Tom's parallel world - 2

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Tom relaxed in the basket chair as much as he could; his blood was now starting to run riot again, that sweet aroma of Sarah on heat was starting to work its magic again.

He looked into Sarah’s eyes that shone luminescent green back at him, willing her to take his penis into her mouth again

But she got up onto all fours and turned to him “Quick Tom, gather everything of yours, leave nothing down here, get upstairs , the way I was screeching the fisher dogs would have heard me in the next county, let alone out to sea, I bet half the village would have heard me” Sarah urgently explained she quickly searched out of the window, just in case there was a mob of pitch fork carrying dogs coming up the path, but there was nothing

Tom stood up from the chair, pulled his shorts up, catching up his torn and ripped boxers trapping them inside his shorts, he quickly tied his belt, gathered all his belongings, rucksack and shoes.

He stood up, looking round to check for anything to witness his presence. Sarah pointed at stairs, again with a low entrance; everything was to suit cats on all fours moving around the house, not humans on 2 legs.

He slung his gear over his shoulder and scampered up the stairs, bending low, using one hand to stop him falling face down, Sarah hot on his heels, nudging him in the bum with her head, giggling naughtily.

There was one door open at the top of the stairs, with two closed “straight into my room, the doors open” instructed Sarah.

The room was small but with a large basket bed, queen size, window looking out across the sea.

Tom threw his stuff in a corner; with no clothes to keep cats don’t need wardrobes.

Sarah pulled the net curtains closed, glancing all around, obviously not seeing anything, as she relaxed with a long sigh of relief

“You’re going to have to stay here for a while, so no one puts 2 and 2 together. An unknown human appearing after a 7 year storm will be obvious , thankfully the kittens won’t return for a few days and I am not due to return to work until my heat subsides.

Plus it will be nice to spend some time alone with a man.” Sarah said, almost licking her lips

Tom stood there, disheveled, not sure quite what to do next, with there being no chair here in the bedroom.

“Take off those clothes, you furless thing you, put them in the corner, we’ll have to work out how to wash those later. You are filthy and also need a wash, get on the bed “Sarah’s tone was playful and Tom liked this side of her.

Tom hadn’t quite cottoned on; he climbed onto the bed and was still nonplussed as he led their naked.

Sarah followed onto the bed, as if stalking him, until her nose touched his, licked him on his lips then her tongue followed round to his ear, working slowly but surely, around his ears, neck and face, working to and fro across his face passing his lips to steal a kiss, sometimes a peck, sometimes a lingering tongue.

This was quite erotic and rather than being sticky and yucky, surprisingly he was beginning to feel refreshed and he was feeling cleaner. All the time that hormone induced lust was building up again, that slightly drugged, tipsy feeling crept back.

His hands drifted to her ears and quietly stroked She purred quietly, whispering instructions every now and then about other areas he could scratch and stroke. He watched her fur move as he brushed and stroked, how it gave a gloss reflection as it caught the light, inspected the patterns of tiger strip like shapes on her coat.

She worked her way down his chest (not that he had enough to constitute a hairy chest, let alone a furry one), she slowly methodically worked down each arm, she lingered longer on his right, her tongue wrapping around each finger, enjoying the lingering taste of her own juices on him.

Tom was embarrassed as he couldn’t remember when he last showered, although Sarah didn’t seem to be bothered, in fact she was enjoying this, purring as she went, licking her man clean, tasting him, his sex and hers.

He continued to follow her instructions, stroking the directed areas with his fingers, scrunching up her skin and fur, improving his techniques based on the feedback from her purring and a making a mental map of her erogenous zones.

He certainly was enjoying this erotic experience, the pleasure of her tongue, slightly rough caressing his skin, plus her heat putting him in a mildly euphoric state. By the time she got to his crotch, he had a full empire state building pointing at the ceiling, balls already aching for another shot, her fur tickling and teasing his now tender skin.

He was slowly drowning in that sweet hormone of hers again, his blood rising. She slid down avoiding his pulsating dick, licking slowly down each leg and foot.

The drug like hormones magnatising him to her, He wanted her so badly, longing to be able to dive into that fur head long in and ravage it

Tom was now able to stroke her tail again as they were now top & tailed (a saying that works in both worlds).

He loved her purring it felt stimulating and erotic. His eyesight was blurring, his dick was pulsating with desire.

This was an unbelievable experience, her tail swung side to side, the tip stroking and teasing across his back, allowing him to stroke the base upwards.

Sarah using all 4 legs, rolled him over, so he was now face down on the bed and her tongue returned to his back, liking down to the small of his back, working its way down, over his cheeks and even between, into his bum crack, then she giggled as her tongue flicked his anus, teasing the rim, “you can reciprocate you know” said Sarah quietly.

