Incestuous Harem's Passion 10: Incestuous Lust Kindled

Incestuous Harem's Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Ten: Incestuous Lust Kindled

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

April 4th, 2027 – Detective Nelson Tucker

I leaned back in the chair watching the video of Clint's wedding to Pam Hiragawa. My eyes studied it for the dozenth time. I had several pads of notes written on what I'd observed. There had to be something useful in it. Something we could grab onto. Every day, it felt like that bastard Clint was getting further and further from justice.

Protected by his powerful friends.

The small room, covered in our notes on the walls, felt stuffy. My shirt was rumpled. A layer of grime covered my skin. I needed to shower. To shave. Sleep. My eyes felt watery, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave. Not when this case needed to be cracked open so damned wide the DA would have to do something about it.

A loud knock wrapped the door. I grunted something, my eyes staring at the TV.

The door opened. “Hey, happy birthday, Tucker.”

I grunted and looked up to see a bottle flying at me. I managed to grab it. I clutched a bottle of Johnny Walker Black, the whiskey sloshing around in it. I grinned at it and looked up to see Officer Nicholson in the doorway wearing his patrol uniform, blue jumpsuit, his heavy gun belt festooned with equipment from his sidearm to a taser, cuffs, mace, and more.

“So, this is what you detectives do, huh?” Nicholson said as he sauntered into the room, eyes flicking around. “Watching Is that a wedding video?”

“Uh-huh,” I grunted. The last person I trained before moving onto detective was Nicholson. A sharp, young man. He was nearly thirty now with the stripes of a patrol sergeant on his shoulders. “It's the life.”

Nicholson laughed. “I'll say.” He looked around. “So this is the whispered case the mighty Nelson Tucker's been working for the last year with nothing to show for it.”

“Yep.” My insides souring. “You here to bust my balls?”

“Of course,” he said, grinning at me. “Damn, you look like shit. When was the last time you went home.”

“Don't remember.” I shrugged. “Ain't nothing there.” I paused the video and looked up at him. “How's it going on the street?”

“Shittily.” He leaned against the wall. “Playing catch and release it seems. I swear I arrest a guy at the start of my patrol and he's back out on the street causing shit by the end of it. What's the fucking point of humping it?”

I grunted. “Now your sister's in the shit?”

“She's as dumb as her brother,” Nicholson said, a smile crossing his lips. “She's just out of probation. A boot no longer. She's on solo patrol. Working out in West Sacramento.”

“Good to hear,” I said. “Easy beat.”

“It's all the shit these days. She spends half her time covering other parts of the city.” Nicholson arched his back. “I'm thinkin' 'bout movin' on. Woodland's got an opening for a patrol sergeant. Might try and swing it with them.”

“And get bored in the suburbs?” I asked.

He shrugged.

The door opened and my partner entered. Sunny Savage opened her mouth and then blinked at the sight of Nicholson. He gave her a nod and she responded with a flat one back, her youthful face a mask of stoic reserve.

“We need to change tactics,” I said to her, sitting up. “We're being too damn cautious. We got to be aggressive.”

“What are you thinking?” Sunny asked, her words cautious.

I grinned and told her.


July 17th, 2023 – Cruzita Martínez

I was Cruzita Gutiérrez no longer. My divorce might be over, but I still needed the soothing relaxation from the Lady's Touch Massage Parlor. I came at least once a week to relax and enjoy myself, usually on a weekday.

But today was special. My daughter had just turned eighteen.

“Just relax and enjoy yourself,” I told her as she stood up to go back. “This will change your life. Just go with whatever Carmelita does.”

My daughter, Laurita, gave me a strange look. “What does that mean, Mom?”

I just winked at her. “Enjoy. Happy birthday, Laurita.”

“Mmm, I'll take care of you, pretty girl,” Carmelita said, taking my daughter by the arm and leading her back. The masseuse had a similar shade of golden-brown skin to my daughter. A naughty tingle raced through me at the thought of Laurita having her first lesbian massage.

Or maybe it wasn't her first one. It was the twenty-twenties. Kids were supposed to be getting up to all sorts of things that worried parents. I never thought Laurita was doing anything, but then did my parents know when I lost my virginity?

“She's so cute,” said Lee, speaking English. She knelt on her receptionist chair, wiggling back and forth. I had come to learn a lot about her. She had a Master who utterly controlled her in some strange BDSM relationship. She probably had a vibrator in her buzzing away, unable to cum without his permission. “I hope my daughter's that cute when she's that age.”

“When she starts growing boobs, she'll stop being so cute and become a bit of a nightmare,” I told her. “But Laurita mellowed out the last year.”

“I think her daddy can keep her in line.”

