Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 1 - REPOST

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To say Erika was smoking hot would be an understatement. She stood tall at 5'6", 115 pounds with soft-blue eyes and an amazing body: full pouty lips, slender hips, round tight ass and flat stomach decorated with a dolphin shaped belly-button ring, and the most perfect set of tits on an eighteen year old I had ever seen. Her blond wavy hair went 3 inches past her shoulders and was usually loose, or tied in a single ponytail.

Erika was a freshman at the local college and rented my one-bedroom basement apartment for 3,000 a month. Normally I wouldn't rent to a college student, nonetheless a college freshman since they're usually strapped for cash. But a family member knew her family from church and vouched for her, so hesitantly I agreed to rent to her.

The first time I met Erika I was smitten. Her perfect smile and soft voice mesmerized me. I almost agreed to let her live rent free. The day I met her she wore a tight pink "JUICY" v-neck tee-shirt with a low neckline, and blue denim skirt. The pendant of her necklace kept swinging back and forth and sometimes got caught between her cleavage. I had such a hard time staying focused.

The deal was simple: rent was 3,000 she was the only one allowed to stay, she kept the place clean, no parties, no overnight visitors (unless her parents came to visit). I asked her how she could afford the rent since it was pretty high for a college student. She said she got a job at a restaurant called Twin Peaks and her parents would help with the rest.

That was 6 months ago.

Over the course of 6 months not much had changed, the warm weather started getting a little cooler which meant soon Erika would stop wearing tight, revealing clothes. Erika was good tenant, if she wasn't at school or studying she was at work. She didn't appear to have much of a social life, which surprised me seeing how unbelievably hot she was. I was afraid scores of men would be hovering around my house.

Every time she came to pay the rent it was a welcome gift for me. I always cherished that day. Not because she would give me money, but because she'd come dressed in something short and tight but always sexy. I started to freshen up myself just for that. First time she wore tank top and short-shorts, second time a halter top and skirt. Last month was her Twin Peaks uniform. Tight spandex shorts that hugged her thighs and upper leg snugly, and a yellow tee-shirt with a very low neckline. I've been Twin Peaks many times and the owners had a habit of hiring young college girls with great assets. Last month Erika a little short with the rent and said she'd make it this month, so I said OK. Of course I was distracted trying to catch a few peaks of her cleavage and thinking how badly I wanted to rip open that shirt and titty-fuck her.

This month, however, she didn't come by with the rent. I didn't wanna bombard her and ask her so I let a few days go by. A week had gone by and still no Erika. This bothered me.

One day I hear the side door open and saw Erika come inside carrying loads shopping bags. I walked over to help her. She smiled, thanked me and handed me a few Coach, Macys, Uggs and other high retail shopping bags. I carried them downstairs for her and asked her if we can talk. She said she'd be right upstairs after she freshened up.

An hour later Erika strolls upstairs. From her damp hair, fresh coat of lipstick and mascara it was obvious she had stepped into the shower. She was wearing a white buttoned down shirt with the top two buttons undone, and the button of her shirt tied into a knot. Once again her cleavage was visible and the dolphin belly button ring looked polished. She also wore blue tight cut-off denim shorts. Man, I wanted to fuck her so badly.

She smiled at me and I almost forgot why I asked her upstairs.

"Hey you wanted to see me?" she simply asked sitting down on the couch adjacent to where I was sitting.

"Yeah, I wanted to ask about the rent. It's been almost a week," I said.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I meant to stop by but got so busy that it slipped my mind," she said. Her soft-blue eyes focused directly into my brown eyes.

"No big deal. It happens," was all I could muster up.

She smiled, got up, reached into her tight denim shorts and pulled out some money.

She was even awesome taking money out of her pockets!

She sat back down, and reached forward to hand me the money. I reached forward to meet her halfway. As I grabbed the money I looked down and got a peek down her white blouse. With the top two buttons undone and her reaching forward, I got a much better angle of her cleavage. I could see was wearing a lace bra.

I sat back up and counted the money and said, "this is only two hundred. The rent is three thousand plus one thousand from last month."

"Yeah I know. I'm sorry I'm a little short this month also."

"Well, you're not a little short but more like can't pay the rent this month"

"They cut my hours at work and my folks had some extra expenses on their end so they can't help me as much," Erika said.

This made me a little uneasy. We are talking about a lot of money here.

