Brown beauty

A small petite girl she was, my dear old Melanie. At times I would watch her from behind the barn, seeing her sweet ass go up and down with every step she took. Her blonde hair flowing over her beautiful white skin, making my own heart pound with excitement and longing. It was love and it was lust, so tangled was the situation that every time she came in front of me, I would get all messed up in my head and stay tongue tied. Still, every morning I woke with the same longing, and a certain satisfaction. Satisfaction of the chance to see her when I would go to deliver the newspaper to her Pa. The old man couldn't walk any more, so he paid me 100 dollars a month to do some of his manly shopping. Though I never did figure out what was so manly about getting a newspaper in the morning! Still, it was a good amount of money for running some petty errands every now and then. And it didn't bother me in the least. Specially since it meant seeing Melanie.

She used to study in the university at Sacramento. I don't really know where that is, but it sounds far away from our farms. Then her ma and pa had an accident in which her ma died, so she had to come back to the farm, leaving all her studies and college. This is something I really admire about her, for all those who go to big towns, seldom come back. But when she came back to her farm, it was the happiest day of my life.

Of course for her it was a big step back. You see, we are a small village with loads of farms and even more farmers. Hardly up to the intellectual standards of the big city. Now don't you go by the big words I use! For I have enrolled into an university that sends me material via corresspondence. I really wanted to please that girl, maybe marry her one day, so I wanted to be as intelligent as her. Alas, the way things turned out, she ran away with the butcher's son, that bloody do-nothing. And with her went all my love, leaving me with knowledge and a desire for revenge. And with knowledge I will be vengified, for today I will tell you what Melanie really was.

It was a nice day, just like summer though it was mid september. I went over to Melanie's place, as was my routine for every Wednesday, with a bottle of brandy for her old man. It must have been two in the afternoon, for the sun was very high. I went to the porch and called her name, but got no answer. So I let myself in. There was the old man, already half drunk. I kept the bottle of brandy by his side and went to the backdoor to search for Melanie, to say hello. But she was not there either. I guessed that she must have gone to the stables to feed the horses; and I made my way towards them.

I was half way through when I saw Melanie. There she was, a big white book in her hands, talking to the chestnut colored horse that I hated the most. I laughed. What the hell do they teach them in those big schools? Reading to a horse for god's sake! What next? Laughing, I continued to walk towards her. And then an idea hit me, just like that. I said to myself, "Jason, this is your chance! Lets to something innovative!" and I decided to surprise her. So I ran north, with part of the stables hiding me.

Once in position, I waited when she would turn her back to me, so that I could jump her from behind. I must have waited no more than a minute when she turned, and then to my horror bent down and reached for the darned horse's cock with her left hand. At first I thought she must be checking something. Nevertheless, there were bells ringing in my head saying, "Hold on boy, this one looks to be interesting!" So I held back and waited. And a good thing I did, or I would have missed some real good perverted action!

Melanie's hand started moving up and down the cock of the horse. Then she put down that big fat book, that she was still holding in her right hand, and bent down on her knees. The horse was already hard, his long brown cock screaming for some attention. And attention was exactly what my sweet Melanie was giving it! She put her left hand near the base of his cock and with her left hand started to masturbate the darned horse! How I wished it was me she was masturbating! It looked so good, so dirty and so perverted.

Now I am a farm boy. Out here, it is not really taboo to masturbate a horse who had not being mating. So what Melanie was doing was nothing unusual for me. Yet, the fact that this sweet blonde beauty was fucking a cock with her hands was turning me on immensely. So I took out my own little boy from my pants and started caressing it, slowly. Somehow I knew that I was in for something more, something really perverted!

And just how right I was. For hardly another minute had passed when Melanie leaned forward, and to my astonishment(though I don't think astonishment is quite the right word!) she took the horse's long cock into her mouth and started licking on it! I nearly fell off the ground that I was standing on! Somehow, I managed to remain concealed, my mouth open, my tongue hanging out. My hands were moving on my own cock faster than ever before. Someday I will tell you all about how good I came, but for now, let me describe to you in detail what my Melanie did that day!

She took the horse's cock in her mouth and licked it. Then her tongue moved around the entire shaft of that horse, as if lubricating it. Every now and then she would spit on it and then rub the spit with her hands all over its cock. After nearly two minutes of lubrication, she decided it was enough. Taking the horse's huge cock in her tiny little hands, she brought her mouth on top of it. And then she opened her mouth and put the cock head in it! I couldn't believe my eyes! There she was, so sweet and innocent, giving a fucking blowjob to a huge horse!

