Nurse Kate

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School was not my favourite place as I am sure it was not for most. When I was 16 my parents separated and I took it extremely hard. I gained an attitude and took to smoking weed on a regular basis. My mother in an attempt to help me to get away from my friends bad influence got a new job with a company which specialised in government relations around the world which meant we would be moving around a lot. On her first assignment we were sent to Italy it was going to be a 9 month thing and I was enrolled in an English speaking school which I was not that bothered about as it was my last year at school and there were only 7 months left of the school year.

On my first day of school I promised my mother that I would try and cut down on my use of drugs at least while I was at school and at the very least be sober for my first day of school. The school was not like any school I had seen before the architecture of the front of the building was a classic Italian style but the back was very modern and I was fascinated by it. My first class was English (my worst subject) but they were reading my favourite Shakespeare play so I was willing to pay attention. At lunch time I was greeted by people who were in my classes and asked me if I like to smoke. The second that was said my promise to my mother went out the door with a very swift kick and I followed them to the roof of the building to have a smoke and general chat. At the end of lunch I was P.E and being big into sports and still very stoned decided to throw myself into the game of field hockey and I did just that straight into a post which knocked me out.

When I came too I was in the nurses office. I had a raging headache and I felt a little sick. The school had two nurses a male and a female nurse one which operated during the day and one which worked at night as the school also boarded some of the students. The male nurse walked in and told me that I had a nasty bump to the head and that I was to stay over night. He had spoken to my mother and as she would be working late agreed for me to stay over night so I could be kept an eye on. He also told me that the female nurse would be in at 8, her name was Kate and I was to tell her if I felt dizzy and with that he left me to rest.

The hours went by slowly as I was the only one in the nurses office and with nothing to do but look at the ceiling by 8 o’clock I was ready to bust out. That was until she walked through the door. Nurse Kate, she was stunning she looked more like a model then a nurse in fact she look like dressing as a nurse was just something she did for fun. She must have been around 5`9 with long legs, small waist with C cup breasts she had dark curly hair which stopped just short of the bottom of her shoulder blade. She had blue penetrating eyes and her lips were full she wore hardly any makeup at all and she really didn’t need it and for some reason right there and then I had no desire to break out. I watched in awe as she was briefed on her one and only patient, said good night to the male nurse and as she began to walk over to me my heart started pounding in my chest, it beat so hard I thought I was going to break out. She walked and sat herself on the side of the bed “hello Emma…” my heart skipped a beat when she said my name, her accent was strong and sexy “…. would you mind if I checked you over?” it took me a few seconds to reply, to get my breath back before I could speak “please do” my voice was weak and I felt like an idiot after saying it. I didn’t know what was going on I had never been made to feel like this by anyone and this woman was making me feel things, made me want to do things I had never thought about doing with anyone let alone a woman! I laid there in silence as she took my temperature, flashed a light in my eyes and took note of my heart beat which was effected by her being so close to me. All the while using every fibre of my being to stop myself acting on the impulses that were trying to take over me. When she was finished she smiled at me and brought herself close to me and whispered in my ear “if you need anything, if you are feeling dizzy just call me…….. I will make you feel better” and with that she got up and went to her little desk.

For an hour a laid there feeling confused, not by how I was feeling that I knew by now I wanted her fact! but by what she had said. I could not tell if what she had said was her getting her English mixed up and she meant something else or if she was coming onto me. After thinking about it for a while I decided that if I didn’t have her I just might die. I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed I and I noticed I was still in my P.E uniform which was shorts and a very tight fitting t-shirt. I opened my mouth and called her over.

My heart began to beat heavily as she walked towards me she walked up to the bed and whispered into my ear again “what is the matter? Are you feeling dizzy?” I could feel myself getting very hot and very wet and decided I had to be strong and just say what I wanted to say. She didn’t leave my ear as if she was waiting for me to say something. I opened my mouth and spoke clearly as possible “ Nurse Kate I know we have just met but I want you!” she didn’t move and spoke again into my ear “what do you want from me?” I took a deep breath, raised my hands and took her face in my hands and moved her so she could see my face before I spoke again “I want you as a lover! I want you to fuck me and I want you to fuck me now!” I didn’t think I could be anymore clear and I hoped she got it that time.

