Teachers pet Part 2

I walked to the front of the class and handed my test to the teacher.

This class was so fucking boring. I couldn't wait until the next period, Mr. Charlie's class.

The dirty thought raced through my head and I got wet just thinking about it.

Just a few more minutes of class.

I sat at my desk and looked around the room,bored.

I tried not to look at the clock because if i thought about the time then it would feel like forever.

So I instead focused on my dirty thoughts, thinking about how my teacher had pounded me on his desk just last Friday.

I looked up to see if anyone was looking.

When I saw everyone was fixated on their test still, I quietly slipped my hand to the bottom of my skirt and slipped my hand up it.

I rubbed myself through my panties softly, just to get myself a little warmed up.

The bell finally rang, I jumped up and quickly walked out the door.

I practically sprinted through the hall and ran into Mr. Charlie's classroom, I looked around and didn't see him. I turned around to walk back out and BAM. Bumped right into him.

“Ms. Anderson please excuse me i wasn't paying attention” he said to me

“No problem sir, i wasn't either” i replied, i looked around and no one was in the class yet

I took my chance.

I pulled him into the class and pushed him up against the wall, closing the door.

I rubbed his cock through his pants and kissed him passionately, our tongues colliding.

Then I walked to my seat just in time for all the students to walk in.

He was shocked and just smiled and winked at me as he walked to his desk.

“Everyone take your book out and we will continue on the pages we left off” he said to the class

I took out my workbook and turned to the page, taking out a pencil so I could pretend to work.

I looked up at Mr. C and caught him staring at my breasts, he looked at me and quickly looked away. A smirk across his face.

I bit my lip and made sure no one was looking, I was at the front of the class so it was easy for me not to be noticed by the other students. And Katie wasn't here today.

I put my pencil to my lips and slid it across them, he looked at me and then went back to his work.

I began fondling my breasts quietly, while everyone else focused on their work. I quickly moved my hand from my breast to my skirt, pulling my skirt up slightly so he could see my white panties while I rubbed my clit through them, causing my panties to become damp.

He looked up and looked at me, shocked. He bit his lip and rolled back a little in his chair.

He watched my hand as i slid my finger across my buzzing clit, then i moved my panties so that i could slip my finger into my twat, not breaking eye contact while i did this.

He stared hungrily as I fingered my wet cunt, slowly, mixing my juices around my pussy lips.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and realized the boy next to me had his hand raised, he didn't seem to notice my dirty actions though. But I quickly crossed my legs as Mr. Charlie walked up to help him.

The boy went on about a problem he was stuck on, after Mr.C had helped him he looked at me for a second, as i put my finger into my mouth and sucked the juices from it with a smile.

He walked back to his desk and continued to watch me.

I slowly opened my legs again and continued to finger my pussy hole. I looked at him and noticed his hand, rubbing himself through his pants slowly. I stopped playing with myself and crossed my legs, to tease him.

I raised my hand “Uh Mr. C i need help” i said.

I walked over to my desk.

“What is it Alexis” he asked looked on my book

I began to ramble on about some stupid problem i was “stuck” on, and slowly unbuttoned my shirt slightly, so he could look down at my breasts.

“So what you need to do is try to get X by multiplying-” he went on quietly as he slipped his hand to my thigh, his other hand on my desk as he bent over to “help” m.

He continued to explain the math shit as he ran his hand up my thigh and to my panties, rubbing my clit through my soaking wet panties.

Then he slipped three fingers into my wet opening, making my let out a stifled moan.

“Do you get it now?” he asked

“Um yeah thanks” i answered

He removed his fingers and I let out a sigh as he walked to his desk. He looked up at me and slid his fingers across his lips, licking his lips.

I sighed and finished my work, waiting for class to end.

As the bell rang and people began filing out, Mr. C stood up.

“I need you to stay after class Alexis, for extra credit” he said with a wink

“Yes, sir,” I said and sat at my desk.

He walked to the door and locked it as everyone else left, by the time he turned around I was sitting on top of my desk with my legs open and my shirt unbuttoned all the way, exposing my bare naked tits and pink panties.

He smiled and walked to his desk, removing his belt as he sat down.

“You were being very bad today, you could've gotten caught” he said.

“I couldn't help myself sir, i want you so bad” i replied, rubbing my clit and breast

“Show me how bad it is,” he said.

I hopped off the desk and walked towards him. He grabbed me by my throat and pulled me into a kiss, I lifted my leg onto his lap.

“You could get into trouble, young lady” he said.

“I don't care” I said, smiling.

“I bet you like knowing that you could get caught, you like being a little slut” he said as he bent me over on his lap.

“Mmm” i moaned as he pulled up my skirt.

“Little sluts need to be disciplined, right?” he asked in a dominate tone.

“Yes,” I said in a begging voice.

“Yes what?” he asked as he spanked my ass with his belt.

I yelped at the pain.

“Yes, sir” i said biting my lip.

