She's a Runner, Rebel, & a Stunner: Chapter One

Grabbing my computer and headphones, I settle under the covers, hairbrush in hand. I slowly slide my panties down until they’re around my ankles and position my brush over my clit. Plugging everything in, I hit ‘play’ and listen to sweet, blissful sounds of moaning as I watch a girl get fucked roughly by her boyfriend.
Watching intently, I feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. I give a little gasp when I gently push the end of the brush into my sopping cunny. Matching the pace of the sexy couple on the screen, I try hard not to moan my delights of pleasure. Grunting inwardly, I press my fingers rapidly against my clit, stimulating my impending orgasm even more.
Just when I’m about to explode around my beloved hairbrush, I hear knocking at my bedroom door. Acting quickly, I pull my hands away, push my legs down, and close my computer. My father peeks his head around my door.
“Can I come in?” He asks with a smile. Damn! I was so close! I shout inside my head. Outside, I smile and nod sweetly, sitting up and trying not to think of the hairbrush inside my aching cunt.
“Sure, dad. What do you need?” I wonder through my teeth. Maybe it’ll be small so I can finish.
“Nothing big, I just wanted you to know dinner is almost ready. Your mother needs you to go help her finish up.” He replies, placing his hand on my knee.
“Sure, give me a few minutes and I’ll be right down,” I smile. I sit silently, staring at him and waiting for him to leave.
“Well, are you going to get up?” He urges.
“Yes…? I just need a minute.”
My father looks at me suspiciously, but gets up and goes to the door. Looking back, he gives me a mischievous grin and yanks my blanket away from me.
My baby blue eyes bulge the size of Jupiter as I try to conceal my naked nether regions that still have a brush stuck inside and juices flowing out. My face burns bright red as my dad looks at me with disappointment and shakes his head.
“Rachel…” He sighs. “You’re just like your brother. You need to get control of yourself, or get the fuck out of my house.”
As my father storms away, I search through the piles of clothes on my floor for some pants. I grab the first pair I see and slide them on, almost forgetting about the hairbrush. I glide my hand across my nipple to see if I could finish, but the mood was gone. I reach for my lighter and my pack of cigarettes, putting the lighter in my bra. Calling for my dog, I put her on the leash, get my phone, and walk out the front door.
Halfway through my cigarette, my phone starts buzzing loudly from my pocket.
“’Lo?” I answer, blowing smoke from my lungs. God that felt good.
“Rae! It’s me, Carolina. I was wondering if you want to come over to my place? Henrik isn’t home, and we could… You know!”
I push my dark brown hair out of my face and smile. Carolina was always horny and we often fooled around while her boyfriend was away.
“Sure. Can you come pick me up at the front of my neighborhood? I have Foxy, but she can probably just chill, right?”
“Yeah! I’ll be there… In like fifteen minutes. Bye!”
I hang up the phone and take out another cigarette. Walking towards the front of the neighborhood, I light up and take a deep puff. I smile. Who cares if my parents are Mormon? Who cares if I get kicked out? Life is too fucking short.
I watch Carolina’s old car putter to a stop and I climb in.
“Hey there, gorgeous,” Carolina greets me with a smile and mashes her lips against mine. I slide my tongue across her bottom lip and smile when she shivers. As she pulls away, she pinches my nipple, causing my pussy to start dripping again. I bite my lip and look at Carolina through my lashes. I tell her the only word I could think of to stop the torture.
As soon as Carolina has her key in the door, we’re all over each other. I grab her stunning red hair in my hands and pull her face towards mine, sucking her tongue into my mouth.
Somehow making it to the bedroom, I fall back onto the bed with Carolina on top of me. My hand reaches down between us and I press against her panty-clad pussy lips. Sliding my finger along her slit, I feel her wetness growing as we writhe against each other.
I sit up and slide my shirt off, taking my black lace bra with it. Carolina latches onto my left breast and I moan loudly as she swirls her tongue expertly around my areola, teasing my protruding nipple.
I nibble along her neck as I slowly unbutton her blouse. Finally getting her top away, I squeeze her C cup breasts in my palms and push them together. I shove her skirt up her waist and dive my fingers into her panties.
Staring her straight in the eyes, I take my middle finger and roughly thrust into her. Right when I do, Carolina’s eyes seem to shimmer, as the darling blue fades to black and her teeth protrude from her mouth. She lunges for my neck and I push her off of me, jumping from the bed in shock.
“What the FUCK! Carolina, holy shit!” With the force of my push, she had fallen off the bed on the other side. Cautiously moving towards her, I bent down where I saw her feet and slowly crawled next to her. She was sitting in the fetal position, her face pressed into her knees.
My hand trembling like leaves in November, I lifted her chin up to see her face. Jumping back, I hit my head on the bed post.
“God DAMN it!” I screech, and look again at Carolina. Her eyes were still pitch black, and she had… Fangs? “What the hell are you?” I say in disgust, my first instinct to get the hell away. Carolina’s black eyes travel the distance of the floor between us and slowly reach my eyes. With a pained look and a raspy voice, she chokes out an explanation that leaves me with more questions than before.
“I… I’m a vampire.”

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