Dear Diary III

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Dear Diary - Part III

Another month has gone by, and things are wonderful. Mom has been very true to her word. I am so proud of her. She has totally stopped drinking, and going out to the bars all together. There have been many men calling and leaving nasty messages on our answering machine saying that they want to hook up with mom, but she just erases them. She changed her hours at the hotel where she works, so now instead of cleaning the rooms during the day, she is working the desk at night. She said this is to help keep her out of trouble. She is doing great, and I have been doing my part to keep my promise to her.

I am getting over some of my inhabitions about sex with Marco, and am starting to enjoy it. He says that my blow jobs are getting much better, and now when he cums in my mouth I swallow it all. I still don’t like the taste, and it feels gross when he squirts in my mouth, but the quicker I swallow it the sooner it is out of my mouth. I am able to take his penis inside of me now with hardly any pain at all. I still have not had an orgasm, but Marco promises me that one day he will give me one. Lately Marco has been wanting to do me from behind more. I don’t like it as much, because it feels dirty, but he says sometimes that is the only way he can cum. Other than in my mouth.

Since Mom is not home at nights anymore I have been staying the night at Marco’s apartment. I really like sleeping with him. He makes me feel very special and safe. One night after we made love we were taking a bath in his huge bathtub. He asked me if he could shave off my pubic hairs. I felt really weird about that, but he said it would make me look really sexy. I remember Mom had her pubic hair shaved, but I didn’t think it looked sexy. I just thought it made her look slutty, but if that was what he wanted, I figured he was the only one to ever see it anyway, and I want to make him as happy as he makes me, so I let him do it.

He got a razor and some shaving cream and lathered up my pubic hair. Then he handed me the razor and told me to do it. He sat on the edge of the tub as I shaved my pubic area completely bald. I was embarrassed, but he reassured me that it looked beautiful. Then he told me to touch it, so I put my hand down by my vagina and started to rub it. He asked me how it felt, and I told him that it was very smooth. He told me to put a finger inside. I have never done that before, but I went ahead a put a finger inside my vagina. Then he told me to play with myself. I was very embarrassed, but I wanted to please Marco, so I started swirling my finger around inside.

Marco’s penis was starting to get hard again, and he got up on the edge of the tub and pointed it at my mouth. I opened my mouth and let him put it in. I took my hand out of my vagina, but he said. I want you to keep on fingering your beautiful bald pussy while I fuck your mouth. I was shocked by what he said, but I just did what he told me to and put my finger back inside while he slid his penis in and out of my mouth. Marco pulled his penis out of my mouth and started stroking it right in front of my face. He told me to open my mouth because he was about to cum. I opened my mouth wide, and he shot his cum into my mouth and on my face. I swallowed the cum that landed in my mouth, and Marco leaned down and wiped up the cum that landed on my face with his finger, and put his finger in my mouth and told me to lick it off. I wrapped my lips around his finger and licked the cum off of his finger. He smiled and kissed me on the forehead. I was still fingering myself and he told me I could stop.

For the first time I felt really dirty, and it didn’t feel like making love. Marco said some nasty things that I did not like, and made me do some things that I didn’t feel comfortable doing, but he is much more experienced than me, and I guess I am going to have to learn to do things to please him. I am not sure what other girls do, but I guess these things are not all that abnormal, and they are definitely tame compared to the things I saw Mom do.

Marco told me that from now on he wanted my pussy to be kept cleanly shaved at all times. I told him that if that is what he would like than I would be happy to. He said. That’s my girl. And gave me a nice kiss. Now when I look at myself in the mirror I see my skinny body, my flat chest, and a completely bald vagina. I look like a ten year old girl, but Marco says he thinks I look really sexy. So I will just have to get used to it. The good thing is that Marco loves me, and Mom is doing great.

From that day on things started to change. I don’t know how to explain it, but it just seems like Marco is making more demands of me sexually. I am trying to keep up, and am trying to be a good girlfriend, but our sex is definitely getting more and more kinky. He says that it is all just part of growing together, and I guess he is right. I mean if we just did the same things all the time that would get pretty boring.

