Chapter two

After a long hard day from work Dave shuffles into the house the smell of garlic bread gives her secret away she made his favourite pasta. Their miniature Yorkshire Terrier Pebbles comes running down the stairs to meet him. “Hey girl” Dave say petting her fluffy brown and black coat. “Baby you’re home early” Maggie says from the kitchen “Do me a favour and grab a shower before dinner I need a couple more minutes”. “Sure thing babes, I could use it after the day I’ve had” he says undressing on his way to the washroom. The bath water was already run nice and warm just the way he likes it, stripping his work clothes off into a heap he slides into the tub of bubbles. Soaping up with his Dove body wash, trying to wash the stresses of the day off his tired but toned body he can her Maggie playing their song in the dinning room. “I wanna feel you from the inside.” He hears her singing. Remembering the first time he ever made love to her singing that line into her ear, his manhood growing in the warm soapy water reminding him more and more of their first time together. As he remissness about her hot body underneath his he begins to reacquaint himself with his tool. “Baby I’m ready for you” he hears Maggie call from the kitchen almost like a dream he releases himself and hops out of the tub. “I’m just drying off babe.” Dave responds knowing he’ll now last longer if they my love tonight. Satisfied with himself he walks into the kitchen wearing a wife beater and a pair of track pants. Stunned when he sees his beautiful wife wearing a pair of lace booty shorts and a black lace halter bent over the stove. “Hi Baby” Maggie says with an evil smile on her face, “Why do you look so shocked?” she asks while walking over to the kitchen table to put down the most amazing smelling pasta. “You look amazing” he says as he kisses he neck, his hands running down her body. “Now baby I worked so hard on this diner and you wanna skip to dessert, that’s not fair.” She says and pushes him into his chair. “I better be getting some of that later tonight then or I’m climbing over this , table and pining you right on the floor.” Dave says as he tries to control his excitement. “You will baby don’t you worry” Maggie says bending over to the oven to get out the garlic bread, showing off her tight little ass. “So how was you’re day at work baby?” she asks placing down the bread and sitting down in front of him. Pebbles hops up onto a chair and stares at them both awaiting one of them to cut her a portion. They both look at her and laugh. “it was alright, lots of shit to do as usual, my boss is a complete and total dick face but that not new either however I came home to my beautiful wife and I’m happy that that’s the usual” he says as he spoons the pasta into his mouth. “Mmm, you are the pasta queen; I have to be the luckiest man alive.” “Thank you baby” Maggie responds sipping her glass of wine.
After enjoying a wonderful diner and almost a whole bottle of wine they take a walk onto their patio cuddle up on the swing seat. Lighting a cigarette Dave puts his arm around her “Baby you must be freezing let me run inside to grab a blanket.” He says halfway through the door. He returns with the blanket that they bought together one year when they went camping. “Remember when we bought this one” he says teasingly warping it around her body. “Oh course I do, Do you remember how cold the nights got?” She teased back. “Do you remember how cold it got up there at Pinery” Maggie asked. “Not really I remember how hot the tent got before we went to sleep though” he responded. “Do you remember the prom after party” she asked and they both burst out laughing, “Man those girls were dumb” Dave half laughed half spoke. “Baby do you remember when we first started dating, there was that park by your mom’s house” he asked looking deep into her eyes. “We must have dumped a truck load of condoms in that park for sure”. She laughed and ran her hand down his arm. “No matter how much we fought about the stupid shit when we were dating I guess we always knew it would come to this, the two of us sitting on the patio relaxing before bed after a wonderful diner and a great view of your ass” Dave joked. “Your such a dork mister and if you think were off to bed your sadly mistaken because you’ve still got dessert to eat” Maggie said sticking out her tongue. They stayed out there for hours teasing each other and remembering their single days together. The air got colder and they retreated inside the house where it was nice and warm. As Maggie moves towards the dishes Dave grabs her hand “And what do you think you are doing, you made the most amazing diner, go and relax while I take care of these