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PART - 15

I was in Goa once again, second time within 15 days. I returned to Delhi to my hubby after spending about 15 days in Goa where I have played lesbian game with one of the friend of my husband. Many said this was a social work to give sexual satisfaction to a married and sexually unsatisfied woman. I always care for sex and the sex loving peoples.

I have just returned from South Africa where I was with my hubby for world cup foot ball matches. This tour and tickets for the matches were marriage gift to my hubby from his office. I did not get enough time to be in touch with my friends and fans since last two months because of my busy schedule. But, now I am back and have some time to write.

So, I decided to write first thing first to maintain link.

I have returned to Delhi after spending 10 days in Goa, mostly at my in-laws house. I did not get many chances to play lesbian games with Anju. But, I did it two times more when we both get the chance. Anju was very happy; I could notice this on her face. I always feel sorry for this beautiful young lady that his husband is not able to satisfy her. Anyway, this is fortune and we have to accept it.

I was waiting for my hubby in the evening because we were invited to attend a party by his friend on the occasion of his marriage anniversary. I purposely did not get ready for the party because I knew that my hubby would like me to take evening bath with me. I was just in a gown, nothing under it. I knew that my hubby loves me see like this. I would like to mention that we can afford to live the way we want because there is no third person stays with us. Curtains and dark glasses on our windows allows us to do whatever we wants without fear of being watched by any one from windows of neighboring building because our apartment is on the third floor of a nine story building.

He just came in using his key but I noticed it immediately as I was sitting in drawing room only watching T.V. His sharp eyes noticed my condition immediately that I am ready for a bath with him. He smiled deeply and I joined him smiling in reply. He came to me and hugged me as always he does on coming home. My arms were also around him and we kissed each other on juicy lips.

He: Ready for the bath?
I: Yes dear. I am ready.
He: OK! A glass of water for me, please.

I brought a glass of water for him from kitchen and I have seen that he took all his clothes off except his underwear and was sitting on sofa. I gave him the glass of water which he took in his one hand and he holds my hand with his other hand. He directed me to sit on his lap and I sat there. He drinks the water and again kissed me on my lips. I was moving my fingers in his hair enjoying his kiss on my lips. The heat of love and sex was started to increase in us. I would like to mention that I am playing the sex game since 15 years when I was only 14 years. Now we are married since seven months. Before marriage, I was having sex four to five times in a week and now after the marriage, the number increased to minimum two times daily. But, every time, when we are alone and we touch each others, or we kiss each others, I notice that the heat which we feel is the same. I am very lucky that I have sexy partner like me.
We finished the kiss and he lifted me in his arms like a doll and took me up to the bathroom. It was 6.30 that time and we were having enough time in our hands to go for the party. He opened the shower and we both were under it. The water was not reducing the love heat, instead increasing the heat between us. I pulled his underwear down and saw his cock saluting me in erect position. I saw some hairs grown around his cock. My pussy was clean without any hair growth because I have cleaned it just a day before. I took hold of his wet cock. Water was dropping through his balls

My husband knows that i do not like hairs on private parts, particularly for the oral. He noticed that what my eyes caught. He immediately took out private part shaving kit from storage of bathroom. I was watching him from under the shower while he moved out of the shower. He applied some shaving foam around his erected and long cock covering his balls too. As always, I helped him in shaving because I love to do so. I took hold of his cock when he shaved it with razor and I also moved position of his balls to remove hairs form it and soon, his handsome cock was clean shaved. He too came under the shower and the shaving foam left on his cock and balls washed out with water. I did not waste any time and immediately took his lovely suck able tool in my mouth sitting down. He was standing and his hands were moving in my hairs with a lot of love and I tasted his cock in my mouth sitting on bathroom floor. Readers know my husband's sexual strength that he takes a long time to finish and mostly, I reach my orgasm two times in his one go. This is really a matter of proud for both of us. I have to take him half way with my oral sex skills to experience my orgasm with him. Shower water was making us more and more sexy. His cock was in my hand and his cock head in to my mouth where I was moving my tongue to give him maximum pleasure. He always says that I am a very good sucker and licker of his cock and I believe it because I know my ability. My hands were tight gripped and I was moving them forward and backward and my tongue were doing the treatment on his cock head. It was my calculation that now he is half way and we can start our most favorable game of fucking. I was already wet in my pussy, not only with water but also with my juices leaked out while sucking his tool.

