The Ring of Desire - Chapter 1

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The Ring of Desire

Chapter 1

„Oh, this is good!”

My breathing was becoming more and more irregular with every
second. I could feel the pleasure inside of me building up, slowly.
I hadn't blinked for multiple minutes already and I could feel my
eyes starting to hurt a bit, but I wasn't able to stop. My left hand
was practically moving on its own, trained from years of experience,
while my right remained exactly where it was and didn't move an inch apart
from slight twitches due to the pleasure.

“Ah, here it comes!”

My left hand become faster and tightened its grip automatically as I
ejaculated onto my body. After letting the firework in my head
go off for a few seconds, I sighed and relaxed my tired muscles.
I started blinking again and looked at the computer monitor humming
in front of me. The pair of breasts displayed there seemed so
close, but were still so far. I grabbed a tissue from my desk and cleaned
myself from the leftovers of my fun time and then closed the
browser on my laptop.

“That was good! Now, time for homework, I guess.”

My name is Daniel. Daniel Panks. I am 18 years old, soon to be 19 and in my
last year of high school. Normally, I should be quite happy with my
life. And I am, don't get me wrong. I am healthy, have friends
am not terrible at school and all of those subjects I hate learning
for will soon be over. But, as probably every other 18-year old
boy, one thing bugs me the most.

“Masturbating is nice and all, but I'd really like to experience
something with a real girl sometime soon!”

Yeah, love and sex aren't really my thing. Not because
I don't want to, hell, I'd kill if I'd get the chance,
but I never saw any chance to initiate anything
that might lead to something. I don't know how I should
talk with a girl so that sleeping with her becomes an option.
Until now, I mostly concentrated on my studies, and like I said,
I am not unhappy with my life, but sometimes, it makes me really mad.

Suddenly, I noticed that my surroundings had already become grayish
shapes due to the fading sunlight.

“Whoa, when did it get so late? Well, I have school tomorrow, so I
guess I'll call it a day”

I stood up and went outside my room to brush my teeth. Immediately after steeping
outside, I heard the TV in the living room.

“Oh, are you going to bed?”

On the couch, already wearing her pajamas, my mother was sitting half asleep
trying as hard as she could to stay awake as not to miss anything from her
TV show.

“If you're tired just go to sleep! You know we can record stuff, right?”

“But it's over in a few minutes anyway!”

“If you say so.”

I have a good relation with my mother. After all, she is the only
other person living here with me. And although I am not
directly attracted to her, it's hard to ignore her giant tits
every day. Even now, when she isn't wearing anything
skin-tight, her breasts form two clearly visible bulges underneath
her pajamas. But even apart from her breasts, my mother is
quite pretty. Especially for her age.

Concerning my father, I don't have a lot to say.
My parents have been divorced for five years now, and
looking back at our previous situation, it was definitely
the right choice. Plus, I only have to watch out for
one person when I'm trying to masturbate.

“Well, good night. And good look watching your show.”

My mother didn't even answer back. She needed all of her
concentration to keep her eyelids from closing. I sighed
and returned to my room. After darkening it, I lay down on
my bed and closed my eyes.

“Damn, after seeing her like that, I am already
hard again! Well, no harm in going for another round.”

I was about to pull down my pants when I suddenly heard a
voice in the dark.

“Hey, Daniel!”

I was frozen in place. I couldn't move or speak. I was barely able to
think until the voice returned.

“Don't worry, I won't do anything! I just want to offer
a deal!”

I slowly leaned backwards and tried to hit the light switch on my wall.
After a few swings in the air, I hit it and the room became lit. In front
of my bed was a girl. No, girl would be an understatement. A princess, no,
a goddess! In all my years in class and on the internet I had never seen
anyone so gorgeous. She had to be young, maybe 17 or 18, but still
had this aura of wisdom and experience around her. Her body had
the perfect balance, her ass, breasts, hip, waist, everything was
perfectly proportioned. Her voice was soft, but cheerful and I
couldn't help wanting to here more of it. Likewise, I couldn't
take my eyes of her face. It can't even begin to describe it in
words. Simply perfect.

“Oh, you're so sweet! Thanks!”

The girl said it as though she could read my thoughts. Meanwhile, All I could
do was sit there with my pants still down. She noticed my naked
lower half and a big grin appeared on her face.

