My Life. Ch. 11...

The next morning.

I could smell bacon, mom was cooking. Even though she’d worked late, she still got up early to make her kids breakfast, and late last night, as expected, I’d heard her open my door to see the we were ok.. She was very motherly that way. I, also as expected, had woken up with a boner, which Lacy had taken upon herself to go down and relieve me of.. She was very sisterly that way.

I watched the blanket bounce around my lap. My hand was underneath it, rapidly fingering my sister from behind as she slurped on my morning wood.

“Breakfast is ready!” Mom yelled from down the hall.

“I’m coming!” I meant this in more ways than one.

“Me too!” Lacy popped my cock out of her mouth long enough to yell through the sheets.

The irony of our statements was not lost on us, and I knew we would’ve both cracked up laughing, but there was no time. Lacy shoved my prick back into her mouth just in time to catch my first load of the day. I could feel her head move in reaction to my powerful sprays of cum, but she was better prepared this time, and swallowed each shot as they came, rather than waiting for me to finish. My fingers hadn’t stopped jackhammering her tight young cunt, and she began to have her own morning orgasm while trying to handle mine. This was a good test for her, and she did well. Some cum of mine ran down my shaft and on to my stomach and balls, but not much, she had been able to swallow the rest.

We quickly got presentable and joined mom in the kitchen. We talked about what we had going on today, since mom was off I was free to go out and do whatever (or whomever) I wanted to do today. They were going to go do some errands themselves. Mom knew I would end up going to Lyla’s today, and she was right, but Lacy didn’t know anything about my relationship with Lyla and her daughter Shelby, and for now that’s how I wanted to keep it.

I texted Shelby when I got back to my room and asked when a good time to come over would be, she said her mom wouldn’t be off of work till 5pm… most teenage boys would take this to mean ‘come over NOW so you can leave before my mom gets home’… But that wasn’t my life. I didn’t want to go over UNTIL her mom was home, because I was going to Fuck the shit out of both of them!

It was still morning, so I had all afternoon to kill until I went over there. Mom and Lacy had already left, said something about shopping and a haircut. I figured that heading across town to see Mariola and Kelly would be a nice way to spend the afternoon….and it was.

As soon as I walked in I started stripping. A trail of clothes led from the front door to the sofa. From there I scooped Kelly out of her wheelchair and took her to her room and shut the door. I had many women in my life that I could go to for sexual release, but Kelly only had me. Her grandmother enjoyed my cock too, but she was very much a cougar on the prowl, and never passed up the chance to fuck one of her many other suitors. Kelly told me that Mariola had suggested that she could use one of those men for sex, as they came around more frequently than I did. This sounded crazy to me, but then again it’s not like they were strangers to sharing cock. Kelly refused, not because she was being faithful to me, she simply didn’t want to sleep with guys who were that much older. So she waited for when ever I could come visit.

I spent l an hour in there alone with her. I ate her pussy and her ass. I gently slid my prick into all three of her holes and made her cum 5 times before I succumbed and blew my load on her back. I didn’t rush it, she deserved my undivided attention for as long she wanted. Her body had been getting weaker, I didn’t know it then, but this would be the last time I would have sex with Kelly.

When we returned to the living room her grandmother had made us lunch. We sat around and watched TV together and talked. Mariola gave me a phenomenal blow job on the couch while Kelly watched, she liked to make fun of my facial expressions when I got head. Mariola finished me off with her monsterous tits wrapped around my dick, she loved getting titty-fucked. My dick, pointing up as I sat on the couch, sprayed its load onto her chest, neck, face, and into her mouth.

Afterwards I helped her get Kelly back into her bed for a nap, she got tired easily now a days. She then led me into her room, pushed me down onto the bed and climbed onto my cock. After cumming twice this afternoon and once this morning in my sister’s mouth, we enjoyed a lengthy fucking. This was her plan all along of course, give me a blow job first so she could ride me long and hard before I came again. I just laid back on her bed while she slammed her snatch up and down my pole. She wasn’t gentle, she liked it rough. She came multiple times, a couple with me in her cunt and a couple more with me in her ass, where I eventually came myself.

