Kept Man part 1

In the office of the hiring director of a Managed Services Provider.
“Sorry, you don’t have the experience needed for the position.” Rape this bitch, show HER you’re THE man for the job. The Hiring director sitting in front of me is an attractive, petite, mid-20s, caucasian Blonde with a Bob cut. That would be Stupid. Politely excuse us and leave.
“Thank you for the opportunity.” Fucking COWARD, faggot… Nevermind, we don’t even qualify for faggot. A faggot could get laid. I pull off my dress shirt, fold it neatly and place it in my saddle bag.I leave her office and the Managed Services Provider building. I look at my notepad. Geek Squad 2:00 pm- Donald Then my watch. 12:34 pm.
I twist my right pant leg around my calf and tuck it into my sock. I hop on my bicycle and pedal to the Best Buy for my interview. Look at us. Don’t even have a Piece of shit car. We don’t have the money to buy a car. Let alone maintain one.
I reach the Best Buy and lock up my bike and spend 10 minutes in the shade of the building cooling off from the ride. I put on my dress shirt and walk into the store and up to the Geek Squad counter. The man I am supposed to meet, Donald, is at the Geek Squad counter.
“Hi, My name Sonny. I had an interview scheduled for 2:00 pm” I peek at my watch. 1:57 pm.
“Oh yes, about that. I am sorry to inform you but the position has already been filled.” Strangle this asshole.
“I would have called your cell but you left no number for it” See, he couldn’t reach us. We’d have been biking here anyway. Stop making excuses for him. I clenched my teeth, any tighter my teeth would shatter. I spin on my heel and walk into a woman carrying her giant alienware tower up to the counter.
“Oh, it’s nothing.” She places the tower on the counter and turns to me. I recognize her, and she recognizes. Ms. Helene Tate my 5th grade elementary school teacher. 5’5” 36-24-35 hour glass figure, asian, freckles, probably vietnamese, straight black hair half way down her back, held in check by the aviator sunglasses lifted to the top of her head, wearing a sky blue sundress with a Sunflower pattern. She’s barely aged. Still fuckable. When I had my sexual awakening she was my first crush at the age of 10.
“Sonny? Sonny!, you’ve grown up so tall and strong.” Psh. Too polite to mention we’re 80 lbs overweight. She puts her hands on my shoulders, then cups my cheeks. I flush with embarrassment. Onlookers couldn’t see my embarrassment. I’m too dark skinned for that but I’m sure Helene could feel the heat radiate from my cheeks into her hands. She takes her hands from my face
“How long has it been?” She asks.
“16 years”
“Let me get my tower checked in then we can catch up” This is your chance for revenge, idiot.
“Actually I can fix it for you and i won’t charge an exorbitant price for it.”
Donald tries to butt-in “Hold on a sec. She brought the computer to us”
“Well i’m taking it back, grab the tower Sonny”. I give Donald the finger and pick up the tower. Ms. Tate walks me to her car. She opens the hatch to her SUV. I put the tower in.
She asks “Why don’t you follow me in your car back to my place and you can work the computer”
“Um, I’m on my bike”
“Oh, Okay. Just go get your bike and we’ll put it in the back.”
“Alright” I head to the bike rack. If no one else lives with her, rape her. Just fix her computer, get paid and ask her to recommend us to her friends if they ever need her computer fixed. Ugh. I return to her SUV, bike in hand. She has folded down the back seats and moved the tower to the side. I put the bike in and and sit in the passenger seat. She pulls the SUV into the street.
“So how’s life?” She asks.
“Oh, it’s not that bad”
“I’m 27, Six years of unemployment. Still live with my parents.”
“You gotta stay positive” I swear if another person tells me to stay positive.
“Easier said than done”
“Negativity is a poison, you have to be positive or the negativity will consume you” See, we have to stay positive. I change the subject
“One hundred dollars for the repair, plus the cost of parts”
“I thought you weren’t going to charge me an exorbitant price”
“That’s not exorbitant, geek squad charges one-hundred and fifty just to attempt the diagnosis”.
