It Happened on Vacation - Revised. Chapters 1 to 4

It Happened on Vacation and Continued at Home - Revised Chapters1 thru 4.

Chapter 1.
While in the car on the way to the mountains for our family vacation my thoughts drifted to what I would be missing for the next week, namely my girlfriend or in other words doing without sex for the next 9 days. When your in your teens you know how it is having to cope with the urges so you masturbate a lot and when you do finally have sex all you think about is the next time. Here is the problem: My parents rented a couple of small camping cabins, they stay in one and I will be sharing the other one with my much for my "jack off" sessions. We arrived, unpacked our things and surveyed our home the next 9 days. The cabins are small but self-contained.

The one I share with sis has two twin beds with a nightstand in between.
Our parents tried to rent cabins side by side but we ended up about 3 cabins apart. It was a long drive and my sister and I ached to get into the pool.
She ducked into the bathroom first to change, while I waited all I could think about was getting some needed "relief". Sis came out of the bathroom with a new bikini on that she bought before we left home. It was the kind that had the ties on each side. I'm not sure if it was me being horny or what but she just looked good enough to eat. I couldn't help but to give her a quick look up and down.
You know how teen girls are already filled out but at 5'7? and 125 lbs she had it just where a lot of young girls do, round tits (about a B cup) a flat belly and just the right amount of meat on her thighs and her plump ass seemed like it was about to burst through that bikini bottom. She has long dark brown hair with soft brown eyes, and she was nicely tanned. I was about to go crazy looking at her. I never really looked art her in a sexual way before and I couldn't wait to get in the bathroom. I was going to be a few minutes so I told sis to go on to the pool and I would be there shortly but she insisted on waiting.
Fortunately I had my bathing suit and t-shirt on my lap covering my hard on. I got up, mindful to hold my clothes at waist level and went in to change. I needed to jack off so bad but no matter how much I insisted she wanted to wait for me. I tried to get my mind off of sex so my hard on would subside.
We spent the rest of the day swimming and looking around the resort had dinner, etc, ending the first day. I wasn't looking forward to the night because I typically jack off to go to sleep and that's after typically doing it in the shower not to mention waking up in the middle of the night most times to relieve myself again. After doing the usual sitting around the campfire thing we all went to our cabins. Sis and I talked and watched TV then tried to go to sleep.

My plan was to lay quietly until I heard her rhythmic breathing that signaled sleep then I would try to quietly relieve my aching dick. It was quiet so I started to slowly stroke myself with my back turned toward my sisters bed. I knew the covers would rustle just a bit but hopefully not enough. "You can't sleep either ?", asked Sis. "SHIT", I muttered under my breath then answered "NO !", I said out loud.

This was no good plus I could hear a thunderstorm in the distance and it was getting closer. After a couple minutes a loud thunderclap shook the cabin and in an instance my sister was laying beside me with her head buried into my back.
She laid behind me while the storm raged and she wanted me to hold her, she was really scared. I turned over to oblige her and as usual she wore nothing but panties and a t-shirt to bed each night. With every clap of thunder she would bury her head in my chest and squeeze me.
I thought I was about to go crazy and the thoughts in my head were pure lust as I rubbed my hands along her back and stroked her long hair while she cringed and held onto me. This went on for some time until the storm lessened then moved away but she stayed right there. It was kind of weird to me because she laid there and it was a situation like this with girls I have been with before where each one is waiting to make the first move. Neither of us said a word rather we just laid still breathing and making ever so slight hand movements. Call it intuition, wishful thoughts, daring or whatever but as my hand ever so slowly made it to her waist at the edge of her night shirt I got what I interpreted as a signal to explore further.
She rotated her body a little and moved her leg and I let my hand drift to the top of her panties and at the same time her hand moved further down. I wasn't sure if she finally fell asleep and her movements were just the usual adjustments or if she was just being submissive. I slipped my hand just under the edge of her shirt and slide it ever so slightly down her back slipping my fingers under her the top of her panties.
The thought in my head at that moment was that if this I misinterpreted any signals I would feign sleep, having no responsibility for my movements. I let me fingers slip under her waistband I noticed her eyes slightly open then close. At that point I knew she wanted me to explore. My cock started to harden as the thoughts filled my head.
I slipped my entire hand into her panties running my hand over her plump butt. She let out a breath and rolled over just a little more. I took this as a signal to move things along but I still had to be careful so I pulled my hand out and moved across her belly and down to the top of her mound staying outside of her panties. With this she rolled entirely on her back and I moved my hand up and slipped right into her panties running a finger over her mound and right to her slit.
She instinctively moved her hips up and slightly parted her legs allowing me to get a finger between her pussy lips which elicited a long slow breath from her and she moved her hips up and down slightly as I rubbed. She was WET, soft and warm and as I slipped a finger inside her she caught a quick breath and let it out with a slightly audible moan.
As I fingered her she let her hand fall to my hardened cock. Although she had her hand outside my shorts the sensation of my sisters hand was electrifying. I knew this was wrong but I was crazy with lust and I wanted more, much much more.