She collapsed on top of me, nearly suffocating me in her cleavage, and there we rested. It was a brief but necessary nap that allowed me (and my balls) to recuperate before I went back across town to the mother-daughter three way I had planned on for dinner. I showered and gave Kelly a kiss goodbye and left.

I got to Lyla’s house exactly at 5pm, which of course meant that she wasn’t home yet, as she would’ve just been punching out for the day. That didn’t bother me, since I still had Shelby to keep me company. When I walked in the boys saw me and left, which was fine by me, I don’t like them, and Shelby probably told them to leave anyways.

Shelby and I ran into the master bedroom, kissing and tearing off each other’s clothes. As soon as my penis was free she dropped to her knees to kiss, lick, and suck it to life. Normally it wouldn’t need convincing, but it was still pretty drained. None the less, it didn’t take her long to breath life into it, pulling her mouth away to reveal an rock hard erection that was raring to go. I lifted her to her feet, we pulled off our remaining clothes, then I spun her around and bent her over the bed. My dick was wet from her mouth, and her pussy was already moist from its own juices, so I slammed it into her without any resistance.

I started fucking her like a sailor who just returned from sea. It was as if I hadn’t had sex in ages, even though I had cum 4 times with 3 different women today. There’s just something special about fucking the “hot girl” from school. I was switching back and forth, sticking it in her cunt and her ass. She liked both equally. I built her up almost to point of orgasm with her pussy, then shoved it in ass hole, and with that one hard deep thrust, I put her over the top and had her anus quivering on my cock as she came. I just stood there, balls deep in her rear end as she moaned, shuddered and screamed in pleasure. I was quite pleased with myself, but I’d be even happier once I got mine.

I started going again, nothing too hard or fast, but steady long strokes in and out. I switched back to her snatch and as soon as I slid in I felt it. That feeling you get when you know you’re going to cum. I wasn’t going to cum YET, but it was that feeling when you transition from ‘I like sex, this feels nice’ to ‘oh Fuck that’s it, I’m almost there’. It’s your body letting you know that if you continue with what you’re doing, you’ll reach the point of no return. You get it when you jerk off or get head too, it’s usually that point when you have to tell the girl who’s sucking your dick ‘oh God that’s it, don’t stop!’… I love that feeling. So I started going a little faster, knowing that I was soon going to enjoy the pleasure of plastering Shelby’s ass cheeks with hot cum.

Suddenly I was startled by someone touching me. I turned to my left and Lyla was there, already stripped down to a very sexy matching bra and thong set. She must’ve undressed in the hall. My shock turned to relief as she smiled and started rubbing my back and chest simultaneously as I continued to fuck her daughter doggy style in HER bed… not many mothers would be this cool. Lyla undid her bra and tossed it aside. She slid her hands teasingly around her perfect, albeit fake breasts. I watched her, picking up speed, I was seconds away now. She leaned in and kissed me, licking my lips and forcing her way into my mouth. The first shot came as a powerful surprise, and fired inside Shelby. I pulled my prick out and held it as I fired shot after shot on to the entrance to her pussy, and up and down her ass crack. My lips never left her mom’s.

When my body was ready to move again, I stepped back. Lyla broke her kiss and looked down, smiling. She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth, gently cleaning mine and her daughter’s cum from my penis. My body twitched and tingled at the sensation. When she was satisfied she popped me out, sucking hard as she did. I walked over to the arm chair in the corner of the room and fell into it, my body exhausted.

Lyla, still on her knees, turned her attention to Shelby’s upturned ass in front of her on the bed. Her entire ass crack including her pussy lips were drenched in my cum. Without a thought, Lyla went about licking her daughter clean as well. This went on for 20 minutes, partly because it was quite a mess, but also because she liked having her face in her daughter’s crotch. She even sucked my cum out from inside her cunt. By the time she was done, Shelby had enjoyed another orgasm, and that snatch was as clean as a whistle. Not to mention, the show had gotten my dick’s attention, and he was already back up to half-mast.

