Joe's Story


Joe was in hospital recovering from a serious accident, he didn’t remember anything about it, but he had been told that he had been in a car crash where he had suffered a serious head wounds, which was giving the doctors some concern. He had suffered broken arms, leg and ribs, which weren’t too bad and had healed completely. But he had been in a coma for three month.

He had been conscious now for a week, he remembered everything up to driving along a country road on a very hot sunny summer day, then nothing until waking up a week ago in hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses. He couldn’t remember anything about the accident he had been in, crashing head on to a lorry, he didn’t feel any pain or discomfort, and in fact he didn’t think he had ever felt better in his life. He just wanted to go home and start back to work, he didn’t have a high powered job or anything that really needed him, he was a salesman but he loved the job as he did plenty of travelling and although he loved his wife Dot he still enjoyed the fun he had while away from home.

He had always been adventurous in his sex life and needed it at least every day, but his wife Dot wasn’t so keen, she was good when they first met and for the five years they had lived together before getting married, but once she had the ring on her finger sex had slowly become less often and less adventurous, just a quick put it in and get it finished, or not now as her daughter Sharon (Joe’s stepdaughter) might hear. To tell the truth it was getting that bad that Joe wouldn’t have minded if the Sharon could hear and wanted to join in, or take over from her Mum.

Sharon had grown into a good looking teen of nineteen not beautiful but damn good looking, but her body was out of this world, she was brunette, 5ft 6 inches, slim at least a 36c breast, tight prominent arse and long powerful legs. Joe often thought about her while he fucked his wife or one of the women he met on one of his many trips while working. But he had never let on to her and had treated her just like any other child and then teenager. They didn’t have a great relationship but they got on ok.

The doctors wanted Joe to stay in hospital for another week as they had more tests to do, and give him physio just to make sure there were no complications, Joe reluctantly agreed, at least he was waited on hand and foot here, and some of the nurses were absolutely gorgeous, which was more frustrating really.

He woke about an hour before his wife was due to visit, the nurse who brought him a drink was the prettiest and friendliest on the ward, Joe had many a good laugh and teasing banter with her, he also daydreamed about having sex with her. She was particularly attentive today, making sure he was comfy, she “accidentally” brushed him in his sensitive areas and brushed his shoulder with her breasts, he was used to this but the look on her face today was different. Not the usual coy smile of a woman teasing but more the look of promise.

When his wife and daughter arrived Joe was feeling as randy as hell, because of the nurse and his imagination. The visit went as usual except that Joe kept thinking that after all this time in hospital his wife could at least give him a hand job. With her knowing what he was like, he didn’t hold out much hope but he couldn’t get the image of her small hand wrapped around his cock while his cum was spurting out. He had only been out of bed so far with someone helping him, so he never got any privacy to sort himself out therefore he was gagging to cum and he couldn’t get the image of his wife’s small hand jerking him off out of his mind.

Sharon asked if they were both ok as Joe and her mother seemed to be daydreaming. About thirty minutes before the end of visiting Dot asked Sharon if she would wait in the car for her as she had something to talk to Joe about.

Joe had no idea what was coming, but he certainly didn’t expect what he got. When Sharon had gone Dot went to see the ward nurse, when she got back they both helped Joe out of bed and to the toilet where the nurse left them alone. Dot told him to sit on the pan as she wanted to give him a hand job, Joe’s mouth fell open in surprise, Dot explained that since she had got to the hospital she had had this image in her mind and couldn’t get rid of it, it was all she could think about and really needed to do it.

Joe was in no mood to argue, she lowered his pyjama bottoms and grabbed his cock, and he was rock hard before she touched it, he knew it wouldn’t take long. She stroked it with one hand and fondled his balls with the other, half a dozen strokes and Joe was spurting all over the place. It seemed like he cum gallons it was all over his stomach, legs his pyjamas and Dots face and hair, he had never had an orgasm like it he felt drained. Dot was smiling and still fondling him. She said she now had to clean up, she started by licking cum off her lips and off the end of Joe’s cock, Joe was gob smacked he certainly hadn’t expected this. Dot cleaned the rest up with tissue and a damp cloth and led him back to bed. The nurse smiled winked at Dot and asked Joe if everything was ok. Once he was back in bed Dot kissed him and said she would see him the next day.

