Three Homes: House One

Part 1

From the time I was 13 to the time I was 18 my mom and I moved three times. For two of the moves, even as we moved in, I knew we were going to move out before too long. It was a very unsettled period of time. That was not helped by the fact that I was almost insanely horny. Like most teenage boys, I could have four or five orgasms a day without even getting sore. Every day. I was very horny.

Because we moved a lot, and because I knew that we would be moving again, I usually did not get too attached to the neighborhood we lived in. I nodded to the neighbors, but I did not worry too much about them. At least until we moved into a house on the edge of the city. I was 15, and we moved to a tidy neighborhood of bungalows and small houses. It was a quiet corner of the city in which many police officers and fire fighters lived. It was only different from the suburbs in that the houses were a little closer together than in comparable suburbs.

Because I was 15 and horny, I hated this neighborhood more than anything. It was too quiet. There were no girls, and because we were on the edge of the city, I was far from my high school, and couldn’t yet drive. My mom worked late hours, so I couldn’t even get rides anywhere. I was trapped, and I felt it. I spent my afternoons and evenings watching television and masturbating constantly. It was not a good time.

On the first day that it was warm, I went to take the garbage out. My neighbors on the right side of the house were out. They were being very domestic. The husband was a very regular looking guy who waved but made no effort to start any kind of conversation. Their kids were probably two and four, and were running around like madmen in the yard. Their cabin fever must have reached a tremendous pitch, because they were really letting loose now. I smiled as I dropped the garbage in the can, but my smile froze when I saw the wife. I should mention that I never did learn her name. She was always just The Wife for me.

The Wife was in her late 20s, with thick, black curly hair. She had darker olive skin that looked pretty smooth from 40 or 50 feet. She was about 5’2” and a little overweight. That was alright with me because I could see that she had enormous, enormous breasts. She probably wore a 38FF bra. On a 5’2” frame, they jutted out two feet in front of her. I had an instant hard on when I saw her. Luckily her husband was done paying attention to me, and she never did look over, so nobody saw that I was staring slack-jawed with a raging hard on.

I quickly moved back into my house and made my way to the back windows. I could see the family in the backyard, with the Wife being chased by the kids. Every step she took caused her huge breasts to bounce, which made me more and more horny. As usual I was home alone, so I dropped my shorts and began to masturbate watching her run. I came after about five seconds. Maybe this place wasn’t going to be so bad after all, I thought as I cleaned up from my orgasm.

That night I was studying in my room. My mom was home, but she was preparing for a meeting the following day. As I walked to my closet I glanced out the window and realized that the window opposite mine was the bathroom of Wife’s house. The window was open about six inches, and I could see that someone was moving behind the frosted glass. I thought about the fact that my light behind me was silhouetting me just as their light was silhouetting them. I didn’t want them to know I was looking at them, so I flipped my light off. Now I was confident that they could not see me, so I settled in to see what happened.

As I watched I saw the silhouette of the husband walk over to the window and lean over. I realized that he was turning on the water in the tub or shower. Disappointed I was ready to go back to studying when I saw the silhouette of the Wife moving behind the husband. I could not see her through the frosted glass, but I could see that I saw no clothes on her silhouette. I felt my brain go into overload as I contemplated the Wife getting naked next door. I quickly calculated that there was a basement window directly below my bedroom window. From the window I should be able to look up into their bathroom window and actually see the people and not just the silhouettes.

I raced to the basement as quickly and quietly as I could. I could not have my mom inquiring as to what I was doing. Fortunately she didn’t notice my move to the basement at all. I left the lights off and went to the window opposite their bathroom. I could see straight in through the open window all the way to the bathroom door. My heart was thumping so hard I was afraid I was going to pass out. I had also grown another huge hard on. I saw the husband step into the shower. My hard on was rapidly deflating. Then the wife stepped in to join him. I had never been so lucky in my life. I was at the perfect angle to see into the window, and the window was open just enough to frame the Wife’s body from the middle of her thighs to her belly button. Her ass and bush were perfectly framed for me, and my hard on came raging back.

