Wu Mei's Misadventures - Christmas Elf

Wu Mei, 42, wearily knocked on yet another door, Room#1427. She was working a part-time job to pay for her trip back to Shanghai to visit her husband. She hadn't seen him in 3 years because the authorities had refused him entry to America just because he had done something stupid a few years ago. She couldn't wait to see him, feel him, and talk with him. She needed to see him again more than ever before.

Wu Mei worked as a waitress at Benny's Pizza but was now making extra money doing odd jobs at a big hotel. But the hours were terrible. She had worked 20 hrs a day the last 3 days. Sometimes she could barely see straight and even simple things were hard. But getting enough money to visit her husband made it all worthwhile. She needed to see him, particularly after the shocking things that happened on Halloween. She had been working overtime at Benny's and had to deliver a late pizza to some college boys. They had slipped her some wine. She had passed out and woke to find the two boys using her body. She'd tried to fight but her body betrayed her and she had wildly enjoyed their bodies. Shamefully, the next morning she had asked for more! The disgrace weighed on her mind. She needed to be with her husband again.

Today, Wu Mei had to dress in a Santa’s Elf costume and hand out treats from a red sack to all the guests. The girl who was supposed to do this hadn't shown up and Wu Mei got stuck with the job. The costume, rented for the other girl, was one size too small for Wu Mei. It was tight and uncomfortable. And ridiculous! She had to wear silly green ears! The tunic was green. The skirt was red and clingy and barely covered the tops of her black, fish-net nylons and she had to wear green panties. And she had to wear funny slippers with bells. People laughed at her; most of all the basketball players. There were a lot of college basketball teams there this weekend.

Finished giving the treats to Room 1427, Wu Mei headed to the last room, #1428. It was around the corner. A door closed. Three young, giggling cheerleaders came from that direction. One was zipping her skirt, another was buttoning her blouse. Good. This meant Room 1428 was empty and she could go home. Better knock first to make sure.

"Who's at the door Cory?" Eddie pulled on his basketball shorts.

"Probably the girls back for more." Cory snatched one of the last 4 brownies and stuck it in his mouth. Good thing they had brought this batch of pot-laced brownies. The cheerleaders became real team players after a few bites.

"Well, I got another load or two in me. I'll let them in." Eddie grinned.

The door opened. A big, smiling, muscular black man appeared wearing basketball shorts but no shirt. His glossy muscles beamed at Wu Mei. Another black man peered over his shoulder.

"I Santa’s Elf. I bring you treats." Wu Mei smiled wearily, holding up her red sack.

Eddie and Cory stared at the tired-looking Chinese woman in the tight, elf suit and jingle bell slippers. She looked ready to collapse.

Eddie and Cory looked at each other, shrugged and invited her in. "Come on in little Elf. What kind of treats do you have?"

"Chocolates. See? You take?" After this Wu Mei could go home and sleep. Her worn out body wobbled from exhaustion.

"Chocolates? Sure we'll take some. And we'll give you a treat too. Try one of these brownies, they're real good!" Eddie, giving a wide, friendly smile, waved Wu Mei to a comfortable armchair as he handed her the largest spiked brownie. "Cute costume," he remarked.

Wu Mei smiled warily, took the brownie and sat down to relieve her weary legs. They seemed like nice young men even if they were black. Fighting back the urge to close her eyes, she slowly munched on the delicious brownie. It had some extra flavor she didn't recognize. Why were they winking at each other? Maybe it was just the light. Were they smirking? She finished the brownie quickly so she could leave. Their strange smiles made her feel uncomfortable.

"See I told you they were good. Here have another one. Nice Elf. Work all day. Nice Elf need treat too." Wu Mei didn't notice the mocking sound in Eddie's voice as he smilingly offered the second brownie. His beefy body stood over her so she felt it would be best to politely accept one more brownie. Besides, the chair was comfy and her eyes wanted to close.

Eddie and Cory gazed at the woman munching on the brownie, their eyes drinking in the black fish-net stockings covering her slim legs, the tight silky green tunic accentuating her belly and chest, the short red skirt exposing her legs.

Her head slowly slumped forward, her eyes closing of their own volition. The green elf ears drooped onto her knees.

"Look at that! She's asleep! What good is that?" Cory rolled his eyes with some annoyance.