My usual masseuse, Juana, opened the door. She was Carmelita's younger sister, a cute girl in her early twenties, dark hair spilling around a lovely face. Her eyes sparkled. In Spanish, she asked, “Mmm, you ready, pretty lady?”

My pussy went molten. “Mother of God, yes.”

I stood up, my pussy soaking my panties with my excitement. I never thought I would enjoy women so much. I didn't consider myself a lesbian, but when I was here, it just felt so right to be touched by, and to touch back, a woman. To have that wonderful release that a good orgasm could bring.

Nothing more relaxing in the middle of a busy workday.

I followed Juana back. She had a big smile on her face as she took me into the very last door. I had never been in this room. It had a sign on it that read “Employees Only” on it. I gave her a curious look as she backed in.

“I just thought you'd like to watch,” she said and opened onto a small breakroom, the lights off. The wall to my right held a large pane of smoky glass that looked into the massage room where Carmelita was stripping my daughter naked.

“A two-way mirror?” I gasped. I had been in that room. The mirror room. It was an exciting place. It had mirrors on all four walls and the ceiling, reflecting everything that went on.

“Mmm, yes,” said Juana. “Sometimes we're naughty and spy on our clients. Isn't that just wicked of us?”

“Yes,” I said, my stomach lurching as I watched Laurita through the mirror. Her reflection spilled around the room, moving with her as Carmelita worked off her shorts.

“This is weird,” Laurita said.

“Mmm, this is just the sort of pampering service we offer,” said Carmelita. “Ooh, cute tattoo.” She stroked my daughter's hip. I gasped, seeing a flaming heart inked there. When had my daughter gotten that? The thin waistband of her purple thong ran over the middle of it.

“Still,” Laurita said. “You do this to my mom.”

“My sister is her usual masseuse,” Carmelita answered, her breasts jiggling in the tight, silk robe she wore. It had a short hem that left her gorgeous thighs exposed. “She's the one who strips your mom naked and rubs her hot bod.”

“Hot bod?” groaned my daughter. “She's my mom.”


“You do have a hot bod, pretty lady,” purred Juana as she untucked my blouse from behind. “Just watch your daughter getting massaged while I take you to heaven.”

I shuddered. This was so wicked. Felt so wrong. I trembled as Juana kissed at the back of my neck while her hands reached around my body to unbutton my blouse. My daughter was down to her bra and panties. Carmelita, still kneeling, tugged down the thong.

My daughter gasped in shock, grabbing her underwear for a moment. She gripped it, struggling to keep it from sliding down her body, but Carmelita tugged harder. She ripped the thong out of my daughter's hand and down her lush thighs.

“Don't want them to get stained,” purred Carmelita.

“Love using that line,” moaned Juana.

“Naughty lesbian,” I moaned as she finished unbuttoning my blouse.

I stared at my daughter's rump. I hadn't seen her naked in a decade. This strange heat rippled through me. Laurita had grown up. She had curves to her rump, though her ass was still tight with youth. Her body was tall and slender.

“Bra now,” said Carmelita. “Mmm, just relax.”

Juana pulled off my blouse and attacked my bra as I watched my daughter, now facing the mirror, being stripped of the last of her clothing. She had no idea I was seeing her body. She had a shaved twat, her plump vulva on display, her inner pussy lips hardly peeking out at all.

Did my pussy look like that at eighteen? I had thick lips now, wet lips.

Our bras came off at almost the same moment. My daughter stared at the mirror before her, not seeing me and my round breasts come into view, but I could see her small tits. They were perky little mounds, almost cones. Her nipples were small and hard. They looked like they could cut glass.

“Mmm, she's cute,” Juana said. “Takes after her mother.”

I smiled at that. Juana unzipped my skirt and worked it down my legs. The scent of my arousal brushed my nose, a spicy musk. I groaned as her lips kissed at my plump ass left exposed by the wicked cut of my panties. They weren't a thong, but they left the bottom half of my rear bare. I loved her mouth smooching and nibbling on my butt.

Carmelita put a blindfold on my daughter, a thick mask over her eyes. My daughter gasped while Carmelita purred, “Just relax. This is the massage your mother recommended. It's a treat. Lets you focus on your body and on relaxing.”

“How kinky,” I moaned. “I never had a blindfold massage.”

“It's something new we're trying out,” Juana said. She hooked my panties and pulled those down. I groaned as the crotch came away from my pussy. I shuddered as the cloth rolled down my thighs. My hips wiggled back and forth. “Mmm, there's that yummy snatch. Mother of God, but I love being your masseuse, pretty lady.”

“I bet you tell all the women you're about to eat out that,” I said, feeling her eyes on my snatch as she worked my panties past my knees.

“Doesn't mean it's not true,” the horny lesbian purred. All four of the masseuses here were lesbians. Stefani and Zoey were even dating. They had been impregnated at the same time, both having a kid by the same sperm donor, or so that was my understanding. I couldn't see them fucking the same guy.