He was standing under the shower. I was standing opposite him. Water was flowing through my erected nipples hand he kissed my nipples. We both love fucking in different positions all the times. He just took his hands behind me and lifted me by supporting and keeping his hands on bottom of my ass rounds. He lifted me and now I was like sitting on his palms. This was a perfect position and his cock was waiting to enter my pussy tunnel. I have guided his cock up to my pussy door and he pushed it inside of my wet pussy just moving my ass. There was not much for me to do in this position. He was holding my ass and he was moving me little up and down.. up and down. As always, his cock was deep in to my pussy touching the deepest pleasure point. We both were completely wet under the shower and it was increasing our sex drive. Sound of love and sex strokes have started in our bathroom when our naked and sexy bodies were touching while making strokes. Once again, I felt that I will reach first before him in spite of a long oral on his cock. I was using my full skills and knowledge to reach with him for maximum pleasure. The speed of his strokes and movement of his strong cock in and out of my pussy have increased and our eyes were went closed in pleasure of fucking as always. My hands were around his neck and I was keeping balance of my upper body. My lower body was controlled by him and I was enjoying a wonderful fuck like sitting on his palms. My boobs were jumping up and down with every stroke. I was like a lovely toy doll in his hands the way he kept lifted me and we were in sex storm in our bathroom under the shower water. I could notice from his movement, strokes and stiffness of his cock stroking in to my pussy that there is little time to cum by him. I was already near my finishing point and was just holding it. Suddenly, speed of his strokes has increased and I was like jumping in the air in his hands. My jumping boobs have touched my chin many times by his strokes in to my pussy. I was just about to reach and my body has reacted in excitement. It was becoming stiff and stiff with his every stroke.

Me: Oh dear I am reaching.
I was moaning in pleasure.
He: Hold it darling, I am reaching too.
We both were moaning in pleasure and excitement.
Love you dear. oh dear aah. lovely. aah ohhhhhhhhhh.

Suddenly, I have reached and felt that I was in heaven. I have tightened my grip around him and he was continued to make hard and wild strokes in to my pussy. He was about to cum and I was giving him full support to take him for a pleasure tour. After about ten strokes, He hugged me tightly from my ass and I could feel the fire of his warm cum deep in to my pussy. We were enjoying our pleasure and his cock was pumping out warm cum in to my pussy with a dance. Readers know it very well that I always like his cock dancing while Cumming. We were still in the hugging position and some how he got my nipple in to his mouth and have started to suck it. He knows very well how to take maximum pleasure in sex and fuck. He fired last shot of his cum in to my pussy and put me down on my feet. His cock comes out of my pussy. It was completely wet with my juices and his cum. Water from shower was cleaning it automatically. I also felt that his thick and warm cum mixed with my pussy juices are coming out form my pussy.

It was a great and satisfactory fuck once again between us, this time in bathroom in standing and hanging position.

We helped each other in cleaning our private parts and also in applying and washing of shampoo and soap.

We came out of the bathroom wiping our bodies and I was started to proceed in to bedroom for the cloths.

He: Darling! Like to have a cup of tea?
Me: Sure. Let me put gown.
He: Oh no Julee dear. You know cloths does not suites on you when we both are alone at home, you know it.
Me: Naughty..

And we both smiled together. I turned back. I was completely naked and he too was completely naked. We saw towards each other’s naked sexy bodies. Now his cock was soft and was resting on his balls. We kissed each other on lips and I went to the kitchen to prepare the tea for both. He sat on sofa and started to surf news channels on T.V. Position of our kitchen is such that we can see in the drawing room through door in a particular angle. I saw him from kitchen while tea was on the flames. I felt proud of my husband. A nice gentleman, a caring person, handsome, fair, tall and well builds body. And above all, he is a very very strong man in sex game. I consider myself very very lucky that I have the best husband in the world.