Eddie ventured an idea, "Maybe she's too tired; the brownies sent her off to slumberland. After all, she's at least 20 years older than us. No spring chicken. But my pecker ain't worn out yet and she'll do. Never had a Chinese before, let's see what Chinese pussy is like, what'd ya say?"

"Yeah, let's try Santa’s Elf. Guess it doesn't matter if the elf is sleeping."

Wu Mei stirred, tried to stand and open her eyes, saw a vague image of 2 men reaching for her, their hands under her armpits lifting. Someone walked her forward then laid her on her back. She had the feeling of floating. Very calm, relaxed. Sleepy. Her eyes closed again.

Sensations. Hands slid up her legs. Hands rolled her over.

"Don’t elves wear the cutest little red skirts? It clings to her ass. Nice. Wonder what an elf’s ass is like." Cory smirked as he ran his hands over her soft ass. One finger slid down the crack of her ass. Up her back over the soft silky cloth his fingers roamed until they reached the top of the skirt zipper.

The tight elf skirt suddenly loosened. Wu Mei stirred again, tried to get up. A hand squeezed her bum? What? She giggled, feeling good.

"Nice elf, just relax. Your suit's too snug; we'll help make you feel better." Eddie talked soothingly noting from the giggles that the brownies must be taking effect.

Eddie's hands caressed her inner thighs while Cory pulled the elf tunic over her head, unhooked her bra strap and checked the label. "Hmm, 36B." Cory chuckled, gazing at her bare her back.

Hands turned her over again. The bra fell off as she rolled. She giggled again enjoying her husband's caresses as he lovingly stripped her naked. She wriggled to help as he slipped her skirt down her legs and off. Wu Mei was so happy to be back in her husband's arms.

"Nice tits. No drooping. Now let me tear off the panties." Eddie gloated at her hardening nipples.

"Why do you always rip the panties? The cheerleaders thought you wuz weird." Cory rolled his eyes.

"I collect torn panties, OK? Look, these ones are green." Eddie mumbled as his hands gripped the waistband of her green panties, ripped them off and tossed the remnants into his bag. His cock hardened at the sight of her bare black-thatched pussy. The neat hairs were all short and straight, not curly.

They stood back to admire their handiwork. The sleeping woman let out a giggle as they ogled her naked body: green elf ears poking up from her head; almond-shaped eyes flickering as she dreamed; firm, twin orbs topped with large erect nipples; slightly fleshy tummy with a deep belly-button; dark hair concealing her slit; black fish-net stockings contrasting with her light skin; jingle bell slippers still on her feet.

Wu Mei enjoyed being naked with her husband at last. She felt giddy but so tired. Could she satisfy him?

Eddie's powerful arms turned Wu Mei upside down draping her knees over his shoulders, her hair hanging down to the floor as her head dangled just above his erect monster cock. He drew her pussy lips to his mouth and gazed down the crack of her smooth ass. His long, thick tongue caressed her wet pussy. He stopped, smirked at Cory remarking, "Wet pussy! Sweet dreams little elf!"

Wu Mei felt her husband's powerful arms swing her upside down feeling thrilled as he stuck his hot tongue into her anxiously waiting pussy. Powerful arms? He had never been muscular. He had never licked her pussy either!

Cory rubbed his cock as he stared at Wu Mei's naked body, the nylon clad legs draped over Eddie's shoulders, her head hanging down at waist level. He gripped his own cock, pointed it up, turned her slack-jawed face toward him and pushed his throbbing cock into her mouth. Taking fistfuls of her hair he pulled her face back and forth to excite his eager cock.

Wu Mei's husband began fucking her mouth. Another first! In her dream she eagerly sucked, enjoying this new experience. Such a powerful body! Such a big cock! The other cock kept bumping her cheek. OTHER COCK?!

Wu Mei's lovely dream fled. Her eyes popped open, staring. Black skin! Two sets of hands grasping her hair and her bum! She frantically tried to push the cock away from her mouth.

"Stop fighting little elf or we'll beat you to a pulp." Cory was pleased with his threat.

She understood his tone if not his words and, out of fear, stopped struggling. The giant black cock in her tender mouth rammed in harder, her fear exciting Cory. The strong tongue in her pulsating pussy assaulted her sweet spot unmercifully as a large finger prodded her asshole.