Panties off, she pressed her face up between my thighs and nuzzled at my hot pussy. I heard my pubic hair rasping across her face. Then I groaned as she flicked her tongue out. She fluttered across my folds, licking and teasing my cunt.

It felt incredible.

While I watched my daughter stretch out on her back, blind and unaware that her naughty mommy could see her, I enjoyed Juana's tongue caressing my pussy lips. She flicked up and down, caressing me, teasing me. I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. The pleasure rushed through my body.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I whimpered. “Show my daughter a good time.

The delight rushed through my flesh. My eyes were locked on Laurita. Carmelita spread the massaging oil across her back, stopping just short of her cute rump. I shuddered, my hands pressing on the two-way glass. I stared at my daughter. She had no idea she was about to be seduced. Carmelita's hands worked down her back, stroking her, relaxing her.

It was incredible. Juana's tongue stroked my pussy. She massaged my twat with her naughty tongue. She caressed my labia and clit, running back and forth. I groaned, trying to keep my passion quiet so my daughter wouldn't hear her mother's naughty sounds.

This was so wicked. I shouldn't be doing this, but the taboo thrill of it rippled through me. It wasn't like I was touching my daughter. What went on here was already illegal. I never should have gotten involved—it would be the end of my career if this got out—but I couldn't help it. I loved coming here, paying for lesbian sex under the guise of a massage.

My daughter would learn that delight, too.

“Oh, her hands are coming closer and closer to my little mermaid's cute ass,” I moaned. I hadn't called my daughter mi sirenita in years, but now Now I was feeling so wicked. A naughty mommy. “Ooh, yes, she's going for it.”

My daughter stiffened for a moment as Carmelita's oily hands swept out and cupped both cheeks of Laurita's ass. Fingers dug into those tight buttocks, kneading her. Massaging her. I groaned, my pussy clenching around Juana's tongue.

“My daughter's shifting,” I whispered. “My little mermaid's letting her do it.”

“Mmm, good,” moaned Juana. Her tongue fluttered back and forth through my pussy folds as Carmelita worked on Laurita.

She paused and then slipped out of her robe. Her naked body came into sight, round breasts swaying, nipples pierced by gold rings connected by a chain. It swung as she leaned in and rubbed at my daughter's ass again, digging into her flesh, the masseuse's thumbs sweeping down into Laurita's butt-crack.

My breasts rose and fell. I leaned closer to the glass, my nipples brushing the smooth surface. It was hypnotic to watch. Juana didn't devour my pussy to make me cum, but to keep me bursting with delight as I watched the seductive massage.

Carmelita's hands slid down to my daughter's thighs. She rubbed up and down her flesh, stroking her. I couldn't hear what Carmelita spoke, but her lips moved. I imagined they were compliments. She parted my daughter's thighs, staring down at her exposed pussy.

I couldn't see my daughter's twat, but Carmelita could. She worked her hands up and down my daughter's thighs. My cunt tightened. I held my breath, wondering if the naughty woman would go for it. Would she touch my daughter's pussy?

Her hands came nearer. Nearer. I couldn't tell if she reached Laurita's twat or not.

Then my daughter bucked and gasped, “What?”

“Sorry,” I heard Carmelita say.

“Oh, she's pretending to have touched my daughter's pussy on accident,” I moaned, my lusts surging through me. I pressed my boobs against the glass, my forehead on it. Both my hands stroked across it.

“Good,” Juana moaned. “She's going to do it again. A little longer. Get your daughter used to the touch.”

“You sneaky bitches,” I moaned.

“Yes, we are.” Juana thrust her tongue into my twat and wiggled it back and forth.

My rump clenched as I moaned in delight, watching Carmelita spending a lot of time massaging my daughter's inner thigh right before her pussy. She spoke again, too soft for me to hear. My daughter squirmed, her oiled ass clenching.

Carmelita must be rubbing on my daughter's cunt over and over, stroking her hot flesh. I whimpered, this wicked heat surging through me as I watched Carmelita's hand shift ever so subtly. My daughter's legs spasmed. Her knees bent, feet coming up in the air for a moment.

She moaned.

“Oh, god, she's masturbating my daughter,” I moaned. “Your sister's rubbing her fingers up and down my daughter's cunt.”

“Enjoy, pretty lady,” purred Juana.

I watched my daughter's body tremble. Her rump kept clenching. Carmelita braced her left hand beside her, leaning over my daughter. The masseuse's round breasts swayed while my daughter's moans grew louder and louder.

“That's it, pretty girl,” I heard Carmelita saying, her voice louder. Throatier. “Mmm, yes, yes, that's it. Your mother told you to trust me.”

