Summer Discovery

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It was almost seven. I pulled up to your house and waited. You knew I was coming and you were always so prompt so I knew you would be out at any moment. Just as I was shutting off the car and getting out, I heard your front door open. As I looked over, you emerged from the darkness of your front room and out the door. You looked absolutely stunning. White little shoes, adorably adorning your little feet. I'm not sure what they're called, I only know they look like slippers and they fit you very well.

Moving my eyes upward, your shapely and seemingly freshly-shaven calves catch my eye. Your legs have always had a way of driving me completely wild. Continuing upward, my view is cut short by the bottom hem of your skirt, just above your knee. Navy blue, it flowed smoothly and fluttered freely against the light breeze. My eyes lingered on your skirt longer than they probably should have as my imagination wandered openly. I bring my mind back to the moment and examine the rest of your outfit.

Your shirt was a tight-fitting baby blue tank top. It hugged the slight curve of your waist perfectly. I smile slightly and continue upward, seeing the way the shirt hugs tightly against your bra and breasts beneath. The collar on the shirt cuts very low, allowing me a very good view of your beautiful neckline. The last piece of your outfit is a snug cut-off white jean jacket. The whole outfit looks incredible, not that you need anything added to your beauty. Finally, I look to your face. It's no secret to you how long my gaze has wandered on your elegant form. You smirk. Ah how I enjoy your smile.

You come off the porch and down to the car. I come around to open the door to the car for you. You thank me and get in the car, as I come around to the driver side to join you. I start up the car, crank the A/C since it's still pretty warm outside, being late June, and away we go.

"Where are we going again?" you ask.

"Haha, yeah right. You know I've been preparing this surprise for you for weeks now." I reply.

You feign a pouting face before quickly returning to a smile. We make small talk on our drive, about little things, keeping the mood light. I turn out a country road, and a look of slight confusion takes over your face. I can see the wheels spinning in your eyes as you try to figure out where we are going. The road it bumpy gravel, but the scenery is beautiful and you enjoy it thoroughly. After roughly another forty-five minutes, we reach our destination. Well, lack of destination is more accurate.

For all intents and purposes, it appears we have just pulled alongside the road next to a random field. At least I know, it's anything but random.

"Would you like to go for a little walk before our date?" I ask.

"Um sure, but doesn't this seem a little out of the way for a walk?" you respond.

"I don't know, something about this field just speaks to me. Come on, it will be fun." I say, extending my hand toward you.

The confusion has now fully taken you over, but you always were the curious type, so you return the smile and take my hand. We begin walking for a few minutes before coming to a hill in the field. We climb to the top of the hill and upon reaching its crest, you finally see it. In the distance, with a large lone tree sitting in its center, you gaze upon a field of wild flowers bigger than you've ever seen before. You stare, wide-eyed and slack jawed on the magnificence of nature, taking in the scenery. Under the tree you see something. At this distance, all you can see is its silhouette.

"Would you like to go see what it is?" I ask.

This snaps you back into reality. You nod, and we decide to descend the hill toward the flowers and tree. You stop several times

along the way to smell miscellaneous flowers and to just marvel at the sheer number of them. The colors astound you. The reds and oranges and yellows, even the odd blue flower every now and then. I see how much you are engrossed in this moment and it makes me smile. We get close enough to the tree for you to finally figure out what the silhouette is.

A table. A table and two chairs, made of rod iron sitting under the giant oak. Upon the table is a table cloth, two candlesticks with candles adorning them, and a picnic basket. Rubber-banded shut to keep the wind and wildlife away.

"Welcome to our date sweetheart" I announce, throwing my arms out to the sides, presenting this setting to you.

"Oh my, really?!" you exclaim with a great amount of surprise.

I simply nod and smile, moving over to the table to pull one of the chairs out for you. You oblige and come over sit down. I push your chair in underneath you and move around to the other side to sit myself. I remove the band from the basket and begin to empty its contents on the table.

Small fingerling sandwiches are the first thing I bring out. Next I remove a large assortment of fresh fruits: grapes on the vine, strawberries, bananas, peaches, and a few pears. Finally, I withdraw a couple bottles of water for us to drink.

