt.

"What do you say?" Victoria asked. "Thank you Mistress," Mary panted.

Victoria swung the belt back, and then drove it down to land sharply
against the child's pubis again, the coiled end whipping between her
thighs to strike inwards with all the force of a striking cobra.

Her eyes wide, Mary rose onto her toes and squealed, then shook and
squirmed, unable to contain the fierce sensations now burning in her

"Judge Blackstone has some very special cream that will take your pain
away," Victoria told the child. Mary stared at the Judge's cock, licking
her lips as she considered the stout engine, so different from her
father's long and slender pole.

"Sit astride him and rub his cock up against your cunt. Then he'll spray
his special cream over it," Victoria promised.

"May I please Sir," Mary asked, dancing with the terrible growing heat in
her crotch.

John pulled his trousers down to his knees and nodded.

The young girl quickly mounted his lap, squirming forward until her sweet
bottom was firmly on his thighs, her knees spread to either side of his
portly figure as she brought her crotch up against his own and then began
to stroke his thick member, holding it along her burning slit.

"Please, please!" she begged breathlessly, rubbing his cock fiercely up
against her flaming cunt, bumping up and down desperately trying to bring
herself some relief.

John gazed down at the child. She held his cock up against her cunt,
rubbing it and holding it against her, and he felt his balls tighten and
the knot in his stomach clench. With a sob he flung his head back and
cried out his delight, Mary's own orgasm lost in the marvellous sensation
of his own eruption.

"May I be excused Sir?" Victoria asked her employer as the warmth of the
room and the recent excitement threatened to send him to sleep.

"Yes, of course my dear," he said with a knowing smile.

"Come, I haven't finished with you yet," she told the child. Leaving him
to doze, Victoria quickly marched Mary to her private quarters to
continue her lessons. Mary was an apt pupil and Miss Hall's passions were
always sated in the pursuit of the child's education.


Victoria rose early the next morning leaving Mary exhausted from her
efforts to please her mistress, to light the stoves and make sure the
fires were lit and the Manor was made warm.

She then made her way to the sister's room, quietly entering. Neither
girl stirred as she lit the lamps bringing a soft glow to the room.

It was still far too early for either girl to stir and the special broth
they were both given last night meant they were in a daze as Victoria
knelt to draw back the covers on Karen's bed.

The girl looked angelic, golden hair framing a slender face with full
lips and a thin nose. She stirred softly in her sleep, long slender
thighs moving under the soft cotton of her nightdress and Victoria leant
forward to slide the loose garment upwards, uncovering the girl beneath

She had skin as smooth as alabaster, a flat belly and soft hairs that
pointed to her smooth lipped cunt in which the shaft of her clitoris
peeked. Pert breasts rose from her chest, as firm and round as plump
apples, their tips as rosy.

Leaving her gown raised around her neck, Victoria led the sleeping girl's
hands to her body, placing one around the succulent orb of a breast, the
other on her font, a finger lying on the apex of her pretty cunt. Karen
stirred, mumbling in her sleep and as if aware, her thighs parted
slightly and her finger moved, awakening her pleasure source.

Leaving her, Victoria hurried to the other bed, pulling the covers from
Deborah's bed. The eleven year old lay on her side, her thighs curled up
and her thumb half out of her open mouth.

Victoria drew the long nightgown up her back, uncovering the girl's
slender young legs and pert little bottom. Gently, carefully, she raised
one knee from the other and drew the child's free hand between them,
capturing the wrist between her legs.

Quietly then, though she needn't have worried, Karen beginning to make
little gasping sounds in her sleep as her fingers worked to uncover her
pleasure, Victoria returned to the still half open door and, pushing it,
closed it loudly.

With a shocked gasp Deborah woke and half rose, her eyes wide as she
stared at the tall and stern housekeeper, then at her just waking elder

Her eyes widened as she saw what Karen was doing, her fingers moving
between her scissoring thighs while those of her other hand squeezed her
little titties, all plainly in view because she'd kicked the bedcovers
down and rolled her nightdress up.

"Girls!" the woman gasped, a look of shock on her otherwise elegant face.

Deborah suddenly realised her own hand was stuck between her thighs and
pulled it away with a yelp before feeling her cheeks colour. Her mother
had always told her not to touch herself down there except to wash
herself, and to do that properly she had to use a rough cloth so that it
would hurt slightly.

Karen whimpered and tossed her lean young hips, still unaware of what she
was doing and who was watching her. Victoria put her hands on her narrow
waist and stared at the obscene sight, her face set in angry lines for
the benefit of the younger, now trembling child.

"Stop that this instant, you dirty little girls!" she ordered.

Karen's eyes fluttered open as her knees rose and parted. Her fingers
pinched her protruding inner lips causing her to gasp and lift her
pelvis. Then, suddenly, realising where she was and what she was doing
squealed in horror.

Her hands flew from her cunt and she slapped her thighs together as she
fought with her nightdress, desperately trying to cover herself while the
eyes of the housekeeper bore into her. Miss Hall waited until the girls
had made themselves decent and Karen's crying had died away.

The girl had wept for a little while, then stopped when she realised
Victoria was waiting patiently for her to stop. Now they waited on the
tall and elegant woman, both blushing hotly and glancing at each other

"Do your parents permit such behaviour?" Victoria asked suddenly and

"No Ma'am," Karen muttered shamefully.

"I should think not!" Victoria gasped, continuing her air of shock and

"So you think you can treat me differently from your parents, do you!"
she asked pointedly.

"Oh no, no, not at all Ma'am!" Karen gasped, shaking with the horror of
what the woman had suggested.

"You obviously do young lady, so do not make matters worse than they are
already by lying!" Victoria snapped.

The girl gnawed at her teeth and looked away. The younger one blushed and
played with the lacy trim of her borrowed nightdress.

Victoria let the silence grow, knowing it would heighten the young girls
worries, then spoke sharply to them, brooking no disobedience or

"As your parents have given the Judge full rights over you both while you
are in custody here at Ashdown Manor, I have no alternative but to inform
him of your disgusting behaviour." Karen seemed about to protest at that,
but one look into Victoria's eyes and the young lady stayed silent.

"No doubt he will have something to say about your dirty habits, but for
my part, I expect you to wear these." Victoria told them.

From their wardrobe, Miss Hall selected two pretty dresses of a light
blue and white design with nothing remarkable about them, other than the
shortness of their hems.

Victoria also drew some white hose out too; two pairs each with red lace
threaded through the top in order to hold them about the wearer's thighs.

The children stared at them, Karen blushing the more furiously as she
realised she was to wear a little girl's dress.

"No arguments," Victoria called, walking them briskly through to the
bathroom, where she indented to take her time washing, preparing and
dressing them, before taking them to the Judge later that morning.