He shook his fuzzy head to concentrate, turned his upper torso, moved his hands from her tail to her hind legs, pulling her inwards, then raising her uppermost rear leg, he got sight of his goals and leaned forward, the drug like state driving him on to pleasure her.

As his tongue touched her anus, her hormonal chemistry slugged him again, his head nearly exploded, with his head swooning, he focused on his task, winding his tongue around the rim of her anus, lapping it round then trailed it southwards to her vulva, Sarah’s purring increase, pulsating her rear

His desire to swim in that pool held within her lips was overwhelming, extending his tongue out he delved in, the nectar rushed him again, his head swooning, who needs class A drugs when you can get this thought Tom He lapped, licked and sucked in her wetness that slowly increased, as did her purring.

Tom rolled fully over on top, cocking his closest leg over Sarah to straddle her, so now in the full 69 position.

Tom automatically thrust his hips into her, feeling her soft underbelly comfort his throbbing member wanting it to get inside. His head buried between her legs, his torso resting on her soft underbelly, Sarah now on her back, her breasts pressing onto him.

Meeeeooooow, Sarah purred quietly and slightly arched her back, resting her front paws on his arse, pulling at his cheeks. Then he felt sharp pricks, “She has claws ?” thought Tom, not razor sharp but sharp enough, mmmmph he reacted, the claws pulled his cheeks apart, then a finger, clawless probed his anus , tweaking and teased its way in, no human girl ever did this !

Tom a little uneasy about it, it felt erotic but was too euphoric on Sarah’s heat to worry about it, her juices were almost washing over him, bathing in her sexuality, her purring, she was hitting all his senses.

Sarah denied his dick entry into her mouth, but licked around his balls, teasing between his thighs and towards his anus and lubricate her probing digit.

He had to close his eyes to focus his mind, as the drug effect was too great. It was like floating above your best sex partner, separated by the softest vibrating eiderdown whilst it caressed and scratched your bum.

“Mount me now, before we waste all your energy” said Sarah almost throwing him off, landing to one side,

Tom opened his eyes to see her spring over, from her back onto all fours, head down, front legs stretching out, her rump raising high in the air, exposing everything with tail curved high over her inverted back.

She was beautiful, even in this drug like fuzzy haze, thought Tom, how could I have never see this in cats before.

Her fur stood on end; she turned and glared at him

“What are you waiting for? Get on, mount me now Tom; like a cat, hard, don’t lose the moment – and you had better make it last longer than downstairs” she commanded sternly, a different side to her, but to be fair, she had a point

Her rear rose slightly to make the point

He didn’t need to be told twice, he half scrambled half fell off the bed, stood up , her rear was the most wonderful invitation ever, tail up, anus quivering, her vulva open, juices leaking

He edged forward, gripped her tail base with one hand, her hip of one leg with the other, as soon as the tip of his penis touched her dampness and felt her lips; she pushed back, so he was fully immersed before he knew it, pulling his foreskin fully back sharply in one slightly painful movement, causing

Tom to suck air in at the pleasurable pain.

MMMEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW, she screeched, he felt a suction on his dick as Sarah pulled forward, so he pushed deeper, they got into a rhythm, holding her tail, pumping in and out.

Tom pulling back far enough to just keep his penis from popping out, then driving back inwards to grinding hips once bottomed out, Jeeeeeez Tom had never had or felt anything like it, they worked in unison, Sarah’s purring increasing in time with the thrusts.

The rest of the room was now just fuzzy edges to his vision, which was becoming one sex focused tunnel, the drugged state seemed to sensitize his sexual senses, he was sure he could feel her stiff raised clitoris rubbing his member, as he drove it in & out, never felt this back home, with any girl.

They kept this up, keeping up a tandem bouncing long stroking rhythm, then:

“Bite my neck, like a cat” said Sarah.

Tom faltered not knowing what she meant, her front paw, came back and indicated an area on the back of her neck.

“Tom cats bite here during sex, trust me it is a BIG turn on, bite me NOW, don’t worry your teeth won’t be sharp enough to hurt me “ commanded Sarah..

Tom leant forward, his full weight now on her back, he opened his mouth, initially getting a mouth full of fur but managed to work his lips and teeth, to gather a roll of skin beneath and bit

”Bite HARDER.” Sarah screeched, so he gathered the skin fold deeper into his mouth and did just that, with all his might

The “MEEEEOOOOwwwww” from Sarah confirmed he had hit the spot, her back immediately arched further, thrusting her rear backwards onto his dick he struggled to breathe through fur and skin in his mouth, but he wasn’t going to let loose the ride of his life.