Then with all her panting she spoke up, "If I take off my panties would you eat me ?". "Yes, if you want me to", I responded in a stunned voice.
She slid her panties off and I pulled down the cover and positioned myself at the foot of the bed while she raised and opened her legs. I went down and gave her a long lick from the bottom of her slit to to the top.
She drew in a large breath and slowly let it out and I went right to work on that sweet little pussy. The more I tongued it the harder she breathed and with then with one big breath she held it then let it out slowly which was followed by a hot gush of of sweet nectar flooding my mouth and face.
I was so crazy with lust and I wanted to fuck her but I was enjoying eating her. I was afraid of losing control and letting my animal desire take over but I couldn't take anymore and I had to satisfy my need. As I lapped at her dripping wet cunt I was slowly pulling down my shorts, trying to not be obvious about it, just case she didn't want to take it further.

When I finally shrugged my shorts from my ankles I started licking further up her cunt, then to the top of her mound, slowly worked my way up her stomach giving little kisses and getting myself into position. She figured out what was happening as I reached and started to suck her tits she ran her hand down my side and then reached for my throbbing cock. She pulled her hands up putting them on my chest and pushing slightly. She wanted to resist while at the same time letting it happen.
As I reached down and positioned my cock at her entrance she didn't try to close her legs but she didn't open them either. I pushed in burying the head of my cock inside her dripping wet hole. Her cunt was like an oven inside and I instinctively began a pumping motion, working my way inside her a fraction as a time.
At this point I was in pure heaven, not only was I intent on getting some relief but just the situation itself was so so naughty, so taboo that it made it all the more intense. I was so delirious with need and I wanted to get so deep inside my sisters dripping cunt then cum. At this point NOTHING was going to stop me. I continued to pump into her inching my way in more and more then suddenly, "Oh the hell with it", she said as she pulled her legs up and open. "Take what you need", she said. With this I thrust into her harder and deeper and she moaned, " OHHH YESSSS !". I finally had the entire length of my cock buried inside my sister and was thrusting in and out of her like crazy. I felt the tingling in my balls and the sensation of cum racing up my shaft, I couldn't hold out any longer, "I can't hold it", I blurted out. "Its? OK, it's OK, DO IT IN MEEEE !". She wanted me to cum inside her and I was way past the point of rational thought. "UH UH UHHH ! ARGHHHHHH", I moaned loudly as my cum flowed in what seemed to be was one long continuous stream. Then with a final "AHHHHHHHH !" I held deep within her as I let the last of my cum flow into my sisters cunt while squeezing my sphincter muscles to get every last drop inside her. Exhausted and relieved I fell onto the bed beside her. I looked down her hot little body and noticed she had her hand covering her pussy and she picked it up to look and her palm was covered with goo.