“What about tools? Don’t you need tools?”
“Everything i need to fix a computer except replacement hardware is in my Saddle bag” The rest of the ride passes in silence. We pull up to her home it’s two stories and very nice. I bring the computer from the SUV and place it on her dining room table.I ask her for some old newspapers to line the table and floor. I open up her tower and dust it out with a can of compressed air.
“It keeps blue-screening on me” She tells me
“Okay” I hook the computer up to her monitor and achieve POST. I turn off the computer and pull the RAM from the computer. 4 cards, two different sets. One set 4 gigs a card, the other set 2 gigs a card.
“Here’s a problem but not necessarily THE problem. Running ram that isn’t a matched set causes stability issues.” I turn and realize she’s no longer behind me. I plug the 4 gig set in and achieve POST. I pull that set and try the 8 gig set. Nothing. I stand to go find her only to see her come down the stairs. She had changed and was only wearing a crimson towel and was speaking on the phone.
“bring it over, we’ll probably need it Love you to.” She hangs up.
“Your husband?”
She gives me a stern look “That’s none of your business.” Cunt.
“Here’s your problem” I hold up a ziplock with the broken RAM cards in it “You can run fine with the cards you have in it, but the next time you want to upgrade you have to buy a matched pair and pull out the old Ram." She pulls five twenties from her purse on the counter and holds out her hand. I reach for them, but she pulls them away and backs toward the sliding door separating the house from the back patio.
“Why don’t you stay a while?” She asks “I’m going for dip” She opens the sliding door backs up to the jacuzzi adjacent to her pool. I follow her to the jacuzzi. “You want to go for a swim?” YES. No.
“I don’t have swim trunks.” Retard.
“That’s okay, neither do I.” She drops her towel fully revealing her hourglass figure, hard pink nipples and clean shaven pussy. I turn around. It’s a trap. Turn around and face her. She walks up behind me. I can feel her breasts press into the small of my back. Her cheek presses into my upper back and her arms snake around my waist and work their way up to my chest where they undo a button and slide inside.
I stammer “I uh, um, i jus’, why are” Brilliant.
“You’re so shy. That’s cute.” She turns her head 90 degrees, her forehead and nose into my back. She takes a deep breath.
“You smell good.” Her hands continue to undo buttons.
“I’ve, uh I’ve never received a compliment about by odor. Hell, i’ve never been complemented by woman who isn’t a direct blood relation about my appearance.” Don’t fuck this up. Take the money and run. My shirt is now completely undone and she’s untucking the tank top underneath.
“I, I’m a virgin.” Why would you feel the need to tell her that.
“I don’t care. I’ll teach you” Her hands start working on my belt buckle.
“I sweat profusely under the smallest amount of physical activity.” SHUT THE FUCK UP!
“Good.” She’s insane. She’s perfect.
She now holds my erect cock. Balls in the left, shaft in right. She puts her index finger on the tip of my cock and works it in circle.
“Uncircumcised, and already with pre-cum.” She plays with the pre-cum with her thumb and index finger. She take hold of the shaft and begins stroking, and covers my mouth with her left hand.
“Only five inches… I’ll have to fix that” What!? Her stroking picks up the pace
“I’m gonna have to trim those pubes as well” That would mean she intends on seeing us after today. YES. She strokes even faster.
“I… I’m gonna cum.” Is what I try to say but it comes out muffled by her hand. She understands what I mean anyway and moves her left to the tip of my cock. Rubbing her palm in a slow clockwise circle on the tip. I cum, and i cum hard. She keeps stroking. My knees are quivering. Tell her to stop. Nah, I like where this is going. I’m in pain now, unable to form words, grunts and groans are the only sounds I’m making. Her stroking gradually slows to a stop. I look around to find something to sit on. A beach lounger. I lay on it. Helene comes over and straddles my waist. She holds my cum in her left and examines it with her right index finger. She sticks her cum covered finger in her mouth.