He brought home a porno video one night, and he wanted me to watch it with him. There were women doing all kinds of nasty things, but what he didn’t know was that I had seen Mom do all of those things and worse. He asked me if I would be willing to do some of those things, and I agreed that I would try. The first thing he asked me to do was to lick his butthole. I told him that I would, but he had to wash it first. We took a shower together, and he told me to wash it, so I got the soap and rubbed it all over his anus, and cleaned it the best I could.

Once we got into bed, he lifted his legs up in the air, and spread his butt cheeks. I was staring right at his butt hole and I put my face down there and slowely started licking around his hole. He kinda moaned and then told me to put my tongue inside. I slid my tongue inside of his hole, and he groaned. He started to thrust his butt into my face as the tip of my tongue was penetrating his butt hole. It tasted kinda weird, but not as bad as I thought it would. He started stroking his penis and then told me to put my tongue in further. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. My jaw was starting to ache. He stroked his penis harder and harder until he finally came on his stomach. When he came I could feel his butthole contracting around my tongue. Marco then grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face up to his stomach and put my face right in front of his cum. I knew he wanted me to lick it up, so I stuck my tongue out and licked the cum off of his stomach. He pulled my hair back away from my face so that he could watch me licking it up. Once I was done licking his belly clean he looked down at me and said. I cannot believe that just a few months ago you were a sweet little innocent virgin. Look at you now, licking my asshole and eating cum like a seasoned slut. I am so proud of you Nicki. I didn’t know how to take that comment, but again he gave me a big hug and kiss to reassure me of his feelings for me.

On the night before my 18th birthday Marco said he had a big suprise for me. I couldn’t wait and asked him to tell me what it was, but he wouldn’t. He said I would just have to wait.

The next day he came over to my apartment to pick me up. Heyhe said. Let me see that beautiful bald pussy of yours. I lifted my skirt, and pulled my panties down. He got down on his knees and started to rub it. Then he put his face to my vagina and started licking me. We were standing right in the middle of the living room, and Mom had just gone to bed. He kept on licking me, and I was getting really wet. He pulled my panties down to the floor and I stepped out of them. He spread my legs and really got his tongue deep inside my vagina. Suddenly my thighs tightened up, and I got a feeling I had never felt before. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my vagina hard into his face. It felt like electricity shot from my vagina to my toes, then to the top of my head. I let out a groan, and suddenly it was like the flood gates opened up. I squirted into Marco’s mouth, and thought that I pee’d on him, but he just kept on licking me, and I realized that I didn’t pee, I came! Marco had my juice running all down his chin and his neck. My legs felt so weak that I thought I was going to collapse. It felt wonderful, my whole body felt all tingly and light, and I realized that I had my first orgasm.

I don’t know who was more excited, me or Marco. He got to his feet and kissed me really hard. I could taste all of my juice that was covering his face, but I didn’t care. I was just so happy that I finally had an orgasm. Now I can’t wait until my next one. Was that my birthday suprise? I asked him. No. He said, but not a bad day to have your first orgasm. I reached for my panties to put them back on, but he told me to leave them, because I wasn’t going to be needing them anymore. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I did as I was told, and we walked to his car. When we got outside, I could feel the air as it went up my skirt and brushed my exposed bald vagina. I felt like I was naked in public.

We went to a really nice restaurant for lunch, and over lunch he told me that he had a friend who was a really good plastic surgeon. He said that this guy had done breast implants for a lot of hollywood stars, and for my birthday he wanted to buy me a boob job. I was a little stunned at first, but I thought about how my small breasts were always an embarassment to me, and then I started to get excited about it. I told him that it sounded great, and he said he would set up an appointment.

Marco made the appointment, and we went in to the doctors office. The nurse told me to take all of my clothes off and sit on the bed and wait for the doctor. I don’t know why I had to take all of my clothes off, but I did what she said, and Marco and me sat in the room waiting for the doctor. He held my hand because he could tell I was uncomfortable being completely naked.

When the doctor came in Marco got up and greeted him with a hug. The doctor was young and good looking, and I felt even more embarrassed. After him and Marco hugged he looked over at me and stared directly at my bald vagina. It made me very uncomfortable, and ashamed and I covered it with my hands. Then he looked me in the eyes and introduced himself as Dr. Danny Pedrosa.

