Unable to resist

What follows is entirely fictional and is simply the imagination of an active mind penned into words.

I hope the story isn't too long a read but whatever the case, I hope it's one you might enjoy. As always I appreciate those who take the time to vote and pass comment.

"So tell me, what do you think? Do you think she is going to take me back?"

It was a late Friday afternoon and Pam, a fifty two year old married woman and mother of three was stood by the kitchen sink washing the last few remaining pieces of crockery.

For the third day running her thirty year old son in law Adam, was perched on one of the kitchen stools behind her.

He'd not called because he'd been invited, far from it, but his appearance had nevertheless come as no surprise to Pam. Both he and her daughter had issues with their marriage and Pam knew this was his way of attempting to find out what it was she might have been saying to her about their problems and more especially, if her daughter had plans to take him back.

Pam leant forward, leaving her hands in the water as she contemplated Adam's question. It wasn't the case she couldn't answer, it was more she simply wondered if it was wise to get this involved.

"Come on Pam." He added, sensing her reluctance to respond. "I know damn well she confides in you."

Unseen by Adam, Pam closed her eyes and let out a quiet sigh. She was aware he wasn't likely to give up easily. She took a deep breath.

"So far as I know, I don't think that's what she has in mind. At least, not until you change your ways and sort out whatever financial mess you've managed to get yourself into."

For a moment she waited for his response. There was none, instead she heard the sound of the stool sliding back over the hardwood floor. She lifted her hands from the sink and continued rinsing the crockery.

"It's not quite as simple as all that Pam, " he finally answered, his voice somewhat closer to her now. "I've got a fair few debts that can't simply be resolved at the wave of a wand."

Again Pam took a breath before answering.

"I daresay Adam but the truth is she's not going to take you back as easily as you would want. She wants to see you change.to make an effort."

Adam sighed. "I know, and I've tried Pam believe me, and I am still trying, but there are problems and it's never as easy as all that."

Behind her she both heard and sensed him step closer.

"So do I take it she's rejecting me?" He asked.

Pam stood there, her back still to her son in law as she considered how best to answer but in reality there was only one way to answer..honestly.

"Yes. For now I suppose she is." she replied.

Just then she felt his hands slide onto her waist. Her body stiffened. As it did, so his fingers began gently massaging her sides.

"And how about you Pam? Are you going to reject me to?"

Pam took a sharp intake of breath as his words washed over her.

"Don't be so silly. You're here now. We're talking aren't we?"

"You know that's not what I meant." He replied, his fingers still kneading the soft material of her cardigan against her sides.

Pam waited, not moving, in part hoping he would withdraw his hands from her waist and step back. Instead she felt the heat of his breath against the back of her neck, followed by his lips as he planted first one, then a second kiss lightly on the nape of her neck.

"Adam!" She cried. "I really don't think this is so wise."

"Why not?" he said as he planted yet another light kiss against the warmth of her neck. "You didn't seem to object in the past."

Pam closed her eyes, her lips releasing a quiet moan as she allowed herself to think about what it was his comments referred to.

It had been almost a year since it had first happened and even now she knew there was no accounting for why she'd allowed it.

Fifty three years of age, her three children having flown the nest she was happily married, or so she'd kept telling herself, and for that matter, at the time, so was Adam, yet for reasons she'd since been unable to explain, the two of them had begun an affair.

She remembered that particular day well. Adam had called over to return something her daughter had borrowed. He had joined her in the kitchen where she'd made them both a coffee and they'd chatted. It was the normal, run of the mill kind of thing that had happened many times in the past.

They'd chatted about nothing in particular. Mostly idle chit chat, mainly about their respective day. It had certainly been no different to any number of other occasions when Adam had called in to see her with the exception, that particular day she'd felt inexplicably horny. She remembered finding herself looking at Adam and imagining what he might be like in bed. Again, there had been no rhyme nor reason why she should have thought such a thing.

It was possible Adam had detected the change in her that day for at some point she sensed he too was taking more than a passing interest in her.

They had finished their coffee and it had been as Pam had reached across the table to collect his cup, his hand had intercepted hers. He'd held onto her fingers as he'd got up off his stool and had continued to hold onto them as he'd made his way to her side of the table. Once there, he'd pulled at her hand encouraging her to get to her feet. He'd leant forward and without so much as a word being spoken he'd pressed his lips somewhat hesitantly over hers.

The effect had been electric. She'd immediately assumed this was purely due to her feeling exceptionally horny but the lightness of his lips upon hers continued to send shivers rippling through her body.

Even at that stage she'd known what was happening was wrong but as her mind tried to argue that fact, her arms appeared to move of their own accord, reaching out around his body, pulling him in close.