“I I..” My daughter lifted her head from the cutout, the blindfold covering her. “She didn't mean this?”

“Oh, yes, she did,” purred Carmelita. “She's getting her pussy licked right now. In another room. Mmm, why do you think she comes here all the time?”

“Mother of God,” my daughter gasped. “Shit in milk! I can't believe that but but Fuck, don't stop. That's so good.”

I shuddered, watching, entranced as Carmelita masturbated my daughter towards an orgasm. My little girl was a woman, receiving a woman's pleasures. I brought her here for this, but I never thought I'd get to see it.

I savored Juana's tongue licking and lapping at my pussy. My pleasure built and built with my daughter's own bliss. I fought to keep my moans quiet. I could never let Laurita know that I watched this. My nipples rubbed on the cool class, my breath fogging the window before me as I panted.

Her moans were so delicious to hear.

I whimpered, loving every moment of this illicit show. It was so hot experiencing a tongue lapping through my twat while my daughter trembled towards her orgasm. I shuddered, watching every moment unfold, so eager for the explosive climax.

“Carmelita1” my daughter gasped. “Oh, oh, Carmelita.”

“That's it, pretty girl,” the masseuse purred. She leaned over further and licked my daughter's ear, breasts pressing into Laurita's back. “Just explode. Like your mother is.”

“Yes,” I whimpered. I hurtled towards my climax.

My daughter shuddered on the table. She gasped and moaned, her pleasure bursting out of her as wordless gasps. I trembled, my pussy clenching around the tongue probing into my depths. Hot lips worked against my labia.

Laurita cried out in her climatic rapture. My daughter orgasmed before me.

“My little mermaid,” I groaned and joined her.

My pussy convulsed. Waves of rapture washed through my body. I groaned and gasped, stars dancing before my eyes. My body trembled, the cunt cream gushing out of me and spilling into Juana's hungry mouth.

The masseuse licked them up as I whimpered. I watched my daughter's ass arch up into the air. The masseuse bed she lay on creaked and groaned beneath her rapturous passion. My heart pounded with excitement as I witnessed the wild passion.

My daughter was so beautiful.

My orgasm hit its peak. I panted as I watched Laurita squirm and shudder. She bucked a final time and then Carmelita pulled her fingers away. She straightened and sucked off my daughter's cunt cream. What did Laurita taste like?

I couldn't think that. As I came down from my orgasm, I watched my daughter panting. She trembled on her back and then gasped as Carmelita said something. My daughter rolled over, her small breasts coming into view. Her tattoo faced me now, that flaming heart inscribed into her golden-brown flesh.

Juana stood up. “Mmm, pretty lady, let's go.”

“Huh?” I gasped as she grabbed my arm and tugged. “What?”

She dragged me out of the room. I stared at my daughter as long as I could, panting and shuddering. Then we were in the hallway, both Juana and myself naked. Her small breasts quivered as she led me the few steps to the door to the mirror room. Juana put her finger to her lips, the international gesture for quiet.

She slowly and oh, so carefully opened the door.

I trembled as we crept into my daughter's room. She still wore the blindfold, unaware that we'd entered. Carmelita looked up and smiled, her hands rubbing oil into my daughter's firm breasts. She winked at me.

“Oh, pretty girl, your pussy tastes so good,” Carmelita purred. “I just have to eat you out.”

“Shit in the milk,” gasped my daughter. I never heard her curse so much in her life. “What is up with this massage parlor? Did my mom really bring me here and pay a lesbian to make me cum?”

“Yes, she did, pretty girl,” purred Carmelita, winking at me. She squeezed my daughter's tits. “I bet she just had a great orgasm getting her pussy eaten by my sister.”

“That's so crazy. You're a bunch of whores here.”

“Yes, we are.”

I shuddered as Juana led me silently around my daughter's massage bed. My heart pounded in my chest as I was brought to the end of the table. Laurita's legs were parted wide, her pussy right there for me to see. I trembled, my reflections surrounding me. I could smell her spicy musk. It was so similar to my own, but softer. Sweeter.

“So, pretty girl, want me to eat you out and really make you cum?” Carmelita asked. “Give you a tongue massage.”

“Mother of God.” My daughter's thighs squeezed shut and rubbed together, hiding her twat from my sight. “I do. Eat my clam, lesbian.”

“With pleasure, pretty girl,” Carmelita said. Then she let go of her breasts and moved towards us.

Juana pushed on my ass, pressing me against the massage table while my daughter's thighs spread right before me. My eyes opened in realization of what they wanted me to do. They wanted me to crawl to my own daughter's pussy and eat her out.

I couldn't do that. It was illegal. Immoral. Incest. This was worse than the crimes of coming here. It violated nature's law. That was my daughter's pussy. My little girl's cunt. She grew inside of me. Came from me.