The breakfast room faced southeast and allowed the winter's morning sun
to radiate through the large bay window and brighten what, in the
afternoon, would become a gloomy and drab room. With his back to the
window, the Judge could read the early morning local and London press
while picking at his sausages, bacon, eggs, black pudding, mushrooms and
toasted bread.

He had about finished reading when Victoria entered, pushing the two
nervous and timid looking sisters before her. They looked divine; dressed
alike in the pretty blue dresses Victoria had made especially for such

He loved the shortness of the hems that showed off the children's slender
thighs but more pleasantly, made the older girl squirm and shuffle in
adolescent embarrassment.

"I'm afraid Your Lordship," Victoria started, "that they have both been
very naughty. I found both young ladies doing something quite
despicable!" she told him.

"What, these pretty creatures? Whatever could that have been Miss Hall?"
he asked, chuckling within at the little game they played and enjoying
the sorrowful look both girls displayed.

"I caught them both masturbating, but Karen was doing it so quite
distractedly," she told her employer, smiling at the large man from
behind the quaking little girls.

John showed a shocked and horrified face to hide the glee he felt within.
He checked his pocket watch as if worried about the time while; having
known they would be staying at the Manor had already cancelled his court
appearances for the next week.

He then looked sternly at each child, thankful for the table that masked
his rising excitement. While he did so the pretty children, their hems
indecently short, both softly began to weep.

"They both look so innocent. Could they have harmed themselves?" he
asked. "I would dread it if either of them came to any harm while in our
care," he told his housekeeper following a script they'd long since
developed for just such occasions.

"I could call the doctor, but then that would be one more person who
would know of their lewd behaviour," Victoria told him while watching the

"Oh, please don't tell anyone Ma'am, Sir. We didn't mean to Sir, honest!"
Karen whimpered.

"Then it rests upon us to do everything that we can to cure them of this
naughty behaviour," John sighed.

He could almost see them already arranged on the table before him, their
pale young thighs parted to allow him a detailed inspection of their
wounded cunts. What would their little slits look like? Would the younger
girl sport any soft hairs as yet? Would the elder girl be ready for a
pocking? She looked it, blushing so cutely under his hot gaze. He grinned
and hoped he didn't look too much like a rake.

"Take them through to the Gaming Room," he ordered.

The Gaming Room was a new wing added to the back and east side of the
spacious Manor. A full sized billiard table dominated the room while the
windowless walls were set far enough back to allow easy use of the long
cues used in the game.

Miss Hall folded the dust cover back to one end of the table while John
leant over it to light the gas flamed limelight that soon cast a
brilliant light over the green baize.

The girls stood together, watching the proceedings in silence and
nervously holding each other's hands. Karen had stopped trying to pull
her short dress lower as she watched the preparation, being so smoothly
conducted in front of her.

"There!" Victoria announced.

The folded dust cover providing a perfect bolster for their young loins,
lifting them under the strong lights so the judge could more comfortably
make a detailed inspection of their young bodies.

"Who'll be first?" she asked.

"I don't understand," Karen, mumbled, her hands unknowingly clutching at
her skirt while she stared at the table and the rolled length of dust
cover. Beside her, Deborah whimpered and eased closer to her.

"Oh, I think you do," Victoria smiled her sweetest.

"The judge is concerned that you may have hurt yourself during the
night," she told them. "Being his wards, he has the right to ensure you
are fit and well. Or would you prefer it if he gave you back to the
authorities, to be imprisoned for theft!" Victoria asked.

"I don't want to go back Karen," Deborah whimpered, gazing up
beseechingly at her sister.

Karen licked her lips and gazed at the table, then at the two adults who
watched her, their eyes cold and calculating.

Only fourteen, she knew little of adult life, although her mother had
begun hinting at some of the things involved in marriage and the like.

She didn't know what the Judge and his housekeeper had in mind, but she
knew it would be sexual. But was it proper? Struggling with herself, she
wondering what course of action to take, only to have her forming idea
stricken from her by the Judge's impatient cough.

"I have not got all day. You either get up onto the table and undergo
this perfectly reasonable request to check on your health, or I will send
you to the cells so the police doctor can do the same, far more roughly
and publicly I might add!" The Judge told her.

"Karen!" Deborah pleaded more urgently, tugging on her sister's arm.

"You can go first then!" Karen spat, momentarily loosing her patience
with her younger sister.

She saw her mistress's eyes narrow and swallowed, wondering what she had
in mind for her when it came to her own turn.

Deborah swallowed and made her way around the table towards the waiting
adults, her hand running along the wooden edge, about the height of her
chest. The tall and gracious woman came forward and, with a soft smile,
lifted her easily onto the green baize.

John watched her, his face having grown a ruddy pink.

"Now, lie back with your bottom on the cover," Victoria urged pleasantly.

Deborah did so, her breath quickening for no reason she could think of.
Her whole young body shook, yet she still had little idea of what was in
store for her. Then she felt hands under her knees and with a gasp,
looked down to see Miss Hall lifting her legs, drawing them apart as she
pushed them upwards.

With a gasp she made to push her skirt down but Miss Hall free hand was
there first. "It's all right sweetheart. Let the Judge see you," she

Deborah swallowed and relaxed a little, her hands on her belly while her
legs were brought up to her chest and held there.

John stared down at the pretty little chink created by the girl's
smoothly curved vulva, so beautifully curved by her upraised thighs.

In the depths of her lean young bottom her anal ring was a darker pink,
rising from the hollow to the brilliantly pink mouth of her little cunt.

"Mmm," he reflected, leaning over the little cunt to draw the folds apart
and better look into the little hole where, one day, a cock would slide.
Moist tender pink flesh gleamed while, further along; the tip of her
clitoris appeared, small and tender from the mouth of its hood.

"Are you tender?" he asked, touching her at the very edge of her tiny

Deborah gasped as the light touch send a shock wave swirling up into her
belly and tried lifting her head higher in an effort to see what he was
doing. The Judge drew her sticky folds apart and licked his lips at the
thought of licking such a tender and virgin young cunt.

She stared at him, her face flushed and her eyes questioning as his
fingers felt her slipperiness increase.

"Yes, quite. This will need further investigation," he mumbled.

His housekeeper would arrange it, he knew, just him and the young girl,
an opportunity to see how far she'd let him go. And if she wasn't
forthcoming, there were always the drugs and the restraints, the whips
and straps that would help change her mind.

Deborah was allowed up and told to sit quietly in the corner while her
elder sister was seen to. She did so in a daze, the soft flesh between
her legs continuing to feel the ghost of their fingers upon her,
continuing to tingle while sliding sweetly against each other.

Karen swallowed nervously, eyeing the adults distrustfully as she
approached them.

"Come on young lady. This won't take a moment," Victoria assured her,
helping the long legged girl jump up onto the billiard table before
directing her, like her sister before her, to lie back with her bottom
lifted by the rolled up dust cover.

