JackassTales -- Tale # 10


From where I stood on the mountaintop overlook I could see hills and hollers far off to the horizon. A ‘smoky’ haze blanketed the early morning hilltops. This ethereal haze gave its name to these Great Smoky Mountains.

The tranquility and beauty before me masked the tumultuous times rocking the outside world. Newspapers had labeled these years as ‘The Great Depression’.

I’d just reached my 17th birthday and I knew damn-well that times were hard. Even back here in these sheltered hills and hollers, we mountain folks felt the economic pinch of threatening poverty.

With jobs and money in short supply, my pa had found a way to support his family. I was his chief helper in our business. Out of necessity, we became ‘moonshiners’. We two made a fine, intoxicating beverage which had a greedy market in the towns and villages outside these hills.

I strolled down the mountain heading for home. My backpack was laden with jars full of crystal-clear ‘mountain-dew’. Pa and I both knew that making this brew was against the law. But, neither of us gave a good-goddamn-shit if it was! It fed and clothed our family.

Our house came into view. This rambling, two-story log structure made for a mighty-fine home. As I stepped on the back porch, I heard loud arguing inside the kitchen. It was feminine voices I heard bickering and I knew they belonged to some of my sisters.

The girls were so engrossed in argument that they didn’t notice me when I came into the big country kitchen. They didn’t see Ma enter from the front of the house. Their voices raged on in heated ire, “It’s my turn…No it’s my turn…No it’s not, it’s my goddamn turn…It’s my turn to fuck Josh!”

Ma saw me standing there with an amused look on my face. Hell, I didn’t care if they argued or not! I was just as contented as could be. I had sisters willing and eager to fuck me anytime that I wanted! If they wanted to fuss over who was next to get fucked then I didn’t care. Hell, they all had pussies!

That ma of mine didn’t share my amused contentment. She walked up to the three girls, clapped her hands together, and demanded silence. She spoke irritably, “Damnit girls, I’ve told you time after time to stop arguing about fucking your brother! He’s only got one cock and he can’t stick in every pussy-hole in this house at the same time! And, he’s got better things to do than to remember whose turn it is for him to fuck.”

It was a comfort to me that Ma was so protective of her boy-child. She had birthed seven kids, but all the others were girls. She was a strong and stern mountain woman who didn’t put up with a lot of ‘damn-foolishness’ from her girls, but she let her son get away with anything. Well, I liked this situation just fine.

There was on thing in particular that Ma did for her son that I found especially delightful. She made sure that I got all the sweet, young pussy that I wanted! Ma made certain that one or more of those sisters of mine occupied my bed every single night.

Ma turned to me, winked, and said, “Josh, go ahead and pick you out one of the girls to fuck. Take her off to your bed and have a good time. You can fuck the others when you get good and damn-ready to.”

I took a quick look at my sisters. There were some mighty-fine tits and asses under those three girl’s thin, cotton dresses. Even better, there were three of the finest young pussies I’d ever dipped my cock into! Lord-a-mercy, any one of the three could give me a real-fine fucking!

My eyes made a quick visual inspection of the horny young females. 16-year-old triplets, they were. Betsy was tall, slim and fully matured. It might even be said that she was beautiful. Why, she could fuck any guy she wanted! I was proud that she still liked to fuck me. Carrie was short and a bit on the plump side. Yet, when that girl’s clothes came off she was every bit the sexual vixen. Damn, that girl had a mouth that could make a cock beg for mercy! Debbie was still ripening. She was slim and petite. Yet, that girl wasn’t the least bit timid about sex. Damn, she loved to be naked!

My inspection took longer than I had intended. The girls were getting ‘antsy’. They were fidgety and restless. Again, they began fussing, “Pick me Josh… No Josh, pick me… No Josh, it’s my turn… Fuck me… Fuck me… Fuck me, Josh…!”

Ma’s voice rang out crossly, “Damnit girls, I told you to stop your infernal fussing about fucking Josh! I’m going to teach you to mind me! I’m going to give you a lesson in what happens when you don’t mind me. Now, strip your dresses off and get out of your under-things. I want you to stand there by the table naked!”