I brought tea in drawing room and kept it on the table. He just holds my hand and pulled me on his naked lap and kissed me while his hands were moving on my bare back. Once again, I started to feel heat with his warm kiss. I noticed little movement between his legs and under my naked ass. I just stood up and saw his cock was started to become big once again like air goes in a long balloon.

I smiled and said
Me: We have to get ready for the party, right?
He: Yes dear. But the party can wait. What about a small game once more.
Me: I don't mind but we will be late for party.
He took a long breath and said:
He: OK my lord lady. It is our game and we can play it anytime, anywhere. Let us attend the party.
He took his cup of tea and I took mine and have started to ship tea sitting opposite each other. I could not take my eyes off from his growing cock and we finished our tea.
We both went to our bedroom to wear clothes for the party.

He was in a cream color safari and I was in a blue color sari. He was looking more handsome and I looked myself in the mirror.
He: You are looking beautiful my darling. I just dropped my idea of skipping this party for our private party without cloths.
Me: You are becoming naughty now.

He smiled and we left home to attend the party.

Not many pairs invited in the party. I am proud to write that I was the attraction of every male in the party and I noticed a different feeling in the eyes of wife's whose husbands were looking at me in the party. It was a fun till late night and the time was 1.30 in the night when we returned home.

We were feeling tired and just slept in each other’s arms after removing our cloths.

Next morning, after my hubby left for office, when I was checking my mail, I see a chat request in my mail box from one male from U.S. Generally, I delete such request from an unknown person but I do not know under which impression, I have accepted the same. I have checked my mails, replied to some messages.

In the evening, I have been informed by my hubby that he would be late in returning home due to some work in the office. I was not having much to do at home. I have opened the computer and my mail account once again to kill the time. As soon as I logged in, I saw the person whose chat request I have accepted in the morning is sending me chat messages. I just replied and we started to chat as I wanted to kill some time in wait of my hubby.

He: hello Julee!
Me: hello dear. Do you know me?
He: yes. I know you by your sexual autobiography.
Me: Oh! Tell me about you because you know all about me by my story.
He: My name is I am 27 years old married and I am father of a new born baby boy.
Me: congratulation from me.
He: thanks dear. You like sexy chat?
Me: yes! I am open for sex chat as I do not see any harm in that.
He: do you have cam?
Me: no. I do not have cam? We can just chat without seeing each other.
He: would u mind if come on cam so that u can see me?
Me: OK. If u wishes to come on cam, I have no objection.
He: OK. I am sending u an invitation to see me on cam. Just accept it and you can see me.
Me: OK.

He sent me a cam invitation and accordingly, I have accepted it and then I saw him live from U.S. He was a handsome young boy sitting on chair. We have chatted for about half an hour and he started to call me SISTER IN LAW (Elder brother's wife ) as I was elder to him and married too. We just become good friends in short chat.

All of the sudden, he offered me and asked whether I mind if he show his cock to me on cam? I just surprised and could not say anything for few seconds. This was first time with me that any one offering to show his cock on the cam. I thought for a moment and said yes to him because I was excited too for this fun.

He removed his cloths on the cam and he was naked before me. His cock was fully erected and it was good in size to satisfy any female. It was my first and the only experience seeing some one's cock live on cam. He just started to play with his cock which I could see clearly. Soon, he started stroking his cock in his palm and I understood that he wants to show me his cum. I too started to feel heat of sex seeing him stroking his cock. He had increased his speed of his hand on his cock. I also felt wet under my panty by seeing this. He was stroking and moving his hand with a great speed. I could see clearly tip of his cock on the cam. Suddenly.. I saw his cock firing cum shot with a force. He was continuing to stroke and his cock was firing cum shots. After some time, he stopped stroking and started to clean his table where his cum was lying spread. He typed in his chat that this gift to me. I smiled and we closed the chat after few lines.