Karen turned her head away, trying to deny what was happening to her as
she felt an arm slide under her knees to then lift her legs and pull them
up to her chest. She panted, her cheeks hot as the skirt fell onto her
belly and her thighs were pulled apart, exposing the curved length of her
slit, the firm and slender lips bordering it graced with a fine down of
curls that meshed above the cunt.

"Ah," the Judge sighed.

He stared at the slightly more mature bottom and the deep cleft from
where he could just spy the darkening of her anal region. His eyes rose
and followed the young teenagers smoothly edged slit, taking in the
prominent and thin inner lips that protruded from the outer.

"Well, well," he breathed, his eyes drinking in the young beauty of her
sex, the springy young hair, the firm fleshed lips, and the pretty pink
blush that tinted her privates. Victoria's fingers were slender and
knowing as they unwrapped the slender inner lips and drew them apart,
splaying them open like the wings of a butterfly to show their pink inner

"She grows moist," he saw and said. He was certain he would have her
before the end of the week, skewering that pretty little body on his fat

"Like her little sister, both are amorous," Victoria, agreed.

She took her fingers away and inhaled the young girl's fragrance from
them. The musk of growing womanhood sullied the fresh scent of young
girlhood, but not enough to spoil it for her.

"May we dress decently now please Sir?" Karen asked as she was allowed to
climb off the table and embrace her little sister.

Victoria laughed while John smiled at her, making her feel uneasy.

"You may have undergone your examination well enough," she was told, "but
you have still to be punished for your despicably behaviour."

"I did not realise Sir. We were asleep!" she told them, fighting back
tears of nervousness.

"Disobedience will only earn you double punishment young lady!" the Judge
warned, hoping she'd argue a little bit more, anything to give him an
excuse to be extra severe on her. Not that he really needed any reason
anyway, he reflected, his smile making her face grow pale.

Whatever reason he had for punishing her, he'd punish her until he was

"Come on girls. Be brave," Victoria, told them.

Putting her arm around the older girl to ensure that her sister would
follow she led them both down the narrow winding stairs of the Manor to
the punishment room.

The girls were pushed into the middle of the room, there to look about
them in growing nervousness while the two adults followed them in, their
grins as sadistic as the items hanging from the walls.

"I want to go home!" Deborah wailed, eying the mean instruments and
beginning to shake with terror. Karen paled at the sight of so many and
gripped herself, trying hard not to fall down and cower as she saw the
straps, the studded belts and the short tailed whips.

Elder brothers terrorised their younger sisters with tales of what
punishments they had to endure and Karen had heard the stories from her
friends, no doubt made much longer and more terrifying in the retelling.

None rivalled the horror she felt as the door banged closed behind her
and the adults smiled at their prey.

"I think them small enough to both be put up together Your Lordship,"
Victoria told her employer as she slid on her long black gloves and
stepped towards the cowering girls. They screamed and shuffled back,
huddling together with the younger girl hiding her face in her sister's

"The Bircher then!" John panted, grabbing the younger girl round the
waist and grinning at his housekeeper as she screamed and kicked out,
trying vainly to escape him.

The Bircher was a stout wooden panel that Miss Hall brought out from the
wall to stand in the middle of the room. Like a pillory, it had holes in
it, and the top half of the Bircher would rise on hinges to allow the
victim to be pushed through it, then close again, capturing the person
about the waist and forcing them to bend forward. With two holes, it was
large enough to imprison two victims beside each other, each with their
thighs held wide apart by leather straps about their knees.

Victoria nodded and pulled the now weeping elder sister towards the
standing wooden frame.

"Please, have pity!" Karen cried.

Victoria opened the Bircher by lifting the top half on its hinge and
pushed the elder girl against it, forcing her upper body forward so the
top half could drop again, imprisoning the girl around the middle and
forcing her to bend forward.

Weeping, the child beat her fists on the stout wood as she wept, kicking
her feet wildly; unaware of what a pretty sight she gave the adults.

The Judge puffed at the other end, doing the same with Deborah until they
were together, the lower part of their bodies protruding from one side of
the Bircher, their young thighs wildly kicking.

Standing back, the adults took a moment to admire the view the two girls
afforded them. Kicking and squirming, their bottoms tossing fretfully
under their short skirts, they looked delicious.

Occasionally one or the other would kick so high as to reveal the dainty
little ribbons keeping their stockings held to their slender thighs.
Around the other side of the wooden partition, the girls were crying
fitfully, sometimes angrily pounding at the wood with their fists,
moments later begging to be released, promising to be good and not to
masturbate ever again, if only they were not punished.

Victoria knelt and cajoled each of the girls to drink some liquid,
letting them suck the lemonade through a straw, then stroking their hair
until the opiate supplied by James Jones had a chance to work and their
struggles died away.

"Such good girls," Victoria intoned as she reached for the little pearl
buttons down the front of Karen's dress, opening them with ease to then
spread the material and reveal the young girl naked beneath it.

"Mummy will think us very rude," Karen giggled, her cheeks burning under
the hot gaze of the portly man while the woman kneeling in front of her
stroked her nipple tips with her palms and make lovely darts of sensation
spread throughout her chest.

She looked delicious, John thought, watching Victoria stroke the little
up thrust nipples. Then the pain began and Karen gasped and jumped as the
firm flesh of her budding breasts was roughly pinched and pulled.

"Good girl," Victoria continued to murmur, stroking the surprised face of
the girl as she panted and jerked, her lovely little breasts receiving
ever more painful pinches and twists.

"I have weights to pull your nipples outward," she told the young girl

"I'd look funny with big nipples," Karen breathed, staring at the red
angry marks on her otherwise smoothly rising breasts.

"Time to show her your manhood My Lord," Victoria told her employer,
stepping to one side so she could attend to the younger girl.

She turned her attention to Deborah's dress, undoing it as she had to her
elder sister, and then pushing it downwards until her shoulders and upper
chest were bare. Only eleven, the girl had only the barest rise of future
breasts, her nipples still childlike small and dark.

Victoria crooned into the glazed eyes of the young girl, moistening at
the thought of how sadistic she could become with the young girl, now the
drug had taken her mind. She pinched one little nipple and pressed more
and more firmly, having to twist before the girl groaned and jerked in

"Oh, I'm going to love you," she intoned; removing her fingers so she
could see how tender and sore she'd made the little teat. Admiring the
tender nipple, her fingers began to squeeze and twist the other, waiting
to hear the young girl's drugged whimpers.

Beside Victoria, John stood with his breeches around his knees, his
shorts opened to allow the wide-eyed girl a complete view of his rotund
belly and, beneath it, his thick and livid cock.

He held it around the base, wagging it at her startled young face while
he chuckled at the debasement that would follow.

"I'm going to give you my cock to suck, you little tart!" he panted,
pushing his crotch even further towards her innocent young face.