“Come feast on my clam!” moaned my daughter. “Mother of God, I'm fucking soaked. I want to cum again.”

I found myself crawling onto the massage bed between my daughter's thighs, my body shaking. Shuddering. I couldn't believe these two sisters were driving me towards incest. I looked behind me and almost gasped in shock. Carmelita sank to the floor and pressed her face into Juana's pussy.

They were lovers, too?

Juana winked at me.

It made me wonder about my friend. Olivia Wright had been bringing her daughter here for years. Ever since she'd turned eighteen. Did she and Phillipa have sex, too? Where they secret, lesbian lovers, reveling in the incestuous delight I was about to enjoy?

My hands slid up my daughter's thighs. She squirmed, her face twisting. My heart pounded in my chest. It thundered, pumping hot blood through my veins. My breath quickened. This nervous flutter danced through my guts.

I leaned over, black hair spilling over my daughter's thighs. Her spicy musk filled my nose.

“Stop teasing me and massage me with that tongue,” moaned my daughter. “Mother of God, I'm horny.”

So was I.

I licked my lips and then pressed my face into my daughter's pussy lips. I'd eaten Juana out so many times during my “massages,” and enjoyed the other three masseuses from time to time when they had to pitch-hit for my favorite.

None of those times had ever been as hot as this.

I tasted my daughter's barely legal passion. The incestuous flavor of her familiar juices. My tongue licked up her flesh. She gasped and shuddered as I caressed up to her clit. Her thighs tightened around my face.

“Oh, yes, lesbian! Ooh, lick my pussy with that hungry tongue. You like the taste of my cunt, don't you? Yeah, you do. Get that naughty tongue in me, whore!”

My daughter had no idea who ate her twat out. I reveled in the dirty words she called me as my tongue fluttered up and down her folds. I drank in her spicy cream. I savored all these incestuous flavors. My tongue danced through her pussy lips. I caressed her. Teased her. I drove her wild. I loved how she gasped and moaned. How she whimpered and groaned.

I thrust my tongue into her depths. No virgin here. My daughter's pussy accepted my tongue. She gasped and moaned, having no idea her mother's tongue swirled through her depths. That she was engaged in naughty, incestuous love.

“Oh, yes, that's it!” she moaned. “Mmm, you're just a naughty, little dyke! Just feasting on my cunt! Mmm, just feel you go at it. Just devour me. So hungry for my pussy, aren't you?”

I was.

I thrust my hands beneath her butt-cheeks. My pussy was on fire. I couldn't answer her, just love her. My hips wiggled back and forth. I ignored my burning cunt and feasted on my daughter's delicious twat. My tongue fluttered up and down her slit, caressing her pussy lips.

Teasing her flesh.

Her moans were so sweet. They sang through the air. Her thighs squeezed about my face. Her body bucked, humping against me. Her skin felt so silky on my cheeks while her hot pussy soaked my tongue. I scooped them up, savoring them.

I nuzzled up to her clit. I slid my lips over her little bud and sucked on it. My daughter made such a passionate gasp of bliss. She groaned and shuddered. She whimpered out in rapture. She bucked on the bed. Gasped. Moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, that's it, you nasty lesbian! Ooh, suck on my clit!”

I did. I pleasured her clit. Nibbled on it. My tongue swirled around it. I showed her everything I'd learned the last few years coming here. My pussy cream ran hot down my thighs. I moaned around her bud, loving my little girl.

“Fuck, yes!” she moaned. “You're going to make me cum.”

It was a hot delight to hear. To listen and experience my daughter's pleasure. I abandoned her clit, wanting to lick her again. To be in her. My tongue thrust into her snatch and swirled around inside of her incestuous depths. Her spicy cream soaked it.

My fingers dug into her rump, holding her tight. I devoured my daughter with hunger. Her moans grew louder. Her juices hotter. They coated my lips and chin. I reveled in them. I loved every moment of her hot cream on my mouth.

The forbidden delight of her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she moaned and bucked, the massage table creaking. “That's That's Fuck, yes!”

Her pussy juices gushed out of her. They flooded my mouth. I groaned and drank them down. My tongue licked and lapped up her cream. I devoured the bliss flooding out of her. I savored every moment of her pussy juices gushing out into my hungry mouth.

My tongue fluttered up and down her hot cuntlips. I licked her up as her moans echoed through the room. In reflections, I watched her body tremble through her climax, blissfully unaware that her naughty mommy ate her out.

“Carmelita, you fucking lesbian whore!” gasped my daughter. “Mother of God, no wonder Mom comes here! Shit, this is incredible!”

My tongue licked up all the juices flooding out of her while my own cunt burned and shuddered. Her small breasts jiggled, those brown nipples so suckable. I wanted to do this to her again. To make her cum.