“Oh, was I interrupting something? Well, doesn't really matter, because
your life of masturbation will end tonight! ”

Although I understood every single one of her words, my mind didn't
process them. Only when I felt my penis was getting so hard that it
hurt was I able to return to my senses.

“W-what do you mean? Who are you and why are you here?“

Her eyes lit up with excitement. It seems like she had waited for
exactly that question. She took a few steps back, turned around
with vigor and exclaimed:

„I am a goddess! The goddess of desire, to be exact! And I have
come to you, Daniel Panks, to offer you a deal!“


“You know, up there, it can get pretty boring. Like, really boring.
So, I made this to entertain myself!“

With vigor, she reached between her breasts and pulled out
a ring.

„This is the ring of desire. When someone wears it, no matter what
they say or do, everyone else will just accept it as common sense!
Neat, isn't it?“

While listening to the self-proclaimed goddess' explanation, I
had managed to get back to my senses completely. As crazy as this situation
might seem, I had decided to just go with the flow.

„And what exactly is it that you want from me?“

The goddess smiled again and took a step towards me

„I'd be willing to give you this ring. However, in exchange, you
have to put on a show for me!“


“Use this ring! I don't care how, but use it! Manipulate people! Change them!
Use them and throw them away! Take over the world! Or build a harem!
Whatever you want! But make it entertaining for me
So, sounds like a good deal, right?”

I thought for a second. Even if she was lying, I didn't see any
consequences I could suffer from accepting her offer. And if she was
telling the truth, even better.

“Alright, I'm in”

“Great” Her face was overflown with joy as she extended her hands

“Then, a handshake to seal the deal!”
I extended my hand and touched hers. This feeling of her soft
hand was the last thing I remembered before drifting into a deep, dreamless

I opened my eyes. I was laying in my bed, wearing my pajamas,
completely normal. I turned my head to look at my alarm clock.
6:15 AM. The normal time for me to wake up. In the past, I
used to get up at 6:30, but I found out that it's much more relaxing
to get a up a bit before the alarm clock forces you to wake up.
So I try to wake up before it rings, just like now.

“What a weird dream”

The images were still fresh in my mind. Me, sitting on my
bed with a boner while a girl talks about goddesses and
rings in front of me.

“I must be really desperate to find a girl if my mind
can dream up something like that!”

I stood up and turned on the lights. I went over to my computer and
was about to turn it on when I noticed it. Silently, like it had always
been there, but still out of place. A ring. No, not just any ring.
I recognized it immediately.

“Tthat's the ring from my dream!”

I was so surprised that I couldn't even sit back down. I
was just staring at the ring resting on my desk.

“If this ring is here.than I didn't dream all of that? Was that actually real!?”

I extended my right hand and grabbed the ring. Holding it closer to my
eyes, I began analyzing it.

“Well, it certainly doesn't look like it has any special powers.
I can I check if this ring works like she said?”

While the thoughts in my head were still trying to sort themselves, I
heard footsteps from outside my room.

“Mom! Of course! I can test it on her!”

I tried to calm down and recalled the words the girl told

“How did it go again? Just put the ring on and everything I say will
become common sense for everyone else, right? But I can't just start with
something too crazy. If it doesn't work, I don't know what she'll do to me.”

I spend a few more minutes devising a strategy and then stepped outside,
the ring now on my right ring finger. My mother was already in
the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Oh, Daniel. Good morning.”


I wasn't able to give her a proper greeting. My heart was pounding so hard
I was afraid she might hear it.

“It's alright” I thought to myself, “Just say something that isn't true, but
won't make you look stupid or crazy. Just like I planned.”

I walked over to the table and sat down, trying my hardest to act natural.

“Sosince it's morning, you usually stare out the window for 30 seconds.
Have you done that already?”

My mother stopped her hands which were just about to cut a slice
of bread. She turned around and looked directly at me

“What? Did it not work after all?”

Just when I was about to play it off as a joke, my mother started smiling
and replied:

“Oh, you're right! I totally forgot! Thanks for reminding me!”

Then, like it truly was a ritual for her, she moved over to our
kitchen's window and stared outside for exactly 30 seconds.

“It..It worked! It actually worked!”

My mind was already going through the possibilities this power
could give me and I was getting hard again, but I was able to return to reality before losing
myself in my fantasies.