The Wife was moving around as if she was trying to get the shower water all over her. She swayed back and forth and turned around in a slow, full circle. Her ass was thick and heavy, but looked very firm. It jutted out so that she you could easily rest your chin on it if you were sitting behind her and she was standing. I instantly envisioned rubbing and squeezing that thick ass. I guess I was not alone, since I could see the husband’s hand rubbing her ass as she turned. Her was slapping it and squeezing it as she swayed back and forth.

As much as I liked Wife’s ass, I was amazed when her bush came into view. She had a very hairy, jet black bush. Coupled with the breasts I had seen in the backyard, she looked like some kind of pagan fertility doll I had seen in a History of the Ancient World textbook (and masturbated to). She looked amazing. I was overwhelmed with the horniness of watching this sexy woman and her husband in a shower while I masturbated.

As I was watching, the husband came up behind Wife. I saw his right hand slip around her hip and start massaging her cunt very slowly. I couldn’t quite see, but I thought that his left hand was holding her enormous left breast. Her legs opened a little to allow his hand more access. Her hips were gyrating and bucking forward against his hand. I had to stop masturbating so that I did not cum too quickly. I wanted to watch this.

The husband had been moving faster and faster on Wife’s clit, and she suddenly leaned forward and put her elbows on the window sill. I could see her back arching and her shoulders shaking and I knew that he had made her cum. I almost came without even touching myself. This was the first orgasm I’d ever seen a woman have other than in a porn movie.

As Wife recovered, she turned around and dropped to her knees. The window was angled too low for me to watch her sucking her husband’s cock, but I could see that her head was moving back and forth. I could not touch my cock at all, since I knew I was going to cum any second. I was holding on to the window sill in the basement, watching Wife give her husband a blow job in the shower. Just as I thought I would not be able to stand it anymore, Wife stood up and turned to face the window. She was angled so that her enormous breasts were completely visible to me. Her breasts hung low with enormous areolas. Her nipples were thick, and I could see them jutting out as she bent over. I shot my load all over the basement wall.

I continued to watch as the husband slipped his cock into Wife from behind. She arched and writhed and pushed backwards as he slammed into her from behind. I could see her breasts bounce forward and back as he slammed her. Wife kept moving around, trying to get more and more cock into her. I was hard again, and was just starting to stroke my cock when Wife stood up, turned around, and jerked the husband’s cock onto her tits. I could see that she had one arm under her breasts to push them up while she stroked his cock with the other. The husband dumped cum shot after cum shot onto her huge tits at the same time that I came again watching them.

My knees were shaking as I cleaned my cum off the wall. I could see Wife and her husband kissing and rinsing off in the shower. A few minutes later they were gone and the light had gone out. I sat down on a chair in the basement and thought about what I had seen. Soon I had another hard on and was masturbating again.

After watching Wife and her husband I always paid attention when their bathroom light went on. Sadly, I never saw them fuck in the shower again. In typical high school fashion, I assumed that the world had smiled on me once, and that I could not expect that to ever happen again. Fortunately I was able to think about that incident and make myself cum over and over again. Whenever I was Wife I smiled and waved, but she always looked a little bemused and waved back. Sadly, I knew I would never get to touch her huge breasts or rub her massive bush. I was reduced to cumming hundreds of time thinking about her.

As luck would have it, I was blessed with neighbors on both sides of the house. While Wife was a voluptuous goddess, made for luxurious, fleshy fucking, my neighbor on the other side was very different. Miriam was probably a little over 40. When she was made up for work she was the perfect picture of a dour office worker. She was single. She did not wear any make-up, and her hair was straight and cut just above her shoulders. She wore plain, wire rimmed glasses. Her clothes were professional, but not very flattering. In other words, it was difficult even for a super-horny teenager to find something to masturbate to when I saw her. I tried, but it did not work all that well.