In truth, on that particular day, at that particular time, it was an intimacy her body craved for.

There was no such hesitancy with his second kiss. Their lips met with a very real if unexpected passion and Pam found herself being pressed backwards until he had her pinned against the wall where their lips continued to peck at one another's with an almost feverish urgency.

She remembered it being some minutes before he'd eventually broken from the embrace, to find herself breathing heavily and far more aroused than she'd felt sat at the table.

Still neither of them had spoken a word and as they stood facing one another she'd watched as his hands had reached out and covered her breasts.

Her nipples had instantly hardened to form rubbery like points which strained against her soft top. Her pussy too, had become moist and as she looked down at his hands on her breasts all she could think about at that moment was how she wanted him to kiss her again.

It might have been a case he'd read her mind or that maybe he'd simply wanted the same as her. In any event he'd chosen that moment to lean into her once more.

This time, after their lips had brushed briefly together, their mouths opened and with Pam's hand sliding behind the back of Adam's neck, they started to French kiss.

Pam hadn't been able to believe how simply kissing could have gotten her so aroused. Whether it was her already aroused state, or simply the illicit idea this was her son in law, she didn't know. What she did know was, she wanted more. She had opened her mouth and hungrily sucked on his tongue and lips, keen to show, despite her guilt, she was ever bit as eager as him.

They fought, in an almost frenzied passion, as if each were trying to outdo the other.

Unlike before, where Adam had allowed her up for air, this time Pam sensed he was going for the kill and with one hand still thumbing her right nipple back and forth over her top, his right hand slid down beneath her skirt then up between her legs.

Even then, visions of her husband and her daughter filled her head with guilt. Her mind was screaming for her to put a stop to what was taking place but, despite all her guilt, the moment his fingers slid across the front of her panties, she knew she was losing the battle.

She began to respond, initially returning his kisses, mouthing and sucking on his tongue and as the passion grew she began gyrating her hips, pushing her panty clad pussy firmly onto his fingers.

Had anyone told her, mutual attraction could have happened so fast, she'd have argued differently, but that afternoon in her kitchen, little more than a few minutes after his lips had briefly caressed hers, Pam knew, regardless of what her own mind was arguing, she was about to let him Fuck her. Now here they were, the two of them alone in her kitchen once more

As his lips slid from the nape of her neck to the lobe of her ear, where they continued their assault, Adam knew, like him, Pam was almost certainly thinking of all those months ago and of what had gone before. He slid his left hand between her arm and body where his fingers found and cupped at the swell of her left breast. The quiet moan of pleasure escaping her lips caused him to smile. His finger and thumb found and teased at her nipple and within moments it's rubbery shape was vainly attempting to push its way through the soft confines of her top. She moaned again, this time a little louder as he eased her back against the wall and breathed his next words into her ear.

"You remember too Pam, don't you? That first time we had fun ?

"Nooooo!" Pam moaned as she tried hard to suppress the feelings emanating from her pussy. "We can't! We mustn't!" She sobbed. "You need to concentrate on getting back with Simone. This isn't going to be doing your situation any good!"

"Bullshit Pam!" He cried. "Sure! I've no wish to see my marriage slip away and believe me, I've every intention of resolving the issues but right now you're what I want and we both know it's what you want too..Don't we Pammy?"

"Stop this Adam please! We need to stop!" she cried as she tried to wrestle herself from his hold.

"Think about it Pammy. Six months ago you and I were having fun and my marriage was perfectly on track. You and I were satisfying one another and I was satisfying your daughter. She didn't have a clue then and she doesn't need to know now. I can see no reason why that can't continue. I wanted you back then Pam and I want you now."

Without giving Pam the chance to answer and taking her completely by surprise he slid his fingers inside her panties, just as quickly sliding them in between her pussy lips. They were slick, a sure sign, if he needed any, she was as aroused as him.

"And this Pam, tells me you want it every bit as much as I do."

She gasped as he slid his fingers deeper causing her to rise up onto her toes. She tried to stem the moan of pleasure escaping her lips by pressing her mouth into his shoulder. He immediately began easing his fingers in and out in a gentle Fucking motion.

"You bastard Adam!" She almost growled as her hips began to move in rhythm with the fluid movement of his fingers . "This isn't right! This isn't going to do either of us any good!" She replied, her teeth gritted causing her words to come out as a hiss.

"If that's what you want to think Pamthen fine Go ahead and think it, but I'm going to prove you wrong."

He began pushing deeper.faster. Pam leant into him, her hands holding tightly on his shoulders as her pussy continued to delight in the pleasure it was getting.