"I'm going to piss down your gullet!" he panted, those wicked thoughts
rising again, making him extra hard and long.

"Shall we attend to her bottom first Sir?" Victoria asked.

She rose and went to the other side of the wooden partition that held the
children so effectively. There, she pinned the fabric of their short
skirts up onto the wood and bared their bottoms, pretty pussies peeking
out between their scissoring thighs, one perfectly pink and innocent, the
other covered in a soft down of pubescent curls.

While Victoria finished uncovering the girls and strapped their knees
widely apart leaving their cunts unprotected, the Judge selected a
suitable instrument.

He was of a mind to raise blood, but any one of the canes would do that
in but one or two strikes, and he wanted their punishment to last. The
belts would seldom cut, but they were heavy, causing such pain that many
a young girl would swoon before the fun started.

He would then have to wait until his housekeeper had applied smelling
salts to revive them. Hence he selected an eighteen-inch flogger, one
with twelve strands of half-inch broad leather that would slap and sting
and bring the blood to the surface of their skin.

Once tenderised by three or four-dozen strikes, the birch twigs could be
used to assault their skin, tearing it open for the blood to weep across
their scoured flesh.

Victoria stood back to watch. Although the Judge was short and obese, he
swung the flogger with artistry, remaining relaxed so not to tire himself
while bringing the strands of leather to land faithfully upon the girl's
round little bottoms. She wondered where he'd learnt the art, watching
critically as he concentrated on the mark, then applied the flogger with
a smooth swing of the arm.

The girls squealed and danced with each strike, but not in real pain.

Deborah was much further under the drug than her elder sister and she
clearly couldn't focus as Victoria went round to the front of the Bircher
to gauge their reactions. Karen, meanwhile, was flushed and panting, her
eyes wild with unknown passions coursing through her.

"Does it tingle and burn?" Victoria asked sweetly, stopping to kneel
before the girl and capture her plump little breast. She jerked and
gasped as the flogger landed across her bottom again, then nodded.

"Ah, but you're going to be a pleasant little toy," Victoria grinned,
squeezing the girl's breasts just behind her torrid little nipples.

Karen squealed and arched, jerking as the flogger stung her bottom again.

"Ouch!" Deborah complained, her breath beginning to shorten now a dozen
sharp strikes had begun to tenderise her little bottom.

"Suck!" Victoria demanded, giving the girl her thumb.

Wild eyed, Deborah immediately obeyed, sucking on Victoria's thumb
energetically and jumping in the Bircher's restraints as her bottom
received a further strike. She whimpered as she sucked, her eyes begging
to be let off.

Victoria smiled into those precious young eyes and wished she could
pierce the child's tiny and immature nipples, sliding a gold ring through
each to help stimulate her little breasts as they formed.

John stopped for a moment and gazed lovingly at his handiwork.

Having received two-dozen apiece, the girl's bottoms now glowed
beautifully. The short creases of their bottoms were even more distinct
as they squirmed, exposing pale flesh within the short seams. He caressed
them for a few moments, thumbing them further apart so he could have his
first real look at their anuses, such innocence and youth bringing him
instantly erect.

"You'd like to take their bottoms, wouldn't you Sir?" Victoria asked,
coming round to watch him stroke and pet them.

John nodded while recognising that he was equipped with the wrong size of
cock to try entering the little tight portal of a child's anus.

None the less, he could look and admire, and had often slowly sunk his
finger into little bottoms, watching with a mixture of awe and incredible
excitement as the tight anal ring had given way and he'd entered the
smooth little passage of their rectums.

His attention moved on to their pretty little cunts, giving each a gentle
stroke, enough to feel the resistance of the rounded flesh and expose the
bright pink flesh.

"Karen will be most accommodating," Miss Hall told him as he drew her
soft flesh apart and exposed her, gleaming to his eyes.

"The Rocker!" he breathed, his cock bounding upwards with desire.

Victoria smiled. The Rocker would be used, the wood and leather device
rocking the child back and forth, off and onto the judge's thick manhood.

With renewed excitement, John stepped back and raised the flogger again,
once more striking each young bottom in turn, the leather now landing on
tender flesh making both girls gasp and whimper, despite their drugged

Using an underhand swipe, John began bringing the flogger up, between
their thighs occasionally. Their squeals became sharper, and the look on
their faces more agonised as the added pain broke through to their
drugged minds.

Pale inner thighs, looking extra pretty with their banded stockings, took
on a new kind of beauty as the bands of leather struck the soft skin and
left vivid marks of their meeting.

Their squirming increased, their bottoms tossing uncontrollably in the
tight confines of the Bircher, there to ensure the girls would have no
escape from the continued punishment.

Three-dozen strokes given to each bottom, perhaps a few more than he'd
intended, John stopped to once more kneel behind the children and survey
his handiwork.

He had every right to be proud; their little bottoms glowed brightly and
tenderly, the bright skin extending to their upper thighs and a little
around each thigh to where their skin was softest.

Crying fitfully the girls tossed, their hands clawing at the wood
partitioning as they dumbly strove to grip and rub their heated bottoms.
They begged the adults to relieve the pain that had grown from tingling,
to burning incandescence.

John used his thumb and fingers to ease their tender bottoms apart and to
gaze avidly at the wrinkled anuses quivering uncontrollably within. He
stretched the blistered labia folds apart and breathed on the succulent
flesh, and then cupped their burning flesh, groaning as he felt it
blister his hands with their heat.

When he stood, ready to continue, Miss Hall was there, the slender cane
she knew he would want already in her hand.

Panting with lust he hurriedly stripped off the rest of his clothes and
took up position beside the bottom of the younger child, the cane held
ready to strike.

"Nice and slow," Victoria urged, stepping up behind her employer to
stroke his furry back and slide a finger down to the indent of his

"Yes," he panted.

Once again Victoria watched the short obese man loose his ungainly aspect
to become an artist at his work. As his cane wielding arm went back, his
knees bent slightly, his feet turning to give him better balance.

Then, with his eyes never leaving the cute little bottom before him, the
slowness of his limbs changed and the arm sped down, delivering a ceasing
crack to the girl's offered-up bottom.

For a moment just the sound of the cane's landing was heard, then
Deborah's scream reverberated off the four walls as she howled in her

The adults ignored her, their eyes on the fine line that swelled across
her little peach like bottom, the soft skin breaking here and there to
allow little drops of blood to appear.

With baited breath they waited, while the girl tossed frantically in the
Bircher, mesmerised by her struggles and the lovely sight of her blood
slowly trickling down the glowing curve of her bottom.

Karen began to weep and shake her head, her mind full of what was to come
to her. Her mumbling pleas quickened as she felt the rod tap her fiery
bottom, rising in volume, and becoming frantic as the tapping ceased. For
a moment there was nothing and she thought that they had relented.

