Home for holidays

i was home for the holidays after a long time away for uni and i asked my mom if i could have a couple of friends over for a party she said "yeah sure

just as long as there is no more then 15 there and no beer" i said
"yeah sure theres only gonna be 10 of us and none of us will drink" i asked if she was going to be home she said yes and then i went to bed because

of my long trip across the country to come home

the next day i woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs being cooked my room was next to the kitchen so whatever some one was cooking i would

wake up to the smell everything ( some times i wish i did'nt) but when it smelt good i would always rush to get my clothes on and ask for when it was

ready mom said"it will be ready in 15 minutes get your father up and ready" i did what my mom asked and went to my parents bedroom(thank god my

dad never goes naked to bed)i walked up to him and punched him in the shoulder and told him to wake up and he got slowly and he wasnt angry

(cause it was a game we played if one of us was asleep still the other person would hit them in the shoulder as hard as they could to wake them up)he

went to the bathroom to take a shower and i went downstairs back to the kitchen when i got there my mom was putting the plates down so she could

put down the bacon and eggs by the time my dad came down we were almost finished he told us to not eat our food so quickly my mother just said"if

you didnt take such long showers you would be here on time and we would have hot water left"my dad just laughed and sat down then he started to

eat his breakfest or close to brunch i didnt have any work becuase i was laid off from my well paying job as an acountant but i managed to pay for uni

the day went on very casualy and i just went to the bar to drink and play some pool with stangers when i got home my dad went to work and one of my

friends had came 5 minutes beforeme and left i was pretty tired when i went to bed i woke up in the middle of the night to hearing knocks on the door it

was jenny my next door neighbour about my age we always use to mess around playing games when we were younger but as we got older she

realised she had a crush on me and i realised that to but we never took it far enough until i was to go to uni and she was to the night before i went she

came over and headed for myroom she told me she wanted to talk to me when i came home from the bar before i went and i got home she was in

lingerie in my room on the bed she told me "come here i always wanted to do this since we were 17" and she stripped me right on the spot some how

like she had sharp claws that rips through shirts and she laid on my bed and how was i to pass on this oppurtinity and while i was in her about to pump

my cock into her pussy she whispered in my ear "im a virgin" and i just thrusted and luckily we were home alone because my mom went to her friends

for a praty and my dad wasw at work becuase she had a pair of lungs on her i believed the neighbours around us could hear her scream but we

fucked that rest of the night by the time i woke up that morning she was long gone this time she just wanted to say hi and she would come back


i woke up pretty late it was 12pm when i i got up i walked to the closet to get my clothes and there was a note there saying "to rob"i was facinated by

what it said on the inside of it and i quickly rembered tonight was the night of the party but just then i heard noices from my mother room my dad had

gone out for the day but i went to my mothers room and i couldnt believe what i was seeing she was masturbating right in front of me i could se it all her

pussy which i came out of her breast which i drank milk from and i was turned on by this for some reason i went back to my room to jack off to what i just

saw and i blew my laod in my hand i went to the toilet to wash my hands then yelled up to my moms room im going to the bar and ill be back at 9pm

she yelled back ok and i went out the door but this time i went to a diffrent bar more like a midday strip bar and by the time 8:30 arrive i went home and

around another 15 minutes my friends started to come over with beer and we watched the game and then it was around 10 o:clock i didnt realise but

my friends called some people up and by the time it was 10:30 we had around 30 people jsut rocking to some music pashing each other and some

people were doing nudie runs down my street later that night jenny came over i said hi and she just hugged me and kissed me on the check i said

"danm henny you look hot in that outfit" she said " rob this is my daggiest clothes " i simply just said ure still hot she blushed and went for some booze at

12 am we were all probly drunk and some how it turned to an orgy i was still sober becuase i had the ability to sober until i had around 20-30 drinks i

didnt know why i could do that but i was sure i had aorun 9 drinks and i joined in on the orgy but i forgot my mother was in her room i went up stairs and

made sure she was sleeping then i told ever one to be quick and finish up and get out before my mother woke up atleast they we able to take orders

when they were drunk they all left besides jenny she wasnt drunk she was actully sober i truns out she only drank 3 beers and she walked up to me

and said "rob you want to take this party to my house or yours " i said were already here and we went to my room and fucked i was baging the shit out

of her she was whimpering becuase she never had a guy besides me in her she always wanted to do doggy style i was into missonaire and she was

screaming her lungs out becuase i was boneing her pussy hard i keep sliding my cock occasionlyslipped into her ass and by the time she was through

her orgasm i was close to my climax and 5 minutes rolled past then i finnly came inside her lucky she said she was on thepill incase she let some one

else in her and i fell asleep with her in my arms

next morning to noices and bumps on my rooms roof and i realised it was my parents room i got up went to the closet to get my cloth on another note

was there i was from jenny it said rob last ngiht was amazing but i have to leave you im going to western australia to study send me emails when u can

xoxo when i went to make myself breakfest the noices stopped and then my mother came down in her skimpiest clothes just her bra and panties i was

really turned on by this as i remeber the day before where i had seen everything under them lucky i was wearing baggy pants to hide my erection over

my mother as the day went on i didnt want to go to the bar andmy dad went to another job he had and my mother was home she walked around all day

with the bra and panties she had on i swear she was teasing me by bending over or jumping for something on the shelf when i was around then i was

bored and i was watching some porn on the laptop and i was jacking off to lesbains and when was half waydown i heard noices behind my like little

moans i turned around to quickly find my mother masturbating she was amazed by my 9 inch cock but i quickly shyed it away and she came over to me

to see it i told her no and got rid of her panties and her bra and she told my to stick it in her and i saw she was soaking wet at her pussy i was shocked

to hear what she had said but my raging hard on stayed as i was looking she signaled me to come over to her as i did she pulled my head towards her

mouth we kissed passionately for a few minutes then she guided my cock to her pussy and i drove it in and started punding her for 5 minutes then i

flipped her and drove it in her ass she moaned loadly and she told me to go faster and faster i was surely going as fast and as hard as i could and she

was moaning loudly an she went trhought a couple of orgasms before i came inside her then she took my cock and she blew me for what was left and

i was amazed she went to her bedroom shower and i went to the down stairs shower to wash off what just happened as my holidays came to a end i

kissed my mother good bye an shoke my dads hand good bye then he punche my shoulder as i left the door and when i got back in my car i went

back to uni to find that jenny was there she said she transferred here 2 days ago and i was surprised but i was tired andi went to my dorm to sleep from

the long trip

to be continued. comment and personal message me for part 2

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