She looked over at me, "Oh My God, I never had that much in me", she said in shock. At that point, and even when I was preparing to fuck her, it never occurred to me whether or not she was a virgin. I laid there playing back the events in my head and although I remember her cunt was tight and there was some resistance there wasn't the blood and scream of pain when I first entered her. Just after I finally emptied myself into her the feeling of remorse that had washed over me the instant afterwords was replaced with satisfaction upon knowing she had already been broken, she was not so "innocent". I looked over at her and with a smile on my face, "So you have done this before huh ?", I asked. "Yeah, about 3 times with a friends brother but it wasn't like this", she said.
She got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. When she returned she sit on the edge of her bed facing me and I asked if she was OK with what we had done.
She expressed that she had reservations about it then "lost control". I got up and sat beside her putting my arm around her and pulled her to me. "I enjoyed it", she said in a tone that suggested perhaps she shouldn't have enjoyed it. "I did feel bad after we finished but it was so incredible and you are so hot I couldn't help it", I said. She smiled and we hugged . "Lay down with me ?", she asked. ] "Sure", I said. Who was I to refuse at this point. We were laying there then she said, "I've never been eaten like the way you did it, I owe you", she said. She quickly scooted down and took my cock into her mouth which sprang right to action.
I laid back enjoying the sensation and thought of my little sis sucking my cock. I didn't know if she was just that good or if it was the fact that it was her sucking me but within minutes I had that usual sensation and felt the cum boiling. The spunk was racing up my shaft as she worked. "Sis I have to !" words were cut off as she sucked harder and deeper. I held off as long as I could, enjoying every second of it until the pressure was to much. "OHHHHH, YEAHHHH!", I moaned as I shot 3 powerful streams into her mouth while holding the back of her head with my hand. As the last of my cum was extracted by her sucking I never felt more relieved in my life. I laid there with my eyes closed, "That was absolutely awesome", I said.

She scooted back up to lay beside me and we held each other and fell asleep. We where woken up the next morning by Dad banging on the door telling us to get up and eat breakfast. What I thought was going to be 9 days of torture turned out to be more heavenly than I ever would have imagined and it didn't stop after we got back home.

Chapter 2.
It was a vacation to remember. The events that transpired with my sister and I opened up a world that was only imagined and I mean imagined because you don't talk about it, your not supposed to even think it let alone actually do it. Its wrong, so so so WRONG which must be one of the things that made it oh so good. We we made it home from vacation and the ride home was far better than the ride to the mountains.
My sister and I had a bit more spring to our step as we all unpacked the car. Sis and I would run into each other as we came out of our respective bedrooms on the way to the car to bring in more stuff. The little looks and smiles from her let me know that continued sessions were certainly possible however, when, how and where would be a challenge. We all finished unpacking, ordered pizza, watched TV and then went to bed. Sis and I went to our end of the house and as we reached our bedroom doors we exchanged a quick glance and a slight smile which, I couldn't quite interpret. We went into our rooms and closed our doors.

Being a teen and having the hottest sex to date I had nothing on my mind other than pussy, my sister pussy at that. It seemed that it wasn't going to happen tonight which was alright because I did fuck her at least 3 times a night for the last nine nights however, at that age do we ever get enough ?. I laid down knowing what I had to do to get some sleep. I typically sleep nude so I simply rolled onto my back and started stroking my dick while imagining I'm fucking Sis then alternating between her and my girlfriend.. OH SHIT My girlfriend !.