"I sympathize, I really do. But I have expenses also. It's one thing to be short and make it up the following month but another to not pay at all."

Amazing how she can't pay the rent and I feel like an ass for not being OK with that.

"I'll pay next month, I swear."

"I'm sorry Erika but I can't do that. You owe me 3,800 today and if you can't pay next month then the balance raises to 6,800. I know it's tough to be a college student. Why don't I call your parents and see if we can work something out?" I offered.

All of a sudden she became white as a ghost. She eyes widen, she swallowed hard and shifted in her seat.

"Call my parents? Oh God, no, please don't call them. Please. Why can't we work something out instead?"

She was genuinely terrified of me calling her parents. I was puzzled, then it hit me. Maybe she wasn't really strapped for cash. After all, she just came home with handful of bags from very expensive retail stores. She uses top named brand products. Maybe she her parents were helping her but she was using the money for other things. Maybe she didn't want her parents to find out.

This just got interesting.

"Why wouldn't you want me to call your folks? Didn't they say they'd help out?"

Erika let out a sigh and said, "Look, I appreciate the concern and all. But I prefer you don't call my folks. I am eighteen, legal and in charge of my own life. I prefer we work something out instead."

I collected my thoughts, and with every second that passed Erika's expression became priceless. My eyes glanced downwards at the unbutton portion of her blouse and then further down to her smooth silky legs.

"How would we work something out?" I asked, very cautiously.

Erika smiled, her expression softened and she got up, walked over and sat on the coffee table directly in front of me. She leaned forward and said, "I see the way you look at me. I can practically read your thoughts"

"What're my thoughts saying?"

"C'mon, I may be a blond, but I'm not dumb. I see the way you look at me. Sometimes I feel like you're going to slam me against the wall, rip off my clothes and fuck me hard."

"You're right. Sometimes I do wanna slam you against the wall, rip off your clothes and fuck you repeatedly. Where we going with this?"

"What if I let you do that?"

"In exchange for the rent, right?"

"Yup," Erika said smiling.

"You realize that would be a 3800 dollar fuck, right? Kinda steep don't you think?"


"You owe me 3800 dollars. A one time fuck isn't exactly economic."

"You wanna fuck me twice? Three times? How many times?"

"The question isn't how many times, Erika, but more like for how long."

"I don't understand."

"I don't wanna fuck you here or there. I wanna fuck you over and over, repeatedly, nonstop for however long as I want. You owe one months rent and part of last month's rent. You don't want me to call your folks which makes me wonder why, but I don't give a damn about that. What I do care about is how you can afford top brand products but can't pay your rent. I just don't want to fuck you, I want to FUCK you."

Erika sat there silently, so I continued,"I'm intrigued by your offer, even a little excited. But the counter offer is real simple. In exchange for the rent, you become my slave."


"Yes, sex slave."

I just sat there staring at her as the term 'sex slave' hung in the air. For the first time I didn't melt around her, but felt powerful over her. If she truly didn't want her parents to know about this, she had no choice but to accept my offer.

"What will I have to do as a sex slave?" Erika asked finally.

"Whatever I want. Anything I want. Anywhere I want. However I want. Anytime I want."

She didn't say anything.

"As my sex slave I own you. I can make you do whatever my fantasy is and you obey. Disobey and I punish you," I clarified futher.

"OK. I will be your sex slave," she said out loud, in quiet mutter she said,"anything is better then the alternative."

"Let the games begin," is all I said, "Go stand over there."

I pointed to the middle of the living room. She hesitantly got up and walked over there. Once there I ordered her to strip down to her underwear. Erika started unbuttoning her shirt. With each button undone my heartbeat went faster. I was afraid I was going to wake up from this awesome dream. With the last button undone she removed her shirt slowly and flings it on the floor, then she unbuttons her denim shorts and slides her fingers in her shorts and pulls her shorts down, slowly. Once the shorts hit the floor she steps out of them and kicks them aside.

Erika was now standing in the middle of my living room in a white lace bra and matching almost transparent white thong.

She was so incredibly hot.

"Let's go over some rules. Only saying this once. Break any rule and you will be punished."

Erika started at me blankly.

"Rule number one, you will address me as master at all times."

"Master?" she replied.

"That's rule one."

"Master," she says.