Joe lay there wondering what had brought that on, Dot hadn’t come on to him in a long while, and she certainly hadn’t ate his cum in years. She hadn’t fondled him in god knows how long, maybe he was still in a coma and dreaming. He would have to ask her why tomorrow.

As he lay there he thought about the nurse, what had Dot said to her, and did she know what had happened. He was trying to think of a way to ask her, she would be bringing a snack before long, and how was he going to bring the subject up. He needed a clean pair of pyjamas, he thought of asking the nurse but that might make her wonder why as he had changed only this morning.

A few moments later the nurse brought his snack then closed the curtains around his bed, handing him clean pyjamas, with a wink she said she hoped he felt relieved and lot more relaxed and thought he might need these after his “accident” earlier.

This was weird, thought Joe. The nurse and his wife had had the same thoughts as him, he must be dreaming, just then the nurse pinched him, “Ouch” he said. The nurse smiled, winked and said, “See you are awake” smiled and left.

Joe lay there thinking on what had happened but had no explanation so put it down to coincidence. He had a good sleep that night and woke afresh, after the doctor had done his rounds Joe was allowed to get out of bed and wander about.
That evening when his wife visited she denied giving him a hand job the previous night. Joe was even more convinced he had dreamt it. Then he thought he wished he had dreamt about her giving him a blowjob instead. As Dot talked on he wasn’t really listening he was dreaming about her giving him a blowjob, picturing his cock in her mouth while her head bobbed up and down. She was tugging at his sleeve, “Come on Joe we need to find somewhere private”. She led him off to the toilet; as soon as the door was locked she was pulling his trousers down and sucking on his cock. “God I need this” she said between mouthfuls, she fondled his balls, pumped his shaft and tried her hardest to deep throat him, he warned her he was about to explode but she carried on and when he exploded she tried her hardest to swallow it all, but some ran out of the side of her mouth, she licked and sucked his cock head until he finished and he couldn’t take any more. Then she wiped her chin and cheeks clean with her fingers and licked them clean, “Oh wow” she said “I needed that so much”

After Dot had gone home and Joe was lying in bed, he was in a world of disbelief, convinced he was dreaming. He was looking at his favourite nurse thinking she was beautiful and how he would love to suck them tits and for her to give him a hand job, it would finish his “dream” off perfectly then he could sleep peacefully.

The nurse brought his snack and accidentally spilled it on him, he had to get out of bed so the sheets could be changed, he was told to go to the toilet and clean himself and the nurse would bring him clean pyjamas.

The nurse entered with pyjamas in hand and stood watching, he thanked her and said he could manage. She looked him in the eye and told him she would be going home soon and he was going home the next day. But there was something she just had to do before she went. With that she fondled his cock and opened her top, “Please” she said “I need this, please suck my tits while I wank you”. Was this really happening, he would ask more questions later but for now he was going to enjoy himself? Her nipples were big and hard nearly an inch long, very dark brown compared to the creamy white of her breasts, which defied gravity. He guessed they were about 34b, the nipples were poking upwards her tits were firm to hold and fondle, and they were perfect. Her hands were soft yet firm on his cock, one pumping his shaft the other was spreading his pre-cum over the head, again it didn’t take long for him to cum, she knew he was cumming and bent down and took his cock in her mouth and swallowed it all. When he had finished she stood up smiled and said, “We don’t want to make a mess do we” smiled and fastened her top then left.

Joe lay in bed thinking he definitely must still be dreaming; after all he was getting to live out all his fantasies.