“Delicious” she purrs. She puts her left hand up to her mouth and licks and slurps the cum from her hand.
“Has a girl ever told you your cum is delicious”
“No, I’ve never gotten a girl to say ‘yes’ when I ask one out on a date; nor has a girl ever asked me out on a date”
“I want more” Oh, yeah. Oh, no. She un-straddles me and moves to the foot of the lounger between my legs. She bends down putting her face in my crotch. She licks the underside of my cock. Running her tongue from the base to the frenulum. She balances my half-hard cock on the tip of her tongue, then brings the rest of her mouth over my cock, holding its entirety in her mouth. She sucks the air out her mouth creating a vacuum. She pulls her head up, once again running her tongue on the underside of my cock and once again stopping at the frenulum. The tip still her mouth but the shaft exposed. I’m now fully erect. Her tongue begins to trace circle around the the corona and glans of my cock. She cradles my balls in her left and works the shaft with her right. The pace of her stroking and licking start slow and slowly build. We are so coming back here every chance we get. Better yet why leave. She was on the phone with someone who’s coming over and I quote ‘Love you to’. Helping her cheat is bad enough, but actively seeking to ruin her relationships is a new low. As long we come out ahead. My loins begin quiver. Helene senses my orgasm and increases her tempo. I don’t even try vocalize, I just grunt loud and long and cum in Helene’s mouth.
“You better save some for me.” My heart skips a beat. I wasn’t alone with Helene. A woman’s voice. Accented, British or Australian. I find it hard to tell them apart without the use of slang. I crane my neck around to look a back the intruder. Daaaamn. It must have been her on the phone. A sandy blonde, mid 30s, 5’ll”, caucasian, somewhere between super model and athletic build, straight shoulder blade length hair, skin slightly tanned. Wearing jeans, biker boots and leather biker jacket. The most striking thing though her eyes. The outer edge of her iris’ are olive but gradually shifts to the color of honey near the pupil.
Helene stands up and walks over to her. The blonde leans down and they kiss passionately. I can see Helene pass the cum from her mouth into the blondes mouth as they kiss. This isn’t real. This can’t be real. We must have died on the way to Best Buy and all of this is the afterlife. Doesn’t matter; had blow job. They finish their kiss.
“Oh, right. Introductions” Helene turns to face me. The blonde comes up behind her and rolls Helene’s nipples between her thumb and index fingers.
“Sonny, this is Hannah.” Hannah fingers Helene’s pussy
“Hannah, this is Sonny.” Hannah takes Helene’s head in her hands and tilts it back. She dribbles half the cum back into Helene’s mouth. Hannah swallows and wipes her mouth.
“Your cum is delicious.” Don’t say something stupid.
“Hello” I reply.
Helene swallows the cum in her mouth, then turns to Hannah. “We need to get him inside before the neighbors catch us”
>I collect my clothes and Helene her towel. We go inside and Hannah guides me to the Master bath upstairs by my cock. Helene follows shortly after with newspapers and and an odd looking stool. They lay out the newspapers on the floor. They’re going to murder and eat you. Let’s just see how this plays out. The stool, clear plastic with a strange gap down the middle but joined at the base. “Sit.” Hannah commands. The gap in the middle’s purpose becomes clear, each side of the stool is for an ass cheek while the gap allows my cock to hang down and gives access from below.
Hannah strips down revealing a toned muscular body, pink nipples, and a clean shaven pussy. Her navel and clit are pierced with rings. A fine gold chain connects her belly button piercing to her clit piercing. Yeah, we’re definitely dead and gone to heaven. Helene produces a set of Barber’s Clippers. She puts a quarter inch guide on the end and flips them on.