She panted as I lifted my face, her cream spilling down my features. I shuddered and slid off the table. Juana trembled through her own orgasm, her hand clamped over her mouth to keep from making noises.

Carmelita rose and said, “Mmm, our time is almost up.”

“That was amazing,” My daughter groaned. “Better than any guy going down on me.”

She was eighteen. How many guys had she had? Since the divorce, I had to let her take care of herself. I was busy working my job, my caseload worse than ever. But then motherly pride washed through me.

I gave her the best orgasm. As Juana and I slipped out of the room, that thought burned in me.

The moment we were in the hallway, I shoved my hand between my thighs and frigged my pussy. I gasped and moaned, cumming in a hot flash, my daughter's juices soaking my face. I whimpered and moaned as the waves of bliss shot through me.

“I know,” Juana whispered. “Incest is the best. My sister and I have been lovers since college. And we're not the only ones.”

“Are Stefani and Zoey sisters?” I groaned.

“No, but the guy who knocked them up is Zoey's brother. And Lee's brother, too. He's her master.”

“Oh, my god,” I groaned. I shouldn't be learning this. “That's that's” My orgasm hit a wonderful peak of bliss. “Amazing!”

I trembled as I dressed and slipped into the waiting room. Lee had this naughty glint in her eyes. She had to know what was going on. She squirmed. A moment later, my daughter stumbled out, her tank top clinging to her perky tits.

“Mom, are you gay?” she asked when she stopped before me. “Is that why you and Dad divorced?”

“I'm not gay,” I told her. “Are you?”

She frowned.

“I just need to relax and this is easier than finding a man.” I winked at her. “Besides, there are no risks. No chance of getting pregnant. No one posting your nudes on the internet. You know why I divorced your dad.”

She scowled and nodded. She had a step-mom that was barely older than her now. “So, do you want to come back next week?”

My daughter smiled. “I think I do. Being blindfolded was wild.”

“Sounds like it,” I said, eager for another chance to play with my daughter.


September 19th, 2023 – Delilah Midgley

Maybe if I hadn't seen my son masturbating my marriage might have survived. Maybe. But the more I thought about what I'd seen, my then eighteen-year-old son stroking that massive cock, the more obsessed I became. I grew more and more distant from my husband.

My son's cock hadn't come from Arthur's side of the family. I didn't know a cock could get that big. Ian packed a monster, and I wanted to enjoy it.

Now, sitting in my new apartment, the last box unpacked on moving day, I cracked open a bottle of wine. I was all alone, my son out with friends, and starting my new life. I poured myself a tall glass of the red and let the fruity flavor pour down my throat.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I squirmed. I closed my eyes and pictured Ian's cock for the millionth time. I'd glimpsed him a few more times since that fateful day, wanting to do more than watch. But it was wrong. I was his mother. I brought him into this world. I couldn't do that to him.

But that big dick Thrusting hard and strong before him. He could slide back into my pussy. Return to his mother. Was that so wrong?

I knew it was, but the more wine I drank, the hornier and hornier I grew. Things like morality didn't matter. Not with something as carnal and passionate as my desire for Ian. I would love my son. Teach him about how to please a woman. Let him enjoy every bit of my body. I'd gotten in shape. For him.

I hoped to feel his eyes on me. To notice my tighter ass and flat stomach. The toned thighs. He'd glance at me in my yoga pants and a sports bra as I prepared to do my exercises. Sometimes, I hoped he masturbated to me.

But he never grabbed me. Never fulfilled my fantasies of seizing his mom and taking her hard. He was a good boy. He would never do something so sordid and depraved. He wasn't a dirty whore like his mother.

“I'd be your dirty whore,” I moaned, my body so warm. I tipped the wine bottle and frowned as only a splash dropped into my glass. I turned over until was upside down, watching the red wine drip out from the spout.

The neck wasn't as thick as my son's cock, but

“Mmm, I'll be such a dirty whore for you, Ian,” I moaned, my pussy growing juicier. I stared at my living room, all alone, the shelves covered in knickknacks. “Let me show you what Mommy can do.”

I stood up and gasped as the floor felt slanted. I shook my head and caught myself on the shelf, rattling my collection of glass figurines. I straightened and then peeled off my old t-shirt and threw it to the floor. My breasts heaved in my large sports bra. I unpinned my blonde hair from the bun I put it up in, letting it spill down to my neck.

“Your mommy's a naughty, randy whore,” I purred, picturing Ian watching me.

I popped off my sports bra. My large breasts spilled out. Those big, soft, lush boobs that young men were obsessed with. I'd learned this word from another divorced friend of mine. MILF. Mother I'd Love to Fuck. I could be a MILF.

For Ian.