He be brought his hands from her hips, stroking forwards along her soft underbelly and felt for her breasts, using his thumbs to flick her now pert nipples, then pinch & roll them, between thumb and forefinger, she purred agreement “Tom cats don’t do that, do it, do it” Sarah confirmed.

By digging his elbows into her midriff and hips, he got better purchase, holding his bite on her neck to hang on, tweaking her nipples and pumping her rear.

He was doubling over thrusting inwards, with her being slightly smaller she could buck and twist in all directions to push back on his thrusts, with him in control, this was one fantastic rodeo Tom had never been to before.

Doggy style with any girl friend was nothing like this, he’d never had a fur bronco beneath him, her body vibrating with purring that transferred through to his teeth, hands, elbows and his dick, it was unbelievable.

Sarah gave one big push, a loud meooow, and then started convulsing in short violent electric shock like pulses, pumping vigorously at his throbbing member. Tom held on, matching her as best he could to stay inside her, as she arched almost double, in hard thrusts.

Finally she held onto the fourth deep thrust, Tom felt it was like her waters had broken, as she climaxed holding the thrust in a grind to end, she gasped for air, “Fuck, that was unbelievable Tom” said Sarah as she relaxed, “no Tom cat ever made me do or me feel like that”.

Tom shocked by hearing her swear for the first time, started to relax, relaxed his jaw and removed his teeth from her neck, finally sucking air unhindered into his burning lungs and relaxed to withdraw his penis.

“Don’t you dare pull out, you’ve not finished, you are still hard and I can keep going “insisted Sarah.

Tom felt her vagina grip on his dick, he pushed back in, staying inside her he raised himself up to stand, feet still on the floor, eased his back, stretching straightening up, whilst he brought his hands backwards from her breasts back to her hips.

He held onto her rear hip erogenous zones, gripped, teasing his fingers into her fur and skin, which she liked and slowly stroked in and out. Sarah’s purring returned”meow” she whispered, as she responded by matching movements back.

After a few strokes, Tom drifted his hands forwards and upwards, encouraging her to rise up, stand on her rear legs, using her front paws resting on the bed to steady herself.

She pushed back with her rump, arching her back, keeping a nice smooth straight run in & out of her vagina, which was now a well lubricated, warm, silky smooth tunnel, with excess warm cat cum slowly dribbling and creeping down Tom’s legs.

He brought his hands once more around Sarah’s underbelly, raising them to cup her breasts, lifting her up to a standing position and holding her, mmmmmeeeeooooww she concurred. With his thumbs and forefingers he caressed her nipples.

Sarah moved her front legs from in front of her, off the bed to up above her, stretching high up to hold onto a timber cross beam above with her paws.

Her rear bounced backwards, in time with his long strokes, using the full length of his throbbing shaft, her vagina tightened on each full penetration.

Tom now, with a slightly clearer head, focused, enjoying the sex even more, realised that he could never have envisaged sex with her like this that first time he saw her.

Their rhythm bounced nicely, purring Sarah arching her back and head back to rub her head back alongside Toms, even being able to plant light kissing pecks on his cheek

Then Tom felt his balls tingle, oh yes!, this was coming together nicely, he moved one hand from her up stretched breast, upwards to another erogenous zone under one of her forelegs and now it was an easy lean forward, opened his mouth, found the spot, gathered in that same fold of skin on her neck and bit, not frightened to bite hard this time

Sarah tensed and convulsed backwards

“MMEEEEOOOW, fuck me again Tom, fuck me, make me cum again” as she bounced her rump back onto him, causing him to delve deeper.

It was all he could do to not to be thrown backwards, he bit harder, gripped on tighter, her front leg pit harder with one hand and her stretched flattened breast with the other.

He thrust forwards and felt his pre-cum spurt, no going back now and pumped hard and deep for all he was worth.

“yes, yes, hard” Sarah begged, one hard push, wow!, a second thrust and Sarah spasmed, her electric shock like climax released Tom, convulsing her muscles, he pumped his own cum deep into her, this triggered another climax from Sarah who pushing her rear hard back whilst stifling a scream “mmmmmmphhhh”, Tom held on to his final thrust, until the last drip from his balls.

Hearing scratching Tom looked up, Sarah’s paws, pushing against the roof beam, to hold against his thrusts; claws were fully out and leaving gouges in the wooden beam.

They held themselves pressed, interlocked together, pausing for a short while, gasping for air, Sarah released her grip on the scratched beam above, allowing them to collapse forward onto the bed.

Tom rolled off Sarah’s back, alongside to face her, both sighing and laughing in the moment, lovingly kissing each other, running hands and paws over each other, claws now retracted smoothing each other out, finding wet patches all over. Sarah started licking Tom again, starting at his face, purring.