“No, not too fastthat test was successful, but let's
go all out nowsomething she would never do normally!”

My mother had just finished her staring-outside and was about to sit down at the
table when I had made my choice for the final test.

“Oh right, you haven't given me my morning hand job yet! I really don't
want to rush you, but I do have to leave soon, so”

Even though the previous test worked, my voice was shaking
all the way through and my heart was about to leap out of my chest.
My mother just stood there for a few moments until she started smiling

“Oh, you're right. Seriously, what is wrong with me today?
At this rate, I'll forget my name soon!”

She walked over to the side of the table, pulling a chair with her,
and sat down. Then, she reached underneath the table and pulled
my penis out of my pajamas. She already started
feeling it up, but then raised her head and smiled at
me again.

“Since it's already this late,
I'll only use one hand today, so I can eat with the other one,
okay, Daniel?”

I was at a loss for words.

“Ssure.” was the only thing I managed to get out.
Then, without any further hesitation, my mother started
stroking my rod. For me, someone who hadn't even
seen another female naked in real life, much less
touched one, this sensation was overwhelming.
It was totally different from doing it myself. I could
feel every single one of her fingers gliding up and down. Even though
this was my first time getting jerked off by someone else, I realized that
my mother wasn't an amateur. She knew exactly how much
pressure to use and relaxed her grip whenever she saw me
twitch strongly. All the while, she was perfectly calm
and ate her breakfast, like it really was just a normal, daily activity.
Meanwhile, I was trying my hardest not to cum immediately, but to no avail.

“Mmom, I think I can't hold on anymore!”

“Well, then don't. Just let it all out!”

With a moan of pleasure I came all over my mother's
hand. As far as I was concerned, this was the hardest I had ever cum
in my life. My mother somehow knew exactly what to do and kept
the pressure of her hand perfect, even while I was already cumming. It
was like she was trying to wring everything out of me.
It was the first time I was immobilized from
pleasure alone for a longer period of time.

“Oh, you came so much! You must have been quite stored
up there! Sorry I forgot and you had to wait for it. Oh,
and don't worry about the cum everywhere, I'll clean it up.”

My mother had finished her breakfast and left to get tissues.
Meanwhile, I was still trying to sort my thoughts.

“Haa.haa..fuuuh! So that's what a hand job feels like.”

I looked down at my body. There was still some cum dripping from my
dick, and I could still feel my mother's hand trying her hardest to
get me to ejaculate. I then looked out into the hallway where
my mother was searching for the tissues.

“This settles it. The ring works. Which means,.”

A grin naturally formed on my face.

“My life should become quite interesting from now on.”

My mother returned, having finished her quest for the tissues,
and wanted to start cleaning up my semen that had sprayed throughout
the entire kitchen. However, I managed to stop her just in time.

“Wait, what are you doing? Don't waste the good tissues on semen!
Did you forget? You clean up semen by licking it up and drinking it!”

Like the times before, my mother looked at me for a few seconds
until suddenly throwing away the tissues in disgust.

“Oh my, of course! What was I about to do? Thanks, Daniel.
Well, time to clean this up!”

Without any second thought, my mother first raised her right
hand, still dripping with my semen, and started licking it off.
I just watched her silently, with the grin on my face getting bigger and bigger.
She seemed to enjoy it, seeing as she savored every drop before finally
swallowing it. Then, after having cleaned her hand, she
dropped down on the floor and started licking up the rest.

“Well then, I have to go to school now, so I'll leave this to you, mom!”

My mother raised her head, her face full of semen, and smiled
at me once more.

“Sure, see you later”

I was about to leave, but then had one more idea and came back.

“Hey now, that's not how you see someone off! You have to
give them peace signs with both hands! Don't you know that?”

This time, my mother didn't even hesitate. Seems like she
got accustomed to being corrected all the time.
She immediately raised both her hands,
covered in semen like her faced, formed a peace sign
with each one and smiled like before.

“Sorry. You're right. Have a nice day!”

Satisfied, I left the house, leaving my mother to take care
of the cleaning. Once I stepped outside, the sunlight reflected
in the ring around my finger.

“Now”, I thought, already bursting with excitement, “Let's see how
much fun I can have at school!”

To be continued.

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