I was wearing only bra and panty under my gown and I could feel wetness on my panty. I just pulled my gown up and looked down between my legs. I had removed my panty and saw a clear wet patch on it. I spread my legs and pushed my ass up to the corner of the chair so that my fingers can play on my wet clean shaved pussy. I moved my fingers on my pussy lips and spotted my clit with my index finger. I was feeling hot and horny by seeing that boy masturbating live on cam for me. I could not wait much and started to rub my clit with my finger. Rubbing the finger on clit was very easy as my pussy was already very wet with my juices. I started to feel pleasure of sex in rubbing my clit. Sex pleasure started to mount and accordingly my speed of rubbing the clit is increased. I have inserted my middle finger in to my pussy to have full pleasure and satisfaction of sex act. I could take liberty of moaning as I was alone in my house. Soon, I was feeling that I am reaching on top of the pleasure mountain and my fingers were reacting according to my need.

Rubbing.. Rubbing fastfast. and fast. and I reached up to the pleasure point destination where I wanted to be. I have closed my legs and my fingers were still in the place in to my pussy. My eyes were gone closed in pleasure and satisfaction.

Days and nights were moving in their speed. I am happy that I am receiving full sexual pleasure from my hubby. Fucking game is our regular game which we play daily, some time two or three times in a day. I do not remember any night (other than my monthly period) to sleep without having a good fuck when I am with my hubby. We both are happy because we both are sex crazy and enjoying our life in the way we want.

One day, in the afternoon, I received a call from my daddy at Goa that he needs my help in business because a lot of shipments were to made and it was not possible to handle by my dad and uncle. My dad also spoke to my father in law and my hubby too for this. My hubby has assured my dad that I will be in Goa by the first available flight to help them.

Next day, I went to Goa, leaving my husband alone in Delhi. We both were feeling sad because a pair of love and sex birds will be leaving separately for few days.

I was in Goa and did the best which I could. There was no breathing time for one week because of the work pressure. In the night, as usual I and my hubby used to talk with each other’s when we both are in different beds far away from each others. While talking sexy over phone, we used to masturbate ourselves, closing our eyes, feeling each other and reaching the pleasure point in the act before going to sleep.

I was returning home in the evening from our farm house. Now the things were under control and I was planning to return to Delhi to be with my hubby. I stopped my car in a hotel on the way to have a cup of tea. I entered in the hotel after parking my car and was sitting on a table from where I could see outside of the hotel restaurant. I could see the swimming pool where some men and ladies were doing swimming, some were drinking different things. I was waiting for my ordered tea and suddenly saw a familiar face of a female in a sexy bikini at the swimming pool. It was Sara, my college mate. I knew that she was married with a business man in Mumbai. I thought that she must be enjoying swimming with her hubby, but I could not notice any one with her. I was looking at her while having my tea. She was surely alone sitting on a pool chair shipping beer. I finished my tea and walked towards swimming pool after paying my bill.
I was standing before her and she looked at me. Suddenly, she recognized me and shouted.JULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I smiled in reply and said: yes my dear Sara, it is me. Nice to see you Sara, after a long time. How are you and what you are doing here?

Sara: I am fine Julee. How are you?
Me: I am fine too. What’s up?
Sara: Nothing! Just enjoying here.
Me: Alone? Where is your husband?
Sara: He has gone out and will return at dinner time. We are staying in this hotel only.
Me: OK. But you have your house in Goa and you are staying here in hotel?
Sara: yes. My husband does not like to stay at my parent's home.
Me: OK. Doesn’t matter. He is a business man and he can afford it.
Sara: yaaaaaaaaaa.
Me: So. enjoying married life?
Sara could not reply immediately. I could see pain on her face. I also feel some wetness in her eyes.
Sara: Yes. I am enjoying, and what about you? You are here in Goa?
Me: Yes dear. I am here for my dad's work. I will be returning to Delhi soon.
Sara: You must be missing your hubby?
Me: yaaaaaaaaa. I miss him a lot. He loves me very much and I love him.
Sara: Lucky girl.
Me: Sara.. You are not seems to be happy?
Sara: No. I am happy

And again I saw some water in her eyes. I hold her hand.

Me: Sara.. We are friends. If you want to say something to me, I am here to listen. You will feel better by sharing if you have any problem.

Suddenly, Sara started to cry. I hugged her and she was continued to cry. I allowed her to cry for some time so that she feels light. Hotel staff was looking at us and she also felt it.

Sara: let us go to my room if you have some time.
Me: sure!