Although I thought about her during vacation for some reason I didn't feel bad about what Sis and I had. The thought of fucking one then the other brought me off faster than I imagined and with a groan 2 powerful burst of boiling hot cum shot straight out of my dick landing all over my stomach. I laid there milking the last trace of spunk from my dick then used my underwear to clean up and drifted off to a restful sleep. My last thought was the pending meet up with my girlfriend tomorrow The meet up didn't go as well as I hoped.
Although I missed my girlfriend she was kind of cold (whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder) but what I had on my mind was fucking her so perhaps what I interpret as cold was simply her playing it cool. It was still summer vacation and with school out and parents working my mind was on going to her house and getting busy. We did go to her place but she played it so cool that I was tired of playing the game and things simply got so cold that I didn't even attempt anything and left frustrated after her and I simply exchanging nothing more than pleasantries.
Game playing BITCH I thought as I made my way home. I got home and found my sister laying on the couch in typical summer attire which consisted of white shorts and a tank top. Her white shorts were in stark contrast to her tanned body and her top stretched to contain her breasts. She smiled and said hey bro, whats wrong ?. I didn't say anything about my meet up and my disappointment rather I simply said, "I'm fine". She knew I was supposed to meet up with my girlfriend and that it must not have went well. I sat down and started watching TV and she sat next to me and asked if what we did bothered me regarding my relationship. I told her it didn't and that I truly enjoyed and loved her. She sat next to me then leaned in and we turned to each other, we looked into each others eyes. There was a look of empathy and desire in her eyes and she was looking into me more than at me. Suddenly we both leaned closer and turned our heads slightly to square up for a kiss.
During all our sessions the prior week we didn't kiss. I know it seems strange after all the fucking we did but to kiss seemed so intimate, so personal, so "not right" and when our lips met it was a weird feeling for me. I didn't have the desire when I got home but now I suddenly felt my cock grow more solid as our kiss drew out and our arms went around each other.It turned into a full make out session. I was filled with desire and not playing around, "lets go to my room", I said as I stood up pulling her off the couch. "In the daytime ?", she asked. "Sure, why not", I said.
All our fucking did happen at night in darkness but I was not so modest however, she was. I told her that she had nothing to be shy about and that her body was something to be proud of. She was still shy and I would close my eyes if she wanted me to. She said that was silly. We walked to my room which fortunately had a view of the driveway so we wouldn't be taken by surprise if our parents or someone else showed up suddenly.
Standing beside my bed I pulled off my shirt then unzipped and let my shorts drop as she watched me. I stopped, looked at her and then took off my underwear. I was at full attention and her eyes went directly for my cock. "Oh my God, I didn't realize how big you are", she said. She looked up as I walked up to her and kissed her. Her stance softened as I reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down her zipper, she kept her eyes directly on mine. She broke her stare and pulled off her top and slid her shorts to the ground. "You look so good", I said.
She smiled slightly and turned around to unhook her bra, keeping her back to me she finally slide her panties down and kicked them to the side then turned around. As much as had sucked and squeezed her tits I never fully appreciated them until right now at this moment. I looked down at her body following all her curves and stopped while gazing at her slightly hair covered pussy. We hugged and started to kiss, the kiss of lovers. I pulled my covers down to the foot of my bed and as she laid down I went straight for her pussy. She parted her legs, still being somewhat shy though.
So I moved my face closer to her perfect little cunt while putting my arms under her legs and lifted them up so I could have access. When I touched her clit with my tongue a shudder went through her body and she eased her legs back and open as I went to work. I looked up while working on her sweet pussy and she had such a look of pleasure on her face. I ate her until she let out a long breath and then I was treated to a flood of sweet young pussy juice, this was my cue to position myself for entry. As I crawled up and mounted her she instantly pulled her knees to her chest which gave me full access. "Take me", she whispered. I placed my cock to the entrance of her dripping cunt and slid into her as she picked up her hips ever so slightly. With one motion I was buried to the hilt in my sister hot pussy. Unlike all our prior sessions this one was different. As horny as both of us were we were content on taking it slow. I fucked her with long slow strokes and as our breathing picked up so did the intensity and movements.
Even though I picked up the pace we weren't "fucking" rather this was lovemaking. I couldn't have had any more pleasure then what we were doing now. I savored every slow stroke into her and she met my thrusts with with a push of her hips each time I bottomed out. After just a few minutes I was getting that feeling, even a more intense feeling than all the previous times. As I picked up the pace she moaned and breathed harder then with a low groan from her I felt what seemed like a flood of hot oil hit the head of my dick. My cock was being bathed in a boiling hot liquid like I never felt before. She had cum more intensely than I ever felt, so far. My balls were soaked from the amount of juice she produced. This brought my climax on and, "AHHHHHH!", I moaned in sweet bliss as a huge stream of boiling hot cum erupted deep inside my sisters cunt. I instinctively shoved my cock deep inside and held it there while she worked her cunt muscles milking every last drop of cum from my slowly deflating cock.
Even though I fucked her slowly and deeply I collapsed beside her in what seemed like total exhaustion feeling like every bit of energy I had was directed through and out of my dick and into my sisters young hot pussy. We laid there side by side not breathing hard rather laying there in total bliss and contentment. Never before have I felt this feeling. The feeling of total exhaustion yet not breathing hard, the lack of energy to move yet feeling like I could run a marathon, the feeling like I wouldn't have the need for sex for months, feeling total satisfaction which had never been experienced and it wouldn't be the last .