Nobody dared disobey Ma. Not in this house, did they. Ma had a hickory switch which had been used often. The girls quickly shed their clothing and stood jaybird-naked by the table.

Lord-almighty, my cock jumped excitedly! One naked girl alone gets me hard, but three naked females make my britches get tight with a bulging erection. I saw half a dozen tits in three different sizes and shapes. My eyes used fruits and vegetables as reference to describe these mammary mounds. Betsy’s breasts were the size and shape of grapefruits. Callie had large, cantaloupe shaped boobs. Debbie’s tits were the size and shape of oranges or tomatoes.

My eyes saw three different sized pussies, with each as pretty as the next. Each pussy was different, yet each had one thing in common. Each pussy was cleanly-shaven courtesy of a brother with a straight razor and a steady hand. I loved my sister’s pussies to be soft, smooth, and without hair!

Damn, my cock was throbbing hard and needed to get out! No cock wants to stay inside a fella’s pants when there are pussies outside to play with. Ma spoke and her words fit right in with what I wanted. She said, “Now Josh, you strip down, too!”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I stripped and I was damn-quick about it. My clothing lay in a pile at my feet. Every female eye in the kitchen looked at my pulsating shaft. I looked, too. I was mightily proud of that big fella. There he was sticking straight up in the air. 7-inches of thick, meaty muscle stood at erect attention awaiting insertion into a female’s glory-hole.

Ma had said that she was going to teach the girls a lesson about minding her when she tells them to stop fussing about who is to get fucked. They awaited her instructions. I did, too.

Ma surprised us all by what she did! She reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. Her under-clothes came off. She stood in front of her daughters and said, “Now, this is what’s going to happen every time I catch you fussing about getting fucked by Josh!”

The girls and I watched in amazement as Ma turned to the table, bent over with her ass pointing at me, and said, “Josh, you stick that meat in me and let’s stop talking about fucking. Just go ahead and fuck me with your sisters watching. They’ll think twice about fussing next time!”

I’ve never disobeyed my ma. I wouldn’t do so now. My cock tugged at me. It was telling me something I already knew. Hell, a pussy is a pussy! Why, I’d never before turned down an invitation to enter a hot-wet pussy before! I had no intention of doing so now!

That old lady called Mother Nature took over. Without one word or touch as foreplay, I stood behind my ma and guided my cock to her pussy. I plunged in hard. I penetrated deep. Damn, she was dripping-wet! Her vaginal cavity was steaming hot! All this talking and arguing about fucking had made her horny and hungry for a cock. That was fine by me. Hell, I was horny and hungry for a pussy.

There wasn’t anything pretty or romantic about this coupling. Animalistic urges drove both of us. I slammed my cock in and out in a dozen deep, penetrating thrusts. Ma and I both grunted and groaned as orgasms released us from this carnal joining.

It was over with in a short amount of time. I pulled away from Ma. She stood and faced her daughters. She spoke triumphantly, “Now, the question about who is to be fucked is answered. You know what to expect the next time I catch you fussing and arguing about fucking Josh!”

With that said, Ma picked up her clothes and headed for the back stairway. The girls and I watched as she ascended the steps and disappeared out of sight.

Three pairs of feminine eyes looked back towards me. Those eyes stared at my cock which was half-limp and still dripping with sex juices. The eyes then looked to my face. I was surprised by the wounded look in the eyes. Had they been hurt by the lesson they had just learned? Were they disappointed because neither of them got fucked?

With clarity of mind that belied my age, I recognized the look in each young girl’s eyes. Yes they were hurt and yes they were disappointed. But, it was more than that. Their eyes carried a hint of betrayal. I had betrayed their horny, young lusts by spilling my juices into Ma instead of into them!

Why, those girls were jealous! Suddenly, stimulating warmth entered my mind and spread to my heart and my loins. My slowly-shrinking cock reversed it downward direction. Instead of becoming limper, it began to stiffen again! My own lusts were reignited.