I have phoned to my mom from my mobile that I am with one of my college friend and it will be little late for coming home. My mom said it is OK.

We went to Sara's room on sixth floor of the hotel.

We were sitting on a sofa and I was surprised to see that Sara have prepared a peg of black label for herself and asked about my liking. I told her that I will give her company with mild beer. She was in control now. I could make out that she is not happy with her marriage. Being friend, I wanted to do for her whatever I could. We were sitting on a sofa and it was another surprise for me that she started to smoke too.

I could notice a sure change in Sara. Sara, the shy girl I knew before in college days is different Sara now. Sara, in college was a very nice, beautiful and shy girl. She did not have any boy friend and turned down many requests for friendship from boys. My friend circle of girls often used to discuss sex matters but Sara was never interested in sex matters or discussions. Her only hobby was swimming. She wanted to marry with the boy selected by her parents and she was a virgin girl at the time of her marriage. I was not in much contact with her after we finished our college study.

After some time of silence, Sara told me her horror marriage story. I was shocked to here that. I could not speak anything because there was nothing which I could do for her. Her life was a hell. I am writing below what was Sara's nightmare marriage. Her real name is not Sara which you all must have understood.

Sara was a very beautiful and shy girl, stayed away from boys. Her father is a real estate business man and was looking for a good match for his beautiful daughter Sara. In this process, Sara's marriage was fixed with a handsome son of a business man from Mumbai.

Sara was sitting on the bed at his in-law's house after her marriage and was waiting for her husband for their golden night. She was feeling very proud that she is virgin and wanted to gift her virgin cherry to her husband. Her husband too is a good looking man and their match is just perfect. It was too late, well after midnight when his husband entered in the bed room. She could feel that he is not able to walk straight, must be due to drinks in friend's party. Sara was not against the drinks but feels that there must be a time and limit for it. Anyway, He just said sorry for his late coming and drinking and Sara was happy with his behavior.

Sara was lying naked on her back in the bed and was playing the most excited game of love and sex with her husband first time in her life. She saw in the limited light of the bed room that his husband's cock is a long and thick one. She was thinking about the pain which she have to bear when he try to put it in to her virgin clean shaved pussy. She wanted to play with his cock but her husband was seems to be in hurry in fucking. She thought that it is hers and she can play with it any time, so let her husband do whatever he wants on the first night. Her pussy was little wet and she was making herself ready for a pain and than first sex pleasure. His hubby was sitting between her widen legs and put the head tip of his big long cock on her pussy door and pushed it little. She could feel that his hot rod entering in to her pussy. He again pushed it a little and Sara felt warm on her pussy lips which she could not understand. His husband covered her sleeping on her and said sorry to Sara. His cock was not in to her pussy and slipped out of pussy. Sara could not understand why he is saying sorry to her. She moved her hand to her pussy and she touched his cock which started to become soft. She felt his cum on her pussy lips and she understood the matter. Once she read somewhere that it happens with many pairs in the first night due to over excitement and there was nothing to worry. She kissed her husband and told her that it is alright, we can try later. Her husband went to sleep soon.

Next day, they shifted in to their new house gifted by her father in law to his husband so that newly married couple can live there i the way they wants. It was three bed room, well furnished and full of all amenities apartment in a high rise building. There was a servant room too and they have a 24 hour female servant there. She used to cook and doing all the work in the house.

Now, this was the second night for her and first in this new house. Her husband came early and they went outside for dinner. They discuss their honey moon program on the dinner. They were to fly for Australia next week for their honey moon. Sara was very happy to hear this. They returned home around 10.00 pm and went to the new bed room. Sara was excited. But nothing was happen like sex in between them. He failed once again, second time in a row. He did not do any foreplay and straight away went for fucking her. This time too, he ejaculated while trying to push his cock in to her pussy. This time, he did not say anything and just turned to sleep. Sara, naked on the bed was thinking about her life. She once again thought that everything will be alright and trying to sleep. Her husband was already in deep sleep.

They returned from their honey moon and Sara was still a virgin. Her husband could not do anything with her. His long and thick cock was useless and he was not able to fuck his wife yet. Sara suggested him to consult any doctor and she was sure that he can be alright. But he refused her suggestion because of his position in the business society. Her father in law and her husband are very big business man and his husband could not afford to disclose his impotence before any doctor.