She sat up, doubled over forwards to lick and clean both his and her cum from between her own legs, something that enthralled Tom, quite a trick for girls back home, thought Tom.

This just encouraged another twitching pulse in growth of his dick, then Sarah moved onto licking Toms crotch, licking his dick and balls as well, engulfing and sucking on the flaccid but throbbing swollen member, looking up smiling at Tom, whilst he lead spread eagle, star like on the bed.

Once more Tom let Sarah wash him all over, stimulating, tickling and calming at once. Once finished with Tom, Sarah licked herself again, all over this time and when finished, curled up with Tom, spooning as they dozed.

Tom woke up cold and shivering, naked, led all on his own; the hollow where Sarah had been was cold. Light was still streaming through the window, he went to look, the sea was blue, light clouds streaking across the sky and down on the grass in front of the cottage was Sarah.

Lying sleeping on the grass, just as he had seen her this morning, soaking up the sun, breathing slowly, he watched her for ages through the net curtains, watching each breath, her fur ruffle in the breeze and then her one rear legs, slightly tamp the grass, in a sleep driven twitch – just as she did during sex.

Tom was pleased to have given and had so much pleasure with such a beautiful creature, boy he was lucky.

After a while his eyes drifted to the view, a few fishing boats were returning home, he noted whilst they had masts, no sails were up, making him wonder as to the tech level of this world.

The boats were small, in shore types, with the fisherdogs on them, possible only 2 or 3 per boat, on the prow of each was a younger dog, checking progress and looking at their goal, the beach in the cove.

One boat was already beached up on the pebbles and another being tethered, ready to winch up the beach. Fisherdogs moved around the beach, each with tasks in hand, carrying boxes, shouting instructions or operating the winch.

He couldn’t decide which breed each dog was, not being a big dog lover, he thought the looked like Alsatians but with slightly shorter snouts.

There were a few houses opposite the beach, one larger brick built with a thatched roof, maybe the pub Sarah works at, thought Tom. The village stretched further behind and up a narrow valley with cottages along the cliff ridges.

On the beach, one big brown dog stood on a rock, smoking a clay pipe, cap on, watching the business on the beach, pointing with his pipe as he gave instructions or nodding at replies, definitely the top dog.

The pebble beach was almost split in 2 by a small grassy point, reaching out to the shore line, climbing up on some narrow rocks, with a grass top and a bench. Sat on the bench was a black cat, legs crossed, leaning back, also enjoying the afternoon sun.

The cat looked up, directly across to Tom and waved – Shocked he recoiled and nearly waved back, she can’t see me thro these curtains he thought, then realised, the cat was waving at Sarah.

He looked back and the black cat gave another useless wave to a sleeping Sarah, shrugged her shoulders, got up and walked to the large thatched brick building, nodding and talking with each fisher dog as they passed, stopping to pay a lot more attention to the large brown top dog.

Tom realised that this world was similar to his own in many ways, people going to work, living, having families (Sarah spoke lovingly of her Kittens) and wondered what it would be like to explore this world and if her could pass as one of it's own.

Tom shivered, he was still naked, he couldn’t put his cat cum soaked T shirt back on, nor his torn boxers. He rummaged through his rucksack in the corner, found what little clean gear he had, some lycra shorts and a nice T shirt.

Pulling up his lycra shorts, he realised, his bum was sore, those pricks from Sarah’s claws may be more than he thought. He slipped on his Tee shirt and continued rummaging, he couldn’t find his phone, it was nowhere to be found.

Thirsty, he went down to the kitchen, ran some water tucking his head under the tap he drank his fill. Whilst leaning over the sink, he smelt that sweet aroma creeping on him again, a pair of paws silkily wrapped around his waist.

Sarah’s head appeared on his shoulders, they leant together and kissed, as their tongues met, her paws dropped to his crotch and stroked his penis through his lycra, which was already starting to grow and swell, she stroked it and purred..

“Hungry?” she asked Mmmmm responded Tom as his stomach growled.

” Lover?“ she queried, leaving it hanging in mid air.

Tom turned to face her and smiled, “Hmmmm I think so, do we need a label? but I like the idea, I’ve left nothing behind, no job, no apartment, no wife or girlfriend, parents are happy on their own, sister happily married in America, so this is a nice way to start afresh”

“Don’t worry Tom, cats aren’t after long term commitment, I have had other lovers, one gave me three wonderful kittens, one still around who you will like, no marriages but I agree this is better than I could ever have thought, no harm done” Sarah said and followed it up with a kiss.

She cooked a nice mix of fish, no bones, lightly garnished and spiced, a little bread, but no veg or potatoes, must be a cat thing thought Tom. They sat down to eat and chatted, Tom learnt more about Sarah and the parallel world he now wanted to call home.


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