But, it was more than lust which warmed my heart. I had an undeniable consciousness of the love I had for my passionate sisters! Why, those sexy young ladies were the center of my life! They were the reason I laughed in the mornings and smiled through the days. At night, in my bed, they were my dreams come true.

My arms spread open in an invitation of love. My voice whispered, “Girls, come give your brother a kiss. Can you help me get this messy cock cleaned up? Maybe you can help me figure out what to do with it now.”

Three whirling tornadoes assaulted me. I was knocked flat on my ass onto the kitchen floor. Three horny, naked, young nymphs pounced with exuberant delight. This time, they didn’t fuss or fight each other. They took their turns.

Betsy straddled my legs and pressed her tits against my chest. Her arms encircled my neck. I held her close as she rained ardent kisses on my lips and face. Callie took her turn. Her soft, wet lips kissed and explored my mouth. Debbie was next. Sweet, dear little Debbie kissed with the fervor of a girl-woman possessed.

Lord-a-goddamn-mercy, I’d never seen such a whirling, twirling storm of lips, and tits, and pretty pussies! My eyes were looking, my lips were kissing, and my hands were fondling. If this wasn’t a dream, then I was high in pussy-heaven!

I heard a smack as Callie’s hand slapped Debbie’s ass. Callie was a girl that knew how to make order out of chaos. She barked out commands, “Debbie, get off of Josh’s cock so we can clean it up. Betsy, get me a clean, wet cloth.”

When the girl brought the cloth, they again took turns. They began washing my hardening shaft. Betsy scrubbed while Debbie kissed my lips. Callie rubbed while Betsy’s lips played with mine. Debbie patted me dry while Callie’s mouth ravaged mine.

Damnit-to-hell, I was having a hard-damn time keeping up with who was doing what! I finally reckoned that it really didn’t matter. Oh shit, I loved every touch, every kiss, and every suck! Every what? Why those wanton young vixens were beginning to suck my cock!

That wicked little Debbie started it. The girl must have gotten the idea while drying off my cock. She had stopped rubbing and had started kissing up and down the length of my shaft. Now she had popped the head into her hot, little,mouth. Holy-shit, that cock of mine was now set on fire!

Betsy saw what was happening below. This young lady straddled my belly, bent over my mouth, and put a fully-matured,tit in front of it. When I opened my lips, she popped a pink nipple between them. I licked, and kissed, and sucked the firm nubile nub.

Callie gently nudged her younger sister away from my throbbing erection. This sister of mine was the best cocksucker of all the girls. Just to prove this point, she licked the head of my cock and then sucked the shaft deep into her throat. Her spit-lubricated mouth bobbed up and down on my thick, meaty muscle.

Betsy scooted down my belly and ended up taking Callie’s place. Into her mouth, went my cock. She didn’t have the natural skill of her sister, but her tongue flicked with the viciousness of a striking snake. Her slippery-wet tongue coiled around my cock-head while her mouth attempted to suck the meat in deep.

My hands were feverously busy fondling pussies and tits. How the hell is a fella with only two hands supposed play with six tits and three pussies? Right now, I was too-damn busy doing it than to think about it!

Both of my hands closed tightly to cup a pair of soft pussies. My fingers slipped deep inside two dripping-wet openings. Pussy-muscles grabbed my probing fingers and pulled them deeper. My mouth sucked hungrily on a tit. My throbbing cock beat to the rhythm of my racing heartbeat.

Those wild, cock-sucking sisters of mine must have some kind of wicked feminine trigger built into their minds. They each licked, and sucked, and ate my meat voraciously. Yet, they instinctively knew when to stop before my man-juices erupted. Time after time, a hot-wet mouth would bring me to the brink of release only to abruptly stop. My mind was silently screaming for them to goddamnit let me blow!

One of the girls had captured my cock again. I figured that it must be Callie because I was too-damn deep into the girl’s throat for it to be one of the others. Goddamn, that girl could suck a cock in deep! Now, if she would only let me fill her throat with my churning, boiling, liquefied-fire!