I lifted my right boob and sucked on my own nipple, nursing on it with hunger. Pleasure shot down to my cunt as I imagined my son watching me. My hips wiggled from side to side as I nursed. Delight sparked. My left hand slid down my flat belly to my sweat pants. I pushed them down, working awkwardly one-handed as I swayed to the fire in my belly.

I kept sucking and nursing, imagining all the naughty things my son would say to me. He'd stroke that massive cock, the muscles in his arms rippling. So turned on by his hot mommy. My pussy clenched, my poor panties a sodden mess.

I released my breast. It fell down and bounced before me. I saw it swaying in the reflection on the TV's black screen. I shuddered, spotting my curvy form. I pushed down my panties, this wild heat building and building in me.

Naked, I threw myself on the couch, grabbed the wine bottle, and brought the narrow end to my pussy. I pressed the cool glass through my blonde bush and against my hot flesh. Ian burned in my mind. Tall, blond, athletic. A strapping, young man. Not fat. Not balding. He was gorgeous. His blue eyes stared at me.

I thrust the bottle into me, moaning, “Yes, yes, fuck your naughty mommy!”

The narrow neck reached deeper into me than my husband's cock. I gripped the wider bottle, pumping it in and out of my naughty cunt. The pleasure rippled through my flesh. I squirmed on the couch, my boobs heaving.

“You like being back in your Mommy, don't you?” I groaned. “Yeah, you do. You want to be buried so deep into your Mommy. You want to fuck her.”

I plunged the glass shaft in and out of my pussy. I groaned every time the shoulder widened to the body, my cuntlips stretching for a moment. But it was too thick for my snatch to swallow. I shuddered at the imperfect toy. I didn't care. I was so turned on.

My son fucked me hard in my imagination. He squeezed my big titties. He loved them. He pounded me with passion. He didn't hold back. He gave me such pleasure. My tangy musk filled my nose, my arousal growing with every hard plunge of my son's cock into my cunt.

“Yes, yes, just like that!” I whimpered, my orgasm building and building with every thrust. I kept my eyes squeezed shut. “Fuck your naughty mommy!”

“You're amazing, Mom!” Ian moaned in my fantasy. “Such a hot and tight cunt. You're awesome. Love you!”

“Love you, too!”

My toes curled. My feet rubbed across the carpeted floor. I whimpered and groaned, the pleasure building and building in my cunt. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to my incestuous climax. Picturing my son over me, his muscles flexing as he pounded me, had me on fire.

That big dick of his stretched out my cunt. Fucked me better than his father ever had. He gave me pleasure. He knew how to love my pussy. I gasped and squealed, my cunt clenching around him tight. Hard.

“Fuck your mommy so hard!” I moaned. “Your big dick is giving your mommy such pleasure! Oh, yes, yes!”

“I love being in you, Mom! It feels so right. This is where I came from!”

“Yes, yes, and you can return to it whenever you want, Ian!” I moaned, jamming the bottle deep into my cunt, my pussy lips stretching around the widening neck. I kept pushing on the bottom, wanting to take as much in me as I could.

My left hand squeezed my tit. I dug my finger into it as I forced another inch of the bottle into my naughty pussy, my cuntlips stretching to engulf that wide shaft. I whimpered, moaned, the pleasure surging through me.

“Mom!” Ian groaned.

“Cum in your mommy!” I howled and climaxed.

My pussy convulsed and writhed around the bottle. Waves of rapture swept through me. I rode them as I masturbated to my incestuous fantasy. My son groaned in my mind. I imagined his cum firing into my cunt, filling me.

It was incredible. My body bucked on the couch. My moans sang through the air. I tossed my head, whimpering and groaning in delight. My pussy writhed around the bottle. The pleasure surged to the pinnacle in me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as the door rattled. “Oh, my god, that's so go—”

The front door opened, and I gasped out in shock, writhing in mid-orgasm, my pussy convulsing around the bottle harder as the fear shot through me. My son was home early. He told me he was going to be hanging out with friends after we finished unpacking. He stared at my naked form.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned in abject shame and embarrassment. I ripped the bottle out of my pussy as he turned away.

“Sorry, Mom!” he gasped.

I fled down the hallway, my cheeks burning with humiliation. I slammed the door shut behind me. Did he know I was thinking about him? Did he realize it? My entire body quaked. Such powerful embarrassment filled me.

“Sorry,” he shouted again. “I didn't I mean I'm really sorry, Mom.”

“It's okay,” I whimpered, wanting to just melt into a puddle and soak into the carpet. I hadn't been this embarrassed since high school. “I shouldn't Not in the living room I'm so sorry you had to see that.”

“Don't worry about it,” he said. “I guess everyone does that.”