Next morning after a good nights sleep, and feeling ready for anything, the doctor said that all his results had come back positive and they had no worries that he was fit enough to go home. However they did have one slight concern, his CT and other scans had shown a significant increase in brain activity, when he asked for an explanation he was told that although he had suffered a severe head injury there was no sign of it now. The activity shown by his scans was more than double very near three times the activity of other brains they had records for. The only time this extra activity had been recorded was due to a certain type of brain tumour that connected more of the neural pathways together and seemed to increase the brain power that could make people tend to learn things quicker than normal. There was no sign of any tumour or anything wrong at all, but there was definitely a marked increase in his brain activity. He was asked to return in six weeks for more tests, but if he felt unwell in anyway to come straight back. Also would he record any changes he noticed in his behaviour or anything at all? Joe thought about the unusual sexual behaviour of his wife and the nurse but he definitely would not be reporting that.

When Dot picked him up, he kissed her and thanked her very much for the blowjob the day before. With a quizzical look she asked what the hell he was on about. She certainly hadn’t done that for him and in fact she was disgusted he would even think she would. Bloody hell he thought. He knew she had gone off sex but didn’t realize she was that bad. He knew for certain now he wasn’t dreaming.

When they got home she made him a drink and a meal then told him about the changes she wanted to make, he was assured it had nothing to do with him, as it was what she needed. She had moved into the spare bedroom and wouldn’t be having any more sex with him. She still loved him and would remain faithful as she had always been but she just could not bear the thought of ever having sex again.

To say he was gob smacked just didn’t get anywhere near to how he felt. He was to dumbfounded to talk, his mind was racing what the hell was he going to do or say. He asked if she had joined some weird cult or other while he was in hospital, had she become a lesbian if so he didn’t mind as long as she let him watch at least. But if that was what she wanted and if that was how she felt, then why in the hell had she given him a wank and a blowjob over the last few days, and acted like a complete whore while she was doing it. To say she went ballistic is to put it mildly, but when she had calmed down she explained it must be his head injury making him think that because she certainly hadn’t done those things and never would.

He told her he would have to have time to let this sink in, but he wasn’t happy about it. He told her he would go along with it, but if that was what she wanted he was going to lead his own life. They could still live in the same house but he would come and go as he pleased and she could do the same, but they were not to embarrass or humiliate each other, also as long as they were together they could carry on as normal otherwise. She couldn’t find anything wrong with that, but she did ask that they did not argue in front of Sharon, and that if he were to spend time away from home they would say he was working.

He settled himself on the settee while Dot went about things women do, he was thinking about what had been said and their situation now. He wasn’t going to put up with it for long, but until he had a plan he would stay where he was. Bloody women how the hell were you supposed to understand them? She was never really abandoned or let herself go during sex but she had a fantastically tight pussy, and when she was nearing orgasm it would suck the cum out of his balls, it would send ripples of pleasure along his cock from the base to the head, it literally milked him, it felt like tight liquid warmth, what a waste of a pussy. Joe was half dozing and remembering and imagining what it used to be like.

When Dot walked into the room she stood looking at him and seemed to go into a trance, she couldn’t help it, and she needed him. Dot threw her clothes off and tore Joe’s trousers off him. It didn’t take long to get him hard Dot climbed astride his hips and sunk his cock into her soaking wet pussy. She rode him like she had never done before, full of abandonment intent on getting as much of him inside her as she could, she soon started to cum and her pussy started it’s contractions milking Joe’s cock, sucking on him like a powerful hoover, send ripples of muscular pleasure up and down his cock, squeezing from base to tip, milking his cum from him. As Joe shot his load deep inside her Dot screamed and fell forward onto Joe saying thank you, thank you, thank you, I really needed that thank you. All the while her pussy was milking cum from his cock, massaging the whole length in her liquid heat. Joe was in heaven, but more confused than anything. Just then they heard the front door open, Dot jumped off grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room, just as Sharon came in the other door. Joe struggled to cover himself; Sharon grinned, giggled and left the way she had come in.

A couple of minutes later he heard a tap on the door and Sharon asking if it was safe for her to come in, he apologised to her but she shrugged it off saying Mum was just welcoming him home and she shouldn’t have just walked straight in like that. A couple more minutes later Dot came into the living room as if nothing had happened, Sharon asked with a laugh if her Mum was ok and Joe said thank you. Dot confirmed she was ok and gave Joe a puzzled look. Joe joined her in the kitchen and put his arms around from behind and kissed her neck saying “I love you” Dot pushed him away and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing, hadn’t she just told him there would be no more of that. Joe couldn’t believe it, she denied fucking him and more or less told him he needs to go back to hospital as he certainly had something wrong with him. What the hell is going on Joe thought as he went back to the living room? He was going to have to video it next time, if there is a next time, so that he could watch it later to prove he hadn’t dreamt it. But there again would he be dreaming that? Oh hell what was going on?