Then there was the sound of a whistling through the air before the
slender rod landed across her burning bottom.

Pain, like nothing she'd ever known cast aside her drugged state and
swept her into fiery hell. The unimaginable pain shot right through her
with lightning speed, its intensity making her scream without control,
fighting to escape and protect herself as the initial agony changed to a
horribly ballooning burning sensation.

Karen stopped to catch her breath before beginning to scream again with
overtures of weeping. John and Victoria watched the cut blossom across
the apex of the girl's rotund bottom cheeks, opening to let a fine
trickle of blood to flow down them.

"Lovely," Victoria crooned in her employer's ear. She reached round and
felt for his cock, gasping in his ear as she found him hard and hot.

"Again!" Toby breathed.

He shuffled back to Deborah, his breath quickening again as he tapped the
little bottom and listened to its owners screech for mercy from the other
side of the wooden partition.

He watched her try and escape, enjoying the way it distorted her young
cunt lips. Then the cane was rising over his shoulder and his
concentration was focused on the mark, two inches below the first, on the
underside of her lovely bottom.

Scream followed breathless scream as the searing cut struck and the pain
engulfed her. The adults gazed deliciously at the blood slowly seeping
from the fine cut, decorating her cute little bottom with slender rivers
of red.

Karen was sobbing and begging, her feet turning in and out as she tried
desperately to free her knees from the leather bands that held her thighs
apart. Her arms ached from trying to pull herself through the hole in the
wood partitioning and yet she couldn't stop, not with the dread of
knowing what was to follow.

Karen's fuller bottom held a magic for the Judge. There was something
unique in the form of a girl as she moved between that of a child and a
woman, something distinctly erotic in the half formed hips and the slight
added weight it brought to their lean young bottoms.

Karen possessed such a bottom, her thighs still youthful and young while
her bottom held that hint of added womanly weight. Beneath the curve, her
cunt waited, fine curls overlapping across the labia while slender inner
lips protruded.

John tapped her bottom lower than on her younger sister so as not to
smear the line of blood that had run from the previous cut and licked his
lips as her pleading rose an octave.

He listened for a while, enjoying the power he held over the young thing.
Then the rod was being drawn back, slowly rising as he focused on the
glowing bottom he was about to strike.

Her screaming pleas were ignored, not even heard.

The rod bent through the air, whistling sharply in its descent before
landing with a sharp sound of cane on flesh. The slender cane pushed
flesh inwards, and then rebound.

Almost immediately, while Karen screamed with each breath she could take,
the skin broke under the impact and beads of blood seeped out to begin
trailing down to her spread thighs.

"Now the birch rods," Victoria urged, offering the Judge the bound
branches that had been soaking in Brine.

John licked his lips and panted; two-dozen slender birch twigs had gone
into the making of it, all bound tightly at one end so he could hold it.
They never lasted long, the branches often breaking away on hitting the
firm bottoms of young girls and boys, yet nothing else had quite the same
power to lacerate and tear, to cut and open, and finally to smear.

Deborah shook her head while she wept, her mind numb, her body engulfed
by the inescapable burning that spread inwards from her twice cut,
tenderised bottom. She was unaware of what was happening, only conscious
that no cold rod had tapped her mutilated bottom as yet, and therefore
giving her some respite. She wept, begging for her mother, for her
father, begging for anything that would relieve her of the terrible pain
engulfing her.

John moved to stand directly behind the bottom of the young girl. He
would bring the birch down from right to left, traversing the twin peaks
of her slender little eleven-year-olds bottom and letting the hard tips
of each of the twigs score her flesh.

There was no touching to warn her this time, to allow her to tighten her
succulent little bottom, nor did the twigs make any whistling sound as
they came down. Just as planned, the last inch of stiff twigs rushed
across her flesh, tearing the tenderised and cut skin over each of the
lean young cheeks.

Deborah thrashed and screamed in her constraints, the fiery pain from a
dozen little cuts storming through her body. Her bottom now sported
dozens of short little scrapes now, many beaded with blood.

Panting heavily, John brought his arm up and brought the birch rods down
a second time, backhanded so her left buttock would feel the worst of the
scoring twigs.

Before fully recovering from the first strike, the second brought high
pitched and breathless squeals from the struggling girl as another dozen
cuts and scrapes appeared on her slender bottom.

Even the top of her thighs had received a few scrapes, enough to decorate
the lovely smooth skin, all so close to the delicately curved vulva
poised so prettily between her spread apart thighs.

"Karen is waiting," Victoria breathed.

The older girl was sobbing and whimpering, trying her best to escape the
wood panelled Bircher. With the Judge moving to stand behind the older
girl, his attention riveted on her peach like bottom, Victoria could
kneel behind the wailing younger girl and caress her scored, torn and
glowing young bottom.

She purred with delight as she felt the torn skin and admired at close
range how the lovely globes had become marked and torn. The drops of
blood, already drying, sometimes added oil to her stroking fingers making
the burning skin feel almost fluid.

The child quivered and sobbed so delightfully. Victoria stroked the
curved vulva and parted it again, holding her breath as she looked upon
the little entrance. The girl had learnt; she would do anything rather
than suffer another bout of punishment.

Close beside Victoria, the birch rods swept past to land on Karen's
offered bottom and a new shocked screech filled the room. Her proud
little bottom swivelled and gyrated while her thighs fought to try and
close themselves and all along, scrapes and cuts opened and brightened
with seeping blood.

Filled with indescribable lust, John Blackstone aimed another at the
girl's tossing hindquarters, delivering harshly, forcing the twigs to cut
and lacerate the girl's immature bottom.

As new short and breathless screams rent the air, he stared at the
tossing bottom, gauging where the next should land and how best to
decorate her pert little bottom with cuts. Having decided her thighs and
the swelling underside of her bottom should receive the next; John aimed
with his usual caution, and then delivered it there.

The shock of it landing caught Karen unaware. The unforgiving twigs tore
into her rounded thighs and whipped between her legs, an odd twig
painfully scoring her vulva. Without having tensed, without having had
any chance to prepare herself for the pain that swept over and engulfed
her, her bladder opened and a spurt of pee dashed from her bent form.

"Yes!" Toby cried, his eyes widening with his incredible excitement.

Already intensely excited by the dozen or so scores on her little bottom,
many now beaded with blood, the spurt of her yellow pee only inflamed him
even further. As the poor girl hung her head and wept, her pee now
dribbling from her uncontrollable body, John staggered forward to place
himself against her thighs and bottom, rubbing his cock over her bloody
globes while her hot pee trickled down his legs.

