Stranger in a Bar

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I was driving Home from my friends house late at night and was horny as hell. I decided to stop at a bar to see if I could find some nice girls. I stopped at a bar that iv never seen before it must have just opened up. I went in sat at the bar and ordered a beer. I sat an sipped on my beer and started to scan the room for someone I was attracted to. To my disappointment I found no one Interesting so decided to turn back around and enjoy my beverage. Just then I hear a voice to my right ordering a drink. I looked over and my jaw dropped. It was a older woman who appeared to be 35 or so. She had blonde hair and some of the biggest most beautiful tits iv ever seen, I could tell they were double d's or bigger. What she was wearing made her ten times sexier. She had on a black short skirt, black heels, and a white button up blouse that was being stretched out by her large tits. I could feel the blood rushing to my dick and felt my dick start to harden. I just had to have this sexy stranger. I chugged my beer and walked up towards her direction. When I got close to her I reached behind her pretending to grab a napkin off the bar. I felt my semi hard dick press against the back of her leg. I know she had to feel it and just the thought made my dick harder. She turned around to see who was behind her. When she did I saw the most beautiful greenish blue eyes ever. I found my self stuttering on my words but finally I managed to utter out an apology. She had a angry look on her face then I watched her eyes look down. I looked down to see what she was looking at. You could see the outline of my dick through my sweatpants with a wet spot at the tip. The way it was angled it ran down my leg. I looked up at her and she was still looking down at my dick. Just then she licked her lips and I felt my dick twitch which caused her to giggle. I cleared my throat to get her attention which seemed to get her out of her trance. She started blushing and tried to apologize but I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were so soft and I felt her tongue slide in between my lips and I gladly sucked on the tip of it. I pulled back and her eyes looked glazed and her breathing was a little heavier. What she said next shocked me. She told me I was the first black man she has ever kissed. Knowing this I felt a little accomplished and thought I just had to fuck her. I took her hand and started pulling her to the dance floor in the bar. I didn't know what song was on but it didn't really matter but she seemed to like it. She turned around and started grinding her ass on my hard dick. I could smell her scent because she was so close to me and it was intoxicating. I grabbed her hips and started pushing my black dick into her ass. The bar was pretty dimmed lit so I was confident noone would see what we were doing. I looked around to make sure anyways and everybody seemed pretty occupied and busy so I kept grinding my dick into her ass. After awhile I couldn't take it anymore and reached down and pulled me dick out and pushed it under her skirt. I felt her stiffen up and stopped moving. My heart started pounding and I thought I ruined my shot with this sexy woman. To my amazement she spread her legs a little and my dick slid between her thighs and resting up against her pussy. The heat coming off her pussy was incredible and felt so good. She started rocking back and fourth and my dick started rubbing against her pantied cover pussy. My dick started leaking pre cum and I could feel the insides of her thighs getting slippery from it. My cock must have been rubbing against her clit because everytime it slid forward she let out a moan. I started to thrust a little faster and I accidentally pulled back to far. When I pushed back forward I received the shock of my life. I clef my dick head being surrounded by something warm and amazing. It took me awhile to realize what happened but it finally clicked. My dick slide inside her pussy. Since she still had her panties on I could only push in about a inch or so. By this point she had stopped moving and I was the only one thrusting. I kept this up for about 2 minutes until I felt a hand grab my shaft. I thought she was going to stroke me but instead she pulled my head out of her pussy. She looked back and told me to push. Being a good boy I did and almost fainted. I felt like my dick had it's own personal little oven. She had pulled her panties to the side and when I thrust forward my dick sank deep into her pussy. It was so hot and tight I just sat there and enjoyed the sensation. Just then a song came on that I recognized and I decided to have some fun. I started thrusting my hips to the beat and rhythm of the song. It started of slow and easy so my dick was slowly sliding along the walls of her pussy. I could feel every ridge of the inside of her pussy. I leaned into to whisper into her ear. Do you like the way this strangers big black dick is making you feel? She opened her mouth to speak but I pushed my dick in her as far as her tight pussy would let me. The only thing that came out her mouth was a long moan. I laughed and said I'll take that as a yes. And she started giggling. I let out a moan her giggling caused her pussy muscles to squeeze and let go of my dick. The song started to speed up and so did my thrust. Over and my dick pounded against her pussy. I could feel her juices running down my balls. The song ended which made me realize where we were. I looked around the bar to see who saw what we were doing. And sure enough there was a older couple in a dark corner of the bar looking over at us. The woman had her partners cock out and was stroking it up and down. His head was back but she was looking directly at us. I leaned in to tell the the woman we had an audience. She looked over at the couple and I felt her pussy get wetter. The lady waved at us and I knew she really was looking at us. This drove me crazy and I needed to cum. I grapped my womans hips and started pounding her pussy. I gave her long hard thrusts while we both watched the woman stroke her partners dick. I wasn't going to last long so I asked her where she wanted me to cum. She answered with what I wanted to hear. " shoot your hot black baby batter deep in my white pussy" I didn't need to be told twice so I started fucking faster. If the music wasn't playing I'm sure everyone would of heard the smacking sounds of us fucking. I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to cum. I pushed in deep and let my cum go deep in her pussy. Just then her pussy clamped down on my dick and I knew she was cuming too. Every time her pussy clamped down on my dick I shot another spurt of cum in her. Her pussy contractions were milking my dick. I looked up and saw the wife licking her hand and knew the man must have came too. My dick softened and slid out my womans pussy. Just then the man from the couple got up and headed torwards the bathroom and the girls was walking towards us. When she was were we were at she reached in between my womans legs and pulled a cum covered hand out and started licking it clean. She gave us her number and said if we ever wanted a threesome to just call her and she would be on her way. Then walked off to the bar. I looked at my blonde and ga be her a deep kiss. We exchanged numbers but never gave each other our names. She said it turns her on so much more knowing that I'm a complete stranger. And with that we both left the bar.

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