I didn’t get home until 9pm. I had fucked and came two more times at Lyla’s before I called it a night. Maybe it was because they hadn’t had cock in a few weeks and were tired of only playing with each other, but Lyla and Shelby truly fucked ME. They treated me like a sex toy, throwing me around the bed, fighting over who my dick was going into next. Most of the evening I was just laying on the bed with them taking turns riding me. They’d bounce and grind on my dick till they came, then they’d switch, do it again, and switch back.

My balls were literally aching when I walked into my room. They have been drained and refilled 7 times today, I’m pretty sure I would be shooting air if I tried to cum again; not to mention that they have been slapping skin for hours, they were probably bruised as well. I loved my sister, and our new friends with benefits arrangement, but as I opened the door to my room I was PRAYING that she not be in my bed waiting to fool around…thank God! A bed void of any females wanting my dick! I could sleep tonight. I had showered at Lyla’s already, so I just fell into bed and slept.

1 month later.

We were more than half way through the summer. Things were going pretty well. Lacy and I were enjoying ourselves. On an average day we would make each other cum 2-3 times. I’d go down on her, she’d go down on me, we’d 69…it was nice. Outside of performing oral on one another we were normal brother and sister. We never kissed when we fooled around, and when we weren’t pleasing each other we just hung out around the house or went and did normal stuff. Last week we went and saw a movie in the afternoon… but while we were waiting for it to start, we noticed we were the only ones in the theater, so my sister, being the little freak she is, leaned over and sucked me off during the opening trailers… so not entirely normal I suppose.

But now, here I was sitting on the couch playing some first person shooter style video game, Lacy was in front of me about to swallow her second load of the day. Her skills as a cock sucker had greatly improved, with my help of course. She still couldn’t go down any further than before, but she now had no problem swallowing my cum. And in fact had learned to tell when I was getting close to finishing, and no longer relied on me warning her. She had also learned what I liked in terms of speed, wetness, pressure and rhythm. So she could now get me from completely flaccid to orgasming in under 10 minutes.

She had become one of the best blow jobs I’ve had, my mom and Mariola were still better, but Lacy made up for it with her eagerness to perform. In addition to the couch, my bed, and the movie theater; she had given me head in the truck, both while parked and while driving; while I sat at the table eating; and more than once I would be laying out back by the pool and get surprised as she started pulling my swim shorts down to get to my dick.

She was still a quick cummer herself. I didn’t always go down on her, often she would be horny and I would just stick my hand down her shorts and go at it. Even if I was doing something else, like playing on my phone, or watching TV, I could still diddle her to orgasm in minutes.

On mom’s days off I would still go over to Lyla’s to screw her and Shelby, and over to Mariola’s. My visits to see Kelly and Mariola had turned more into social calls rather than the Fuck fests they once were. Kelly was feeling weaker and sicker more often. On her better days I would just go down on her and then fuck her grandmother to get mine.

All in all I had no complaints. The summer had started off looking like it was going to be a drag, but had quickly turned out to be even better than last year. Just then I started to cum. I had to pause the game I was playing, because even though I was able to focus on it enough while getting head, there’s no way I could play while cumming! I dropped the controller on the cushion next to me. My eyes started to roll back in my head and a low groan rolled out of my mouth and got louder.

My sister’s hands moved faster and her cheeks sucked inward as she slurped down my jizz as fast as her little hands could stroke it up my shaft, out the tip of my dick and into her mouth. My body shuddered as my climax reached its peak and began to subside. She swallowed everything she could get, then popped the head of my cock out of her mouth, sucking hard as she did, leaving it clean and shiny. My body went limp from ecstasy, too drained to put my dick away I just let it stick out of my shorts. My sister jumped to her feet and looked at me.