I pocket the rubber band and place the basket on the ground beside the table. I begin to eat my sandwich and try to make small and friendly conversation. Unfortunately for that cause, you are still too enthralled by the location of our dinner date. The smell of nature, the peace and quiet of nothing but the wind, the warm setting sun on your face. You close your eyes and smile, knowing you are more at peace than you've ever felt before.

"I'm glad you like it" I say.

You open your eyes and see me smiling back toward you. Near speechless, you muster up the few words that can come into your mind.

"It's amazing! How did you ever manage to pull all of this off?"

"For you? Please, this was nothing compared to what I would do to try to impress you." I say.

Now that you were back in the moment with me we began eating together and making conversation. I have for a long time now been comfortable talking to you about any topic we have been able to come up with. The topics are usually light, but we always move from subject to subject rapidly and fluidly, adapting and changing so fast an outside onlooker would swear we were simply reading each other's minds. We have been so compatible for the entire time that I've known you. After our sandwiches we move on to the fruit.

"I have an idea" you say.

You reach across the table and press a white grape to my lips. I open them slightly and allow it to pass into my mouth. It makes you smile and I take a card from your own idea. I pick up a strawberry and hold it under your nose so you can take in the aroma. Then I gently use it to caress your lips before sliding it past them for you to take a bite. Juice from the strawberry runs out of the corner of your mouth. I catch it with my finger, wipe it from my chin, and bring it to my own mouth. Sweet and delicious.

We go on like this for some time longer, you feeding me, me feeding you. Aside from the subtle moans under our breath of sensuality. We finish up the food and are both satisfied we have had enough to eat. At this point, the sun had settled just above the horizon, angling the light just so that it makes the field of flowers look as though it is glowing.

"I will be right back darling." I state.

I leave you temporarily while you bask in the glorious sunset. You are swept up in the moment and the beauty of nature. Before long I return. In my hands, held together with the rubber band from the basket, I present you with a dozen brightly colored and assorted fresh cut flowers.

"These are for you sweetheart."

"Wow, thank you!"

You take the flowers and bring them to your face.

I sit back at the table with you and we sit in silence for a little while longer, but as it gets darker and the sun has gone completely, you speak.

"This has been amazing baby, really. I wish this day would never end but shouldn't we be getting back to the car before it's too dark to find our way back?" you ask.

"What?" I ask, confused. "Ohh, you seem to be under the understanding that our date is over."

I smile. You look confused again, but the look doesn't last. I pull my chair out, stand, and withdraw a few items from under the table that were hidden by the tablecloth. A flashlight to light our way back to the car, a lighter to light the candles so we have evening ambiance, and a thick, soft blanket. I spread out the blanket in the field, light the candles and share with you my plan.

"Our date can't conclude without a bit of romantic stargazing can it?" I say.

I remove my shoes and lay down. You're all too quick to remove your slippers and lay on your back beside me, staring up at the sky. As it grows darker, the stars begin to come out. We never see views like this back in the city, which is why it was important to me that we got to enjoy this together. In the darkness, you reach over from where you are laying and take my hand in yours. You squeeze it tightly and I get the feeling that this is a strong and emotional moment for you. Without breaking your gaze with the sky, you speak.

"This is It's simply indescribable. It's like this moment was made just for us. I want you to know that there is nowhere in the world I'd rather be than right here, right now. I want you to know that there is nobody I'd rather be with in this moment than you. This is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me."

Your powerful words speak to me. I bring my field of view down to look at your lovely face. In the dim light, I see little more than your silhouette. What I do see though is your barely lit face, with a single tear running down the side of your face. That was it. This is the moment. After this moment I realized that things would never be the same. You see me just staring at you, looking like I'm just about to say something.

"Is everything ok?" you ask.

"I, uh. Heh. I just realized something" I stammer.

"Haha, what is it?"

"I love you."

You go quiet, wide-eyed. Then, suddenly, tears come pouring forth from your eyes and you weep quietly.

"Oh god oh god, I'm sorry!"

I panic, not thinking.

"No, it's not that. I've just waited so long to hear you say that!"

With that, before you give me any time at all to process, you press your lips tightly against mine, with a passion I have not felt from you at any time before. Your hands move to the back of my head in an attempt to draw my face even closer to yours. I respond to this by wrapping one arm under and the other on your hip, pulling your body against mine. My legs intertwine with yours and our bodies share heat as there is not an inch gap between us.