She placed her hands each side of me on the bed and smiled then she kissed me with her full lips. She kissed me so hard that if I was not holding onto her and if she didn’t have her hands on the bed for support we would have fallen backwards. She then pulled away and looked at me “are you sure that this is what you want?” I looked at her and let go of all my inner restraints. With my hands still holding onto her face I got off the bed and pushed her up against the wall, my body was crushing up against hers my face set with what looked like anger then my face changed and became soft I pulled her face towards me kissed her tentatively before pulling back and saying “more than anything in the world” she let out a little growl as she rolled me up against the wall she grabbed my hands and pinned me she moved closer teasing me by pretending to go to kiss me then not I let out a growl of my own in frustration and she giggled. She let go of my hands and we began taking each others clothes off. My hands fumbled as I tried to unbutton her blouse so I resorted to just ripping it off her. She stopped undressing me and looked down at her now button less blouse, put her hands on her hips and then said “that was my favourite blouse!” I gave her a sheepish little grin “sorry” she smiled and then took it off along with her bra and panties before dropping to her knees. She took the front my panties with her teeth and pulled them down over my arse and I slipped out of them and with a flick of her head she through them across the room. I stood there as I watched her slowly kiss my stomach, up between my cleavage and then stopped once she reached my neck. She took my hands and lead me back to the bed where she laid me on my back before climbing on top of me. She sat on my stomach and I could feel her cool wet pussy lips pressed against me. she was completely shaven which was exactly how I kept myself, I took my hand to feel just how smooth she was. As I did that she let out a little moan, almost in shock I looked up and was in awe of her body. Her tits were pert I raised my hand and started to play with her nipples they got hard very fast and every now and then she gave out a little moan of pleasure. I could feel her getting even wetter and so was I she moved her body so she was laid next to me on the small hospital like bed. With her hand she gently drew a line down the middle of my body I quivered as she did so and I wanted her in me more than anything. Her hand continued down me till she met my throbbing wet pussy she slowly went between my legs and I stared at her longing for her to fuck me “fuck me…… please I can’t take this anymore! I need you! I want you!” I held her face and forced her to look me in the eyes. She kissed me softly on the lips and whispered gently just inches from my lips “as you wish my love” my face flushed bright red when she said those words and I moved my hand to her neck and pushed myself onto her beautiful full lips. In one swift move she thrust two fingers inside of me I gave out a scream and she paused for a second once she saw that my scream was pleasurable and not because of pain she began to push her fingers in and out of my throbbing pussy. Both sets of my lips clung to her and refused to let go. I stopped kissing her and wrapped my arms round her I started to writhe with pleasure and I bit down on her shoulder she moaned and she seemed to be having fun she continued to fuck me and I was thrusting to try and get her fingers deeper into me. All of a sudden I began to feel hotter than I had felt before my thighs felt as though they were on fire and I had this feeling between my legs so strong that I began to shake hard. The feeling got stronger and I screamed as I started to orgasm. My entire body was shaking and it felt amazing, she slowly removed her fingers, unwrapped my arms and slowly started kissing down my body. She began to kiss my inner thighs and then she started licking my pussy slowly as I continued to convulse beneath her and every time she touched my clit I would moan louder. Soon the convulsions slowed down and she came and laid next to me. She began to kiss me and I could taste myself on her tongue. She stopped kissing me and looked at the clock on the wall and jumped up “we will have to continue this later my love as I am expecting my husband to come tonight……” she kissed me passionately “now get under the covers and pretend to look a little like you have just had sex” she smiled at me but I was still in shock over the husband revelation and she had to do it for me as she hurried round the room making sure there was no evidence of what we had just done all the while getting dressed but instead of putting her blouse with the torn buttons back on she put my t-shirt on she turned around once all was correct in the room “I didn’t mean for this to happen I have never believed in love at first sight until I met you. Baby I’m sorry I know that you must be in shock but just say you will let me explain in full about my marriage once he has left?” she looked at me with desperate eyes and what she had just said about love at first sight was the same for me too. I did love her, no I WAS in love with her and it was at first sight after a brief pause I answered “yes I’ll listen” she smiled and then the door opened and he walked in………………….

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