My First Time pt. 2

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Spring break had just started for me, and I couldn’t wait to finally sleep in. For the past week, I could not stop thinking about my special moment with Mary Kate. It was a quick experience, but it was unforgettable. The feeling of her soft breasts in my hands was magnificent, and watching her jerk me off was even better.

I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass me up, so I decided to text her.
“Hey whats up”
“nothin much. Just thinkin”
“bout what”
“last Saturday”
5 minutes went by.
“last Saturday was great. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.”
I was so happy and relieved she felt the same way.
“me neither. It was a lot of fun.”
I hated when people said “yeah” in a text, because it meant I had to think of something else to say outside of the lines.
“umm, wouldya wanna do that again sometime?”
My heart was racing and my knees were shaking at this point.
“yeah I would love to! When do u want to?
Yes! I was thrilled she said yes!
“howabout tonight?”
“kinda busy tonight. I gotta go visit my grandparents. Wanna come over tomorrow afternoon? my parents will be working all day and my sister is in New York for the weekend.”
“sounds like a plan. I’ll be there 2ish.”
“k cya then ;)”
“cya :)”
I had to do a victory lap. This was the second greatest day in my life.

In the midst of my celebration, my dad walked in.
“What the hell are you doing son?” he said.
“Uhh, I just remembered my password for computer. I forgot for so long, so I was celebrating.” I mustered, half-smiling.
“Why don’t you get off your ass and come help me with chores. We have a school fundraiser tomorrow from 2-4, and the lawn doesn’t mow itself.”
Fuck. There go my plans. I had to figure some way around it.
“Dad, I don’t think I can go to that. I have plans.”
“Like what? You barely hang out with friends, and you sure as hell have never had a girlfriend. What could you be doing tomorrow?”
“Uhh, I’m helping with BINGO at the Rehab center, remember?” I lied.
“Oh, really? Well I’ll check with your mother, but if that’s the truth then OK.”
I was good. He never checks with Mom, so I knew I was good as long as I left the house tomorrow at noon and was a good kid for the rest of the day. I decided it was a good idea to go mow the lawn.

Before I knew it, the next day had rolled around, and at 12:30 I hopped in my car to go “play BINGO.” As soon as I was out of the neighborhood, I went so get some gas, and grabbed a bite to eat at the local McDonalds. After I downed the cheap burgers, I sped over to Mary Kate’s house, arriving just before 2 o’clock. There were no cars in the driveway, but I parked on the opposite side of the street to be safe. As I approached the door, someone opened it.
“Hey Paul, how are ya?” said Mary Kate’s dad.

“He…hey Mr. Davis, I’m doin’ alright, and yourself?” I said.
“Fine, fine. What are you doin’ here on this beautiful Sunday afternoon? I thought you’d be at the fundraiser today,” he said, not exactly letting me inside his house. And I’d thought you be at work you fatass motherfucker!
“No, no I got outta that one. I was gonna come over to hang out with Mary Kate, if that’s alright.”
“Sure that’s no problem. Mary Kate! Paul’s here.”
The stocky fellow finally let me inside, where the smell of cats overwhelmed my sinuses. I first noticed her out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned to face her my eyes widened, and I could feel my jaw drop. She was wearing a gorgeous white top with one-inch shoulder straps and lace that barely covered her visible cleavage. She had dark blue jeans on that hugged her leg and made her butt stick out, and her toes were painted a deep pink. Her face was beautiful, and her dirty blond hair made her white pearl earrings stick out.
“Hey Paul,” she said. “Nice to see you.”
Her eyes captivated me.
“Hi. I, uhh, like your, uhh…you look great,” I managed.
She smiled and blushed, and said thanks, and her dad asked if I was OK.
“Yeah I’m good,” I said, “It’s just she surprised me.”
“Ok…well I’ve gotta go fix the garage door, but you two can stay up here. Just stay outta my room,” and he left.
Good thing he hadn’t noticed the half-chub already forming in my shorts.

We started off by grabbing some popcorn, and then we plopped down on her couch and watched TV. She muted it during a commercial, and she asked me why I had looked at her like that when she walked in. I told her she looked beautiful, and she looked down and smiled again.
“Thanks,” she said, “and I’m sorry for my dad being here. He randomly took off work when he found out you were coming over, and now he’s probably gonna watch us from somewhere.”
“How’d he find out?” I wondered.
“My mom and he always read my text messages, and I forgot to delete our conversation.”
“Oh, ok. Well I’m sure we can have fun with him here too.”
“I don’t know. I kinda wanted to do something with you today.”
My heart literally stopped beating.
“L-l-l-like what?”
“Oh it doesn’t matter anymore. We can’t do it now.”
“No tell me,” and I gave her a smile.
“Well, I kinda wanted to, well y’know, have sex.”
Bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum, went my heart. Holy shit! The same girl in my fantasies wants to have sex with me! Maybe there is a God!

