The Harem Pt.1_(0)

The Harem Pt.1

I woke up and expected the regular headache to hit me. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock: only 9am. After we had partied until 6am and had been pretty wasted I had expected to be out longer. But here I was, wide awake and no headache. I glanced over at my wife, she was still out for good. It had been my 30th birthday yesterday and we had celebrated with around 80 guests, family, friends, colleagues and it had been one hell of a party. I even had trouble remembering the last 2 hours. And still I was awake 3 hours earlier, feeling great as ever. Not even at the age of 18 had I felt that good after a long night. Well, lucky me I thought and silently got up, trying not to wake my wife.

About myself, my name is Marc and I'm the average guy next door. 180cm tall, not too bad looking, short brown hair, beard and gray eyes. Good job but not rich, smart, well established group of friends, no total athlete but also not fat at all. My wife Jennifer was hot as hell, also 180, blond, blue eyes and a pretty good body as well, although she had gained some weight since we had met 5 years ago.

Once I was out of the bed room I decided to have a nice wanking session before the lady would wake up, so I turned on the PC, went to Youporn and watched some good old girl on girl action. I took out my 23cm morning wood and started to masturbate. The clip was really sexy and as usually in the morning it didn't take me too long to finish and I checked on Jen again – still basically in a coma. Well I thought, if I'm up already and don't have a hangover for whatever reason, I could just as well go and get some fresh breakfast. Jen would sure appreciate it. So I quickly dressed into something comfortable and left for the nearby supermarket.

Walking through the aisles I picked up a few things for a nice breakfast and then went to the cash register. „Fuck“, I thought, „old lady with a truckload of stuff, that'll take like forever“. Since at this early hour only one cash register was open I got in line anyway and angrily thought to myself „come on old shrew, step aside and let me skip the line. I've only got five items anyway“. I had hardly finished this thought when the old lady turned to me and said: „Please, young man, go ahead you've only got 5 items anyway. You'll be finished before I have everything on the counter.“- „Wow“, I thought, „what a coincidence“, but as soon as I had paid, I forgot about it again.

I got out of the supermarket and on my way home. Halfway home someone bumped into me, making me drop my bag of groceries to the floor. The jogger just kept on running without even turning around. „Fucking asshole”, I thought to myself, “at least stop and say sorry if you run into someone. You could even offer to help picking everything up”. At the same moment the jogger turned around, came back and apologized for running into me and for running away at first. He even helped me picking up my groceries. Now I really was flabbergasted, and thinking of the incident with the old lady I started to wonder what was going on here. Following a sudden idea I formed the words “Tell me something embarrassing about yourself” in my head. And immediately, the jogger said “I would really like my wife to put on a strap-on and fuck my ass but I'm too scared to tell her”. Once the words were out, his face went pale with shock and he got up and ran off without another word.

“What the hell is going on here?!?!” I wondered, packed my stuff and started walking again. I still couldn't believe the idea that was forming in my head. Mind control? No way, that was impossible. This had to be some kind of super incredible coincidence. I took my regular shortcut through a public garage that saved me around 5 minutes. Still deep in my thoughts about what happened, I almost let out a little scream of surprise when a cute blond girl came around the corner only 2 meters ahead of me. She startled a little was well, apparently being completely absorbed by here smart phone that she was looking at. “Ok”, I thought, “let's find out if this is really happening.” I looked around if the coast was clear and then looked at her and thought: “Stop. You totally want to show me your boobs”.

She stopped walking, looked at me with a strange look on here face and then she appeared to have made a decision. She grabbed the zipper of her light jacket, opened it and threw it to the ground. Then she picked her top and slowly pulled it over her head, showing me her black bra. While she let her top fall to the ground as well she said: “I'm sorry, I don't know why, but I just have to show you my breasts. I really want you to see and like them.” And as soon as that was said her bra came undone and fell to the floor. She was now standing in front of me, parading her wonderful, perky little breasts for me. They were so firm and standing upright, with already hardening nipples, I just couldn't resist stepping up to her and feeling here perfect boobies. They felt wonderful, just a handful each, not too big but nice and tight. I kept massaging them and played with her ever hardening nipples until she started moaning. “Get on your knees and suck my cock, baby” I said. I had decided to make this final test to know for sure if I could really control people's minds. And without hesitation, she got down, opened my pants and got my throbbing erection out. Surprised by the size she shrugged but then immediately started licking my cock. At first she only circled the tip with her tongue and at the same time played with my balls. Now she took my whole glans into her mouth and started sucking as if her life was depending on it. Since I had already masturbated in the morning, I was sure this would take some time but then the little minx surprised me by swallowing my whole cock until she touched my belly with her nose. What an amazing feeling, I was getting the first deep throat of my life and not at home in bed but in public by some girl I didn't even know. She was now bobbing her head back and forth, saliva running down her chin and each time she swallowed my cock, I could feel my tip hitting her tonsils. That was too much for me and I felt the revealing tingling in my balls that announced my approaching orgasm. I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth and with one last push, I shot my whole load down here throat. Between my grunts I managed to say “Cum for me” and right away she started moaning and spasming as well. After 4 or 5 shots I took my member out of her mouth and she started licking it clean. Once she was done, I helped her up and told her to get dressed and continue doing what she had planned before.