However, one afternoon I went to let the dog out and realized that Miriam was sunbathing in her backyard. She was wearing a purple bikini, and was lying with her feet pointing toward me and with her eyes closed. Her knees were tucked up, so I could see all the way to her crotch. I pushed the dog away and stood just inside the back door watching her. I wouldn’t say I had a raging hard-on, but for the first time I was interested in Miriam.

After a few minutes, Miriam stood up. For the first time I could see that she had strong thighs, and a nice, big, curvaceous ass. Her tits were small, but her thighs and ass gave me a hard on. When she stretched her arms above her head I could see that her waist was trim, and that her hips and ass were made for gripping. Now I had a raging hard-on. Unfortunately, I my mom was home, and the dog kept trying to get out. There was nothing I could do.

“Hey, Miriam! Looking good” I said as I walked out with the dog.

She didn’t look at all surprised to me, and replied “That’s nice of you, but I know you see those high school girls all day.”

I made a quick calculation and decided to go for 15-year-old suave. I said “Exactly. That’s how I know you’re looking good” as I smiled. Miriam just waved and walked into her house. Walking the dog with a hard-on was harder than you would guess.

I started alternating my masturbation between Miriam and Wife. Since I jerked off about four times a day I got to think about each of them a lot. I also realized that Miriam’s shower faced our driveway. She had an opaque window in the bathroom, so while I knew when she was in the shower, I could never see anything. I always paid attention though.

One day I was walking home from school and saw Miriam walking into her house. She was wearing a sheath dress to her knees and black leather boots with big, pointy heels. It showed her ass off very well, and I was always partial to boots with spike heels. I knew as soon as I saw her that I was going to cum thinking about her as soon as I got inside. I was almost in a hurry to get in. Miriam saw me coming and waited in front of her house.

“Hey, how are things going?” she asked.

I was kind of in a hurry to get inside, but I stopped. “Pretty well. That’s a great outfit” I replied.

“You are always so nice. I should remember to tell your mom what a nice guy you are” she responded.

“Well, she won’t be home until late, so you might have to do that tomorrow” I said with a smile. I started walking into the house thinking that our little interaction had gone pretty well.

When I got inside I rushed to change my clothes and beat off to Miriam. As I rushed through the dining room I noticed that her bathroom light was on. I also noticed that the window was wide open so that I could see into her house. I stopped in my tracks, hoping against hope that I was going to see Miriam naked.

As I watched, Miriam walked into her bathroom in her underwear and bra. She turned the water on, turned her ass toward the window, and pulled her underwear down. I backed up so that I could see her and she could not see me and pulled my cock out. She stepped out of her underwear and turned around. She took her bra off and stepped into the shower. Her breasts were small, but had big, thick nipples. Her cunt was hairy, but trimmed back. Her hips curved from the small of her back to two beautiful white mounds of ass. I wanted to get into that ass. Bad.

Miriam took a very soapy, very sensual, very long shower. She soaped her arms, belly, nipples, cunt, ass and legs. She slowly alternated between rubbing her clit and ass as the warm water flowed over her. Miriam’s other hand lightly pinched and tugged her nipples. I came at least twice while she was showering. After the second orgasm I crawled to the window so that I could get a closer look. I was within ten feet of her window.

Miriam started to rinse off. Suddenly she looked directly at me and smiled. My heart raced and I was in shock. As she toweled off, she kept staring directly at me with a huge smile. She pointed toward her back door and walked away from the window. I was up in a second and flew as fast as I could out my backdoor and through the bushes into Miriam’s yard. She was waiting inside the backdoor in a thick white bath robe.

“Do you still think I look good?” she asked.

I was almost breathless, but managed to blurt “Absolutely.”

“Come in. Close the door behind you” she said.

I stepped into her house and closed the door behind me. I followed her through the kitchen and into her bedroom. She had a big king-sized bed with a soft shaggy cover on it. She also had a lot of pillows, including a bolster pillow at the head of the bed. Miriam stopped and turned around. She started to pull my shirt off, which I enthusiastically helped with. I could not believe I was about to fuck this lady.