Chapter 3.
The events that transpired during our vacation and over the course of the following weeks have changed me in a way I would have never thought. People use the term "Motherfucker" as derogatory, its meant as an insult but you never hear the term "sisterfucker" which doesn't flow off the tongue quit like the other, perhaps there isn't the same negative connotation attached. I don't feel bad about what my sister and I have done in fact it feels quite liberating while at the same time forming a special bond between my sister and I which we never would have imagined.
Her and I have talked about it at length and we are both certain that the special bond I mentioned is mutual and timeless. Its a mix of taboo, secrecy, desire , love and contentment that you can feel but not quite describe. Despite this things did reach a normalcy. Although we do have that bond we are not exclusive to each other and we are ok with that. There is no way we could be exclusive and keep it hidden, we know it's to easy to be transparent and as liberal as our parents are they would certainly never condone our actions but wouldn't banish us to hell either. They realize sex in youth is full of questions, wonder, experimenting and hormonal desires and they even have broached the subject of sex off and on, they even mentioned it in the last week. We're not certain they don't suspect something, perhaps it's just coincidence or our fears of being caught and our imagination is just running wild. Nothing else has been or seems different. No matter who we would date my sister and I had sex around once a week but that was tough and dangerous since it entailed sneeking into one or the others room late at night.

The best opportunities were when our parents went out on a Friday or Saturday night. On a recent night she came into my room asking if I wanted a quickie?. We typically talked in whispers during our sessions to try and maintain stealth. I thought she was on her period but she stated she was pretty much done. "I want to do something for you, sit on the edge of the bed", she said. I swung around and sat up and she went to her knees and grabbed my cock, "You don't have to do this",I said. "I want to", she said as she looked right into my eyes I haven't had any in a week and she knew I was hurting. I could see her face lit up by the light shining in my window as she knelt before me the modesty she had before had long since vanished. She took me deep into her warm mouth, I threw my head back closing my eyes and breathed. "OHHHHH, GOD THAT FEELS GOOD", I quietly moaned. She slowly withdrew while letting her tongue glide along the bottom of my swollen shaft. I looked down just as she pulled away, letting a long string of saliva stretch between the tip of her tongue and my cock as she looked up at me. "I thought you said a quickie ?", I said looking down at her. "That's up to you", she said with a smile.

I gently placed my hands on each side of her head and she took me in again with the same deep slow motion although this time she kept me in her warm wet mouth and slowly worked my throbbing tool. "OHHHH SIS, SUCK MY COCK BABY", I said. I held her head tighter trying to force my cock deeper into her mouth with each descent she made. She reached to tickle my balls, I didn't want it to end but I needed to cum so bad already. I was breathing hard now, holding the muscles tight to keep from releasing, savoring the pleasure my young sister was giving me. I felt a little pre-cum spray from my cock, then she sucked harder and I had to give up. "I"M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING OHHHHHHHH", I moaned. She pulled back keeping her lips firmly wrapped around my head. Still holding her head in my hands I threw my head back, "AHHHHHH BABY" I breathed as 3 huge blasts of pent up cum scorched her mouth. With each blast she sucked hard on my cockhead swallowing as much as she could. The second blast was the largest of the 3 and she choked just a little when the 3rd blast came. My cock head was sensitive now and her last lick caused me to shudder. I released the grip I had on her head and she stood up giving me the most loving look then bent down putting her lips to my ear, "I LOVE YOU", she whispered.
Just then we heard what sounded like floorboard squeak in the hallway. My sister stood up looking at my bedroom door, looked back at me with an anxious look in her eyes, then back to the door again, "OH SHIT !", she whispered. She stood there frozen as if not sure what to do then looked back at me again and this time tears had welled up in her eyes. "It will be alright, don't cry", I said in a soft voice. "I don't want this to stop, EVER", she said in apathetic tone. She blinked which caused a tear to break loose and run down her cheek. I stood up and rubbed my thumb across her cheek wiping the tear streak away then held her and stroked her long dark brown hair. "Wait just a minute then go to your room", I said. "I can't sleep, I'm scared we've been caught", she said. Surprising even myself, I wasn't worried. I figured since nobody came barging in with wide eyed shock then her anxiety was overblown. "Look, nobody came barging in", I said confidently trying to dispel her fear. "I know but what was the noise we heard ?", she asked. "I don't know, the house settling maybe", I said. She broke our embrace, softly walk to the door and eased it open peering out through the slit, opened it wider looked back and with that closed the door behind her. I laid down and let the thoughts run through my head, thinking of a story in case one was needed.