With the biggest grin on my face I set off for home and thought to myself: “Well, mind control I'd say that is one hell of a birthday present. So what should I do with this incredible power now?” And like it would probably be with around 98% of men, and probably also the majority of women, the first things I could think of were money and sex. I decided for starters to spice up our sex life which had become a little dull over the years and to finally get the well deserved pay raise from my boss. However, I really loved my wife, so I didn’t want to change her too much. Just some slight improvements should do the trick I thought. When I got home, she was still asleep and so I snuck into the bedroom and started giving her my first mental orders while she was still sleeping. “Your basic character, likes and dislikes will stay as they are, but you will from now on like to have sex, whenever I want to and you will like to try any idea, fantasy or toy with me that I find interesting. Moreover, you will be totally OK with me having sex with other women, while you on the other hand have no interest in other men. The only guy you want to have sex with is me, unless I tell you differently. But you will have no problem with the fact that I’m fucking other girls since you know you’re the only woman I love. In fact, you will start finding other women attractive, too. And you will be happy to join me with other girls whenever I want it.” That should do for the moment I thought and then with a grin added one last thing to do something good for her as well: “Whenever I’m having an orgasm with you, you shall have an orgasm at the same time.” Satisfied with my alterations I went to prepare breakfast until she would wake up.

Around half an hour later I heard noises coming from the bedroom and moments later Jennifer appeared in the kitchen door, still looking dizzy and sleepy. “Morning honey, how do you feel? Hungover?” “No, I’m OK, just need some coffee to wake up” she said and gave me a quick kiss. “Alright, how about a little morning quickie then, if you’re feeling good?” Usually, this question would have earned me a bewildered look and an “are you crazy?” But not today. As soon as the question was out I saw a sparkle in her eyes and with an “I like the way you think” she pulled down my pants, fell to her knees and started blowing me hard. My new gift was just amazing. Once my member had risen to it’s full size she pushed me back into a chair, jumped out of her pijamas and onto my waiting cock. In one go I was completely buried in her already soaking wet pussy and she started riding me like there was no tomorrow. Thanks to the 2 orgasms I’d already had today the pace she was going at didn’t make me cum right away but I still felt that I wouldn’t be able to keep it back for long if she continued like this and tried to stall as much as possible. On the other hand I knew she was in for a big surprise once I’d shoot my load because usually she was unable to have an orgasm in the morning right after waking up, whatever we tried. So I decided to just let myself go, grabbed her ass and made her speed up even more. Having her ride me like this had the perk that her fantastic G-Cup sized breasts were basically slapping my face and so I started to suck on her nipples really hard while I squeezed her perfect ass. We continued like this for another minute, both our moans getting louder and louder until I could finally feel my balls tingle and seconds later I shot my load deep into her hot cunt. Taken by surprise by her own orgasm the moment my cock fired it’s load, she let out a scream of lust that I was sure all neighbors must have heard. She shook and spasmed on my cock and I pumped into her until she calmed down a little.

“Wow that was amazing” she said while getting dressed again. I gave her a kiss and answered “sit down, I’ve got to tell you something and you won’t get mad about it. I woke up today with mind control powers. I don’t know why and how, but it’s true. I realized it, while I was getting breakfast. When you were still asleep, I gave you some commands as well. I didn’t change you actually, I just tried to get things a little more interesting” She looked at me as probably any person would look upon hearing this story – a mixture of disbelief and trying not to laugh. To persuade her, I took her out on the balcony and asked her to tell me funny things the people walking by below should do and then sent the mental order down to them: “jump 5 times”, “start singing your favorite song”, “roar like a lion” were just some of her ideas. And of course the people below followed all my orders perfectly which finally made her believe that I actually had gained this super power. We sat down for breakfast and started to make plans how we could make the most use of it. When I told her about my idea to force my boss to give me a raise, she thought about it for a moment and then said: “Why stop at a simple raise from your direct boss? Why don’t you go and make an appointment with your CEO and force him to hire you as an external consultant with a horrendous salary but never to consult you? You could even have him get you in contact with CEOs of your big customers and suppliers etc. and make the same ‘deal’ with them. This way you could earn so much money, we both would never have to work again.” - “Well, I guess that’s thinking big. I like the sound of that and will get to it right away on Monday.”