“Fine…” She said, seeing I had no energy, “you can rest, but you’re going down on me later!” and she walked out of the living room… she was a great sister.

Mom got home a couple hours later. We made dinner an ate as a family, then sat down to watch shows together… mostly the various singing, dancing and talent shows that they love and I hate. I went ahead and let them watch while I cleaned up the kitchen and took out the trash. As it got later, the shows had turned into mostly teen dramas that my sister loved and mom wasn’t into. Mom said she was tired from the work week, so she went to bed. Lacy wanted to stay up and watch more, so I just sat there and played on my phone.

“Hey Adam?” Lacy said about an hour after mom had gone to sleep.

“Ya?” I answered, not even looking up from my phone.

“Come here and go down on me!” She whispered.

I looked up, She was sitting on the other end of the ‘L’ shaped couch. She was already naked from the waist down, rubbing her clit playfully. I hoped up and so did my prick. I knelt down and took my spot in front of her. She opened her legs up for me and I leaned in. This was the quietest she’s ever been with my face in her crotch and my fingers up her snatch. But I didn’t take any offense by it, she simply didn’t want to wake up mom. I knew it must be driving her crazy, she liked to let loose and be vocal when she came, but instead she bit down hard on one of the sofa’s decorative pillows. I always kept going after she came, making sure she got there at least two or three times before I stopped. So I was already working her clit towards orgasm #2 when I heard her whisper to me.

“I want you to Fuck me.” She said softly, almost inaudibly, like maybe she didn’t REALLY want me to hear her.

I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her. She didn’t say anther word, just looked at me shyly, embarrassed by her own request. Part of the reason we had agreed to this arrangement was because it WASN’T sex. We were still brother and sister, and having actual intercourse just seemed like it crossed too far over the line. I felt my dick fighting to get out of my shorts as soon as I heard her speak. I wanted to asked her if she was sure, but I knew what I heard, and her expression confirmed it.

I quickly stood up and undressed. Lacy took that to mean that my answer was ‘yes’ and pulled off her shirt. She turned and laid on the couch, and I climbed on top of her. She opened her legs and wrapped them around my waist as I positioned myself. I took ahold of my dick and rubbed the head along her very wet cunt lips, preparing it for entry. I looked up and into her eyes, giving her one last chance to back out. She said nothing and her legs pulled me in.

She was very tight, but her wetness allowed for a slick entrance. I started pumping full force immediately, I was so horny and excited that I couldn’t help myself. Lacy obviously didn’t mind, her legs were pulling me into her almost faster than I was. She let out a small whine of enjoyment and I stopped. I put my finger over my lips to signal for her to be quiet, she got the message and bit her lip. I started up again, long slow deep strokes this time, mindful of not just her noises but also the sounds of slapping skin and a creaking couch.

Slowing down also helped my stamina, I was almost ready to cum, so taking it down a notch would help me last a couple minutes longer. But it seemed that wouldn’t really be necessary as Lacy cupped her hands over her mouth as her body started to tremble. I slammed into her a little harder, really pushing myself to hit that infamous G-Spot, it was working. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and even through her closed and covered mouth I could hear her getting a little louder. She needed to finish her orgasm, because even though we had only been fucking for a few minutes, my previous arousal from eating my sister’s pussy, mixed with the excitement of sticking my dick in my sister’s snatch for the first time already had me to the point of no return.

Just then I hear a noise, the floor creaked, I didn’t turn my head, but in the furthest parts of my peripheral vision I saw a slight flicker of movement. And in a house with only three people living in it, if two of us were fucking on the couch, that only left one person who could be there… mom! The first thing that came to mind was with my sister’s history of being sexually abused by a male family member, I did NOT want this to look like it was happening again! And since my mom hadn’t already rushed over and pulled me off of my sister, she was probably observing, seeing what was really happening. So I needed to make sure she saw that this was consensual!

“You like that?” I said in a low voice, but loud enough that my mom should be able to hear from around the corner. Lacy opened her eyes.