My mind was struggling with a puzzling question. How in the shit am I supposed to sexually satisfy all three of these horny young female creatures? I knew they were as hungry for orgasmic release as I was. I knew I could fuck one and maybe I could fuck two. But, there’s no way on God’s good-green earth that I can fuck all three!

One of the girls straddled my face. I didn’t have to look at her face to see who it was. Why, I could tell who it was by seeing her pussy. Hell, if it was pitch-dark I would have known just by the feel of it! Just like fingerprints, each of my sister’s pussies had its own distinctive size, shape, smell, and feel. My mind was telling me that it was about goddamn-time I was getting some pussy to eat!

Impetuous, impatient little Debbie had positioned her sweet little pussy right over my mouth! That wicked little lady was practically begging for a pussy-sucking. Well shit, who was I to disappoint her?

I grabbed the girl’s hips and pulled her pussy to my mouth. My tongue reached greedily to lick the dangling clit. So pussy-hungry was I that my mouth sucked in the entire clit and my teeth bit deeply. Debbie squealed, but she didn’t pull away.

I slowed down to enjoy this feminine treat my sister was offering me. With my lips, I savored the silky-soft flesh of Debbie’s smooth pussy-mound. There was no hair to prevent me from kissing and licking the valleys between the pussy and thighs. The mound of feminine flesh warmed and stiffened as I kissed and licked my way over this totally-nude knoll.

Lord-a-goddamn-mercy, I love to eat pussy! This young sister of mine has one of the sweetest I ever had! My mouth, my lips, and my tongue ravaged little Debbie’s sweet pussy with unrestrained delight. The young lady was moaning with wanton lust.

My tongue made a complete oral exploration of the hills and valleys sitting on my mouth. Suddenly, it sank into a deep, wet-hot hole! Hot-damn, it had found the mother-lode hole where feminine orgasms are born! Debbie squealed and squirmed.

With my tongue cupped to stiffen it, I plunged in deep. A river of vaginal juice was attempting to drown this erect intruder. I licked, and slurped, and sucked. My mouth, my nose, and my face were becoming coated with hot, sticky-wet moisture. Debbie’s hips were bucking and jumping erratically. The girl squealed loudly. I thought I heard her voice screaming for me to stop. But, surely I didn’t, did I? Why, that girl loved to get her pussy sucked!

What the hell! Debbie was trying to pull away. My grip on her hips tightened. My fingernails bit into the flesh of her ass. Finally, I heard her imploring words, “Josh, oh please, please stop! Oh God, Josh, please don’t make me cum with your mouth! I want you to fuck me! I want to fuck you! I want you to cum in my pussy!”

My mind was racing. I knew Debbie was close to orgasm. Hell, I was, too! A mouth was still sucking my cock! I had no goddamn clue as to whose mouth it was. I was lost in pussy-sucking heaven. But, my pussy-hungry brain cleared enough for me to deduce that this may be a perfect way for me to handle part of my girl-fucking dilemma. I couldn’t stay hard enough to fuck all three of my sisters, so maybe I could bring at least one to orgasm with my mouth.

I paid no attention to Debbie’s protestations. I kept right on ravaging her sweet little pussy. In fact, my lips and tongue intensified their mouth-fucking assault on the tender feminine flesh. I had no pity on her. Hell, if that girl didn’t want to get mouth-fucked, then she should have kept her pretty little pussy away from my face!

Debbie’s hips continued to spasm and jerk, but her protestations weakened. It wouldn’t be long, I knew. I was going to make her cum, like it or not! Her breath was catching in her throat as she squealed and squirmed.

Oh-holy-shit, what was that? My own breath caught in my throat! Oh goddamn, one of my sisters has sat on my cock! With a pussy in my face, I couldn’t see who it was. Which one is it? Who gives a fuck, which one? They both have pussies, don’t they?

Well, whoever it is, is a young lady that has impaled her pussy on my throbbing-hard cock! All 7-inches of my meat were buried up inside the girl above me. She was moving up and down. Her pussy was wet. Hell, it’s so soaking-wet that I can feel the hot moisture running down the length of my shaft and bathing my skin!