After we had finished breakfast we decided to go downtown, do a little shopping and have fun with my new superpower. While getting ready, I thought about all the hot women I could fuck now – the hot waitress from the restaurant around the corner, the cute cashier from the supermarket, my hot colleague… the list in my head went on and on and slowly an idea started forming in my head: I could build my very own harem with all the hot girls I wanted! I felt like I had just invented fire! That was the best idea ever, I wouldn’t even have to go out to find a hot girl to fuck anymore. I would have all the hot girls I wanted in my own home, waiting for me to fuck them whenever I wanted. I would buy some huge mansion or country estate and live there with all the hot girls I wanted to serve me as their master. On the way downtown I told Jennifer about my new idea and how I wanted to change our life and she was on fire right away. Also the idea of living in a mansion with our servants made her happy. When I told her about my first ideas of girls I wanted to add to my harem she made a great suggestion: “Maybe you should consider choosing beautiful girls who can fulfill certain roles and take over necessary work in such a big household: you might for example need a cook or a personal trainer to keep your girls in good shape… if you choose your girls not only to be beautiful but also to have certain skills, they won’t be just your sex slaves but also do all the work for us.” - “You’re right, good idea. So what do we need?” And we started to discuss and made a list of more or less necessary roles our harem should contain. We had many more ideas, but figured these would be the most important to get our household and harem started:

- a cook and a waitress/bar keeper, to provide us with food and drinks

- a personal trainer, a masseuse and a doctor to keep our servants healthy and in shape

- an accountant to take care of my finances and my soon to be founded consultancy

- maybe a pharmacist, to have easy access to all kinds of drugs

- an IT specialist to install and maintain all the latest technical gadgets into our new household

- maybe a gardener, depending on the estate we would find

- a maid to clean all public areas - all girls would be responsible to clean their own rooms

Satisfied with our list for the moment we left the decision on who would take over these roles for later. Meanwhile we had reached the city center and decided to visit the lingerie department of the biggest and most expensive department store we had in our town. Upon arriving there, we started browsing through the hot lingerie and the sexy bras, panties and stockings didn’t miss their effect on me. Combined with all the talking about my harem, the lingerie got me really horny. When we stopped at a really sexy and slutty black outfit an incredibly beautiful, Indian looking salesgirl came over to us: “Hi, I’m Kiran, how can I help you?” She picked the outfit in my wife s size and already wanted to lead us to the changing rooms when I looked at her “Take it in your size as well, I want you to model it for us. You will be completely aware of what you’re doing but can’t stop yourself and you won’t talk to anyone but us. And you will take us some place more private than the changing rooms, maybe the storage or break room.” She looked at me, completely shocked but already started to look for the right size. Once found, she said “OK, come with me, we’ll try this on in our break room, that’s more private.” and then she added with a whimpering voice “Please don’t, I don’t want to do this”. Nevertheless, she was already guiding us through a ‘staff only’ door and showed us to the empty break room. Jen and I sat down and I said “OK, take off your clothes so you can model this lingerie for us” and with a silent sob, she started to undress. With every button of her blouse she let out another “No, please don’t” but was not able to stop herself and soon she was standing in front of us in only her pantyhose. What a beauty she was! Her light brown skin, completely smooth and silky, a thin waistline with a perfectly flat belly were completed by a cute little tushy and adorable perky little tits that stood upright as if they had swallowed a whole bucket of Viagra. She was simply gorgeous. She was so damn cute, I decided to make this fun for her as well and thus sent another order thought to her: “Once you’re completely naked, this whole thing will make you so horny, you will forget all your fears and worries”. She bent over to drop her pantyhose and panties and suddenly I could see a trembling wash over her body and she let out a little moaning.