Your tongue parts your lips and presses against mine, feverishly desperate to enter. I put up no hesitation or struggle and kiss you with every ounce of energy that you have poured in thus far. Our tongues dance like the flames of the candles dimly lighting the scenery around us. In our moment of desire a small amount of your hair falls into your face and I quickly reach up from your waist to brush it behind your ear and caress your face in the process.

Every time our lips meet your kiss sparks a wildfire in my mind of emotion, and in this moment the visceral feeling is so tangible I can feel its heat in my face and body. The feeling overcomes me and I can't help but moan softly into your mouth which does nothing less than drive our already passionate moment completely wild. It is at this point that you release my head and claw at my shirt like some sort of fevered animal. I too release my hand from your face and use it to reach down to your smooth and silky legs.

You excitedly work to undo the buttons on my shirt, all the while I'm delicately, slowly, intentionally running my fingertips down your leg to the knee and back up to just under the hem of your skirt. I feel you getting goose bumps under my fingers knowing that my slight action alone is turning you on immensely. You finish with the last button and force the shirt off my shoulders and down my arms, leaving only my white undershirt on.

You grab hastily at the collar to my shirt and use it as leverage to pull my face back to yours so that we may continue our session of sensuality. Feeling your lips pressed back against mine, I now palm the skin of your mid-thigh. I can't resist the temptation and move my hand slowly up your leg until I feel the edge lining of your boy shorts. I'm in no hurry, so in this pass I move my hand over top of them until I am palm centered on your tender supple ass. I squeeze with my fingers and massage circles in your warm and smooth skin.

Both of your hands are also hard at work. One pulling at the collar of my shirt still with the need to keep my lips locked against yours. The other, pushing against my chest, clawing at me in a fit of passion. I grope your skin more firmly and you claw even deeper at mine all the while our tongues seem to find ways to explore even deeper into each other's mouths. By now we are both making plenty of subtle noises into each other unable to keep our emotion within us. After some time we must break our kiss, this time for no reason more complex than our biological need to breathe.

I open my eyes to see nothing but pitch black. Our moment lasted long enough for the candles to burn down to the stubs and finally fizzle out. There was also no moon tonight, an oversight that I had not counted on but was thankful for all the less. Now this moment was completely pure. Nothing but pure love in the darkness below and no light but pure starlight in the skies above. I can't see you but I look to where I know your face to be and smile, because I can feel you looking back at me.

Even through the darkness I can feel your eyes piercing mine, staring into the ocean of my soul. You sail across it on a ship that is the key to my heart and you now know that it is yours to have, to hold, and to explore. You make the cutest little giggle, coming from a place of pure bliss, and sit up. You pull me up into a sitting position with you and place the gentlest of kisses on my cheek. My right hand is still on the midriff of your stomach on your right side. In my excitement and need to feel you I had pulled up your shirt far enough to expose your navel a skin-to-skin feel of your body.

You search for my other hand in the darkness, finding it not far from the leg I had been rubbing before. You place it on your stomach on the same position of my other hand but on your left side. You place your hands over mine and begin to guide them upwards before releasing, hinting at what you want from me. I don't need to be told twice so I begin tugging, pulling, peeling the shirt from you skin all the time making sure I feel every inch of your magnificent body.

You raise your hands toward the sky and I slide the shirt over your head and arms, tossing it aside. You return the favor by placing your hands on my stomach, bunching the bottom of the shirt in your fingers and raising it slowly from the front. You do it this way so that your fingers can linger as they run over my abs, continuing upward, and pausing again on my pecs. You get it over my head and toss it to somewhere off in the darkness.

We spend a few minutes caressing, touching, and feeling each other's near bare torsos before you pull away again. I make out what you're doing by the sounds you're making and know that you've moved to stand. I hear a zip and a shuffle and figure out that you're removing your skirt. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I lean my upper body toward you. You gasp. It was in this moment that I realize where my face was in relation to you and that you could feel my hot breath on you through your very sheer panties.

I don't move my face an inch nor do I make any sounds. I simply bring my hand up and run my fingers from just above your knees up to the outsides of your thighs. I blow lightly against the fabric causing you to sigh and shiver, bringing back the ever familiar goose bumps on your legs. I lean forward slightly more and lay one soft kiss directly on the center of the damp cotton. You quake so hard that I feel your legs might give out. I would never let you fall, but I still allow you to regain your composure.