The morning was typical, Dad already left for work and Mom was getting coffee, except my sister wasn't in the kitchen. Mom asked where she was and trying to act unconcerned I just shrugged. As Mom went down the hall towards my sisters room I watched her walk away and thought mmm, mm I know where sis gets her ass from. OMG !, what kind of pervert have I become as I shook my head. I always did love girls with some ass though. I was sitting at the table eating when Mom came back and sat down across from me. She looked at me, "l need to ask you something", she said. Terror struck my heart. "Your sister is tired and I think I know why", she said. I braced for what was imminent while working to maintain calm. "Her period has her zapped or she may have the flu so would you stay home from school and take care of her ?", she asked. WHEWWW I thought to myself, I thought we were dead.
As Mom pulled out the driveway I went into my sisters room and she laid on her side with covers pulled up to her neck and had one of her nice tanned legs hanging out. She turned her head smiled, "We have the day together", she said as she threw her covers off exposing her perfect naked b14 yr old body. My cock twitched and started to grow. She broke eye contact, glanced down at the lump in my pants and biting her bottom lip looked up at me with a seductive look, "I need it", she said. I was on her in an instant and as our kiss broke I went right for her tits. I sucked and bit each nipple and worked my way down her stomach towards her sweet pussy. "I'm finished", she said, (meaning her period) as I positioned myself. When I ran a finger along her slit she secreted a light cream which parted her pussy lips with a lightly audible smacking sound. She pulled her knees towards her chest and opened her legs. I put my hands on each side of her luscious young wet pussy and used my thumbs to open her slot and went directly for her clit. She let out a long slow breath, "OHHHH, EAT MY PUSSY", she moaned.
I lapped at the full length of her slit as she had two handfuls of my hair and pulled my face into her sopping wet young cunt. She would breathe and hold it while alternately pulling and releasing my hair. After a couple minutes of my working on her, "I WANT YOU IN ME", she said loudly. I stood up pulling my shirt and pants off as fast as I could. As my underwear hit the floor she flipped over on all fours. I knelt behind her placing a hand on her lower back and with my other hand aimed my engorged cock at her entrance. "PUT IT IN ME", she screamed. I plunged into her.
She stayed on all fours throwing her head back and rocked her body to match my thrusts, "FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME HARD", she said. I was blind with lust and wonderment at her passion, her desire, her words, words she never said before. I slide my hands from her waist following the curve of her hips and squeezed her soft flesh as a handhold to maximize my thrusts. With my face contorted with pleasure I shouted, "OHHH SIS YOUR CUNT IS SO HOT", while I continued to pound into her. Suddenly her breathing became labored, "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING, OH GOD I'M CUMINGGGGG", she screamed. I felt my cock being flooded which in turn triggered my climax, "OH, OH, OHHHHHH", I moaned. I pulled out and aimed and a huge thick stream of cum left my dick and landed on her ass. I pumped my rock hard shaft while squeezing my muscles and let out an "UHHHHHH", as I let go another blast of searing hot spunk which splash onto her ass and seeped down her ass crack. I continued to pump and breathed out, "OHHHHH" as I let go a 3rd, but less powerful blast, that landed on the back of her leg. By this time she had her head down on the bed catching her breath while her plump cum covered ass remained in the air. I was still knelt behind her, breathing hard and milking the remaining cum from my still semi-solid tool. "I thought something was going on", came a voice from behind us. .