When she got up I saw a clear glistening of wetness between her completely shaved pussy lips. She licked her lips and looked at me full of hunger and lust. A second later she was over me, ripping off my shirt while mumbling “I don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t stop myself… need this… sooo hooorny… need a cock” The moment I was naked, she fell to her knees and swallowed my hard prick as if it was cool water in a desert. She sucked and licked it as if her life was depending on it. It was heaven! While she devoured my cock, I watched my wife undress slowly behind Kiran. This was getting better and better. When she was naked, she knelt down behind Kiran and without warning started to lick her dripping little cunt. Surprised at this new stimulation she let our a shriek of pleasure but didn’t stop licking my cock to take a look. I enjoyed this scenery and Kiran’s intensifying moans around my dick for a couple more moments, then grabbed the beautiful cock sucker, pulled her up and put her on the table. With one thrust I buried my sword deep in her dripping pussy and she let out a long howl of lust, pain and excitement when I hit her cervix. Then I pulled myself back out of her and with the second thrust I sent the order “Cum!” and she started shuddering and convulsing around my cock. “YES YES YES YES YES I’M CUMMMIIIIIIING!” she screamed and her contractions almost made me jump over the edge as well, but I wasn’t done with her yet. While she was still trying to come down from her orgasm with closed eyes, I gestured my wife to climb onto the table and sit on her face. When Kiran felt the shadow fall on her face she opened her eyes and once again shock surfaced on her face: “No no no, I don’t like girls that way, I don’t want to do that! Please no!” - “Do you want me to keep fucking you? Then you will lick that pussy!” I replied. The wet cunt of my wife had meanwhile almost reached Kiran’s face and first drops were falling onto nose and lips but she was still trying to get away. “Lick it”, I ordered her and immediately she grabbed Jen’s ass and pulled lips on lips. Jen started moaning right away and I resumed fucking the beautiful Indian vagina in front of me. “You know this is the best sex you have ever had and will ever have. No cock will ever please you like this. You need this cock. CUM!” and she screamed into Jen’s pussy, riding the wave of her second orgasm. “Cum!” The second orgasms hadn’t even ceased yet when she was washed away by the third one. “Cum!” She was now not even able to move in a coordinated way anymore. Her body and limbs were only shaking and twitching uncontrolled but all this moaning and moving below her now also pushed my wife over the edge and she smeared all of Kiran’s face with her juices while she screamed out her orgasm. Seeing her juices glistening on the dark girls face was the last drop I needed to reach my climax as well. I felt my balls contract and with one last “Cum!” I shot my hot seed deep into her womb, while Jen triggered by my orgasm hit a second one herself and broke down over Kiran. This last orgasm had been too much for the young girl and her body went limp, I had fucked her unconscious.

While we were getting dressed, she slowly woke up and clearly it took her some moments to figure out what was going on but then she jumped up ran over to me, hugged me and begged: “Please, can I see you again? No man will ever be able to fuck me like you just did. Please, I need to see you again”. I looked at her for a moment and pretended to think loudly: “Well…, the sex really was good, and she is beautiful… but then… there is only one option, we could keep seeing each other… hmm, but I don’t need a lingerie sales girl… what to do” Then I finally looked at her “do you have any skills that could be of use in a big household with many people living under one roof? Did you learn anything else before you became a salesgirl?” - “Yes, yes I do have other skills. I worked as a barkeeper for a couple of years and know how to mix pretty much any standard cocktail. And I also worked as a waitress. But why is that relevant?” I thought about making her my slave right away but then decided I wanted to see if the addiction to my cock I had implanted in her would be enough to make her surrender into slavery of free will. “Well, look: I want to build a harem with many beautiful girls like yourself. But each girl would have to fulfill one role in the household, you for example could be our waitress and barkeeper, due to you experience. So, do you want to be my sex slave and servant, live with me in my harem and fulfill all my wishes? In return I will fuck you like I just did all the time.” I could see the word ‘slavery’ had shocked her but it was just as obvious that she absolutely wanted to fuck me again and so she was torn apart. “I… I… want to fuck you until the end of time but… but… a slave? Do I really have to be a slave? I don’t want that.” - “That’s a bummer, then we can’t see each other again”, I said easily. Quickly, I pulled her phone out of her pile of clothes on the floor, entered my number and said: “You will write me your decision by tomorrow evening. Tell me if you want to become my slave and servant”. And with that, we turned around and left the naked girl in the break room, my cum still dripping out of her pussy on the floor.

