Sin - 4

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Sin 4

On the way home a million things went through Jake's mind, he was sorta pissed about all the cheating and fucking around Cindy had been doing. However the part that bothered him the most, was how turned on he was about it. He use to be the real jealous type, but not anymore, in fact just the opposite. Nothing he found out tonight really bothered him deeply, in fact he was really looking forward to reliving a lot of Cindy's adventures with her sooner or later as she confessed what she had done. However first, he was gonna have fun with her tomorrow. This was too easy to pass up. When they got home he carried Cindy to their room and put her in bed. He stripped her completely first and flopped onto her back. Damn she looked good, Jake had already came 4 times in the last few hours. Twice in Cindy and then twice in her friend, Carla. That being said his dick still began to grow as he watched his beautiful wife lay there naked. He had grabbed a beer for himself when he walked in the door and just finished it. He couldn't pass up this opportunity. First he spread Cindy's legs apart and entered her nice little pussy, she was still wet and loose, and she softly moaned as he entered her. However, that's not what he really wanted. He slowly slid in and out of Cindy as her body matched rhythm subconsciously just doing what was natural even though she was still out of it. Once his cock was rock hard and good and lubed up thanks to Sin's pussy, Jake rolled her over on to her tummy. He placed a pillow under her hips at her waist so that cute little perky butt of hers was up in the air, ripe for the picking. He then lined his dick up with her tight little ass hole and slowly and deliberately entered her. She instinctively reached back to slow or stop him, but Jake just took both her arms and stretched them out in front of her as he laid down on top of her and slid all the way in. Cindy moaned, still not waking up. Jake loved fucking Cindy's ass, they did it a lot when she was younger, now just here and there every couple years when she'd get really drunk or on special occasions. Well tonight was definitely a special occasion. Jake had just found out his princess was really the dirty whore he always joked about. Jake had reached around and found Cindy's little clit which was swollen from the nights events and started rubbing it round and round driving her crazy as he continued to drill her ass. Cindy always tried to play the good girl, but she had admitted to Jake in the past how much she liked being fucked in the ass, part of the reason was because it made her feel like a dirty slut and she liked it. She was only partially awake, her mind was still out of it but her body was definitely awake. Cindy was starting to get louder with each thrust. Jake could tell she was getting close to another orgasm as he picked up the pace. Suddenly Cindy tensed up and yelled out as Jake could feel his hand working Cindy's pussy get drenched. That was all Jake needed as he slammed into her as hard as he could and dumped his final load of the evening deep into Cindy's ass. She tensed up again and let out some whimpers and moans as she came again. Jake covered her up and headed to the shower.

Cindy woke up around noon, she hadn't slept that late in years. She noticed right away she was naked. The next thing she noticed was how sore she was, mainly her pussy and her ass. She noticed Jake was not in bed with her and wondered where he was. Normally he would have woke her up by now wanting to fuck. He never let her sleep in that late without trying to get some. Then it hit her like a hammer The events of the night before started to come back in pieces. The club, dancing with that kid, "Mark", she thought his name was. Making out with him, him getting her off under the table, her playing with his cock. And then she was floored. She remembered Carla walking her out to the SUV and what happened after that. She started to not feel good as the guilt hit her. "I fucked that guy in the back of Carla's Escalade.", she reached for her neck and felt a welt. She jumped out of her bed and pitter-pattered naked across their room to her dresser and looked in the mirror. There was no way Jake didn't see that when he picked her up, or at the very least when he brought her home and undressed her for bed. No wonder he didn't wake her up this morning, he was probably pissed. Cindy then looked over at her pile of clothes on the floor and picked them up. Her dress and bra, but no underwear. She touched her waist as she remembered the feel of Mark's blade against her leg as he cut them off of her. She sat down on the corner of her bed and put her face in her hands as she bent over and tried to find a way out of this mess she created. As she looked down at her lap she could see the dried remains on the inside of her thigh from last nights adventure and she started to cry. She had no idea what was going to happen now. Cindy slowly got up and walked towards their master bath. She turned on the hot water in their huge tiled 2 person shower. She stepped into the water and let it's cleansing properties run over her dirty body. She removed the head from the wall and proceeded to clean herself all over allowing the massaging jets to do their job. Last nights events were not completely clear yet it came back to her in pieces and flashes. She distinctly remembered fucking Mark, twice in the back of Carla's ride, but then everything gets fuzzy. She remembered Jake and Carla walking her to his truck, but after that she was in and out of it. She remembered holding onto someone as they went down on her, but it couldn't have been Jake or Mark because they had a lot of hair and they were both shaved or close to it. Then again she could have been dreaming, it didn't make sense. She figured she would call Carla once she got out of the shower and cleaned up. For now though she just enjoyed the hot refreshing water as she let it run over her for another 20 minutes.

Jake never lets her alone when she's in the shower, normally she would have felt him come in behind her and start to rub her shoulders, "He must hate me.", she thought. She exited the shower and toweled off. She pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a tea shirt. She thought about makeup, but decided against it. Cindy looked at herself in the mirror and thought to herself,"That'll have to do for now.", as she headed out of their room and towards the kitchen hoping there was some much needed OJ in the fridge. She was slowly scanning the house for Jake as she made her away across the living room. When she opened the door to the refrigerator her heart sank as she read the note taped to a new bottle of orange juice. It read,"Carla called, needed a ride out to get her Escalade, you obviously couldn't do it so I volunteered. We need to talk when I get back. -J".

"Fuck!", Cindy said out loud. She went looking for her phone to call Carla to minimize the damage and possibly save their marriage.

