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Annette and I kissed and hugged each other. As I slowly started to finger her ass hole. I was surprised that it was already wet and lubed. “So I feel that you have been busy.Was all that hard work just for me.” I said Yes, I wanted to be ready this time. I wanted you inside my ass so bad, I've been waiting for this for a long time. I just couldn't get the nerve up to do it. I told her you know I want it, and I always have. She reached back and gripped her butt cheeks and pulled them wide apart giving me an invitation. “You want some of this George?” She teased, her hips gyrating in slow, sensual circles. “Do you want to give me the ass fuck I been awaiting for?” I smiled at her and said “You know it!” I bent down and kissed her and turned her over on her side and got behind her, taking my hard dick in my hand and smearing the oozing head between her cheeks and into her asshole. I rocked forward firmly, feeling as she stretched open to accommodate my thick shaft. Oooohhh its so hot, and tight. I always loved fucking you. She made sweet moaning sounds that got louder and louder as she moved back and pushed me deeper into her hole.“Ohhhh…..God!” She moaned as she felt her body expand around me. “It’s been so long since I’ve had you in my tight ass…..and…..it feels fucking fantastic!” I eased in slowly, gently rocking to slide a little deeper with every thrust and allow her to stretch gradually to accept my hard dick. “Oh…FUCK!” I groaned as I paused for a moment. “You are so fucking tight!
“Just keep going slow baby!” She whispered. “But when you’re all the way in I want it hard and fast. I really need a good fucking until you fill me with your hot cum!” Another series of thrusts had my heavy balls slapping her ass, and then I rocked again until I finally felt them resting firmly against her flesh. “That’s it George, hmmm that feels so good fuck my ass!” She said as she smiled back at me. “I feel so completely stuffed! Now fuck me like I know you want to!” I moved her on to her back and pushed her feet up to her head. “Man, you have always been so flexible.” I was perspiring freely and seeing her with her legs up, her ass waiting for me to fuck it and her begging me to fuck her ass that she wanted it so bad, that was all the encouragement I needed, as I started sliding back until my dick-head almost slipped free, before watching her clenching muscle stretch as I thrust back in firmly. I quickly built up to a rapid pace, moving over on top of her and pounding her ass hole. Hearing Annette grunt and moan every time my balls slapped against her ass. I wished I could take her like this for hours, I continued to fuck her fast and hard. Her face was in such pleasure she was wanting it all, finally I was fucking her ass and it felt amazingI pulled out and moved her onto her knees and my dick sled in her ass hole and I pushed it to the hilt. I started to pound her ass and grab her hair. Yes, baby thats it you know how I like itGive it to me.Fuck me, Fuck me ffffuuuuckkk mmmmmeeeee..Yyyyeeeesss. Ooooooo you feel so good. Yes. She was going crazy. I was holding her tight by her hips drilling in and out of that hot hole, wanting it to last foreverloving just fucking her turned me on. I just want this to never endbut a tingling sensation in my balls sucked upward told me that simply wasn’t going to happen.“Oooo baby UGH.O god damn it !” I cried out. Moving in and out of her faster and faster “HERE…IT….COMES!” Yessss Yessss Yessss. She screamed as she felt the first burst of cum spray deep in her bowels, coating her with hot white cream as rope after rope sprayed from my dick and I continued to thrust deep into her increasingly slippery passage. She gave herself to me willingly and completely, her muscles squeezing and releasing on my shaft as she attempted to milk every last drop from my balls, until she knew she'd taken everything I had to give. I came down slow, moving in and out of her breathing hard and just wanting to lay beside her. I pulled out as cum sled down her leg and she collapsed on the bed.OMGthat was amazingI love you.

We rested for a while, holding and kissing one another. My eyes flickered open and I saw Annette smiling a satisfied smile. “Something tells me you enjoyed yourself!” She laughed. I rubbed my hand over my head and said “You think?” I replied with a huge grin and a little chuckle. “I hope you enjoyed that at least half as much as I did!” Annette smiled at me and laughed. “And then some!” She assured me. “Now how about we take a nice, long shower together, and then you can take me to get some lunch at Red Lobster. I know I’m starving, and you probably haven't had anything to eat.” Come on lets take a shower. Maybe we can do this again next week. I looked at her with a big smile on my face. Man, if she only knew what I have planned for her next time. Maybe we can get a couple of my friends in on the action. She had mentioned that she wanted to try two guys. Smile.. THE END.

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