She heard sucking sounds as the unrelenting tongue sustained its assault on her slit. The man thrusting in her mouth held her hair tighter forcing her head to take his rod. It pushed so hard against the inside of her cheek she was sure it would go right through. The two big hands crushing her bum had to be leaving huge marks.

She trembled with fear yet still felt giddy as the blood rushed to her head.

At last, the powerful hands lowered her bum to the bed. Her head hung over the side as Cory's unrelenting meat refused to slow its attack on her mouth. She could see nothing for the sack of balls banging against her eyes. But at least her poor pussy was no longer being viciously violated by that vigorous tongue.

Eddie repositioned himself. Squatting over the woman's soft body he nestled his own stiff rod between her firm mounds and squeezing them together began tit fucking. His engorged rod extended from the bottom of her boobs to her throat. His balls rested on her fleshy tummy as his cock moved back and forth the skin on its head slid back exposing the glossy black knob. A few drops oozed out smearing her throat.

Wu Mei found it very hard to breath with that enormous cock filling her mouth. Her head swirled. The other cock kept jabbing her throat. She could not move; her limbs were too weak. Cory's cock exploded its gooey juice in her mouth. The repulsive goo dribbled down her cheeks as her tears streamed down to join the goo.

Cory dismounted from her face and Eddie pulled her head onto the bed so he could look into her frightened eyes. Now Cory's remaining cum oozed down her throat. Physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, sheer humiliation, Wu Mei simply blacked out.

"Shit why'd she have to pass out? I wanted to watch her cry." Eddie was pissed. "Well, I'll just fuck her good anyway."

First, he took hold of his massive sausage and used it to bat her still erect nipples leaving little sticky drops on them. Then he moved his throbbing member to her furry thatch. His shiny black knob pushed at the entrance.

In the background, he heard Cory flick on the TV looking for something to do.

"The elf's pussy's still wet. Watch me stuff my meat into her." Cory ignored him. Eddie drove in, feeling the still tight pussy close around his cock, exciting it even more. His unusual foot-long was too big to get all the way in but he thrust as far as possible. Each thrust caused her uplifted breasts to bounce and sway making the hard nipples appear to go in circles. Each thrust produced another soft shudder from her unresisting body. Eddie only cared about planting his black seed in this exotic older woman. As he thrust again making her body go up he saw the elf ears quiver with the motion as if they were real. Thrust. Boobs bounce. Thrust. Elf ears shake.

An Idea!

Eddie stopped, pulled out. He turned the insensible Wu Mei over and raised her onto her knees, leaning her forward head face down, ass sticking up in the air. There. Perfect! Elf ears pointed forward, elf ass stuck up, tits hung down. Perfect!

"Cory! Watch me fuck the elf!" Cory was absorbed in The Simpsons. Never mind. Eddie stood at the edge of the bed staring at Wu Mei's supple ass. His cock seemed to have gotten stiffer. Once again he stuffed his meat into her waiting, soft cunt as far as it would go. He grasped her hanging boobs and squeezed hard – they filled his hands nicely.

Squeeze tit. Thrust. See elf ears bounce. Thrust. Slapping sound as his body connected with her ass. Squeeze tits. Release. Squeeze. Make big red marks on tits. Thrust. See elf ears bounce. Thrust. Thrust.

Eddie kept his nonstop plunging feeling closer to climax with each push, holding the limp body steady so it wouldn't fall over. Over and over he frenziedly plunged his cock in until finally, a great release. His cock shuddered and finally emptied.

"I'm done with this one and I'm real tired. Let's go to sleep." Eddie yawned as he pulled out.

"You know I can't sleep with a messy room. Help me put all this room service stuff outside the door." Cory instructed.

"OK, that's done. Let's sleep." Eddie yawned again.

"You forgot the elf. Put it outside too." Cory, being neat again.

"Help me dress it then." Another yawn from Eddie.

"I'm too tired for that. Just pick it up and dump it outside so I can get some sleep."

Eddie picked up Wu Mei's limp, naked body, slung it over his shoulder, stepped out the door and put her down beside the leftover supper and dirty dishes. He propped her up on her knees leaning forward, her head resting on her arms, her ass sticking up in the air. He adjusted her elf ears to stick up and went to bed.

The cleaning staff could tidy up in the morning.

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