Sarah and Her Young Cousin Doug Ch. 1

It had been a long first semester at Michigan and I had survived long enough to reach my first Christmas break as a college student. Exams were finally over and even if the weather remained eternally gloomy, I wasn’t going to let it dampen my mood.

Immediately, I went to my dorm room and began packing. For the first half of my break, my parents and I were going to visit my Aunt and Uncle’s new house in Phoenix. I couldn’t wait for the warm sun again! I looked at myself in the mirror and was a little shocked at how much paler I had become. I didn’t consider myself a drop-dead knockout, but in my usual skin tone I knew I could turn my share of heads as well. I stood at 5’4 with shoulder length brunette hair that I often curled each morning. I raised my hands up to my chest and gently cupped my well sized 32C breasts. And fortunately for me, since I had just turned 19, they were still extremely perky and gave no indication of sagging. I‘ve also been told that I have gorgeous legs and a cute bubble butt, but in this weather, hardly anyone would be able to tell over the layers of clothing. Gosh, I couldn’t wait to be under the sun again! I grew up in Phoenix near my aunt and uncle, but moved to San Francisco during high school, so I was absolutely not use to the type of cold at Michigan. While I continued to bitch to myself about the cold, I was able to finish packing and hailed a cab for the airport.

I was meeting my parents in Phoenix, and luckily for us the arrival time was within half an hour of each other so we just decided to meet in the airport at PHX. The flight over was relatively uneventful and I had a chance to nap a bit.

When I got off I waited outside near their arriving terminal and before long they arrived as well.

“Hi honey! How were your exams?” asked my mom as she embraced me with a hug.

“I don’t know yet mom, but I think I did fine.” I responded.

“So Sarah, no trouble with packing or travels?” asked my dad, as he took his turn to give me a hug.

“No problems, I packed the few pairs of summer clothe I had, but it should be fine.”

“Ok then, let’s head out to the parking garage to find your aunt and uncle” said my dad.

It was wonderful just stepping out of the airport into the warm Phoenix air. Winter had, like almost every year it seemed, started earlier than usual in Michigan. So after 2 months of the dark and cold weather, it was refreshing to feel the warmth of the sun again on my skin. I greatly looked forward to a chance to work on my tan.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of 2 loud shrieks followed by laughter. I looked up to see my mom and aunt fully embraced in a hug while my father and uncle in law (Greg) shook hands and looked on at the two women. Almost lost in the commotion was my cousin, Doug, who stood awkwardly to the side, staring at the excitement of the adults. It was only now that I realized that it had been over 2 years since I last saw him, yet aside from being a little bit taller, not much seemed to change. He was still a bit on the chubby side, not fat by any means, but definitely had yet to lose his baby fat. I guess his growth spurt hadn’t kicked in yet. In his hands he held his beloved PSP and even if the rest of the world saw him as prototypical nerd, he was still my cute little cousin that I used to babysit. But I guess now that he was 12 and would be in his first year of middle school, 6th grade; my babysitting days were over.

As he slowly turned his attention away from his parents and looked over at me, I beamed him a smile and ran over with a hug. “Hello, Dougie! How have you been, did you miss me?!”

He seemed caught off guard a bit and awkwardly placed his right hand around me in a one armed hug. “I’m doing fine Sarah. My winter break just started yesterday.”

“That’s great” I said. “Now we will have more time to hang out like before!”

That seemed to get more of a smile out of him as he responded “yeah! All my friends are away on vacation, so I thought this break was going to be boring.”

“Yeah we could –“

“Sarah, go grab your luggage. We’re heading over to your uncle’s place now” my father interrupted.

I quickly ran back to where my suitcase was and followed the adults as they made their way to the parking garage. The ride to my aunt’s place was rather uneventful, yet I still couldn’t get over the difference in weather a four hour flight could make. It still seemed so remarkable.

We all followed, in single file, Uncle Greg as he made his way to the front door and unlocked it.

“Sarah, honey, make sure you take off your shoes. The inside of the house is all carpet and just vacuumed, so we’d like to keep it clean. Thanks, dear!” my aunt instructed from the back of the line. “And Sarah, when you’re done, you can follow your uncle to the guest room where you’ll be staying. You can drop off your luggage and then join us in the dining room for some snacks. You must be starving after the airplane ride!”

“That sounds great, Aunt Beth!” I responded.

Uncle Greg led me up the stairs and into the guest room near the end of the hall on the second floor. On the way we passed by 2 rooms and a bathroom. I took a glance in both rooms and figured the one with all the toy models and comic books was definitely Dougie’s and the other relatively vanilla room with a queen sized bed must be where my parents would be staying.