Joe was sitting on the settee Sharon in an armchair, Joe’s mind was in turmoil he didn’t know what was happening did he need help or did Dot need help. He was sure they had made love and that Sharon had nearly caught them, how could she deny it? Short of asking Sharon how was he to prove to himself that he wasn’t dreaming. Sharon got out of her chair and as she passed Joe she whispered that next time he and her Mum were feeling frisky they should go to the bedroom it would save embarrassment.

Joe then knew he wasn’t dreaming and that something must be wrong with Dot. Sharon came back and as she sat down Joe thought, I wish she would make a cup of tea; she had never made one yet without a lot of pleading. Sharon stood again and went to the kitchen, she didn’t say anything but she seemed to have a far away look in her eyes. A few minutes later she brought Joe a cup of tea, “Here you are I thought you might like this” she said. Joe accepted and thanked her for it, he couldn’t help commenting that he really appreciated it but it was her first time she had just made a drink for him, “I just felt like making you one” she replied. A short while later Joe stood and left the room saying thank you for the tea. Sharon asked what he was talking about and denied making one. Joe was confused again.

It seemed that when he thought about something he wanted someone to do, they did it, then after a couple of minutes they had completely forgotten it. He would have to explore this, but how?

As Joe showered he decided he would test the notion on the girls, see if he could get them to do something they wouldn’t normally do. He concentrated on his wife coming up to wash his back, but she didn’t show up. He then tried Sharon, same result. He went back downstairs, pondering on what to do, he concentrated on Sharon getting up to look through the back window, she did it, then Dot, and she did it. Then he tried to see if he could get both to do it, they did. If this is truly working he could have all sorts of fun. He asked them if they had enjoyed the view out of the window, they both looked at him as if he was going mad, they both asked what he was talking about. He tried a few more tests and each time they did what he was thinking. He tried a few more tests while he was in a different room, but nothing happened. He realized he would have to be in the same room as them for “it” whatever “it” was to work.

The next day was going to be fun, Sharon had gone to college, he imagined Dot doing her housework naked, and she did. But never remembered, God this was great, he imagined her giving him a blowjob, and she gave him one of the best he had ever had. She remembered nothing. What could he do next?

That evening he thought about Dot having to go out for a couple of hours, and off she went. Then he concentrated on Sharon needing a bath, and walking about upstairs naked. She soon informed him she was going for a bath, after five minutes Joe went quietly upstairs and there was Sharon naked walking between her bedroom and bathroom. God what a body, her tits were perfect, dark brown nipples sat on top a perfectly shaped pair of pink fleshy orbs that defied gravity, her stomach was flat, her hips flared from a narrow waist, her long legs were slim but perfectly shaped, starting from her slim ankles up to the firm looking powerful thighs, with a small gap between where they framed a clean shaven pussy with slightly protruding lips that were damp with her juices.

Joe took all this in with just a quick but concentrated gaze. He apologised to her for embarrassing her, just in case, but she shrugged her shoulders and told him it was ok. He thought about her coming downstairs in just her nighty when she had finished bathing.

A short while later Sharon came into the living room in her nighty, it wasn’t sexy it covered her from neck to just below her knees, but it clung to her body in all the right places. He wanted a cup of tea, and as she was making it he realized how easy it had been to get her to do the things he wanted, he will have to try something else. The light from the kitchen allowed him to see through her nighty. It wasn’t clear but he could make out the shape of her tits and legs. He knew one day soon he would be having sex with her. She may not remember it but he surely would and that is all that matters isn’t it.

For now he was going to have some fun without touching her, he concentrated on her feeling horny and playing with herself. As time went on she couldn’t resist it any more. She had to do it and she had to do it with Joe in the same room but without him knowing. She didn’t realize Joe was controlling her.