“Spread’em” she says and pushes my legs apart. Hannah holds and manipulates the various parts of my cock to give Helene an even surface to trim. Helene cleans and puts the clippers away. Hannah puts the tip of my cock in her mouth. She works the underside of the tip with her tongue, bringing me to erection. Helene slathers shaving cream on to the rest of my cock and balls. Hannah, again manipulates my cock to give Helene an even surface to work with, while simultaneously working her tongue to keep me erect for the shave. Helene finishes the shave. She and Hannah wipe the remnants of the shaving cream off.
“Beautiful” Hannah said stroking my now hairless cock. Helene shook some of the contents of a bottle onto her hand.
“You know what comes next.”
“Aftershave” I grumbled.
“Bite down on this” Hannah stood up and pressed her nipple to my mouth. I obliged and place it in my mouth flicking her nipple with my tongue. Helene rubs the aftershave on her hands, then rubs and strokes the clean shaven surfaces of my crotch. It burns and I bite down on Hannah’s nipple. She gasps in pleasure, and pulls me closer to her chest.
“Stage Two”
“Stage Two?” I ask, mouth full of titty.
“We make your cock bigger” Hannah pulls away. She grabs my cock and leads me to the master bedroom. I lay down on the huge bed, California King Size. Hannah pulls a penis pump from her bag. So that’s what ‘Bring it over’ meant. Helene pulls a tube of jelly something from her nightstand and rubs a ring of it around the base of my cock. Hannah inserts my cock into the pump cylinder and presses it tightly to the base. Hannah begins pumping. My cock begins to swell in the vacuum growing in length and girth.
“Tells us when it becomes uncomfortable.” Helene says as she stares attentively at my growing cock. I tell her when.
“How long is my dick suppose to be in this thing?”
“Fifteen minutes” Hannah responds. The ladies spend the next fifteen minutes sucking and tonguing my balls. They remove the pump and lube my cock up. For the next hour they jerk me off starting slow them building to a crescendo making me cum. Once I cum, they slow the tempo while licking my semen off my stomach and chest. Though on the 3rd time I didn’t have enough cum left to do more than cover Helene’s hand which had the top position.
From downstairs a muffled yell of “Mom, I’m home.” Hannah gets up and closes the door. She begins putting her clothes back on.
“Wait, can have I have your panties? As a memento of this grand occasion in my life.” That’s my boy. Pervert. Hannah smirks and pulls her panties off, then drops it on my face. She resumes getting dressed. I take a deep breath. Helene straddles my stomach and pushes the panties off to the side of my face.
“How often do you masturbate?” Helene asks
“At least twice a day. Usually more.” She begins grinding me.
“Good, we have a proposition for you.”
“What kind of Proposition?”
“How would you like to be a kept man?”
“Your boy toy?”
“No marriage, no commitment. You move in, service me, maintain the house and generally be handy in exchange for room, board and some petty cash.”
“That sounds great, but how are you going to support me, your daughter, and yourself on a elementary school teachers wages?”
“Hannah will be moving in with me soon, and I make money on the side.”
“You’ll see.” She dismounts me.
“Put your clothes on, and here.” She tosses me one of her panties. I bring it up to my face and and inhale deeply, imprinting her smell.
All three of us are dressed.
Helene, Hannah and I go outside to the drive way. Hannah kisses Helene goodbye and gets on her motorcycle, and rides away.
“So you’ll think about my offer?”
“Of course I will” I haul my bike out of the SUV. I kiss her goodbye. Look who finally grew a pair. I ride home.
What’s to think about, you’re going to take the offer. What about a career? We’re already six years unemployed and spending a few more being her boy toy is not going to help our opportunities. Bah, we going to be livin the life. And what about when, and I mean when, she gets tired of us? She won’t get tired of us.
In bed after dinner, I put Hannah and Helene’s panties on my face. Even though my balls had been thoroughly drained earlier in the day, I masturbate furiously. I’m taking the offer. That’s my boy. This will end badly for all of us.

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