I groaned and threw myself on the bed. That was nothing like my fantasy. No Ian pouncing on me. No getting ravished. I didn't know if I could ever face my son again. He saw me with a wine bottle in my pussy.

I buried under the covers and never wanted to crawl out again.

Only, I heard him in his bedroom. The bedsprings creaked. This rhythmic sound. My head lifted. I padded to the wall, pressed my ear against it, and heard heavy breathing. I bit my lip and listened to my son masturbating.

Was he thinking of me?


July 9th, 2024 – Alysha Walsh

“Let's go skinny dipping!”

The cry in the backyard at the pool party rippled over me. My friends and I burst into giggles. We were sipping wine coolers, buzzing on the drinks. I felt so naughty. I was newly turned eighteen, at a party with no parents around, and now there were guys ripping off their trunks, their cocks popping out. Girls squealed in laughter as they jumped naked in the pool.

“Let's go, girls!” one of them shouted, a buff, blond guy I didn't know. “Let's see those tops come off! Get those muffs out!”

“Oh, my god,” I gasped, giggling loud as another guy thrust down his trunks, his cock spring out half-hard. Then a girl ripped off her top. She was an older girl at my college. She swung her flowery bikini top over her head like a lasso then dove in.

My eyes darted around and I gasped to see my brother, Jaiden. He had two years on me, tall and strapping, his deep-brown skin gleaming in the sunlight as he thrust down his shorts. I couldn't believe he was doing it, his cock spilling out.

He proved the legend about Black guys right. A group of girls all moaned in delight. Guys groaned, knowing they were outmatched by his prowess. My eyes were locked on him, watching it twitch. Grow harder. Longer. I shuddered, this wicked heat building and building in me. What was wrong with me?

Why was I staring at my brother and his cock? This heat rippled through me. My heart fluttered. It was gorgeous. A naughty itch built in my virgin pussy. I clutched the half-drunk wine cooler in my hand, my blood on fire. It had to be the booze, right.

I wasn't lusting for my brother's dick. I couldn't do that.

“Top off, Alysha!” my friend, Dominique, shouted. I gasped as my knots came undone and she ripped it away, exposing my tits to everyone. I froze, not sure what to do as guys wolf-whistled, staring at my breasts and

My brother stared at my breasts. His eyes were locked on them while his cock reached its full girth, thrusting out before him. I shuddered as I saw the passion in his gaze. He licked his lips before he wrenched his gaze away from my titties and dove into the pool.

My pussy grew so hot as the image of my brother's cock burned in my mind.


April 9th, 2027 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston II

My “little girl” skipped by in a tight white and pink frock.

Alicia giggled, her skirt flaring. She might be twenty-seven, but she looked so much younger. I groaned as this heat washed through my dick. I was supposed to be working on the brief for the trust-fund dispute I had to be in court for next week to argue a motion.

“Damn,” I muttered and followed her out of my office. She wasn't supposed to be playing in the main house. One of our kids could see us, and they were definitely old enough to start to understand things.

Her skirt fluttered as she vanished up the stairs. I followed after her, my feet pounding on the steps. She raced up them and reached the second floor. Then her footsteps rushed down to the hallway up to my old attic bedroom.

It was now my two oldest daughters' room. They weren't home. Alicia wanted to fool around in their girlish abode. That naughty minx. She made my dick hard. I chased up the stairs after her, taking them two at a time.

I burst into the girlish room, stuffed animals covering their bunk beds stacked against the only wall with enough ceiling clearance. Dolls were everywhere, scattered across the floor. Alicia leaned against one of the two windows. She bent over to it, her frock's skirt riding up those tights. She wiggled her ass.

“Ooh, ooh, Daddy, look!” she said. “We have new neighbors.”

“What?” I asked, my dick lead in my jeans and boxers.

I unsnapped the fastener and reached the window. I pressed my hard cock into my little sister's ass. I peered out and noticed the moving van unloading furniture. A young woman, not more than twenty with her black hair in a ponytail, was talking to the Hispanic movers. Another man, also black-haired and approaching thirty, carried a heavy box from the back of a Toyota Corolla.

“New neighbors!” Alicia squealed, rubbing her rump into my crotch. “Mmm, we're going to have to find out if they're our sort of people, Daddy.”

“Yes, we will, little princess,” I said. She liked to call me Daddy more and more than big brother these days like she used to eleven years ago when we first became lovers. Either way, it made me hard. “Mmm, you keep on eye on them, gather intelligence, while I do some poking around down here.”

I knew that the house had been for sale, I just didn't realize it had sold already. I hoped we'd get some understanding neighbors. People who could appreciate the incestuous lifestyle. A young couple Who knew what sort of kinky things we could lead them into.

As I hiked my little sister's skirt, a hunger arose in me. Pam definitely needed to meet them. She had a talent for leading people to incest.

To be continued

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