I felt like just a bystander, even though it was my body we were talking about. Marco and the doctor made all the decisions, and nobody even really asked me what I wanted. But Marco told me that this guy was the best, and that he would do a great job. I was so embarrassed sitting naked in his office that I didn’t really say anything. Even though they were concentrating on my chest, Dr. Pedrosa kept on staring at my vagina. Everytime I covered my vagina with my hands he told me to put my arms to my side, and my vagina would be uncovered again.

After the surgery I was in a lot of pain, and when they took the bandages off I could not believe how big my breasts were. I thought they were way too big, and started to cry, but both Dr. Pedrosa and Marco assured me that once the swelling went down they would look fine. Marco had bought me a new outfit to wear home, and it was very nice. He said I looked great, but I thought that my boobs were way too big, and they hurt like hell.

When we got to his apartment he said he was so hot that he had to get a load off. For the first time I told him that I didn’t think I could do it. My body was still really sore from the surgery. He told me it was okay, and to just get on my knees and open my mouth.

I was totally shocked that he said this and just stared at him for a moment, but he stared right back at me, and I knew what he expected, so I slowely lowered down to my knees in front of him and he pulled his penis out and pointed it at my face and started jerking off. He told me how hot I looked, and how my huge tits turned him on. Soon he told me he was about to cum and for me to open my mouth. I did and he put his other hand on my forehead and pushed my head back. Then he grunted really loud and shot load after load into my mouth. He zipped up his pants, turned and walked away, leaving me on my knees with a mouth full of cum. For the first time I felt used.

I choked down his cum, got up and walked to the couch and sat down. I could see myself in the mirror, and I thought I looked ridiculous. My body was still as skinny as ever, but now I had huge fake tits and nipples the size of quarters poking through my blouse. I started to cry, but then Marco came back with two glasses of wine and a big smile on his face. He handed me a glass and made a toast to me. Once again I felt loved.

Well, three weeks went by, and my boobs were still huge, but the worst thing is that my nipples were always hard. I called Dr. Pedrosa several times to ask him why my nipples won’t go down, but he never called me back. Marco said not to worry about it, and that he likes my nipples being hard all the time anyway.

Marco bought me a whole bunch of new clothes, all the bra’s he bought for me are the thin lacey type and I couldn’t believe that they were “DD” cup. They are very sexy, but my nipples poke right through the thin material, and right through all of my new tops too. Most of the tops that Marco bought me are very tight or very revealing. He also bought me all new panties, and they are all of the thong or G String type. I have never worn a thong, and they are very uncomfortable. I feel like I always want to pull my underwear out of my butt. He must have thrown away all of my other panties.

Everywhere I go people are staring at my boobs. I am very self concious about it, but Marco says I look great, and that he is very proud of me. Mom even said I look great, and that she is jealous of my boobs, and that I should be proud of them. But when I look in the mirror all I see are two huge tits, and I want to cry.

After the pain of the operation went away Marco said he wanted to fuck my tits. I didn’t really know what he meant by this, but he had me lay on my back and push my tits together. I did, and he sat on my stomach and started sliding his penis between my tits. As he thrusted his big penis between my tits he reached down and grabbed my nipples and started pinching them. I told him that it hurt, but he didn’t stop, he just kept on thrusting his big penis between my boobs and pinching my nipples.

He told me to push my boobs tighter around his cock, so I squished my boobs together really tight as he thrusted his penis between them. The tip of his penis kept on hitting my chin. Then he asked me if I liked pearl neckless’s. I was kind of confused, and thought that maybe he bought me a nice pearl neckless, so I said that yes I do. He said good, and then I felt his warm cum splashing on my neck. He looked down at me and said. There’s your pearl neckless. It took me a second, but I finally got what he meant. His warm cum was running down my neck, and I felt humiliated.

Later that day I got a letter in the mail it was from the art institute that I applied for. I was very nervous about opening it, and Marco said that we should go out to a nice dinner and open it right before dessert. I said that sounded like a good idea, and we went out to our favorite restaurant that overlooks the ocean. As usual the staff gave us the table with the best view, and as the sun set, we opened my letter. I got accepted! I was so excited that I actually screamed. Marco gave me a big hug and kiss and said he was so proud of me.

We went back to Marco’s, and made passionate love. For the first time in awhile it was very romantic, and not dirty feeling, and I had my second orgasm. I felt like I was on cloud 9. Except there was something I had to get off my chest (literally) I was scared to tell Marco, but I knew I had to, so I told him that I wanted to go back to Dr. Pedrosa and have him make my boobs smaller, and to make my nipples so that they are not hard all the time. Marco got really mad and we got into a big fight.