Sharon eased her hand under the bottom of her nighty, trying to keep the front part down just in case Joe could see, but she was so turned on she didn’t really care, she really needed to do this. She glanced at Joe he seemed to be asleep his head back against the chair she couldn’t wait any longer. All caution gone she got her finger into her pussy and started frigging herself rubbing her clitoris with her thumb. It didn’t take long and she exploded, she stiffened, her legs shot out in front of her, her head slammed back into the chair, a whimper escaped her lips although she tried her hardest to keep silent. She glanced at Joe he still seemed to asleep. She went upstairs and changed her nighty and put a dressing gown on. Joe asked if she was ok, she replied she was grand as if nothing had happened. Joe now knew he had some sort of auto suggestive power and was really going to have some fun with it. Next time she would do it openly in front of him.

The next day Joe went for a walk, he wanted some peace and quiet to think this through, if he could control people and them not remember it afterwards he could do just about anything. There were a couple of questions he needed answers for; did they forget completely or would they later remember, did it harm them in any way, besides the obvious. Will it work on anyone, and will it harm him. He also had no idea how he was doing it except for what the doctor had told him about the extra brain activity it must have given him some sort of auto-suggestive power. He may ask the doctor on his next check up. But for now he was going to enjoy it and deal with the consequences later.

He went to the pub and while the barman was pulling his pint, Joe looked at him and thought it would be nice if he gave Joe this on the house, he did, and Joe thanked him and sat at a table. Two young girls were sitting opposite; he thought how nice it would be if they spread their legs and gave him a flash of their crotches, he was in heaven it worked. He now concentrated on what he was going to do with Sharon. He wanted sex with her before he either lost this power or they started to remember what he had made them do up to now.

On nearing his house there was an argument going on between a few neighbours, as usual it was that bloody stuck up bitch from number 22, she hadn’t lived in the street long but had managed to upset every other family there, calling the police in or complaining to officials about the least little thing. Up until she had moved there everyone had got on well together, a few little ruckuses but soon forgotten. Joe thought he would like to shut that woman up for good and get her to move. How? was the question, she thought of herself as being everyone’s superior and was a toffee nosed cow. He would love to embarrass her. There was quite a crowd in the street, what would happen if she was suddenly to get undressed naked and dance in the street, Joe didn’t think it would work but what did he have to lose? He concentrated on picturing it in his mind as he worked his way closer to her. And then it happened, she stopped in mid flow of one of her tirades about how we all let our children run about, like a pack of wild dogs and started to undress, by the time she had her dress off everyone was silent. Some had their phones out and were videoing it, the street was packed with cheering people by the time she was naked, not a bad body at all thought Joe as he went in doors.

Sharon came home from work with a friend named Marie, she was about nineteen 5’ 2” tall, with what Joe could see of it a very shapely body, Joe’s cock was twitching at the thought of having her and Sharon together, with both of them playing with each other. He suddenly saw their attitudes changing and the way they looked at him and each other it wouldn’t be long before they jumped on him, but Dot was in the kitchen so Joe quickly turned his thoughts to the girls going to get ready for their night out. But he swore to himself it wouldn’t be long. After the girls had left he got Dot to give him a blowjob and made sure she swallowed it.

Sharon told him that weekend her friend Marie was coming round and they were planning to go out together. We will see about that he thought. Saturday Dot had made arrangements to go out with her friends for the night. When Marie arrived Joe implanted the idea in both girls heads that they were feeling randy, and they both wanted each other and Joe. They were feeling more and more randy, Sharon made the first move, she knelt between Joe’s legs apologised but explained she just had to do it as she fished Joe’s cock out of his flies and sucked it deep into her mouth.