I rise to my feet as you lower yourself back into a seated position and I begin to follow suit by removing my pants. You follow the belt line of my pants down with your hand, stopping abruptly to massage my fully erected package. Using just the tips of your fingers, you rub its full length and let out a barely audible moan. Your actions and sounds are more than enough to send a strong shiver down my spine.

After you've had your fun you run a single finger from its base to the tip before letting it drop off. I return to the ground with you and within seconds our bodies are firmly pressed against one another once again. Now, instead of kissing, we let our animalistic nature take over. I kiss your jawline. You bite my collarbone. I lick a small line up your neck toward your ear. In the heat, our minds go blank and our urges take over.

I reach behind you and unclasp your bra in one motion and you don't miss a beat shaking it off and letting it fall to the ground. I take this chance to bring one hand to your unbelievably perky breasts. As I graze my hand across them, I feel your erect nipple standing proud against the cool night air. I give your breast a passionate squeeze and a pinch directly on your hard nipple. I disappoint you for a moment by removing my hand, only to place both of them around you on your firm, sexy butt.

I pull you closer and lift you on to my lap. Now we are almost as close as we can possibly be. This brings your tits almost level with my face and I can't miss the opportunity to suck one directly into my mouth. You let out a squeal that turns into a moan as I not only suck but also bite on your tender breast. You grasp at the back of my head and push me deeper into your bosom.

You begin to gyrate your pelvis against me. I respond by thrusting my hardened manhood back into you. We moan out into the night like animals in heat. After several minutes of continuing on like this you pull me, by the hair, back away from your chest. You then pull my head toward yours, where you thrust your tongues back down my throat. It doesn't last as long as I'd like, though it never does, before you withdraw yourself and raise yourself off of me momentarily before returning.

Slightly confused, I simply go back to the task I was performing, kissing your chest all over. I realize the difference though when my hands return to your soft hips, where I find that there are no longer panties standing between you and I. Not wanting anything between us, I give you a light tap on the ass, signaling you to raise yourself for a few seconds. You oblige and raise yourself. As you do, I swiftly remove my boxers out from underneath me. You lower yourself back onto me and, though nothing penetrates we still both feel completely connected.

I can feel your intense wetness rubbing against me as sexually and personally as you can feel my rigid stiffness pressed firmly against you. You press the side of my head against your chest and breathe heavily as your hips move rapidly back and forth against me. I hear your heart racing rhythmically at a rapidly rising rate. We continue like this until suddenly your body tenses, you squeeze my head and neck, and become very stiff, moaning into my hair.

You pant as you come down from your orgasm and loosen your grip on me. This time I pull your face to mine and whisper in your ear.

"The first of many, I assure you"

"Ah ah, the second actually, ah ah ah."

You rapidly try to catch your breath, and then continue.

"I don't know how you did what you did with your breath earlier but it's like nothing I've ever felt."

This makes me smile again and I ask.

"So are you ready to ride or do you need a few more minutes to gather yourself?"

"Oh fuck no, I've never been more ready for anything in my life!"

"That's my girl."

You stand, allowing me to get into position and lie down, and come down to straddle me again. You lower yourself onto me, but not allowing me to enter you yet. You press the full length of your body against mine, trapping my hard cock between us. I feel your breasts on my chest, your legs on my legs, your kisses on my face. Every action you take only furthers my lust and deep seated desire to have you.

We kiss again, every time being just as passion filled as the first time it happened. You're lost in the moment, so I take the advantage. Grabbing you by the hips, I pull you up just enough to line us both up, letting my aroused member spring up to the entrance of your wet womanhood. When it's in just the right position, I press lightly on your shoulders and raise my hips at the same time. Just the tip enters you, but it's still enough for you to break our kiss and moan into the evening air. You lean back down, put your hands on my chest, and kiss my nose.

Then, you press against my chest to raise yourself, sliding more and more of the length of my cock inside you. The higher you go, the louder and more into it you get. Your amazing tightness feels so good wrapped around me and with every inch of me you impale yourself with, I get closer and closer to reaching my peak of ecstasy.