For the first time in our relationship I stood up for myself and insisted on it. We fought for hours, and he said that I did not appreciate what he had done for me. I tried to tell him that I did appreciate his effort, but that they were just too big. Finally about two in the morning I got a cab and went home. I tried to kiss Marco goodbye, but he just turned his head away. I cried all the way home, and cried some more in my room. I hadn’t slept in my own room in over a month, and it felt small, cold, and empty. I cried until I finally fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of moms headboard banging against the wall. The sun was shining in my room, and the clock said it was 8:30. Where do you like it Val? I heard a man shouting. Up my ass. I heard Mom reply. Oh my God. I thought to myself, Mom is back to her ways again. Well then beg for it. I heard him say. Oh Mr. Edwards, please fuck my assplease shove your big hard cock up my asshole. Mom pleaded. Well then turn over and spread that pretty little ass of yours. I heard Mom rolling over on her bed. Well ain’t that a pretty sight. He said. What kind of a slut spreads her ass cheeks for a hard ass fuckin’? Are you sure you want my big ol cock in that pretty little ass hole of yours Val? Oh yes Mr. Edwards, please stuff my ass hole with your big cock. I heard Mom say. I started to cry, and buried my face in my pillow.

I heard Mom grunt, and I knew he was putting it in her. He said how tight her ass hole was, and that he was going to fill her hot dirty hole with his spunk. Her headboard was banging and banging on my wall until he finally shouted outI’m filling your shitter with my hot spunk! Then he told her to clean his filthy cock with her mouth, and I heard Mom slurping away on him. He laughed and laughed. Manyou must really love your job. He said. Keep on sucking me until I am hard again. Mom just kept on slurping on him, and then he finally said that he was going to cum in her mouth.

The man finally left, and I could hear Mom crying in her room. I know she didn’t know I came home last night, and I didn’t know if I should go in her room or not. I finally decided to go and talk to her. I knocked on her door, and she was startled. I told her it was me, and she said to come in. She thought that I had just come home, and said she was sorry for crying, but I told her that I came home last night, and heard everything this morning.

Mom started crying some more and said that she was sorry, but that I didn’t understand. I was more sad than I was angry, and went and hugged her. I asked her who that man was, and she said it was Colin Edwards her boss at the motel. She said that he had found nasty pictures and video’s of her on the internet, and that if she didn’t let him have his way with her he was going to tell the owners of the motel, and she would get fired. Mom was crying very hard as she told me this, and I just held her. She said that she was trying so hard to be good for me, but she felt like she had no choice. She said she was sorry over and over, and I just cried and held her.

A little while later we decided that Mom would quit her job instead of letting her boss continue to use her. Mom didn’t have any money saved up, so she would have to find a job fast. I told her about my acceptance to the Art Institute, and she was so proud of me. But still we had to figure out a way for Mom to pay her rent. I told her I was sure Marco would help us until she was able to get a job. Then I remembered our argument last night. I told Mom about it, and she said that Marco was a good man, and that I should do what pleases him. This made me cry. I didn’t want these big huge tits on my chest. Everywhere I go people stare at me. I even see some people laughing like I am some sort of joke. Boys make rude comments to me, and I just have to take it. I told Mom that these huge boobs make me feel like a slut. But she kept on telling me that Marco will take care of me, and of us, and that I was just going to have to do what he says. Deep down I disagreed with her, but I knew how desperate Mom was right now, and decided I would just live with it for now.

I called Marco and appologized for last night. I told him that I do appreciate what he has done for me, and that if he likes the way I look, then I would stay that way for him. My words felt empty and fake, but he listened and said he was sorry too and that we would make up later in the day. He said he thinks I look beautiful with my boobs and that is the way he wants me. I said okay. I didn’t tell him about Mom, because I didn’t want him to think that his money was the reason I gave in.

Well, things went from bad to worse. Mom quit her job, and Mr. Edwards was so pissed that he showed the pictures and videos to Mom’s landlord. He then demanded sex from Mom or said that he would evict her. Mom said that she told him to fuck off, and he immediately evicted her. Now Mom has no job, and we have no place to live

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