"Rule number two, unless told otherwise, you will wear nothing but a bra and panties inside this house. The moment you come home you will stand in that corner," I point to the corner in front of the living room window, "and strip down. However, in the bedroom, you will be naked. NO CLOTHES allowed in the bedroom, period."

"Yes Master."

"Rule number three, I'm going to fuck you over and over, many time and I'm not wearing condoms. Are you on any birth control?"

"Yes, but my refill comes in tomorrow."

"So you're not a virgin. Good. How many total guys have you fucked?"

"Six. Two were my ex's, one was some girls' boyfriend and the other three were guys I met at different parties."

"You fucked someone's boyfriend and random guys at parties?"

"I was drunk. We started making out. Next thing I know we were having sex."

"was that the random guys or someone's boyfriend?"

"Random guys. I fucked the guy who was someone's boyfriend on a bet."

Unbelievable, I thought.

"Get me water from the fridge," I ordered.

I watch her tight ass walk out of the living room. Her waist swayed back and forth, and my cock got even harder.

She comes back from the kitchen, hands me the water, and walked back to her place. I drink the water keeping an eye on my new slave. She stood her ground with her hands behind her back and legs spread just a little. It looked like she was enjoying this.

"Rule number four," I start again, "you will swallow. Always. Every last drop of cum."

"Yes master."

"You ever swallowed before?"

"Yes Master."

"I'm sure you have. Fucking so many guys by your age. You like the taste of cum?"

"Not really."

I grew tired of the Q&A and I wanted some pussy. I walked over to Erika who stood there waiting with her hands still clasped behind her back. I brushed my hand over her soft smooth face and ran my fingers over her full pouty lips which were decked up in light pink lipstick. She parted her lips a little and I stuck the tip of my thumb in her mouth. I leaned in and softly kissed her on the lips.

The kiss was amazing. It was everything I had imagined. The kiss alone was intoxicating. She parted her lips more for me to slip my tongue in. As I kissed her I wrapped my hands around her and pulled in. Her tits pressed against my chest. I moved my right hand up and down the left side of her body, ending at the lacy frills on top of her thong. With my left hand I unhooked her bra.

I pushed my lips off hers and stepped back.

"Take the bra off."

Erika slid one side of the bra strap off, then the other strap and the bra falls to the floor exposing her 34C. Her tits were just as awesome as I had pictured. I smiled and stepped forward again. Grabbing one of her tits and squeezing them I put the other one in my mouth and sucked on it.

Fucking awesome was all I could think.

Her tits tasted so fucking awesome.

I sucked on her nipple, licking the aerola and slightly biting the nipple. I played with other tit by squeezing it, then pinching the nipple. My mouth and my hand traded tits. Erika started making moaning sounds every time I sucked on her tit hard or when I pinched the nipple. Her moans got louder and louder and that drove me wild.

But I wanted to exercise some control over her so I stopped, looked at her and holding back my excitement I said,"don't make a sound."

She looked at me, a little confused but managed to utter, "yes master."

I went back in and sucked on her tits a little more. I went back and forth between the pair then finally started licking and kissing my way downwards. I kissed every inch of her stomach and even kissed her belly-button ring. I slowly removed her panties and slid them down her legs, I can hear Erika's breathing get a little heavier. Once I removed her panties, I trace my fingers back up to her clean shaven pussy. I spread her pussy lips a little and kiss her. She tasted so fresh. I lick her feverishly and she starts panting, faintly at first. I placed one leg over my shoulder and burried my face in her tight eighteen year old pussy, pushing my tongue in deeper causing her panting to get louder. She unclasped her hands and placed one of them on the top of my head and ran her hands through my hair. As I licked and kissed her hard she started moaning louder and louder.

"Oh fuck yeeessss," she exclaimed.

As excited as I was to make her scream like that, I stopped, got up, grabbed her by the hair and slapped her across her face. Hard.

"what did I say?"

Her cheeks got a little red and she started at me, confused and hurt. I don't know what came over me. I just wanted to exercise control over her, I had not intended to slap her. But, damnit, it felt great. The raw power over her was even more addicting than the notion that I can fuck her. She just stood there, glaring at me. Confused, angry, hurt and horny emotions all rolled into one.

"What did I say?" I asked again.

"Don't make a sound," Erika repeated quietly.

Still holding her by the hair and still on my power trip, I slapped her again. This time on her other cheek.

"I'm sorry," Erika said, "I'm sorry master. I'll be quiet."