After she dropped the s-bomb, I didn’t know what to say, but not wanting to make it awkward, I replied “Really? You really wanna?”
She nodded her head.
“Mary Kate, I would love to have sex with you. But I think you’re right, we can’t do it with your dad here.”
“Yeah, so I was thinking we do something else,” she said. “Follow me.”
I popped right up and trailed her to her basement, staring at her ass the whole time.
“Since we only have about 10 minutes until my dad comes down, howabout we do something quicker.”
“Like what?”
“I was thinking something like this.” She took her shirt off slowly, seductively, to reveal her pink bra. She turned around to unbutton her jeans, and bent over as she slid them off to give me a good look at her butt. By now my smallish cock was at full size, and I instinctively took off my shirt. I wasn’t in the greatest of shape, and was shy to show off my pale stomach, but I did it anyway. I let her pull down my athletic shorts, and I managed to unhook her bra from behind. When she stood up, her bra fell to the ground, and her hair just covered her hard nipples like a goddess nymph from the movies. We both looked each other in the eyes and smiled, and I brushed her hair aside to reveal her majestic mounds. I grabbed one with each hand and squeezed. I bent down to kiss them gently, and suck on her erect nipples. She then told me to sit on the edge of the nearby air hockey table, and I instantly knew where this was going.

Butterflies raged in my stomach, but I didn’t want this moment to pass me by, so I took a deep breath and sat down. She slid my underpants down, and massaged my fully erect cock. I had been wise enough to shave it, but it still measured to just 4.5” long. She stood up and kissed me passionately, and I almost fell back. I kissed her back, our tongues having a little wrestling match inside of our mouths. When our lips parted, I told her again how beautiful she was, and she smiled and knelt down.

The second her soft lips touched the tip of my cock, it pulsed and oozed precum. She licked it up like a seasoned pornstar, and continued to edge my cock inside of her mouth, until my tightening balls touched her chin. She moved back and forth, sucking ever so tightly, and I watched her as she looked up at me with her hair swaying back and forth. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, but sat up at the feeling of her tongue licking my penis. I was now seconds away from exploding in her mouth, and I told her. She didn’t let up, and soon after that I gripped her head gently, and blew my load in her mouth. She choked as my cum blasted down her throat, but I didn’t release her head until I was done. When she stood back up, she gave me a look of pure lust, and I kissed her violently. I discovered that she still had some of my sperm in her mouth, as I tasted a salty, thick substance, but this didn’t stop me. I grabbed her breasts again and gave them a good tug, until she stepped back and smiled.
“How’d you like that, baby?” she asked.
“It was wonderful, I’ve never felt better,” I replied.
We continued to make out a few minutes, but then we heard the door shut upstairs, and we quickly redressed. Just as Mr. Davis came downstairs, Mary Kate shouted “Rematch!”
Lost, I looked at her and said, “Uhh, ye-yeah, yeah I wanna rematch.”
“You beat me this time, but Air Hockey’s my game,” she said.
“We’ll see,” I said, realizing her clever cover-up. “Hey, Mr. Davis, is the door all fixed?”
“Yep, all done. What have you two been up to the whole time? Some air hockey I assume?”
“Yeah, daddy,” Mary Kate said, “Paulie beat me the first time, but I’m gonna win this game.”
Just as she said that, I saw something on the ground that made me cringe.
“Mary Kate? What’s your bra doing on the ground?” her dad asked in a stern voice.
Fuck my life.

I had no idea how we were getting out of this one. Her father was an ex-detective, and he was no dumbo. The pink bra was right where it dropped when I exposed her tits, inches away from where I was standing.
“Oh that’s Jenna’s bra dad, from the last time she slept over. Here I’ll take it.”
“Ah-ah-aah, wait just a second young lady. If this is Jenna’s, then where is yours?”
“Dad, I’m not gonna show you my bra, I’m sixteen years old and that’d be weird. Plus Paul’s here.”
“What’s weird is the way you’re acting Missy, and I don’t care how old you are, you are still my daughter, now show me that you are indeed wearing a bra.”
He had trapped her, and I knew we were both fucked.
“Dad, the truth is, I’m actually not wearing one at the moment,” she said. “I must’ve forgot to put one on before Paul came over.”
“You’re not wearing one because I’m holding yours right now. That’s the truth, now don’t lie to me Mary Kate.”
I couldn’t watch this unfold anymore.
“Mr. Davis,” I started, “the truth is I asked her to take it off so I could see her breasts. I’m sorry for being interested in your daughter, but she’s just so beautiful I couldn’t resist. I know it was wrong, and I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, Paul,” he said. “At least someone in this house told the truth. Y’know, when I was your age, all I wanted to see was girl’s titties too, and I don’t blame you at all. All I wanted was for you guys to be honest with me. I don’t mind if you guys fool around, just don’t be so secretive and lie about it. In fact, I even got these for you,” and he handed me a pack of Trojans.
“Holy crap, are you for real? You’re the best Mr. Davis!” It was truly the best day ever. I had gotten my first blowjob from my dream girl, and I had just gotten the green light to bang her. This was going to be a fun spring break.

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