Grandpa and I started having sex after he moved into our house when my mom left us. Grandpa came into my room at night and climbed into bed with me waking me up. He slipped his fingers underneath my panties and touched my pussy. His fingers traced over my folds and rubbed my clit.

“You have such a nice pussy. It’s so soft,” he moaned into my ear. “Let me taste you, sweetheart.” He lowers his mouth to my cunt and pulls aside my panties. His tongue licks over my folds and laps in between my cunt lips. Grandpa’s lips work over my clit sucking. His tongue swirls around my sensitive bud making me moan. He moans delighting in the taste of my pussy.

The old man finished tasting me. He moved back up to face me and he kissed me. I taste myself on his lips. It made my cunt wet and ache with need. He rubbed his erection onto my mound. He pushed the head of his cock at my wet folds. Grandpa sunk his cock into me until he met resistance, then he stopped.

“Are you still a virgin?” He asked with hungry lust in his eyes.

“Yes, grandpa, I’m still a virgin.”

“Oh God,” he groaned and then he pushed forward rough and hard tearing through my hymen. He was gentle but very aroused so he was also excited. My granddaddy slid himself in and out of my tunnel. It hurt a little at first, but the more he stroked himself into me the better I started to feel. I became wetter and wetter as more pleasure washed over me.

He pumped faster and harder, desperately he humped himself into my cunt until his body trembled and he came shooting his load into me. I could feel the twitch in his cock as it spurt his seed inside me.

“Oh, you’re such a good little whore for your grandpa. I have such a good granddaughter.” The next night grandpa moans these words to me while he’s lying on top of me. We are in my bed in the dark bedroom under the covers. My legs are spread wide as he’s thrusting his cock into my cunt.

“Oh grandpa,” I moan cumming on his stroking prick.

“Always be ready to let a man fuck you, you got that, baby. You have a great body, beautiful tits, sweet tight little pussy; every man’s going to want to fuck you when they meet you.”

“Yes, grandpa,” I groan letting his cock sink into me repeatedly expanding my tunnel.

“Now turn over for me,” he says. I lie on my belly on the bed. He’s between my open legs pushing his wet cock into my asshole. He moans as he sinks in farther and farther. It hurts at first. I’m a tight anal virgin. He pumps fast into my ass making me moan and pant with pleasure. Then he switches to fucking my cunt sinking himself all the way over and over again into my slit. He fucks me until I cum. Grandpa slides himself in and out of my cunt and asshole for a while when he’s close to cumming, he pulls out of my ass and tells me to suck him off.

I turn around and take him into my mouth sucking on his cock hard. He grunts and groans spurting his semen into my mouth. I swallow his cum spilling to the back of my throat. The warm fluid coats my throat on the way down.

“I want to watch you with the dog,” grandpa said to me a lot after he adopted the Great Dane. It made him horny to watch me suck off the dog. We both loved it when the dog fucked me.

Sitting on the carpet naked with the Great Dane between my legs turned me on. I played with my tits while he sniffed at my cunt and licked it. When I touched the dog’s emerging cock, I could feel so much heat radiating from his genitals. I rubbed the firm cock in my hands and on my face. I pressed the dribbling tip of the dog’s penis to my lips and let it drop all over my mouth. I opened my mouth and caught the liquid inside tasting the dog’s pre-cum. I sucked down licking the indentation of the opening on the dog’s cock. Sucking and swallowing, I gave the dog a blowjob while grandpa watched.

The canine humped wanting to fuck. I got onto my hands and knees and let the Great Dane mount me from behind. He was big and eager thrusting his cock at my folds. Grandpa helped him slide his cock into me. The dog pumped himself furiously into my cunt. Pounding away, the canine speared his penis into me over and over again shoving his knot in a little more each time. I braced myself letting the animal drill into me harder again feeling the knot penetrate past my opening.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” I cried out. The Great Dane had tied himself to me. His knot swelled inside my cunt stretching it tightly around his throbbing flesh.

“That’s my good girl pleasuring the dog. Now open your mouth for me and suck me off,” grandpa said kneeling in front of me.

I opened my mouth listening to him while the dog continued to knot my cunt. The pulsing in my pussy was incredible. Grandpa rocked his hips fucking my mouth and stared down at me with hooded eyes. I could tell he was happy with me. I licked and sucked his cock as it stroked in and out past my lips. My granddaddy’s cock was big and thick dripping pre-cum from the head. I licked the pearl of liquid forming at the tip and swallowed.

“Oh God, baby!” Grandpa cried out and gripped my hair spraying his seed into my mouth. His semen squirted to the back of my throat and I swallowed the warm liquid down.

After the dog’s knot shrank, he pulled out of me but he still wanted to fuck. He ran around a little excitedly, then got back into place behind me and mounted me for more fucking. His cock slid into me easily this time. The dog pounded into me like he owned me. He knew he had his two masters, my grandpa and daddy, but he owned me. I served the dog.

More and more doggy cum spilled into my cunt and poured down my thighs. The dog made me his bitch humping his cock into me again and again. Grandpa watched as the Great Dane excitedly ran around and fucked me owning my cunt.


When I moved into my own apartment, I met a neighbor who reminded me a lot of my grandpa. He was around his age with a little less white hair. He always offered to bring in my groceries for me. I politely accepted his help. I thanked him when he was through and he asked if he could give me a hug. We hugged closely for a while. I thought I could feel an erection. A second time he offered his help and he asked for a kiss. I liked how the old man flirted with me.

We kissed open mouthed and he grabbed my hand and put it over his erection. I knelt down and undid his pants. I pulled out the old man’s cock and sucked on the head swallowing his pre-ejaculate. We were in my kitchen and I was fondling his balls and licking his shaft. He moaned and looked down at me watching me suck him off. The old man shuddered as he shot his load of semen into my mouth. I opened my mouth for him to see all of his cum in it as I pushed my tongue through it. Then I swallowed it.

The next time, I leaned over my kitchen table with my skirt hiked up and my panties down. The old man had his cock buried inside my cunt. He pounded away sliding his thick slippery penis in and out of my clenching tunnel. The old man cupped my tits and speared into me over and over again until he came inside me. He emptied his testicles into my womb.

Grandpa made me love having sex with old men and dogs. He and his dog helped me get my fix whenever I didn’t have a fuck buddy.

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