dishes.” He says as he kisses her on the forehead. “And don’t forget I want dessert after” he says as his hand slides down to her ass. She giggles and kisses his neck sending goose bumps down his spine, “I’m going to lay down for a bit and read while you finish up” planting another goose bump neck kiss on him she leaves the room and walks towards the bedroom. Closing the door she walks over towards the bed opening her night table she reaches in for her Alfred Sung glasses reminding herself to make sure she takes them off before Dave comes in she grabs her book and snuggles into bed. She glances up into the mirror and reminds herself that she looks like a complete dork in glasses. Maggie snuggles lower into the bed so that she can no longer look into the mirror and be the self criticizing bitch that she is known to be. Maggie turns onto her side it 10:40pm, Dave should be done soon enough so she reads a steamy part of her book where the main characters finally make love and she puts her book down and closes her eyes just for a minute. Unfortunately she drifts to sleep, after Dave finishes the dishes he walks into the bedroom noticing Maggie in those hot sexy glasses he closes the door quietly and walks over towards her he notices that she has fallen asleep. He gently removes her glasses, and tucks them away with her book he leaves the night table light on the glare making shadow on her smooth skin. He stares at her in amazement after all those years dating they were finally married. He removes he track pants and climbs into the bed beside her, he places his hand on her rear, and he begins to rub her hoping to awaken her. She snuggles into him pressing her ass into his body, but he knows this game too well she is starting to wake up, he rubs her ass a little harder and hears her body purr for his touch. “I love you baby” Dave whispers in her ear making her moan softly “I love you too baby” as she rolls over and faces him his hand still rubbing her bottom. “So are you still serving dessert or is the kitchen closed for the night” Dave says glaring into Maggie's tired eyes. “Sorry to tell you but the kitchen is closed baby, but I think the bedroom stays open all night long for you.” She rolls on top of him pressing her body against his planting a soft sexy kiss on his lips letting her tongue enter into his mouth passionately kissing him feeling his manhood grow underneath her. “All night long eh, those are fighting words baby bum, I have to get some sleep I work early tomorrow.” Dave says as he pushes her onto her back kissing her passionately. He moves down her body kissing every inch of her, watching her squirm as his goatee tickles her shoulders. Running his fingertips slowly and lightly on her shoulders sending chills down her body. “I missed you today at work” he whispers in her ear. “Really” she says “And why is that” she asks running her hands up his back. “Well only because I knew that tonight was going to be the best night ever I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day”. He reaches over to the night table and takes a sip of her ice cold water trying to build up some energy for the work out to come. “You wanna know a secret” she asks him, he nods “I really missed you too”. “You look so hot tonight baby, I can’t believe you were parading around the kitchen in that hot outfit I wanted to take you right there on the kitchen table, it’s a shame your diner’s are so good because I really wanted dessert first” Dave said rubbing Maggie's leg. “Well I’m all yours now baby” she responded as Dave got on top of her. Stripping her out of the black lace tank top Dave exposed her beautiful big breasts, her nipples perking up getting harder as he circled around them with his finger. Taking her nipple in between his finger tips he squeezed the buds pressing them hard making her moan softly. Her hand running up and down his back moving onto his arms turning her body on by the sight of his strong toned arms as Dave pulls on her already hard nipples. He moves down her body kissing her middle section, as she is distracted by the pleasure he gives her, he reaches over to the night table grabbing the ice filled glass popping an ice cube into his mouth he makes his way lower tearing off her black lace booty short hearing her moan in pleasure. He feels the heat from her warm pink centre taking his fingers he opens up her lips and taking the ice in between his lips he runs it don’t her slit. She moans so loud it was almost a scream, “Oh God baby, Dave you haven’t done that in ages”. She pants begging for more. He continues to pleasure her, moving the ice cube from his mouth to his hands rubbing it against he clit making her so wet he couldn’t tell what