“You're going to do whatever i ask of you isn't that right” he said as he rubbed my ass with his free hand.

“Yes,” I said.


He spanked my ass harder again.

“Yes, sir, I mean, sorry” I said sadly.

He pulled me off his lap and pushed me onto the floor, so I was on my knees.

He tied his belt around my neck and sat back at his desk.

“Crawl baby” he told me, he smiled with a devilish grin as I began to crawl towards him.

I sat up on my knees and placed my hands on his legs, I rubbed his hard cock and unzipped his pants to release his long rod.

He grabbed his cock and smacked my cheek with it,then he rubbed the tip over my lips, I began licking the tip of his cock and he held my hair in his fist tightly, while holding the belt around my neck with his other hand.

I took his whole length deep into my throat as he forced my head down deeper, making me gag and gasp for air. He released my hair and pushed me back to the ground, stroking his cock faster and faster.

“Open your mouth for me baby” he told me

I obeyed.

He came closer to me and shot his hot cum into my mouth, then he rubbed his tip over my lips so I could savor his taste.

I swallowed his tasty cum, like the cum slut I was for him.

He smiled, pleased.

I got up and pushed him to his desk. I wanted to be in control, to show him how much I wanted him.

Then, I heard a knock at the door.


Mr.C quickly zipped his pants and fixed himself, he ran up to the door and unlocked it, to see one of his students.

“Sorry to bother you sir but i wasn't here yesterday and i have to make up some work” the boy said

“Oh yeah sure one moment” Mr.C said

He turned his head to look for me but didn't see me,he sighed and opened the door so the student could come in.

“You can sit and make up your work at your desk” He said as he handed the kid some papers

Mr.C sat at his desk, looking around to see where I could have gone. Out the window maybe?

Then he felt my hand go up his leg and he looked down to see me,under his desk. He grinned and looked up at his student, he was quietly doing his work at his desk.

I ran my hand along the shape of his cock in his pants. He looked down at me with a warning look, obviously worried about getting caught.

I smiled at him sweetly, opening my shirt and letting my tits fall loose. I began playing with them, pinching my nipples and even licking them as he watched me.

He bit his lip and reached his hand down to grab one of my breasts. He squeezed my breast firmly and flicked and pinched my nipple, I let out a quiet moan and he covered my mouth quickly.

“Are you good Mr.Charlie?” he heard his student ask

He looked up at him.

“Yup, just have to tie my shoe” he answered as he bent down behind his desk.

He bent down,still covering my mouth, and started to stroke my pussy.

I moved slightly, opening my legs wider for him. He began fingering my soaking wet cunt and used his other hand to stick two fingers into my mouth which I lightly bit and sucked on.

I could feel a wave of pleasure rush over me.

Then just as I was about to cum, he stood up and sat back at his chair, a devious grin on his face as he looked down at me.

“Im done sir” he heard

He looked up to see his student placing the papers on his desk with a smile.

“Thanks,” Mr.Charlie said as the student walked out of the class,shutting the door.

I got up from under his desk, pushing his chair back so it hit the wall behind it.

I got onto his chair,straddling him on his lap, and began furiously making out with him.

Our tongues collided and I felt his hand go into my hair and his other hand grip my waist.

“I can't wait any longer, I want you so bad” I whispered into his ear.

“How bad?” he asked with a smile.

I looked him in the eyes and slid my hand down to unzip his pants, I pulled his hard cock out and rubbed it along my opening, teasing.

He groaned and grabbed my hips, pushing me down onto his cock.

I moaned as I felt him enter my pussy, the feeling I remembered and loved.

“Fuckk” I moaned loudly.

He put his hand over my mouth.

“The door isn't locked baby” he said as i rode his cock.

“Fuck me Mr.C, Im yours” i whispered, removing his hand from my mouth and placing it to my neck.

He tightened his grip slightly around my neck and continued to fuck my brains out.

“Your so fucking tight baby, god i fucking love you” he moaned.

I rode him faster as I felt the pleasure rush through my body.

“Fuck im so close” he said as i rode him quickly.

I felt my own orgasm happen as I came all over his dick. He continued pumping in me, his orgasm coming.

Then I got up off his lap, he looked at me confused, I buttoned my shirt and pulled up my panties.

Then I walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

“That's for earlier,” I said with a smile, and walked to the door.

I heard him get up, I turned around just in time for him to push me to the wall and lift me up by my thighs so my legs wrapped around him, he moved my panties to the side of my pussy and plunged his cock back into me, finishing me off as he kissed me.

After he came inside my cunt, he set me down and placed my panties back in place.

“You really thought you could do that baby?” he said with a laugh.

I just looked at him with a satisfied smile.

“Don't ever try to do that shit again” he told me, then he grabbed my neck, pushing me into the wall as he kissed me again.

The bell rang, and he sent me out with a slap on the ass.

And now I sit at my desk, 8th period Science, with his cum inside me, and my still soaking panties.

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