Chapter 4.
You can only imagine the situation. Here is my little sister bent over with her freshly fucked cunt exposed, cum dripping off her ass, running down her leg, me kneeling behind her with my dick in my hand. I couldn't have come up with a plausible story to cover this no matter how much time I had.
The instant I heard the voice behind us, a quick jolt of terror ripped through me, I FROZE, nothing registered in my mind other than WE'RE CAUGHT !. My sister had immediately dropped down on her side pulling her blanket for cover while issuing a typical high pitched girly scream.
The world suddenly came back to me and I slowly turned my head. Standing in the doorway with a smile on her face was a girl who looked to be my sisters age. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE !", yelled Sis. The girl was leaning against the door continuing to smile. "Well, I didn't see you outside this morning so".. "GET OUT", yelled sis cutting the girl off in mid-sentence. All I could do was stay in my kneeling position with my head turned looking at this girl. Her and I were looking at each other then she glance down at my cock then back at me and with an approving nod, "Nice", she said. "GET OUT", my sister said again. "OK I'm leaving" said the girl. Then looking at me with a smile and a wink she said, "my brother is home today to". Upon hearing that it was like ice cold water being poured over me and within microseconds it all came together. "Later", the girl said glancing in my sisters direction. "JUST GO", said sis. The girl looked at me and mouth a silent "BYE". Still kneeling I turned and looked at my sister while pointing in the direction where the girl was and asked, "your friend, with the brother, the one you had sex with?? ". I asked.
She had her head covered with the blanket now but I could tell she was nodding yes. I finally sat back dumbfounded looking down at the bed. "Are you mad ?", came her muffled voice from under the blanket ?. "No not really", I said. Pulling her head from under the blanket she asked, "Your really not" ?. I looked straight into her eyes and with a pleasant look on my face I lightly shook my head no. She sprang up on her knees hugging me and said "I love you, I can explain everything" all the while planting kisses all over my face while I was moving my hands down her back and over her nice plump butt. Her kisses slowed, our eyes met and she leaned in giving me a wet passionate kiss. I squeezed her ass with both hands pulling her into me. My cock was growing stiff, she broke our kiss and looked down then looked back at me and said, " I love you".
I got up pulling her with me and said, "lets go to my room, I don't want anymore surprises. As she headed to my room I went and locked the front door (which her friend had entered through) thinking we better be more careful from now on. We got caught up in the moment without taking precautions. When I got to my room she was laying on her back with her head cocked to the side on a pillow with her long hair splayed out and a sweet look on her face. She was the picture of innocence and seduction. I crawled up beside her hovering over her then leaned down for a kiss. She gently put her arms around my neck. I reached down and ran my hand over her pussy letting my middle finger slide into her slit, "GOD YOUR WET", I said. She opened her legs wide bending her knees while keeping her feet planted on the bed. With my arms on each side of her holding myself up she reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. When she positioned my throbbing member at the entrance of her hole I pushed.
She brought her hands up to my hips and pulling me into her. As I began to slowly fuck in and out of her already dripping pussy. Her hands went to my upper back digging her nails into me as I bottomed out inside of her. Outside of gentle moans and grunts from each of us not a word was said as I made love to my precious little sister, my LOVER. I hovered over her, keeping my eyes closed savoring our lovemaking while every once and awhile opening my eyes just a little so I could see her face. She laid there with her head to the side, mouth slightly open taking in a breath every time I pushed into her. She was controlling herself, letting just enough cum out to keep things wet, savoring it just as much as I was and waiting for the moment of release. The love and gentle sweetness of it all was bringing me closer and closer. Instead of pounding into her faster and harder I just took longer strokes, pulling out to the end and then burying myself deep inside of her. She knew I was getting close. Her breathing picked up and she dug her nails deep into my back as she got close. I felt the cum slowly rising inside my shaft.
I controlled my muscles letting the pressure build and holding out as long as I could, enjoying the feel of her hot love tunnel gripping my swollen cock. I was at maximum pressure and with one long deep push into my sisters cunt I let go with a long slow and quiet "uhhhhhhhhhh" while my sister let out a quiet "mmmmmmm" as she let go. I continued to hold deep inside as my love flowed into her and she bathed my cock with her warm jizz. I began to slowly pull out of her then sat back on my knees looking down at her. There she laid with her legs splayed open, head to the side with eyes closed with the look of complete satisfaction. Looking down I saw my entire cock covered in a mixture of cum and pussy juice.
While on my knees she sat up looked down, "Better clean that up", she said. She leaned down taking me into her mouth and worked my still rock hard tool taking in about half it's length. She pulled off and licked the rest of my swollen shaft clean. All I could do was kneel there with my hands at my sides looking down at the top of her head while she worked. After she had completely clean me off she went back to work sucking the head of my cock while swirling her tongue around its circumference. I was thoroughly enjoying it yet I had nothing left, I was COMPLETELY spent. She finally pulled off of me with an audible pop and laid back with a huge smile on her face. I looked at her with a wry smile, she giggled and rolled onto her side. I laid down and scooted up behind her so we could spoon. As I scooted up to her my still hard dick poked at her butt, MMMMM BABY",she said. The thought of fucking her nice plump ass had been on my mind every since I saw her in that bikini but I wasn't sure about her willingness but now I sensed opportunity. It made my already hard cock even harder. I pushed my dick down trying to get it out of the way so I could be as close to her as possible. She opened up her legs a little giving my dick a place to go while I put an arm around her and nuzzled the back of her neck. After several minutes of silence while doing nothing but enjoying the feel of her precious body against mine I finally asked, "So tell me about your friend".