"More! More!" he cried, bending his legs to bring his cock up against her
mossy vulva. John hands cupped her bottom and squeezed, gripping her
mutilated bottom cheeks in an effort to help her loose the last of her

It worked. Pee spurted fully from her, washing his cock and balls in the
fiery liquid. Toby flung his head back and screamed his delight, gripping
her still tighter as he convulsed with the pulse of his jettisoning seed,
shooting it all over her bloody bottom to lay there in thick globs that
stung her cuts and added to her woes.


For the next couple of days the girls remained in their room and received
the greatest of care and attention. Lying down on their fronts most of
the time, they wore the lightest of skirts and no undergarments to stop
the air from helping to mend their torn bottoms.

The sight of each other's torn and mutilated bottoms horrified them at
first, then a strange sort of interest took both girls and they each
found themselves drawn to looking at each other, fascinated by the
changing hue, and the cuts and tears that were slowly fading.

Miss Hall attended them hourly, laying hot damp towels on their sore
bottoms first, so hot it brought memories back of how the flogger had
caused a similar burning, but more invading so that it didn't go as
readily as that of the towels when they were removed.

Then came the salves; the ointments that stung when rubbed softly into
their cuts and scrapes so that they hissed and tossed, unable to stop
themselves from squirming. Victoria said little as she applied the
special healing salves often humming to herself as she applied them.

The scores and cuts across the apex of their lean cherubic bottoms got
her attention first, the tenderness of each cut quickly passing with

The ointment was rubbed in with her fingers in order to ensure the
children were returned with bottoms as smooth and innocent looking as
when they arrived. Slowly, as cut after cut was treated, Victoria's
fingers began working on the smaller, if no less damaging little cuts;
those between their young thighs.

Neither child dared complain as their thighs were eased apart and the
more intimate cuts gently worked on. Soon, thoughts of privacy and
decency evaporated anyway as the salve produced a tingle and warmth that
invaded their flesh and inched up, into their crotches.

While the woman's fingers stroked them, inches from their tender young
cunts, the girls began to squirm with the growing sensation in their
privates, the feeling shortening and quickening their breaths while
making their hearts hammer.

Victoria patiently applied the salve and waited until she felt the child
ready. Then, with an ease that bellied the skill, her fingers and thumb
pressed into their cunt and bottom crack, sliding from the front to the
back to join together at the mouth of each of her little victim's holes.
Chuckling at her victims, she'd watch them lift their bottoms upwards,
crying out into their covers as the joint assault of her fingers at their
private portals brought on their final crisis.

Being only eleven-years-old served as no deterrent; Deborah spent as
lovingly as her elder sister, if not more so having learnt not to resist.

Squealing uncontrollably, she'd lifted her bottom off the pillow that had
partially lifted her and shuddered with bliss as her mistress's finger
pressed impatiently into her anus and her thumb massaged her wanton
little cunt.

"Such brazen little tarts," she called them, and delighted in their

After the first day and the worst of the children's wounds were feint
cuts across their bottoms, the Judge accompanied his housekeeper to their
room to watch them receiving the healing salves.

The girls blushed hotly as he made himself comfortable close to their
beds, Karen more hotly than Deborah.

"Miss?" she mumbled softly to Victoria as the woman neared.

Victoria sighed theatrically and put her hands on her slender waist.
"I hope you don't aim to be awkward," she told the child, half hoping she

"No Miss," Karen muttered, her face reddening with the knowledge of what
was to occur.

John chuckled and grinned, making her feel even more uncomfortable as
Miss Hall laid the pillows down into a pile and opened the bottle of
ointment. For a moment all was still as they enjoyed watching Karen
battle with herself. Then she was across the mound, hiding her face as
the back of her nightgown was raised.

For a few precious minutes Karen could almost forget the old and obese
man was present, watching her bottom being attended to. The housekeeper's
hands were soft and caressing, not at all painful.

Then a touch on her thigh gave her the signal to part her legs and she
was suddenly alert and breathless, burning uncontrollably as she obeyed
and parted her thighs.

"Very good," the judge murmured.

The younger girl licked her lips and blushed, timidly smiling at him as
she accepted what was to happen to her, once they'd finished with her
sister. Victoria smiled and stroked Karen's inner thighs, slowly exciting
the girl, despite her nervousness.

Her labia grew flushed and swollen as Victoria's fingers teased her,
forcing Karen to pant and squirm, to lift her bottom wantonly, and then
sob with frustration when nothing happened.

Victoria smiled knowingly, stroking the girl yet again close to her
crotch, then watching her part her thighs and shake with her waiting.

John leant forward as Victoria stretched her finger and thumb apart and
pressed them to the girl, finger to her bottom, thumb to the apex of her
precious young cunt. Karen keened with the excitement that swept through
her, coming on the realisation it was going to happen.

Unable to stop herself, she pushed herself in the air, her smooth thighs
spreading even more wantonly apart as she poised herself for the finale.

Victoria's fingers moved purposefully towards each other, pressing inward
to slide along feminine flesh before lodging in the mouth of her sex and
bottom. There, she pressed them inwards; wriggling them against the
youngster's unyielding flesh while the girl shook and keened with her
sexual glee.

"What a little tart!" John exclaimed, loving the sight of the half woman
spending so well in front of him.

Victoria smiled and drew her hand away, wiping it on the child's
nightgown before rising to move towards her sister.

Deborah licked her lips and moved to one side so the woman would more
easily reach the pillows and position them for her own session. She
tingled within, excited by the thought of being brought on.

Such delicious naughtiness excited her.

"We'll be doing things differently with you Deborah," Victoria told her,
noticing the glowing cheeks, the sparkling eyes and timid grin.

"First, take off your nightdress," she told the child.

Deborah glanced at the Judge and fluttered her eyes as she slowly obeyed.
The thought of being so naughty made her heart hammer and brought a glow
to her skin along with sensitivity that cried out to have it touched.

Kneeling, Victoria caressed the naked girl, displaying the child to her
employer while the girl giggled and squirmed. She turned her, so that
both front and back could be admired, then sat down and drew the young
girl over her lap.

"Younger bottoms are so much more pliant," Victoria said, slapping
Deborah's hand away, then parting her tight young cheeks so she was fully
exposed to him.

John grunted.

His position as Judge allowed him views such as this on a regular basis,
and yet they were never enough. Tight little cheeks being disfigured as
they were drawn apart, pink anal rings clenching and relaxing, the anuses
perfectly sized for an adult finger all served to excite his senses.

"Karen," Victoria called. Drawing Deborah's thighs apart she used her
fingers to allow the Judge to see how delicately small and pink her
vaginal entrance was.

"Go kneel in front of the Judge. He has something for you," Miss Hall
ordered her as Deborah panted and squirmed over her lap.

Karen swallowed and obediently hurried to the portly man, kneeling
quickly at his feet and trying hard not to look at his lap.

He fumbled at his belly, panting loudly as he stared between the two
young girls. Then his trousers were open and his cock bounded free,
rising from his groin like a rare mushroom, whose flesh was bright and
livid and the shaft rippled by blue veins.