She was moving faster now. Her vaginal cavity was well-lubricated with female juices. Her tight young pussy was squeezing my shaft as it glided up and down the rigid rod effortlessly. Hell, that girl knew what she was doing! Was it Betsy? Was it Callie? Who was fucking me?

I knew one thing for goddamn sure, it wasn’t Debbie! This particular girl’s pussy was right in front of my face! To be more precise, her pussy was in my mouth. Somebody was fucking me, but I didn’t miss a beat in my pussy-eating frenzy. I was still licking and sucking. Debbie was still panting and bucking.

Good-lord-almighty, am I in heaven? Can anything be any better than this? I’ve got a pussy riding my mouth and a pussy riding my cock! If heaven ain’t this good, then write me up a ticket to Hell!

Time was passing slowly. But no, it was flying by too-damn fast! My heart was racing. My cock was afire with hot-pulsating blood! The engorged shaft was swollen it to its limit in size inside my sister’s steaming pussy. I was frantically licking sweet little Debbie’s wet-pussy.

A mist of pussy-cum was spraying my face. That hot little sister of mine was cumming! My nails dug deeper into the girl’s silky-soft ass. I had to hold the wildly thrashing girl down. Debbie was grunting and moaning. She was squealing and screaming. Orgasms had a hold on that girl and they wouldn’t let go!

Hell, if I wasn’t going to fuck the girl, I could at least give her a really-good pussy-sucking! Just when her orgasms began to subside, I again hit her pussy and clit with another frenzied round of lip sucking and tongue licking.

Debbie had expelled all her breath, so she could no longer scream and squeal. But, she had just enough wind to whimper and cry as more orgasms shook her petite young body. Tears of orgasmic rapture and loving lust dripped from her eyes.

Betsy, on the other hand, had lung capacity in abundance. Hell, I figured out who was sitting on my cock fucking me when Betsy began hollering! Just as the echo of Debbie’s orgasmic squeals and screams began to fade, Betsy’s began. Damn, when that girl was having orgasms, she was a screeching screamer!

That beautiful sister of mine bounced up and down on my cock in a wild fit of orgasmic surrender. With her hands on top of her head, she rode my engorged shaft the way a wild-west cowboy rode a bucking rodeo bull. Her tits swished and swayed to the rhythm of her energetic upward and downward thrusts.

Debbie fell off of my face just in time for me to see Betsy’s show. Lord-a-mercy, the sight of her tantalizing tits bouncing like that was erotically stimulating!

Yeah, that’s just what I needed, more cock-stimulation! I’d already had stimulation aplenty, I think. Wasn’t I in the company of three naked young ladies? Hadn’t all three of them sucked my cock? Hadn’t I just eaten the finest sweet-pussy meal any fella could ever want? Wasn’t there a girl riding my cock? Wasn’t I so goddamn horny I was about to go crazy? Yeah, the sight of two beautiful bouncing boobs was just what I needed! Yeah, like hell, I did!

My mind was screaming to tell me that it was about goddamn-time I let my horny cock blow! My erect shaft summoned forth seminal juices! They churned and boiled inside my testicle sack. The pressure had been building to the bursting point. The dam holding back my pressurized cock-cream collapsed. Streams of steaming, liquefied male-milk shot out with incredible orgasmic force!

Betsy screeched and screamed again when hot cream began to fill her vaginal void! Another orgasm rocked her body and made it shudder. But, that girl continued bouncing on the shaft buried deep inside her pussy. The wanton young lady squealed and screamed again and again as her mind, body, and soul became lost in orgasmic bliss.

Hell, I was screaming, too! That wondrous girl’s tight pussy-muscles were squeezing and milking my cock in an attempt to consume every last drop. My shaft was now lubricated with both pussy-juice and cock-cream. Betsy rode this slick, slippery shaft with energetic zeal. She was cumming again! I was cumming hard, too!

The two of us, brother and sister together, surrendered to lust and love. We joined our hearts and bodies in glorious orgasmic enchantment. What the hell did it matter who heard our impassioned grunts and groans or our orgasmic screams and yells? We were lost in orgasmic obsession!