Finally, you're fully upright and lower yourself to the base. At that moment we both let out earth shattering moans of pleasure. We fit so well together, like two perfect puzzle pieces.

You throw your arms up and run both of your hands through your hair. I look up at you. Your silhouette, painted across the night sky. Your beauty, outlined by the stars, gives you the look of some mythical constellation. Time slows as you seductively move, rocking your hips. I see the outline of your breasts on the stars, bouncing elegantly. I reach up to take one in my hand, leaving the other hand on your hip to aid you in your movements up and down.

Your breast is so soft, your skin so smooth. You feel like you're made completely of silk. Our moans have devolved into screams of excitement. We scream, we yell. We experience more elation than either of us thought was attainable. You rise off of me and fall back down, gently at first, then becoming more rapid. Your breathing and moans become louder the faster we go. As you get rougher in your movements, I begin to thrust back against you with more force. I need you against me in this moment. I lean up into a sitting position, and with you pulled tight against me, begin grinding against you once more.

Sitting in my lap, still bouncing, I can feel your breath on my neck. I hear you moan, like little whimpers, and I drive my full length in and out of you. I can feel you getting close to coming yet again. I speed up my movements. My mind begins to go hazy and I know I'm getting close myself. I roll my hips so that my full length withdraws from your depths, before plunging it all back into you. After only a few of these, you are at full volume moaning, shouting, and wailing my name with vigorous intensity. A few more long and drawn out strokes is all it takes for either of us.

Our lips come together, and you bite down hard on my bottom lip. You scream through your teeth as you cum, your sweet pussy clamping down on me with everything you have. I can't hold in any longer and I release inside of you simultaneously, pouring seemingly endless amounts of cum deep inside of you. I moan right back to you, matching in both intensity and volume. In this perfect moment, the two of us under the stars, you would swear our pure love alone could have given birth to a brand new star in that sky.

I no longer possess the strength to keep myself upright and fall back to my back on the blanket. You seem to have even less energy. I swear you're barely holding on to consciousness as you too collapse, but at least have me to cushion your fall. I hold you tightly, making sure you're alright. When you've regained a little strength, I allow you to roll off onto your side and I lay your head on my chest. Now it is you who hears the pace my heart is keeping. I hold you and you hold me as well. We stare up into the sky together.

"You were right." I say.

"About what?"

"This moment. But this moment isn't just for us, it IS us. This darkness is like that which my heart lived in before you came along. The sky, full of stars, is like the hope you brought into my life. Like the infinite possibility of what you and I are capable of as long as we are together. It's like all we have to do-"

"Sweetheart?" you interrupt.


"I love you too"

You say it with such adamant conviction, cuddling yourself deeper into my chest. A statement so simple. So powerful. A statement that would change my life, for the better, forever. I knew that I was in love with you, and there was not a single doubt in my mind that you were just as in love with me. I know I will never have to question, never have to suspect that you mean it, that you feel it any less than I do. It is pure. It is us. It is love.

We lay, staring at the stars. How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? This moment was us, our own little world, and I too wished it could last forever. Unfortunately, we know that it is time to go. I loosen my grasp on you, so that I can lean over and give you yet another kiss. Using the flashlight, we gather our clothes and get dressed. I stow the candlesticks, blanket, and basket back under the table, assuring you that I will be back to get it later.

"One last thing. Can you hold the flashlight for a minute baby?" I say.

I withdraw a pocket knife from my pants.

"Sure, but what is that for?"

"Just something quick I want to do before we leave." I respond.

While you hold the beam of the light on me, I take the knife and head over to the tree. Once there you see me making some motions against the bark, and a few minutes later, I come back.

"What was that all about?" you ask.

"Oh, just something for the next set of lovers who are lucky enough to find this place. And something to remember us by" I say.

"Always the romantic, one of a thousand things I love about you." you exclaim.

"I love everything about you sweety. I'm in love with my best friend" I say.

I adorn a more genuine smile than I have ever had before. I take the flashlight back from you and we walk, hand in hand, back through the field from where we came. Though we are long gone, the night passes and the sun rises in the east all the same. With the morning comes sight back into the world and the morning sun hits the big oak tree, revealing what I had carved:

On this spot, the flint of passion and the steel of understanding sparked a brand new wild fire of love into the world. Love prevails.

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