"Take a hold of it Karen," Victoria urged, menace in her voice as her
fingers began roughly kneading the younger girl's smooth labia. Karen
whimpered and hesitantly reached out, fright and nervousness battling
with naughtiness and excitement.

With a finger coated with salve, Victoria eased it into Deborah's tight
little bottom, smiling as the girl lost her breath and sobbed, smiling
even broader as Karen put her hands around the Judge's thick cock and
gripped it.

"Ah, yes," she sighed.

Karen gasped and jerked as the cock fountained in her tight little grip,
flowing over with sperm. Deborah squealed, squirming with pleasure as a
second finger brought on her crisis, the first finger feeling her colon
spasm with the pleasure spike.


Victoria entered the girl's bedroom on the last evening before their
return and smiled at the expectant girls. They waited eagerly now; a glow
showing on their pretty faces as they thought of all the games their
mistress and the Judge had introduced them to.

Games like stroking his cock, and being masturbated. They had even used
the chamber pot in front of him, and watched him use it to, to then wipe
his member clean before licking it into hardness for him.

"Tonight," smiling into their twinkling eyes, "Judge Blackstone is going
to give you your massage," she told them.

The girls gasped and looked at each other, their eyes wide with the
naughtiness of it all.

"He'll touch us?" Deborah asked.

"All over?" Karen added excitement tinged with horror.

"Hurry along then girls," she told them, clapping her hands.

With a delightful display of coyness and excitement, the two girls
allowed themselves to be led down the stairs and towards the back of the
house. There, with a tinge of fear, they descended the narrow back stairs
once again, arriving as they had before in a room that filled them with

"Don't be frightened," Victoria told them, as she showed them the table
that had been erected, a proper massage table with a leather bar under it
for the hands to hold, and a hole in the flat surface over which their
faces would lie, so you could still breathe and not have your nose

Victoria had both children naked when the Judge walked in, and they
blushed prettily with their hands coyly trying to hide themselves.

"Will you be doing it naked Sir?" Victoria asked fetching out the oils
she had prepared earlier.

John knew from previous occasions that the oil in the clear bottle was
for general use while that in the green bottle should only be used

However, the red rubber squeeze bulb held special oil, one that if
squirted into their cunt or anus would itch, inflame, burn and drive them
to have anything done to them, so long as it removed the burning

"Who is going to be first?" Victoria asked them, smiling down at both
young girls and watching them squirm with suppressed excitement.

She loved their smooth flushed skin, Karen's high young breasts and long,
coltish thighs. She loved their open and frank stares as they saw the
Judge undress, baring to them the huge cock they had recently learnt to
hold and caress.

"I will, I want to!" Deborah cried, pushing her hand up eagerly for
Victoria's attention.

John grinned, his cock jerking as he saw he was to massage little Deborah
Mellor first.

He rubbed his hands; warming them in readiness while his housekeeper
helped the girl mount the table, then lie down on her stomach along it,
her head in the padded hole at one end.

Once she was comfortable, John began.

Marsha Hudson had shown him the art of massage many years before.

She would often massage him as a prelude to sex and he had asked to learn
so he could do the same for her. As a result, he had become a well-
practiced masseur, specialising in the arousal of the flesh.

Soon, his hands and fingers, oiled from the clear bottle, were sliding
smoothly over Deborah's shoulders and back, easing the tension from her
neck before continuing downwards.

While the massage continued, Victoria drew a hinged panel from the wall.
At it's end was a handle that, when turned, slowly lifted the ridged top.

"What's that for?" Karen asked, a tinge of nervousness growing in the pit
of her stomach.

Deborah moaned as the small of her back was massaged and Victoria pulled
Karen towards her, then backwards, forcing the startled girl astride the
wooden implement.

"Don't move," she warned, bending to turn the handle once again, lifting
the top.

Karen watched it press into her crotch and whimpered.

She moved slightly and gasped as the pressure of the narrow wood between
her thighs communicated directly with her pleasure.

"Miss!" she gasped, rising to her toes in and effort to lessen the surge
of sensation. Victoria turned the handle once more; ensuring Karen would
be kept on her toes, and then went to the girl to take her hands.

Unaware of her sister's dilemma, Deborah groaned with pleasure as her
thighs were gently worked on, John's hands were moving slowly down to her
knees, then up again, massaging the muscles of her thighs.

Victoria fastened Karen's arms behind her, and then stood back to admire
the young girl, watching her totter on her toes, then pant and gasp as
she momentarily settled on the slender ridge, which dug deep into her

"Miss, it hurts!" Karen complained, her voice breathless. Every move she
made caused extra contact with the sharp edge.

Her shaking only made it worse, and when her toes gave way, a flood of
sensations swept up from her groin. Victoria took a rubber ball from her
pocket and pushed it firmly into the startled girl's mouth, then returned
her attention to watching as the wood on which she was straddled turn
colour as her excitement dampened it.

"There, that should get you nice and ready for his Lordship," she smiled.
She knew that girls exhausted from continual pleasure were far more able
to take his fat cock than others.

John now used the oil from the green bottle on Deborah's tight little
bottom, groaning to himself as he roughly massaged her.

His fingers alternatively pushed together and parted her tight little
cheeks, and when he parted them, he reserved a finger to run it down her
nether crease, all the way down before touching her anus with a feather-
like touch of his finger.

Few girls could resist those touches for long and Deborah was no
exception. Panting and moaning, she tossed and squirmed, pushing her
bottom outwards if he dallied elsewhere too long.

He felt sure she could be taken, but shied away from entering her,
stepping back instead to tell her to turn onto her back. Now he began to
stroke her chest and arms, smiling down at her glowing face and
marvelling at her innocent beauty.

"Such a little treasure," he told her, making her glow still more.

His hands slid down her chest and belly, dwarfing the little pink nipples
that stood from her flat chest. He past her navel and carried on, his
eyes never blinking at his oiled fingers came to her smoothly turned
pubis and caressed it.

She panted, a counterpoint to the snorting sound of her elder sister from
the other side of the room. John turned his palm upon her pubis and
watched her thighs open for him, stretching apart in mute appeal while
her eyes begged him to pleasure her.

"That's the way child," he intoned.

Using a lever under the table, he lowered the end and adjusted her thighs
to bend and stretch outwards placing the nozzle of the special bottle to
her anus. With ease, he inserted the nozzle into her little pink rosette
and squeezed, flooding her bottom with the warm infusion that would soon
have her begging for him to have her.

From across the room, Victoria nodded her approval before returning her
attention to Karen. The girl was coming along well, snorting and panting
into her gag while learning to move her crotch just slightly back and
forth along the wood to maximize her pleasure and minimise her pain.