“God yes!” Lacy answered, just as I’d hoped she would.

Now I just needed to stop fucking her. Continuing would only make things worse, mom probably didn’t want to burst in and make a scene with us both in the middle of the act, so she was most likely waiting till we were done. I stopped thrusting and began to withdraw my prick from my sister, when her legs tightened up and pulled me back down into her.

“No, I want you to cum too!” She insisted.

I just looked her in the eyes for a moment, trying to think of what to say without hurting her feelings or freaking her out. I couldn’t come up with anything, so without breaking eye contact, I just moved my hips up and slowly lowered them again, sinking the entire length of my cock back into her, she shuddered and her eyes rolled back in her head. Well if she insisted that I cum too, I better get on with it. I started going quickly, I was already close to finishing as it was, so it wasn’t going to be long. My breathing increased, and I felt myself getting hot in the face, I was just about to pull out when Lacy’s legs pulled me into her.

“Cum in me, I’m still on birth control.” She ordered me.

I looked her in the eyes, my expression clearly saying ‘are you sure?’. But with her legs preventing me from pulling out, and my penis on the verge of exploding, I just went with it, I did a couple tiny thrusts and let it go. I groaned louder than I meant to, but I couldn’t help myself. I knew my mom was watching, but fucking my sister on the couch like that had just given me an incredible orgasm.

I turned my head expecting to see our mom come walking in and catch us in the act, but no one came. We quickly and quietly got dressed but still mom never presented herself. Lacy headed to our bathroom to shower and as I walked into my room I was still anticipating that mom may be sitting on one of our beds waiting to scold us, but no one was there.

I laid in bed starting to second guess myself… could it have been something else I saw move? But we didn’t have pets, and unless a burglar snuck in, saw us having sex, and then turned and left without making another noise, the only option was that it was mom. The spot I saw the movement was even in front of her door! But it was very unlikely that a mother would catch her son and daughter having sex with each other and NOT step into punish them, or at least have some motherly advice like ‘practice safe sex’, which made me remember that not only had I just fucked my younger sister, but I had just cum inside her too! Which was exactly why she was currently taking a shower, I heard the water turn off. I wasn’t worried though, she’s been on birth control for almost a year now, and it had done it’s job keeping our father from knocking her up.

Lacy came into my room, crawled into bed with me and quickly fell asleep. Had I imagined the noise and the movement? It’s possible, especially since I was concerned about our mom catching us, I could’ve psyched myself out a little. Eventually I drifted off to sleep myself.

In the morning Lacy was begging me to fuck her again, I wanted to, but we could hear our mother in the kitchen making breakfast, which was on the other side of the wall in my room. There was just too much chance of her hearing that recognizable sound of the bed squeaking. I still hadn’t told her that I thought mom saw us last night. When Lacy finally agreed that it was too risky, she pulled the covers over her head and dropped down to my morning hard on. I didn’t stop her. She started sucking hard and fast, making me cum in minutes. It’s not that she didn’t love giving her big brother head, she was just annoyed that my cock was in her mouth rather than her cunt.

When we made it into the kitchen, mom was just placing the plates on the table. She smiled and said good morning. She gave no inclination of knowing what we had done last night. She was off of work today, so was hanging out around the house. I watched her like a hawk the entire day, paying attention to every expression or look she gave us. There was nothing, on the contrary, she seemed in a great mood. She has been working a lot recently so she was probably enjoying her day off with her kids. Lacy on the other hand was always sneaking me little looks and grins, touching my thigh or crotch when ever mom had her back turned, she was being cute, but it was going to give me a heart attack.

When mom went to run a couple errands I screwed Lacy doggy style on the living room floor. That tight round ass was quite a sight! We were already dressed and doing chores by the time mom came home. It was almost like a game to us, seeing what we could do, and where and when we could do it without getting caught. Yes I was nervous most of the time, but as long as it looked like mom hadn’t seen us and we kept it that way, it was a game I was willing to keep playing!

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