Best dayy

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on a cold winter night laying in bed, looking at the celling in my bedroom, i find my self thinking about Alex. Alex, the kid i love, i think about him every day and night. I find myself thinking about him in ways no other person would. What i would like to do with him, what i want to do, but i know i would never go that not even with the guy im in love with. Why? All my past ralationships have ended after ive had sex with the dude. I cant stand just thinking about him. I needed him here, i want him here badly.

I hear my phone go off. Not really caring who it is i look at the phone and i see thats its my best friend Paige. I havent talked to her all day. She wants to make planes this weekend. Im cool with that. I text her sure and then i go back to laying on the bed. I wish alex would call me or text me. By the way, Alex is a kid that i like. I dont think hee likes me. Ive only been talking to him for a couple of days and i can us together for a long time.
My phone gose off again. I hope its not Paige. I dont want to talk to her right now, but not in a mea way. I see that Alex has texted me. Im nevours to even read the message. I open it anf i feel my stomach drop. He asked me out! OMG! Ofcourse i said yes. Then he said ok. I was so happy. I had to tell some one. Then i texted Paige and told her that im now going out with him. She said ok.

Im so happy. i trun out the light and go to bed. I find my self dreaming about Alex. As in some very good dreams that are undescribable. Ofcourse im not going to tell anyone because that would be werid. Any ways this dream was unbeileble. I keep thinking about it. It was the best of all dreams. I sat in class thinking about it all day. I got on the bus and i ened up sitting next to Paige.
I got of the bus and made planes to hangout with alex and paige. They both came over and we were just chillin. Paige was laying on my bed and me and Alex were laying on the chair by the bed. Paige was using my laptop. me and Alex ended up makingout while Paige was in the room. I seem to not find that werid at all. I was getting truned on by the way Alex was touching me. Ofcorse i should do the favor back and touch him.
I couldnt believe that i was doing this with him. I never would find myself doing this even with Paige in the room but i couldnt help myself. I found my hand on is dick and his hand on my boob and Paige signing to music. paige truned around and yelled oh my god. She walked out of the room. I didnt really care it gave me time with alex. Me and alex were makingout like crazy. We ended up on the bed. Me on the bottom anf him on the top.

Im getting horney by every movement that is going on. I can also feel his big dick on my thigh. Im lost for words at this point. I feel him going up my shirt and down my pants. I put my hand down is pants and start playing with him. I can feel him breathing harder and i can feel him getting harder. Hishands are down my pants and it feels so good. He started to take my shirts off and my bra. I let him. I felt his cold chest against mine. Chills were going down my back. I take his shirt off and feeling up his body. He takes off my little white shorts and now i have nothinmg but a blue thong on. I unbotton his pants and take them off. I can feel his dick through his boxers. I start to rub it again. Then he reaches down and take my thong off. Now i have nothing on. i start to take of his boxer when i hear a phone go off.

It was alexs mom telling him that shes going to be there soon. He tells me that he has to leave and i tell him that i dont want him too. He leans down and kisses me againg. He tells me he has to go and he starts pulling on his pants. I get down on both knees and tell him no. i pull down his pants and start to reach into his boxer. i was atleast going to give him a blow job before he leaves but when i start to pull his dick out his mom calls and i can hear a car pull into the driveway

He has to leave now. He starts to put his pants on and shirt. I get dressed as he does. i walk him out to his car and i can see that his dick is still harder then ever and i kiss him good bye. Later that day he calls me and he tells me he had fun. I told him i was sad that it had to end. He said that he was still hard. I told him that i could make it harder and that he had me so wet. Then he said that he could make me wetter. i said that i want him righ tnow and i need him and that i was horny. He told me was rubbing one out while he was talking to me.

I started toplay with him. I told him that i was playing with my boob and rubbing my nipple wishing it was his mouth on it. He said he was beating his dick harder and harder. I put my hand down my pants ans started playing with my seld thinking about him eating me out. I stuck to fingers in side me and starting fingering my self. He told me he was about to cum and that he want to do it in my mouth. He came and them i came. i told him good night i love you babby he said the same. Paige called me when i was cleaning my bed and my self up.

That will be a night to remember and the best day ever.

More coming soon. :))

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