Betsy, my dear beautiful Betsy girl, shuddered and shook one last time and then fell exhausted upon my chest. Our breaths were labored, but our hearts beat as one. We two were completely oblivious to the world outside our own little world of orgasmic afterglow.

The world outside made itself known in the form of a loud smack. Callie has a quick temper which can catch flame easily. But, sometimes she can be patient and mild-tempered. She had calmly sat by while her brother sucked her sister Debbie’s pussy and made her cum. She had waited while her sister Betsy fucked her brother until her pussy filled with cum. Now it was her goddamn turn! She had viciously smacked Betsy’s ass!

Callie smacked her sister’s ass again and spoke irritably, “Betsy, get your ass off Josh! He’s got another pussy to fuck! I’m plenty-hot and horny-ready!”

My sister’s words thrilled me. I reckon my heart just ‘ate-it-up’ when my sisters were so impassioned about fucking me. But, sad to say, this sister of mine was in for disappointment. I told her so, “Callie honey, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you, I do! But girl, I don’t think there’s any way on this good-green earth that I can get my cock to stand up right now for another pussy-fucking! Why girl, this limp old cock is plum pussy-fucked out!”

Undeterred, this horny young lady pressed on. Callie spoke forcefully, “Listen here mister; I’m going to get fucked! You are going to do the fucking and it’s going to be pretty-damn soon! So, don’t you worry about that big fella between your legs being limp! No Sir, don’t you fret. I’ve got a few tricks that’ll make that fella hard, horny, and ramrod straight!”

Callie had a clean, wet rag. She washed Debbie’s pussy juices from my mouth and face. She patted my skin dry. She licked her lips until they were slicky-wet and then kissed me with impassioned hunger. I felt that kiss all the way to my heart. The girl then washed Betsy’s pussy juices and my seminal cream from my limp cock. She gently patted the tender flesh dry. Again, she wet her lips. She rained a shower of fresh kisses up and down the length of my slowly recovering shaft.

The horny young woman sprang to her knees and then stood up. She pulled me up with her. Without saying a word, she led me to my bedroom just off the kitchen. Betsy and Debbie followed along meekly. Neither one of these girls paid any mind to the fact that their sexy young bodies were jaybird-naked. Hell, I paid attention aplenty! I was keenly aware of all the tantalizing feminine nudity surrounding me. I counted six round titties, six pink nipples, and three puffed-out-pretty pussies.

Callie led me to my bed. I’d had this big four-poster bed ever since I was big enough to have female bedmates to share it with me. Ma made sure that one or more of my sisters slept alongside me every night. Hell, I never heard any one of these girls put up a fuss about these sleeping arrangements!

Back here in these backwoods hollers and hills times had been hard for years. We kids had never had toys or any fancy doodads or whatnots. So, we found our fun where we could get it. If it just happened to be on the kitchen floor or in this big bed, then so be it. Why hell, I rather play with the pussies and tits the heavens gave to my sisters than any toy a man ever made!

Following Callie’s instructions, I laid on the bed on my belly. She climbed into the bed beside me. The other girls sat on the edge and watched as their sister began to give their brother a massage. Lord-a-mercy, every one of those girls knew how much I loved a massage!

Callie’s massages were just about my favorite. This country-girl had strong, firm fingers which could dig into sore muscles and dig out ever ache and pain a fella might have. These same fingers could also summon forth soothing comfort and relaxation.

There was one thing about my sister’s touch. Callie’s massages could sometimes be a little rough. The one I was getting now was pretty-damn rough! That girl must have built up a head-full of aggravation while watching two of her sisters get their pussies sucked and fucked. Well, I was a big boy, I reckon my body can absorb a little of the girl’s frustration.

My sister’s strong hands roamed up and down my back, my ass, and my legs. She missed not one sore, aching spot. These sisters of mine had given me quite a workout on the kitchen floor. I really needed the comfort of this long, soothing massage. Rough as she was, Callie’s comforting hands provided just the solace I needed. Despite the roughness of the massage and the proximity of three naked females, I was just about to fall asleep.