I have to give it to her, for all my disappointment at what she did to me, that I have never witnessed a better blowjob, to a man or to an animal! Her right hand continued to move up and down the horse's shaft, while her left hand held its heavy member steady. Her mouth engulfed the entire cock head. God it was huge! I never could have imagined that she would take it all in her mouth! Then she closed her sweet young lips over its cock and started moving her mouth back and forth.

With one hand she masturbated the horse and with her mouth she sucked it. I was feeling a sudden urge to cum, so I took my own hand off my cock for a while, but my eyes were still glued to the spectacle. By now, Melanie herself was getting quite excited, so she took off her hand from the horse's dick and then reached inside her own red dress, pulling out her left boob! How gorgeous it was! All white skin, flawless like silk, and a soft pink aerola with long pink nipples. Her hand moved over her own breast, caressing it furiously while her mouth continued to suck of the big brown horse. The horse was completely hard by now, his juices flowing into Melanie's sweet young mouth. Every now and then a trickle of wetness would slip from her mouth, painting her lovely chin.

Then all of a sudden, she took out the cock from her mouth and let it fall down. Then much to my horror she stood up. I was sure she would be able to see me. But luckily she had other ideas! Rather she took off her dress, showing her beautiful body to me! What a sweet ass she had! And her boobs! Even now when I close my eyes I can see her sweet white breasts, just hanging there, nipples hard! Her hand went to her shaved pussy, which was pink too, and started caressing it! Then she put a finger in it. A sense of satisfaction came over her face when she pulled it out and licked it with her tongue! Though I couldn't see it, I am sure she was completely dripping with her own juices!

She turned around, her back to the horse and bent forward. Her gorgeous melons falling towards the earth, her hard nipples like huge pins! Then her hand reached back towards the horse and brought its cock over her pussy. Slowly she started gyrating her clit over the horse's hard dick. My own hand reached back to my rock hard cock and I started masturbating furiously though without making a sound.

Her hand was holding the horse's dick still, while her other hand started to massage her clit. Then slowly she pushed back at its cock forcing it into her sweet young pussy! My eyes literally fell out of their sockets! Never in my dreams could I have imagined that a woman could take that huge cock in it! She pushed further and further till she could take it no more. Though till now she had been very quite, now moans were escaping those sweet pink lips. Once she had the horse inside her, she started moving her cunt back and forth on it, still holding the cock still with one hand. Her other hand was massaging her clit fervently.

As the minutes passed by her moans turned into screams. I was sure her pa could hear her, but that didn't seem to bother my sweet Melanie! Her cunt was moving over the horse's dick furiously, all the time her hand masturbating her clit. That was when I came for a second time. And seconds afterwards, Melanie screamed in wild fury and passion as her entire body shuddered. Her legs seemed to give away under her own wait as she creamed all over the hard cock of the horse! I thought I was dreaming. Because in my dreams I had seen her cum often, though even in my dreams I never imagined that I would see her cum on a horse's dick. And yet a part of me was content that she had creamed at almost the same time I did.

The fun, however, didn't stop there. She turned around and took the wet dick of the horse in her sweet mouth. With all her juices on it too! I had never seen anything so perverted in my whole long life! She started sucking the god damned horse furiously, with her hands moving up its shaft at a feverish pace. She took more and more of his enormous dick into her mouth, more than I could have thought possible. As she throat jobbed the horse, I could feel the pressure building in my own loins. I started masturbating again! Every now and then, Melanie would take the horse's cock out of her mouth and lick its head almost lovingly. Her tongue would twist around its enormous head, and then she would suck it some more. The way my sweet Melanie sucked! Even the horse could take it no more. It was whining with fury and excitement. And then it came. The bastard splattered its horse cum right in my dear Melanie's mouth.

I have never seen such a stream of cum. White stuff literally rained out of the horse's cock. So much so that Melanie choked on its cock, allowing the sperm to fall out of her mouth all over her angelic face. By the time she got up, her entire face was full of horse cum, and it was dripping down her neck and her naked boobs. She touched her face with her hands and then she put them in her mouth, licking it all until her face was a bit cleaner. Thats when I came a third time. Holy Jesus, pardon me for I have sinned. And Melanie, you too, if you read this story, I hope you will forgive me. But bitch, your fucking secret is now out to the world and I have been vengified!

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