juices were hers or the ice cubes. He uses his finger to rub her clit while he sticks the ice cube right into her hot inviting hole. Maggie screams in pleasure her body moving out of control as she tries to contain her pleasure. He strips off his boxers hard as a rock and presses his cock right against her ass as he pulls her legs on top of his to continue pleasuring her kitty. Dave’ thumb rubbing at her clitoris, softly and slowly pleasing her until her cum drips onto his fingers. His middle finger deep in her heat bring up more and more cum rubbing it higher towards her clitoris and his throbbing manhood pressing hard against her ass his pre-cum lubricating her asshole. She was in heaven, her moans drove him mad he rubbed the tip of his bare penis against her clitoris their juices mixing, he presses into her centre harder slowly entering into her warm tight hole. He begins thrusting into her while continuing to rub her clitoris making her legs shake around him with each figure eight he made. He could feel her about to cum he slowed down teasing her, taking the time to kiss her beautiful lips. Winding her excitement down hoping to achieve a double orgasm knowing she wants his cock insider her by now so bad that she might just ram it in there herself. Pressing against her lips again with his hard cock she spreads her legs slightly allowing him deeper access, he starts her up again rubbing her clit making tiny circles driving her wild, while he penetrates her small pink hole. Dave moves his body faster into her as she screams in pleasure he feels her body tense up her pussy begins to squeeze his throbbing cock, he makes figure eights pressing hard on her swollen pink clitoris. “Cum for me baby” Dave says offering encouragement “Cum for me”. Before he could finish his last request her pussy clamps onto his cock and he feels her hot juices flowing onto his throbbing cock Dave thrusts her deeper finishing her orgasm. “Baby that was amazing” Maggie manages to moan out, panting softly. “I hope you don’t think we’re done? What ever happened to “All night long” still have a couple hours”. Dave pushes Maggie on to her front giving him self a great view of her tight little ass “You feeling kinky tonight baby?” Dave asks as he rubs the outside of Maggie's asshole. She moans softly into the pillow clenching her cheeks together. Reaching over into the night table drawer he feels around for strawberry flavoured lube, grasping the bottle he pumps a glob into his finger tips rubbing the cold lube against her egger tight opening. As he rubs more lube onto her she begins to moan for him again louder, her body feeling more intense pleasure then she can handle. Dave takes his strong hand and spreads her ass cheeks apart revealing two tight pink hole, leaning his face into her strawberry smelling body he runs his tongue against both lingering at her ass hole watching her legs shake as he gets closer. Dave moves his hand closer to her hole rubbing his finger on top of the tight area he sticks his finger inside her trying to loosen he up for his throbbing cock. Knelling on the bed behind her he positions himself for entry, closer and closer he moves toward her body, until finally his cock is pressing right against her ass hole. He presses inside her gently forcing her body to let out a loud scream. “Relax baby, relax your body for me” Dave coaches her. He presses in and out of her body feeling the pressure rising in his hard cock; he’s so close to cumming inside of her. She moans softly as her body takes in his huge dick, her tight ass swallowing every inch of his manhood. “Cum for me baby” She whispers as he pounds her tiny ass hole. “Cum for me” she says a little louder as he groans in pleasure releasing his hot cum inside of her ass. He pulls his cock out and lets the rest of his cum squirt onto her ass rubbing the tip of his head on it spread it all over her. “I hope we can have some more dessert tomorrow night” she says smiling back at him. “Maybe you won’t have to wait that long baby” Dave says as he kisses her forehead tucking her into bed. Laying there feeling the most extreme form of pleasure he thinks to himself I wonder how crazy tomorrow morning will be when she finds out I’ve taken the day off to spend with her. His eyes getting heavy, he rolls onto his side and places his hand onto her side, “I love you Maggie, thank you for the wonderful diner feast.” But there was no point he had spent her she was already sound asleep, “Sleeps not a bad idea” he whispers “Your going to need it for tomorrow that’s for sure” and he grabs his book, lying in bed half asleep he begins to welcome the well deserved sleep.

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