Marie soon came over to help but first she stripped her clothes off, she pulled Joe’s cock out of Sharon's mouth telling her to strip before sucking Joe’s cock to the back of her throat. They then took turns while one was sucking his cock the other was sucking his balls, Joe noticed that they were both fondling each other as well, it didn’t take Joe long to cum although he tried to last as he was enjoying himself so much, his cum shot into Sharon's mouth, all over her and Marie’s face, they licked each other clean swapping the cum from mouth to mouth. When they had finished cleaning themselves and Joe’s cock and balls they turned on each other. Joe was getting his fantasy fulfilled, he knew he was controlling them but boy was he enjoying it. Marie had her mouth and fingers buried in Sharon's pussy from behind, while she was tearing at Joe’s clothes and trying to suck his cock at the same time. Joe stood and stripped, Marie lay on her back and Sharon sat on her face, Joe got down between Marie’s legs opened them wide, using his thumbs to open her lips wide, the juices were running out and he swore her clit was throbbing, he had to taste it. He dipped his head his tongue dipped into her hole and the sweet nectar, he sucked it into his mouth to taste it. He ran his tongue up to her clitoris that he sucked on, sucking it into his mouth and gently biting it, he ran his tongue up and down per pussy drinking her nectar chewing on her clit, he put two fingers inside frigging her while sucking on her clit, her hips were bucking her legs were splayed open. He could hear her moaning into Sharon's cunt, which soon turned to a growl, he frigged and sucked on her as fast as he could. Her hips bucked up high her heals dug into the carpet, and she squirted her juices into his mouth and all over his face with such force it was like a fire hose, then her thighs clamped on his head like a vice she grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her pussy which she rubbed up and down his face, then she relaxed, Joe was sure she had passed out. Sharon climbed off Marie’s face pushed Joe out of the way and buried her face in Marie’s pussy, she was on her knees with her arse in the air, Joe was behind her rubbing his cock between her pussy lips, he knelt down and got a taste of her pussy juices, they were sweeter than her Mother’s and Marie’s, they were thicker also nearly as thick as his own cum. Joe ran his tongue from her clit up between her lips and onto her rosebud opening of her puckered anus then back to her clitoris, he sucked and licked and fingered her pussy and anus, Sharon's juices were running freely, she was moaning and chewing on Marie’s pussy, she lifted her head and begged Joe to fuck her.

Joe slid his cock into Sharon's pussy slowly; he was going to savour this, as after all he had been waiting a long time to fuck her. As inch-by-inch he sunk in, her pussy gripped and massaged his cock, seaming to suck him in, massaging him in liquid warmth, he didn’t think he could last long, but he gritted his teeth and concentrated on not cumming he wanted to enjoy every sensation slowly. When he was in as far as he could go, Sharon's pussy was massaging and sucking his cock from base to tip, he thought her mother had a lively cunt, but Sharon's was tighter, hotter and had a life of it’s own, it was only after one thing and that was sperm, as though it’s sole purpose was to re-create. It writhed and massaged and sucked, it gripped and relaxed. Joe didn’t need to move he could have cum with the movement of her pussy alone, but he pulled out slowly and as he did the suction increased, her pussy tightened trying to pull him back in, then in again and the massaging and sucking started again, Joe had never felt anything like it. He couldn’t last he was quickly reaching his climax, as he felt himself start to spurt he buried his cock as far as he could. The very depths of her pussy seemed to relax and widen as if making sure there was enough room to take all his sperm where it was needed, but the base and first couple of inches of his cock was still being massaged and sucked making sure that her pussy had every last drop of his cum.

Joe couldn’t take anymore, he needed a rest, he took the girls to bed and got them into a 69 position licking each other clean, Joe watched for a while then got dressed and left the house. He wanted the girls to come out from under his spell or whatever it was that made people do his bidding, but he didn’t want to be there when they did. He didn’t want them to know what they had done together. When he came back home the girls were dressed and on their way out of the door looking a bit sheepish, but they just waved bye and Joe told them to enjoy themselves.

Well that had worked a dream, or was it really a dream. Joe didn’t care one way or the other all he knew was that he was really enjoying himself. The next time the girls were together he was going to have a bit of anal with them.

As Joe sat in the armchair he was thinking about his appointment with the doctor in a couple of days time. How much was he to tell the doctor if he was to tell him anything at all. What he didn’t have any doubts about was, that for as long as he was able he was going to use this power/ability to really enjoy himself.

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