Days were passing like this only. Every night he tries to fuck Sara but could not success. He always cum at the time of entry itself leaving behind his wife Sara unsatisfied. Nothing was in Sara's hand. She could not tell this to anyone.

One day, her maid Jamuna asked Sara about her sexual life. Sara was surprised to hear this from a maid's mouth. Maid told her that she is working with them since three years and she knows her husband's weakness because he tried to fuck her many times before their marriage, offering money but could not do anything. Sara was again upset to hear this. She was a unsatisfied lady and it was hurting her more that every night her husband cum on her pussy leaving her unsatisfied always.

Time was passing in normal speed and three months after her marriage, Sara has developed lesbian relationship with her maid to satisfy herself. Her maid was a good looking lady and knew art of sex more than Sara because of her experience. She was a widow after two years of marriage, without any kid. Sara was happy with her. They both used to play lesbian game in the afternoon when no one else is at home. They satisfy each other and Sara used to give her some gift and money too for her sexual services.
One day, Jamuna suggested Sara that the driver, Basant was looking Sara in different way and she is ready to talk to Basant if she like fuck from him. Basant was an educated and well behaved driver used to sit in parking whole day. He was specially appointed only for Sara's car. Sara used to take him whenever she wanted to go out.

Although Sara was happy with lesbian game along with Jamuna but, she was not a lesbian and wanted to satisfy her sexually by a strong man. She was in fear too because of her husband that what will happen if he comes to know about her affair with a driver. But as the time passes, her sex feelings were increased and finally, Jamuna arranged their secret program for sex in her bed room. Jamuna and Basant both have promised to keep their relationship secret and everything was going on smoothly. Although, Basant's cock was not long like her husband, it was of average size but a strong one to satisfy a woman. Finally, Sara lost her virginity to her driver Basant. She used to pay him for his poor family and occasionally lesbian game with Jamuna was also there on Jamuna's request. This went for two years without any problem.

One day, Sara was caught red handed with her driver by her husband in their bed room when his husband returned home in the afternoon for some forgotten papers. Jamuna was also not at home and he used his set of keys to enter in the house.

He beat up Sara very badly and fired the driver from his services. Now bad days for Sara have started. She was living in the house like a prisoner. She were not allowed to talk with any one, she were not allowed to go out alone. Her mobile phone was taken by her husband, land lines were disconnected. Her husband have appointed for guards to watch her 24 hours. She could go out but not alone. Two to three guards always there with her and she were not allowed to go any one's house. She could visit a mall or cinema hall etc. Her husband has stopped talking to her. Now she feared to talk with Jamuna too.

After about six months, on the evening of one day, her husband came to her bedroom and said sorry to her. She could not believe this but was thinking about her future. Her husband said that he is not happy with the things went in last six months but he would try to cover the losses. He offered him a peg of black label but she denied it politely. His husband told her that now he wants to give her some business responsibilities and there is nothing wrong in drinking instead it will help in making relation with important peoples in order to expand their business. He also asked her to smoke. Sara did not want to drink and smoke but for the requirement for a modern business woman, she started to drink and smoke with her husband. Sara started to look for some relief in drinking. Whenever she felt loneliness or sexual desires, she used to drink and smoke. Slowly slowly.. She became a habitual drinker and smoker. The days ware passing in their normal speed.

In another two month's time, Sara has changed a lot. One day, when her husband returned from office, a well known political leader was with him. He told Sara that the politician will join them for a drink and dinner because he needs the help of the politician to get his project approved from the Government. He told Jamuna to prepare a dinner of politician's choice and they went up bar which was in a corner of their drawing room. They were drinking and smoking together. Most of the time, her husband and the politician were busy in talking, subject of which she could not understand. She was just giving company to them. Sometimes, they talked with Sara too. Before dinner, her husband and politician went in to the bed room for some time to discuss something very private. The door was not locked but they were talking very slowly.