I had a devious thought come to me and I smiled. I released her hair and ordered her to put the palms of her hands together, as if she was praying. I grabbed her wrist and raised them, than brought them down behind her head. With one hand I hold her wrists together tightly. With my other hand I glide my way down her chest and stomach making my way to her wet pussy. I put two finger up her cunt and slowly started going in and out of her. Every time I went it, I went in a little deeper. I had kept a slow rhythm at first then started going in and out faster and faster. Erika started breathing heavy. She closed her eyes, bit her lower lip from screaming and I went in and out of her faster and faster. She made some very low inaudible sounds but stopped short from screaming. After a few more thrusts I took my fingers out before she can have an orgasm and kissed her hard on the lips.

"Impressive," I said and Erika looked at me with a plea to finish the job and make her orgasm. Instead I let go of her hands, and walked over to the couch. I stood there rubbing my dick and she took the hint. She walked over seductively and dropped to her knees in front of me. She unbuttoned my jeans, pulls down my underwear and released my massive manhood. She smiles and leans forward and licks my balls. She slides her tongue up to the base of my head and kisses the tip. She looks at, opens her mouth and attempts to fit my 8 incher into her mouth. She starts moving the lips up and down my shaft while rubbing my balls softly. I let out a loud groan.

Watching Erika go up and down actually made my dick grow an inch or so. Her head bobbing was amazing. Her mouth goes down as far as she can take it then goes back up, when she reached the head she wrapped her lips around it and sucked on it. She repeated this many times while playing with my balls. When she goes down again, I couldn't help it. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed her head in further. I can feel the back of her throat but nonetheless I persisted. While I kept her head down, I started moving my hips inward, forcing my dick to go in more. I moved my hips back and forth, in and out, every thrust I went faster and faster.

I ordered her to open her mouth wider and stare at me. With her soft-blue eyes gazing at me I rammed my dick in her mouth faster and harder. In the final thrust I pushed my dick in as far as I can without making her puke and kept it in for a few seconds, then thrust out as fast as I can.

Time for some ass.

I couldn't fuck Erika in the pussy until she got her refills, so tonight I was gonna have to make due with fucking her in the ass.

I pulled Erika up and took her behind the couch, bent her forward and speard her legs. I took my dick, lubricated with her spit and my precum, but before I shove it up her ass I started lightly tapping her pussy with it. This drove her wild. Already in desperate need of cumming she let out a loud moan.

"Oh please fuck me, Master. Please. I want to cum!" she exclaimed.

Ignoring her I tapped her pussy a few times and then without warning, I shoved it up her ass. She let out a loud scream. I grabbed her waist for better control and thrust in and out. I went faster and harder and her screams got louder and louder. Her fingers dig into the fabric of the couch and at one point she sinks her teeth into the couch as well. I grab her by the hair and pull her head up. I wanted to hear her screams and moans.

"OOOOOOoohhhhhh GGGOOOOOOOOODDDDdddddd. Fuuuuccckkkkkk. Oooooooooaaahhhhhhh.oooooooOOOOOOOOOO," Erika screamed.

Her screaming was like a shot of red bull for me. I found extra energy and started going faster and faster, harder and harder. I let go of her hair and grab her waist again, held it tight as I continued banging her over and over, repeatedly.


Finally I feel the pressure building in my balls and I knew I was getting ready to explode. I let go of Erika's waist and turn her around. Her hair is all tousled and her lipstick is now gone, probably on my dick. Erika knows instantly to get on her knees and as she does I shove my dick in her mouth, and not a moment too soon. I came just as my dick feels the warmth of her mouth. I pump one load after another and just as fast as I can empty a load I feel her swallowing. Honestly, I couldn't remember the last time I came this much.

After I release my last round, Erika wraps her lips around the head and sucks it dry. She licks the shaft from the head down to the balls and then back up. Sucking in all the cum that dribbled down.

I step back and look at Erika who looks back at me and smiles.

Remembering she was my sex slave, I tell her to go clean up and come back down in 30 minutes. Her smile fades a little, but gets up and walks out of the living room. Her round ass was still a little red from the ass fucking. I couldn't wait to fuck that pussy tomorrow.

I look at the clock and it was only 8 o'clock. I sit on the couch and started getting all sorts of ideas. I laughed out loud and couldn't believe my luck.

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