He was bringing her to her peak. In her mind she was trying hard to fight it, trying hard not to let him see how easily he could pleasure but she already knew it was a lost cause.

He curled the tips of his fingers inside her pussy. It was all he needed to do. She cried out loud as her climax hit, her breath escaping her lips in short, ragged, animal like grunts as she rocked back and forth on his fingers.

He eased back and she moved with him, her body slumped against his as she tried to recover.

He lifted her face so he could look into her eyes.

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that Pam," he grinned.

She lowered her eyes averting his, not wanting to answer. Just like that first time, she felt completely ashamed at giving into him so easily.

He used his right hand lift her chin, wanting to see into her eyes once more, as if wanting to see proof of how much he'd just pleasured her. Satisfied, he eased her backwards until she was rested fully against the wall and for a moment or two he simply stood there, saying nothing, his eyes wandering up and down, admiring how good his mother in law's body looked, despite her years.

With her eyes still closed and almost certainly deep in thought he watched the swell of her breasts rise and fall beneath her soft top to the rhythm of her breathing. The fact her nipples were still pushing firmly upwards against the top told him she was still very much aroused. He reached forward and began playing with her breasts, his palms and fingers drawing the soft fabric back and forth over her nipples, arousing them still further.

"And do you remember what you used to insist I do after I had made you cum Pam?"

She opened her eyes to reveal a wistful, far away look.

"Don't Adam." She whispered. "Don't do this."

Ignoring her comment Adam leant closer, pressing his lips onto her right breast. He began sucking on the protruding right nipple causing Pam to mewl with pleasure.

Driven somewhat by instinct, she reached out to curl her hand around the back of his head. She closed her eyes once more as her fingers combed indolently through his hair.

"Stop it Adam! Please!" she moaned.

Adam pulled back and looked on to admire his handiwork. The evidence was all there, an almost circular, damp patch which surrounded her extended nipple. He reached out to thumb it lightly back and forth before returning his attentions, this time to her left nipple.

Again she moaned and again her hand curled around the back of his neck but this time there were no protestations about him stopping and when a few minutes later he pulled back to admire the view, it was to see the outline of her left breast matched that of her right.

With her eyes still closed and her head drooped Adam once again used his fingers to lift her chin. She found herself looking into his eyes once more.

"Well Pam, have I jogged your memory? Are you going to remind me what it was you used to insist I do?"

She hesitated for a moment before the word "Pussy" escaped her lips.

"Hmmmm Pussy! Yes Pam. I have made pussy cum for you but what is it you used to insist I do?"

As Adam looked into her eyes he could sense she was still resisting. He knew he could probably go ahead and do it anyway but he wanted her resistance broken. He wanted her to know she was his once more. He reached out and began thumbing her nipple and saw her close her eyes.

"Pussy PamTell me what it is you liked me to do with your wet Pussy?"

Again he sensed her resistance, this time recognising it as she bit lightly on her lip. It was clear her mind was in conflict, her body wanting one thing, her mind another. He squeezed her nipple firmly between finger and thumb, yet not hard enough to hurt her. He pressed his lips close to her ear.

"Give in Pam. Tell me what it is you used to love me to do with Pussy."

This time one whispered word escaped her lips. "Lick."

He eased back smiling to himself feeling sure he was close to breaking her.

"Is that what you want me to do now Pam?"

Again Pam bit down on her lip. She knew damn well how wrong this all was. She didn't need telling. Yet despite the fact Adam and her daughter were having problems with their marriage and despite hating herself for cheating on her hubby, here she was, once more, on the verge of allowing Adam to take advantage of her. She wrestled with her conscience as she eased herself back against the wall, her intention to say no.

Adam, sensing her dilemma, stepped forward and drew his fingers along her thigh and up beneath her skirt. She looked down at what he was doing and instead of telling him no, found herself holding her breath. She released it in one loud gasp when his fingertips had breached far enough to glide over the gusset of her panties.

"Don't fight it Pam. Just remember how good it was and admit you want this too. All you have to do is tell me and I'll do it. It will be just like it was before."

He pressed his thumb onto her panties, rubbing the wet lace material purposely back and forth over her swollen clit.

Pam mewled liked a wounded animal as the erotic sensations coursed upwards from her pussy. She knew then, no matter how hard she fought against his advances she wasn't going to say no, that just like that first time all those months ago she was going to let her son in law have her.

She reached for his neck and holding it firmly looked deep into his eyes.

"You bastard Adam!" she cursed at him, then running her tongue over her lips, aware there was no longer any point resisting said, "Lick me! Go on! Get down on your knees and clean up my mess."