Callie’s temper asserted itself. Today she’d already smacked the naked asses of two of her sisters who had aggravated her. She now viciously smacked mine! I squealed as I heard her irately say, “Damnit mister, don’t you dare even think about sleeping! You’ve still got a pussy to fuck!”

I twisted around to look at the girl. That naked sister of mine was so goddamn sexy and pretty it hurt! A mischievous thought entered my head and I said, “Just keep it up girl, and I’ll fuck the hell out of you! Just smack me again and see what happens!”

I knew better than to dare that temperamental sister of mine, but I couldn’t resist. The girl took me at my word. She smacked my ass with a stinging slap. She then slapped me again, and again, and again. I squealed with each sting. It hurt so bad that it felt good. I’d never spanked a girl or been spanked by one. This was a new, pleasurable experience. I wondered if Callie would like it, too.

When I twisted around, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my cock was nearly revived! I grabbed my naked sister and we tussled and wrestled until I pinned her on her belly with her ass up in the air. Her pretty-white ass would provide a perfect canvas for an ass-spanking artist. I decided to take up ass-painting. This was to be my first work of ass-art.

Using my palms and fingers as brushes, I applied color to the glorious expanse of Callie’s pretty, plump, lily-white ass. I slapped that ass time after time. I had plenty of soft feminine flesh to spank. Red was the color that was appearing. Callie squealed at every slap.

Callie’s white ass-skin turned to pink and then turned to red. My art took form in the perfectly pigmented shapes of my hands and fingers. My artwork was erotically beautiful on the canvas of my sister’s pretty white ass.

Who knew that spanking could be so stimulating? My loins became aroused and my cock sprang to fully engorged erection. Hell, I was having a good time! So was Callie. But, wait. If that girl is having a good time, why is she crying?

Oh shit, I went too far. I spanked too hard and too much. Guilt and regret swept over me. I bent and kissed Callie’s ass. I kissed and gently massaged every reddened spot. I kissed and I rubbed, then I kissed and I rubbed some more. The tender, silky-soft flesh began to turn from red back to white.

I kissed my way up Callie’s back. I kissed her neck. I flipped her to her back and kissed her cheeks. I kissed her sweet lips. I kissed her mouth in a frenzy of passion. I kissed her teeth. I kissed her tongue. I kissed, and I licked, and I tongue-fucked my dear sister’s mouth. I kissed this sweet angel with the obsession of a devil.

My lips found her breasts. Callie’s tits are the biggest of all the six sisters. My lips kissed these cantaloupe sized nectarines. I sucked the sweet nectar from protruding nickel-sized nipples. The girl wiggled and moaned.

My lips sought out the girl’s most sacred feminine treasure. I found Callie’s pussy and allowed my mouth and my lips to go wild. Lord-a-mercy, what a magnificent mound of hairless pussy-flesh that girl has! I kissed and licked the swollen outer lips. I found her erect clit and savagely ravaged its sweet tenderness with wanton passion. I kissed, I licked, I sucked, and I bit into the girl’s feminine flesh in a fury of pussy-crazed delight. My tongue slid inside her hot-wet vaginal tunnel. I dove deep into this steaming cauldron of liquefied feminine fire. Callie groaned, she moaned, and she squealed.

Out of the corner of my I caught a quick glance at the other two girls at the edge of the bed. I instinctively knew that each of them coveted their sister’s position in my bed. Maybe next time Debbie won’t be so quick to jump on my face to get pussy-sucked. But, I hope she is! Maybe next time Betsy won’t be so quick to jump on my cock for a quick pussy-fucking. But, I hope she is!

Speaking of fucking, why I owe this sister of mine a cock-in-pussy fucking! That’s just what she’s going to get. That girl was flat on her back. I mounted her with the suddenness of a stud mounting his favorite mare. One of the girls guided my 7-inch shaft as it aimed toward the entrance to Callie’s pussy-heaven.

Into this heavenly hole, my cock sank. My shaft plunged deeper and deeper into this pit of liquid fire. Scorching female juices surrounded and bathed this welcomed intruder. Pussy-muscles grabbed, pulled, and tugged the cock-shaft begging it to do its duty.