We paid for the lingerie and left the shop. “Do you really want to let this hottie slip away?” Jennifer asked incredulously. “Of course not, if she says no, I’ll just turn her into my sex slave. But wouldn’t it be even hotter, if she actually decided to be our slave? Let’s see what happens.” After this episode we strolled through the city center some more, enjoyed several little pranks like making people orgasm in the middle of the street or girls involuntarily dropping their panties below their skirts and giving them to me. We had so much fun with my new power but at some point also realized that it actually brought out the evil side in us. After this recognition it was almost welcome to us that we witnessed a pick-pocket steal an old lady’s purse and I made him stop, return the purse and even call the police himself. Feeling that we had just symbolically saved our souls, we headed home and spent a regular and cozy Saturday evening and Sunday on the couch, watching Netflix and ordering in food, only interrupted by several sessions of mind-blowing sex.

On Monday morning, Jen called in sick so she could already get started browsing through real estate agencies and find some suitable companies to support us on our search for the perfect ‘harem house’. I in return went to my office like every other day, sat down at my desk as the first of our team and waited until my hot colleague would arrive. She was usually second. I had decided to have some fun before I’d get my financial plan running. When she entered the office I looked at her and thought: “When you look at me, it totally turns you on. The longer you look at me, the hornier you get.” Then I greeted her like always and when she returned my good morning I could clearly see her hesitate. She had realized that something was different today. I let her settle down at her desk next to mine and then started an innocent chat about her weekend just to keep her eyes locked on me. While we were talking I could see her get more and more restless until she actually was sliding back and forth on her chair. This went on for about 5 minutes until I realized that she was not even able to listen anymore. She just stared and me and rubbed her ass on her chair. Suddenly, she jumped up mumbled something about toilet and left the room. Admiring her backside like I always did when she left the room, I could clearly see a big wet stain on the bottom of her skirt. I looked at her chair and saw that her juices had even soaked through her skirt into the chair and left a big stain there as well. I closed in on it and inhaled the scent of her pussy juices.

She had a lead of about 30-40 seconds now and I figured that should be enough. So I followed her to the ladies room, made sure no one saw me and silently entered. Right away I heard shuffling, someone moving and silent moans. Approaching the stall I said with a low voice: “Sarah, it’s me, Marc. Are you OK? Can I help you? I ran out so quickly, I thought something might be wrong with you.” The noises stopped, I could almost hear her think and 5 seconds later she opened the door. She was standing there with her beautiful C-cup breast hanging out of her cleavage, her skirt pulled up until her navel, panties dropped to the floor and 3 fingers buried in her twat. Her juices had already soaked her complete inner thighs and were making their way down to her ankles, a little puddle forming between her feet, where her nectar was dripping from her hand. She looked at me with glassy eyes, grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the stall. In almost one movement, she closed the door, pulled out the fingers of her cunt, stuck them in my mouth, letting me taste her sweet nectar and with the other hand opened my pants. “I don’t know what is happening to me, but I just need you to fuck me right now. PLEASE FUCK ME!” And dropping my pants and boxers, she turned around and offered me her wet and gaping pussy. THAT invitation I didn’t need to hear a second time and immediately brought my boner up to her welcoming entrance. I touched her wet lips a couple of times, getting my tip nicely lubricated and when she started to wiggle her perfect ass to show me she was getting impatient I stabbed her with my spear. This was heaven. After almost 5 years of lusting after this beautiful blond goddess I finally got to fuck her brains out. I pushed her against the wall and fucked her as hard as I could. She was moaning so loudly, I was really glad that the two of us always were by far the first ones and it was unlikely, someone would hear her now. Playing with her perfect firm breasts I increased my pace and hammered into her depths like a rabbit now. After a couple more seconds she screamed out when an intense orgasm washed over her. Her climax hit her so hard I had to hold her upright since her knees gave and she would have just dropped to the floor. I held her up and kept pumping, my own orgasm on the verge of erupting and with a loud grunt I poured my seeds into her already overflowing pussy. She turned around and with a ‘Plop’ my cock left her vagina, followed by a ‘Splash’ when a big portion of my sperm landed on the floor. With a grin of deep satisfaction she leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss. “Wow, we should have done that sooner, that was amazing.” I agreed, kissed her back and we got dressed. After she had cleaned the floor of both our juices she looked out the door and gave me a sign that I could leave the toilet as well.

Half an hour later I called our CEO’s secretary and told her that I had a very urgent topic to discuss with him. Since she knew me, she found a free slot in his schedule and I could go over even before lunch. The plan we had made worked perfectly and two hours later I had contracts with several big companies as external consultant with a total monthly income of more than a hundred thousand Euro. What a life I had since I gained my super power. After saying good bye to my colleagues I left the office to start my new life as a rich man living with beautiful women – call me Hugh Heffner!

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