"Hell-Hello?", Carla answered sounding strange. Cindy figured Jake might still be there and that's why she was acting weird.

"Are you still with Jake?"

"Yep, uh-huh", Carla responded as she trailed off.

"Good, she's trying not to let Jake know it's me.", Cindy thought. "So has Jake said anything? Asked anything about last night?"

"Uh-huh A little, more, I mean yea Some.. Hey, I'm.. Uh, kinda busy Right now. C-can I call you back later,", Carla responded.

"Yea, okay, just try to do damage control if possible."

"Yeah Damage control I'm working on Uh, I'm working on that right now.", and Carla hung up throwing her phone at her nightstand as it bounced off her lamp and hit the floor. "Fuck me Jake, you couldn't slow up and let me talk to Sin for a minute? Fuck that cock feels good, fuck Harder Fuck me harder!"

"Damn that pussy feels good Carla, your gonna be my regular hook up when I need it and Sin's not around!", as Jake slapped her ass which made her yipe. "Fuck, you really are a slut! How can you sit there on the phone and talk to your best friend while her husband fucks you from behind? You must really like this cock I'm giving you don't you whore? Huh? Answer me slut or I'll take it away!", as Jake slowed down and started to pull out.

"Yes Jake! I love that cock! Don't take it away from me Jake! I'm your whore now Jake! You own that pussy now, my ass is yours! I'll do whatever you say! Just don't stop fucking me, Please!"

'Wham', echoed through the room as Jake slapped Carla's big ass agin. "Thats right bitch and don't you forget it either! This ass is mine and I'll tap it whenever I want!"

Cindy hung up and thought about how lucky she was to have a great friend like Carla. She decided that she'd do some cleaning around the house to occupy her time till Jake got back.

When Jake was done with Carla he headed home. He had fucked her good, and when he finished this time he shot it all over her face. To say she was a mess when he left was an understatement, but he was okay with that. As far as Jake was concerned this changed nothing between him and Carla. He still didn't trust her or like her, but he did LIKE to fuck her. So he thought this new arrangement would work great, for now anyway.

Cindy thought she was handling everything okay, that is until she heard Jake pull up. She started freaking out and ran back to the bedroom. Jake entered shortly after.

"Did you take care of Carla baby, get her to her Escalade?"

"Yeah, I took care of her.", Jake said with a smile remembering what she looked like when he left her on her knees covered in his baby juice.

"So, what did you want to talk about baby?", Cindy said hoping he had no idea what she did last night.

"Well, where to start?? We could talk about that hickey on your neck? Or that kid that was finger banging you under the table, or the cigarettes. We could talk about the fact that when I picked you up at the bar you had everything on but your panties, or maybe why when I put you in the back of my truck you had a pussy full of cum that was slowly leaking out? We could talk about all of that, what do you think?", Jake said looking directly at her as she started crying and shaking. He thought about letting her off the hook, but then waited to see what she'd say.

Cindy was unsure what to say. She just sat there looking at him, thinking about how great things have been the last few years and how much she loved him. She stopped crying and wiped her eyes with a tissue. "Jake I love you more than anything, I really do. I don't know what happened last night, I mean not everything. I remember bits and pieces, but not everything.", then she looked up at him. "Wait, how did you know about Marer, that guy? Did Carla tell you, I can't believe she'd do that to me!"

"She didn't have to tell me Sin, I was there, I saw everything.", he stopped to let it sink in. "Carla texted me early, said you were plowed and told me I better get there quick or you'd be on your back with your legs in the air soon. She was actually looking out for you Sin, didn't want you to ruin things for us. Can you believe that shit?", Jake laughed.

Suddenly Cindy's fear and shame turned to anger and rage, "So you were there?! You saw everything?! You knew how fucked up I was and you let me go out there with him?! You let me FUCK that guy Jake??!? WHAT THE FUCK?! Don't you love me at all? How could y-"

"Slow down a bit there babe."

"Slow down? Slow down? Are you fucking crazy?! You gave me that beer, put those thoughts in my head, got me all excited, and then you were there? You let another guy take me out to Carla's SUV and fuck me?"

"Now that's not exactly what happened now is it? I believe he was out there waiting on you wasn't he? Didn't Carla actually walk you out there?"

"Well, yes, but-"

".and when you got out there, did you actually see him? Did you talk to him? I mean, I know you sucked him and fucked him, but are you sure it was him? Tell me Sin, didn't you find it weird that all of Carla's interior lights were out in her suv?"

Cindy just stared at him putting the pieces together.

"Tell me Sin, do these look familiar to you?", as Jake pulled her panties that he cut off of her last night right before he fucked her out of his pocket and threw them at her.

Cindy caught them and suddenly it all made sense. "You son of a bitch!", she exclaimed as she threw them on the floor and stood up. "You let me think all morning that I fucked another guy when it was really you?! You MOTHER FUCKER! I'm going to kill you!"

Jake started backing out of the room, "Now babe Sin, now calm down"

"Calm down?! Calm down?! You ASSHOLE! Oh, I'll show you calm. Calm down? You want to see calm?", as Cindy threw her empty cup at him that hit the wall and then skipped across the room bouncing uncontrollably on their hard wood floors.

"Now, hold up a sec baby-"

"Oh, baby, no, you don't get to call me baby right now, you get to-"

"You know what, you're right, I don't think I will call you baby. Instead, why don't you and I talk about your Chicago trip.a van, a guy named Dave, and oh, yeah, Big Jim?"

Cindy froze in place. She started stammering, "What? Wh? II don't know what-"

"Stop, I heard it from your own mouth last night, stop lying, I was sitting at the bar."

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