Callie’s hips rose to meet every thrust of my cock. That girl bucked and jumped like a wild, untamed filly welcoming her stallion lover. I thrust in and out, in and out again and again. She rose and fell, rose and fell.

I was fucking my sister just like she wanted! I fucked her gently, I fucked her hard! I was fucking her for an eternity with no thoughts of ever stopping. Goddamn-almighty, I loved fucking my sister!

My best laid plans for an eternity of fucking this girl came to a cataclysmic, orgasmic end. Callie screamed and squealed as orgasmic shockwaves rattled her body. That girl’s feminine form shivered and quivered. She screamed and squealed louder. She was cumming. She was cumming hard!

Hell, I was screaming, hollering, and cumming, too! My thick, meaty shaft convulsed inside Callie’s hot-wet pussy. I didn’t have much seminal fluid left, but that pussy received every last drop.

Goddamn, that girl’s pussy was hot and slippery-wet! I couldn’t stop cumming and I couldn’t stop pumping my meat into that girl. I summoned my strength and again assaulted that pussy with nearly a dozen deep, penetrating, Jackhammer-quick thrusts. Callie whimpered and cried as more orgasmic aftershocks rocked her.

We two finally lay still. As brother and sister lovers, we were lost in a secret world of orgasmic afterglow, lust, and love. Reality came back when a voice spoke from the doorway, “Josh, are you and the girls having fun?”

As one, we all turned to see my sister Amy walking toward the bed. This girl was the oldest of the six sisters. Ma had named her daughters alphabetically. Amy was now 18. Betsy was 16. Callie was 16. Debbie was 16, and the others were Eliza and Fannie.

Amy’s feminine body had been my first to explore and play with. Ma had brought her my bed. She told me to have fun with the girl. I had told Ma that I didn’t know what to do and Amy said the same. So, Ma began the first of several sex lessons. She was a damn-good teacher! By the time Ma was through, Amy and I were fucking like bunnies!

I’d be the first to admit that my sister Amy is a plain-looking girl. But, that young woman is a good-old mountain girl who is just as sweet as the day is long. I loved that girl a lot. Everyone who knew the girl loved her. And, we all certainly were crazy about that little month-old baby she had suckling at her tit!

That little fella Amy held was the first boy-child in this family since I was born 17 years ago. I reckon girls are just naturally crazy about babies. Why, those three naked girls in my bed perked up and started begging, “Amy, can I hold him…No can I…No isn’t it my turn to hold him?”

The girls reached out to take the baby. I reached out too, but I touched something else. Amy’s thin, cotton nursing dress was unbuttoned. Both breasts were plainly exposed. I pulled on the dress and Amy sat on the bed beside me.

Damn, Amy had pretty tits! The two mammary mounds were swollen with the fullness of a nursing mother. One of the tits still dribbled milk where the baby boy had been suckling. That dripping tit was just too irresistible. I pulled it to my mouth and sucked on the swollen nipple.

I suckled the thick, sweet, warm milk from my sister’s tit. She pulled the top of the dress off both shoulders. She had no bra as a hindrance to my wandering hands and lips. She offered up both tits for suckling.

I stopped sucking for a second and looked at Amy’s face. I asked a question that was burning my mind, “Babe, it’s been a month since the baby was born, so when did the doc say that we could start fucking again?”

That sister of mine beamed a radiant smile, leaned over, and kissed me. She kissed me again and again. She whispered softly, “Mister, you can fuck me anytime you want to! And, it had better be pretty-damn soon that you do!”

My heart skipped a beat and my mind filled with happiness. Lord-a-mercy, I must be living in some kind of magical heavenly realm. I’m lying in a bed full of pussies and tits and four of the best ‘brother-fucking’ sisters in the world!

I kissed that wondrous sister of mine with the passion of lust and love. I then went back to suckling those magnificent milk-filled breasts. I licked, I kissed, and I sucked. Through a haze of milk-sucking joy, I heard Amy’s voice quietly saying, “Josh, you’d better leave some of that milk for your son.”

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