Victoria had found that, the higher the beam was, the narrower the
distance that provided pleasure, rather than pain. Put it too high and
the person astride it only found pain. She turned the handle downward
slightly and smiled as Karen sobbed with relief and moved her hips more
energetically back and forth on the beam. When she moved back, her
wetness gleamed on the wood.

Eyes glazed, Deborah tossed her loins on the table, her breath coming
quickly in an effort to get enough air. She was burning up inside, a
completely different type of burning to her earlier punishment, and yet
just as invasive.

Unable to control herself, she reached down to rub her little cunt to
lessen the maddening sensations deep in her rear.

"Stop that, you little tart!" John said, slapping her hands away so she
could only whimper and beg with her eyes, pleading with him to do
something, anything to relieve her.

"Do you want me to thrash your bottom again?" he said, half hoping she
would defy him and continue to masturbate.

"No, no please, Sir!" she pleaded, a look of sheer terror starting to
show on her face as the thought of more punishment crossed her mind.

"What do you think?" John asked his housekeeper.

Victoria stepped over and raised Deborah's thighs up to her chest to
closely examine her bottom. Cupping her sweet cheeks, she placed her
thumb to her anal entrance and deftly pushed it in.

Deborah's mouth and eyes formed large ovals as her mistresses thumb
slipped into her behind, to gauge how hot and accommodating she had

"Yes, she's ripe," Victoria agreed, pulling her thumb out slowly and, not
for the first time, wishing she had the money and influence to create her
own pleasures, rather than help those who did.

John was ready. He stepped up to the young girl's crotch, levering the
child's legs over his own and, having lifted her bottom to a convenient
height, lodged himself against her little pink anus.

The child seemed unaware of him, panting breathlessly and staring up with
glazed eyes, but that soon changed as he began to use his weight to ease
his fat cock into her little bottom. Slowly her eyes lost their glaze and
she stared around her.

Then, seeing him, she focused on his face, begging him with her
expression to stop. That called for one firm push, something to break the
last of her resistance, if necessary to tear her anal ring and gain entry
into that tight hot little bottom. He surged forward, his body half over
her little form, and felt the incredible pleasure on entering her little

Breathless though it was, Deborah's scream still filled the room, turning
to tears as the pain of having her bottom filled spread throughout her.
Watching was almost as good as doing, Victoria reflected.

The Judge, leaning over the child as he pushed his fat cock into her
bottom, dwarfed the form of the little girl. Their faces mirrored their
feelings, hers showing the agony of his sudden assault while his was
turned up towards the heavens, a look of supreme pleasure written all
over his face.

His fat loins began to move, thrusting back and forth with manic urgency
as she screamed all over again.

Karen watched and snorted through her nose. Dread settled over her as she
realised she'd be next, and yet her body forced her to thrust her loins
forward, the wood she sat astride of irritating her poor cunt and yet
producing more bursts of pleasure in her loins.

She whimpered and looked towards her mistress, but she only smiled
coldly, confirming that she'd be next.

Victoria reached above her and brought down the very slender willow rod
that had been hanging on the wall. It was lovely and slender, so pliant
she could draw it round until the tip touched the handle.

Smiling at the whimpering child, she reached out to flick the tip
expertly back and forth across her inflamed nipple.

Karen squealed and danced on the wooden ridge between her thighs, the
fiery pain in her nipples offset by the hot and fierce sensations
shooting up from her cunt. Victoria laughed and moved the tip of the rod
to the other nipple, waiting for the girl to understand before flicking
them both.

Holding Deborah's thighs out in front of him, John looked down to watch
his cock press more deeply between the young girl's cheeks. Her colon was
all around him, clinging smoothly to him. Her anus was a lovely tight
ring around him, sliding back and forth along his shaft as he moved.

Now her face had a completely new beauty, her eyes wide and pleading,
rivers of tears running down her cheeks while sobbing noises came from
her mouth. Inundated with pleasure, John cried out and thrust once more,
welcoming her little painful yelp as his seed swelled from deep in his
balls, rising powerfully through his loins to finally expel, pumped
forcefully into her bowls.

Pulling Deborah from the table, John grabbed her head and forced the
young girl's mouth to his groin, shoving himself into her sobbing mouth
in an effort to clean himself before availing himself of the older child.

Victoria was getting her ready for him, pulling the sobbing, begging girl
to the table and forcing her to lie obediently upon it, warning her what
would be in store for her if she didn't obey.

John panted, forcing the gagging girl to lick him, his eyes going past
her to where Karen was lying back with her crotch hanging over the table
edge, her slender young thighs spread to allow him into her cunt. He was
stiffening, from the feel of the unwilling girls mouth around him and the
sight of Karen doing what she was told. She looked sodden too, her sex
swollen and red, gleaming with eagerness.

"Open yourself," Victoria urged, the tip of the rod stroking Karen's
flesh in silent warning.

Karen wept and reached between her legs, blindly pulling her labia apart,
then her flesh until she felt herself stretch open.

It may have felt enough to the young girl, but to the Judge who was
watching closely, it only just inched her vaginal entrance open, a bright
and moist pink that drew him.

"More!" he demanded.

The rod flicked and Karen screamed as a slender red line appeared on the
slight curve of her developing breast. Sobbing hysterically, she pulled
at her crotch, ignoring the pain of ripping her hymen as she opened
herself for violation.

John saw the mouth to her young cunt open and flung the younger girl
aside to leap upon the older girl. His cock instinctively found her sex
and lodged in the opening, flesh competing to burn each other.

Then, with a cry, he was forcing himself into Karen's sex, ripping her
fully apart and holding her wailing body still as he began to pump it
with his urgent need.

Victoria grinned and used the rod on her employer's pale and hairy
bottom. Each strike made him cry out and lurch harshly forward, his
blood-covered cock pushing inward, forcing himself deep into her quaking

"Yes, yes, yes!" he cried, strike after strike forcing him to piston the
slick young cunt beneath him.

Karen, crying and shaking, felt him throb with each thrust into her body.
Her cunt responded, clutching at the thick monster that had ruptured her,
fierce shads of pleasure shooting deep into her belly, dispelling her
tears and her fears.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" The judge announced, his eyes widening with the
surprise of reaching his pleasure so quickly.

"Not in her!" Victoria warned.

Pulling out, John gripped his bloody truncheon and cried out as he came.
Seed burst from his cock to splatter the gasping child on the table,
adorning her with his pearly substance while allowing her cunt to trickle
with her bright virgin blood.

"Perfect!" he announced.

Due to the remarkable properties of the drugs used by Miss Hall the
sisters were returned to there parents after the servitude none the wiser
about their ordeals and completely unharmed.

Judge Blackstone had once again proved his power, and with luck there
would be new opportunities, especially with the help of his wonderful
housekeeper Miss Hall, his very dear friend Mrs Hudson and of course Miss
Marchant at St Saviour's orphanage.

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