As she tugged my pants down, Miriam asked “how many time did you cum watching me?”

“Twice, so far” I replied.

She smiled. “That’s nice. Can you cum again?”

“I usually cum three or four times a night, so it should be no problem” I said, my voice shaking.

Miriam just smiled. I was naked now and my hard-on was raging in front of me. She stepped forward and stood close to me. My cock poked her in the belly while I leaned over and held her ass cheeks in my hand. She rubbed back and forth across my cock and I kneaded her ass. I started to nibble her ear. She started to make little whimpering noises. I decided to make my move.

I gently turned Miriam around and held her from behind. My cock was in the small of her back and I was rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. I dropped to my knees and started to kiss and nuzzle her big, white ass. I pushed her forward so that her hands were on the bed. I scooted lower and pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked her asshole. My finger stroked her cunt lips while I tongued her ass.

“Ohhh. Fuck. You are a dirty boy. Fuck yeah” she moaned.

I slipped two fingers deeper into her cunt and worked my tongue further into her asshole. I could feel Miriam pushing back and hear her moaning. My tongue kept working deeper and deeper while my fingertips rubbed her g-spot. I felt Miriam tensing as she came on my hand and her ass cheeks clenched, pushing my face out of her ass. I pushed her forward on the bed, slipping my thumb up her ass while I continued to massage her cunt.

“Aaaaahhhhhh. Fuck. I am cumming again. Aaahhhhh! Slap my ass! Slap my ass!” she yelled.

I wasn’t sure what Miriam wanted, but I pulled my hand from her ass and slapped her ass cheek hard. Miriam’s whole body bucked and I slapped again. Her back arched, and let out a gurgling sound. She let out a huge breath and collapsed on the bed. Before she could move I knelt on the bed and slipped my cock between her ass cheeks. I was not fucking her asshole. I was titty-fucking her ass. She started to lift her hips as I stroked and stroked between her ass cheeks. It was really feeling good and I was stroking harder and harder.

Miriam reached back and slapped her own ass cheek while I was stroking between her cheeks. This set me off, and I came. My first splash of cum landed on the small of Miriam’s back. The second splash hit her in the back of the head. The third squirt landed in the middle of her back. I almost collapsed as I rolled off of Miriam’s ass.

Miriam rubbed my cum into her back as she slid over toward me. I was on my back and she grabbed my semi-hard cock. She looked me in the eye as she sucked my cock into her mouth and started to suck. I had never gotten a blowjob, but this seemed like a great blowjob. My cock started to spring back to life. Even as my cock got harder, Miriam kept sucking me deep. My eyes rolled back in my head and I enjoyed feeling the back of her throat as she sucks my cock.

Suddenly Miriam’s mouth was off my cock. I opened my eyes in time to see Miriam swing her leg over my hips and lower her cunt on to my cock. Miriam is so wet, my cock slipped into her smoothly. She lowered herself all the way down, so that I am buried to the hilt. She started to pump her hips and put her hands on my chest. We looked each other in the eyes as Miriam fucked me hard. She writhed and humped until I felt her cunt spasm around my cock. Then she stopped and rolled on to her back.

In a flash I was up on my knees between Miriam’s legs. I grabbed her ass in both hands and opened her up before I slammed my cock into her cunt. She gasped and started to hump. I let go of her ass and grabbed her ankles. Her eyes got big as I spread her legs and started banging my cock into her as hard as I could. Miriam let out a howl and came. I shot my load deep into her cunt while trying to keep from passing out. I regularly came three or four times a night, but I had never fucked anyone. I pulled out and watched my cum dribble out of Miriam’s cunt. As it trickled over her asshole, I used my finger to gather some of it and slip into my cum-covered asshole into her finger.

“You deserve to fuck me in the ass, but not tonight. You need to get home” Miriam said.

I glanced at her alarm clock and realized that I had been there for almost two hours. I did need to hustle home.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be back” she said.

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