I didn't know many of her friends except for maybe two that stayed the night or that she stayed at their house. "Did you know she was having sex with her brother", I asked. "Not at first, she said. she explained they got close and they opened up to each other. Sis had told the girl how great a brother I was to her and how you protect her, care for her, treat her, help her and all. The girl told sis I sounded like her own brother. She explained that she spoke of him with such admiration and how much they loved each other that they wanted to express it in the most intimate way two people could and when they did she said it has been the greatest and most loving thing she has experienced. Turning over and looking at me she said, "I wanted that with you, the person who loves me unconditionally, the person I love the most". Moving here eyes away from me she said, "Yeah I had sex with her brother but that was just sex". Then looking back at me she said what we have is so different, so fantastic and has so much meaning and feeling because we truly love each other". I looked deeply into her eyes, ran my had down her side following the curve of her hip then on her butt. I slipped my fingers into her crack while squeezing and pulling her to me and kissed her, my cock started to swell. When our kiss broke I continued squeezing and rubbing her sweet plump butt and with a smile she said, "Want to try it ?", she asked. "Your reading my mind", I said.
She said she wanted to experience everything with me and she knew I would be gentle and not hurt her. "Wait right here", she said as she jumped up and ran down the hall. I hope I can be gentle I thought as I laid there with my cock sticking straight up and as hard as it ever has been. With the anticipation of something I wanted, something I've never fully experienced with anyone made my cock ache. This was certainly on my bucket list, along with a few other things. I have to be gentle and I will. I love her so much I couldn't bare the thought of hurting her, besides if the experience is bad she may not want to do it again. I laid there and remembered when I tried it with my girlfriend. We never actually talked about it rather I tested the waters a little bit one time when I was fucking her from behind. As I pumped into her I put some spit on my thumb and began rubbing her crack slowly working my way to her anus. When I reached it with no resistance from her I began to rub it while dropping a little more spit onto her hole.
Sensing things were OK I slowly inserted a finger a little at a time while I fucked her pussy. As I slowed my fucking I pulled out of her pussy and placed my dick at her hole. With her hole wet with spit and my dick soaked in her juice I lined up and lightly pushed. She instinctively tightened up and I told her to relax a little as I rubbed the small of her back. She eased up and I pushed in not quite getting the head in as she tightened up again so I started a slow in and out motion until my head suddenly popped in, her anus muscle snapping around the head of my dick. I was in heaven while my girlfriend screamed, "UH, UHHHH TAKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUT .". I suddenly snapped back to the present when my sister arrived with a smile on her face and bottle of lube in her hand. I got up on my knees, my cock was so hard it hurt. She got on her knees facing me and squeezed some lube onto the palm of her hand and massaged it onto my aching cock. Seeing how hard I was put a bit of a worried look on her face, "PLEASE be gentle" she said. "Sis, I love you more than anyone in this world and I wouldn't hurt you", I said as I stroked her hair, then putting my hand on the side of her face. I leaned in and kissed her. She turned and got on all fours keeping her knees and legs together. I straddled her legs as I moved behind her and placed my left hand on the small of her back. She had already applied lube to herself so I grabbed my steel hard cock with my right hand and lined up with her puckered brown hole. I was practically drooling with the thought of having my fully engorged dick lodged in that absolutely gorgeous plump ass. I took in a breath and rose up just a little for proper alignment, she dropped her head slightly and her body tensed as I eased into her butt.. .

TO Be Continued.

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