They finished their dinner and Jamuna was told to go to her servant room. Her room has two doors, one opening in to the apartment near kitchen and one outside of the apartment as a second door. She went to her room which was locked by her husband from apartment side. In case of requirement, she can go out from other door and she can come in to the apartment through main door. All the four guards were also sent home for that night.

All of three, Sara, her husband and the politician were sitting on the sofa in their bed room and were smoking.

Her husband told her that the politician likes her very much and wants to stay with us for some more time. Sara, under influence of a lot of alcohol could not understand the things properly.

Suddenly, the politician hugged Sara and Sara looked to her husband. Her husband was smiling and she understood the situation. He lifted her in to his arms and taken her up to the bed. Sara looked at her husband again but her husband said that make his friend happy. Sara could not speak any thing and could not do anything too. Some tears came out from her eyes and she had decided that she will help her husband to get approved his new project. Alcohol too played a main part in all this. Sara was lying in the bed and her husband along with his politician friend was removing her cloths from her body and soon, Sara was fully naked. His husband have also removed his cloths and started to smoke sitting on sofa. Sara understood that as her husband is not able to do anything, he will just watch them and his politician friend will fuck her. Politician has asked Sara to remove his cloth which Sara did. Her husband was watching them sitting on sofa.

The politician was a strong man like her driver Basant. Sara got a satisfaction after a long time but was not feeling happy because her husband has used her body and sex for his business development. The politician left their home after fucking Sara and Sara have seen that her husband have finished near sofa as his cum was spread there. She went to sleep without bothering about her husband.
Next morning, she was able to understand the things properly as there was no alcohol in the body. Once she thought that she did a very wrong thing but then she realized that whatever she did was on instructions from her husband who was also present there when a stranger was fucking her. She was little happy that she could help her husband in his business. The matter will remain between three of them only and everyone is safe. There was some kind of happiness too because she did receive a kind of sexual satisfaction she was waiting for.

But soon she realized that it was her mistake that she was thinking all good for her husband. She thought that it was a matter of one time only. It was her mistake to read her husband's mind. He used to bring different people at home in the evening and ask Sara to entertain them. He used to beat her if she ever objected this. Now she understood very clearly that her husband is a very powerful man in the society and he is having his connections up to top level. She tried every possible way to flee his house but she could not do anything. Even she was not able to get help of local police because one of the senior most police officer was friend of her husband and she was fucked by him too in presence of her husband.

Things were going bad to worst in her life. Now some time she was forced to satisfy two/three persons at a time. She was living life of a whore and her husband is her pimp. Her husband has earned a lot of money because of her. Different people used to fuck her differently.

And because of the situation, she has become a real alcoholic and heavy smoker. She has accepted the fortune. Now, the situation is, she cannot live without sex and she needs daily more than one male to fuck her. Now she became a habitual whore. Now she does not feel any shame.

I was shocked to hear all this things from Sara's mouth, but Sara kept on smiling, drinking and smoking while telling horror story of her life.

Sara: My pimp husband has gone out to bring his three foreigner friends and today I will be fucked by three foreigners.
Me: Sara.. You are telling this very lightly. This is serious thing.
Sara: No dear! This is normal now in my life. Now I too cannot live without all this.
Me: Sara! My friend! Tell me if I can do something for you to take you out from all this.
Sara: No Julee. Now I am used to it. Now what I am doing is with my wish and I have no complaint for any one. I need it daily and I tell my pimp husband to arrange male fucker for me and he does. I am very happy now.

But I knew that she is not happy. But I could not do anything for her. It was 7.30 in the evening and the time of arriving of her hubby with three foreign friends to fuck his wife in front of him. I do not what to call her hubby. PIMP is a very soft word for him.

I left the hotel with some heavy mind and immediately, I have decided to write this in next part of my sexual autobiography.

Dear readers, fans and friend

This part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY is may not be with a lot of sex and spice of my sexual life, but this is another face of sex which I wanted to share with you.

According to me every female has a right of sexual satisfaction like every male have and it is duty of the male partner to take his female partner up to the level of sexual satisfaction. Sex is a very very important part of the life. Sex can make your life heaven if it gives satisfaction to both the partners and it can make your life hell if it is unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, it is mostly females who left unsatisfied in sex by her male partner.


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