Adams grin spread from ear to ear while down below he felt his cock respond to her words, pushing firmly outwards against his briefs.

Months ago when his Mother in law had first spoken to him like this he'd been shocked to say the least, but as their affair had continued, so her dirty, descriptive language had increased to the point he'd soon realised it turned him on more than he could of imagined. He was pleased she'd lost none of her dirty ways.

He quickly dropped to his knees and with Pam now leaning back against the kitchen wall his fingers pawed at the hem of her skirt, pushing the material upwards, up along her smooth, tanned thighs until her knickers came into view. He reached out with his left hand and eased them to one side to reveal a small triangular piece of thatch that appeared to signpost her swollen clit. He swirled his tongue around his lips, wetting them, then leaning close, pressed both his lips and tongue between the folds of her pussy.

Pam mewled out loud and reaching down, pressed both hands onto his head. She knew she was lost.

"Oh you Bastard Adam! Why? Why did you have to start this over again?" She cried out.

He eased his mouth away from her pussy and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, her lips moist and slightly open.

"Because I've missed you Pam. I've missed my sexy mother in law and I wanted you. I've always wanted you. Even when my marriage was good, what you and I had was so much better. Think about it Pam. Why else did you used to call over to see me of an afternoon if it wasn't to Fuck? You could have waited til hubby came home, couldn't you? You could of had him see to you. Except you knew he couldn't give you what you needed. You wanted it to happen then Pam just like you want it to happen now. Admit it?"

Pam groaned, cursing him under her breath as he pressed his lips briefly over her bared pussy.

"Even those five minute quickies." He laughed, easing back once more. "Do you remember those Pam? Do you remember that time hubby popped out that day. We both of us knew he wouldn't be long. We both knew the risks, but that didn't stop us did it Pam?"

Pam let out a whimper as she recalled the afternoon in question. She remembered it like it were yesterday. Her hubby had, had to pop out to hand some papers over to a client. He'd told them he'd be twenty minutes at the most. And yes. They'd known the risk but back then, she sometimes wondered if the risk was what she enjoyed most.

Almost from the moment he'd walked out of the door they were at one another like a couple possessed and after just a few minutes of kissing Adam had reminded her of their limited time. He'd motioned her towards the sink where, turning her around, he'd lifted her skirt, pulled down her knickers and had Fucked her there and then as she'd bent over the sink for him. Recounting the thoughts in her head, her body trembled as she recalled how easily he'd entered her that day. How wet and aroused she'd been, knowing they had so little time. She'd still been trying to pull her knickers back on as her hubby had been making his way back up the path towards the house. She'd completed the task just moments before he'd walked in through the door. She should have been horrifiedashamed at what she had done. The truth was she'd loved every moment. The risk had driven her on. So much so, she'd been climaxing on the end of her son in laws cock, as her hubby's car had pulled up outside.

Adam pressed his lips back over her pussy. She cursed him once more, this time more loudly. That she hated herself for what she was doing, she couldn't deny, but the sex was so good, so raw.

"The truth Pammy?" He demanded as he eased his lips away to look up at her. "Haven't you missed the fun?"

"Fuck yes!" She hissed. "And I've missed this. Your delicious tongue." She said. "Go on baby Fuck me! Remind Pammy what it's like to be Fucked by that slippery tongue. Come on you Bastard! Shove it up Pammy's hungry cunt. Make me cum again." She cried.

Adam groaned his pleasure as she lifted her left leg and lowered her thigh over his shoulder. She reached down and curled a hand around the back of his neck, pulling him closer still. She started to gyrate, grinding her pussy firmly onto his lips and face.

"Ohhh Baby yes! That's soooo good! So so good!"

She reached down easing Adam's face away from her pussy wanting to look into his eyes.

"Oh Adam! How can my daughter not want this? When you're so capable of giving pleasure?" The words came out as a moan, her comment not so much a question, more a statement.

"I can't believe she knows what she's missing. She really is a silly girl Adam."

Pam's hands held his face more firmly as she continued to look into his eyes.

"Make me cum for you baby! Make Pammy's pussy squirt for you!"

She pulled his face firmly back between her legs groaning as he went diligently back to work with his lips and tongue. She was loving it. Fifty plus years of age and loving every lewd moment of her son in laws attentions. She was going to cum. She was going to cum hard for him and she knew this was only the start, that after she'd cumafter he'd licked her pussy clean of her juices he would plunder her. She didn't know how and right at that moment she didn't really care. All that mattered was the knowledge, very soon he would be pounding his lovely thick cock into his mother in law's wanton pussy..

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