“Well, this is where you’ll be sleeping while you’re here Sarah. I hope it’ll do, but if you need anything, please let me or your aunt Beth know and we’ll do our best” said my uncle.

“It looks great Uncle Greg, I’m sure I’ll be fine.” I said.

“Well, I’ll let you get comfortable. I gotta go help your aunt before she catches me slacking again!” joked my uncle.

“Sure thing Uncle Greg, Thanks again” I laughed.

I put my luggage and backpack down by the foot of the bed and immediately made my way to the window overlooking the backyard. I was elated to see that my aunt and uncle had a backdyard pool, and despite it being December, was still usable because of the warm weather. I was starting to get jealous of having to live in the cold all year round while it was so warm here. “Well, no point in thinking about it now.” I said to myself. I dug through my suitcase and changed into a tank top and a pair of shorts; much more suitable to the warm Arizona weather.

Before I even made my way to the dining room, I heard the booming laughter of my dad. Sure enough as I entered, dad and Uncle Greg already had beers in hand as they continued to gossip. Mom and Aunt Beth were both stooped over some magazine as they threw their hands in the air, excitedly making motions while they chatted.

“Oh Sarah, honey, we’re brewing some coffee now, but it’ll be a bit before its ready. There’s some light snacks here but If you want some real food to eat Dougie will show you to the kitchen and you can grab something there.” instructed my aunt as she pointed at Doug to help me.

“Ok, thanks Aunt Beth.” I answered as Dougie and I made our way to the kitchen.

As soon as we turned into the kitchen, my eyes noticed the jar of peanut butter on the kitchen table and I immediately knew what I wanted. For some reason, the thought of a PB&J sandwich seemed really enticing.

“Hey Dougie, I think I’m going to just make a PB&J sandwich. You want one?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure, I like PB&J sandwiches too. Most days, I eat them after I get home from school!” he exclaimed.

As I grabbed the bread and started spreading the peanut butter, Dougie handed me the jar of strawberry jam. As I continued to concentrate on making our sandwiches, I couldn’t help but notice out of the corner of my eye that Dougie was sitting right across the table from me, motionless. When I looked up at him, he quickly looked back down. I didn’t think much of it at first, but as I was handing him his PB&J, he did the same thing, almost causing him to drop the sandwich altogether. I thought it was a little strange, but didn’t say anything.

Halfway into my first bite, a little bit of jam dripped out and landed on my leg. As I went to wipe it off with a napkin, it suddenly dawned on me that because I was wearing a tanktop, I could see the top of my tits. So when I was bent over making the sandwiches, Dougie must’ve been staring right at my cleavage. With that realization, all of a sudden my face turned a little red. I didn’t know what to think. At first I instantly thought that it was wrong for him to do that, but then I realized that I was still just guessing. I wasn’t even sure if he did or didn’t look. Besides, I thought to myself, he’s 12. He’s at that age where he is probably first getting into girls and couldn’t help it. Regardless, I decided that I should make sure.

“Dougie, you want a glass of milk with your PB&J? I always like a glass with mine!” I asked. With his mouth still full, all Dougie could do was just smile and nod.

I grabbed the milk out of the fridge and turned around to grab two glasses from the cupboard behind me. From the reflection off the glass cupboard itself, I could see that his eyes were glued right on my ass and legs. I had changed into my running shorts, so I knew he was definitely getting an eyeful since I was reaching for the top shelf. But surprisingly, instead of feeling disgusted, it actually excited me. I knew that it was wrong, that besides being my cousin he was only 12 for goodness sake! Yet, still, I couldn’t help but take my sweet time and give him some extra few seconds for his eyes to linger. By the time I slowly turned back around, Dougie’s eyes were back looking at me again. His face was noticeably blushed, but he was doing his best not to give anything away.
I set the two glasses on the table and began to pour, extra slowly. Again, out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dougie’s eyes soaking in my cleavage. I couldn’t believe what I was doing! And even more, I couldn’t believe that it was such a turn on!

“Well there’s no questioning it anymore” I thought to myself, “he’s definitely checking me out!” As I finished pouring and handed him his glass, Dougie quickly shot his eyes up towards my face. I did my best to not giggle and pretended that I didn’t notice anything wrong.

I chatted with him as we ate our sandwiches. He told me all about how he had so many different teachers, one for each subject, but how it sucked that there wasn’t any more recess like in elementary school. He then told me that he got into reading comic books and loved all of the superhero movies.

“Oh, Sarah, do you want to watch the avengers with me?! We have the DVD!” he said excitedly.

Even though it didn’t sound too interesting to me, it was hard to turn down the look of excitement on his face. “Sure Dougie! You go grab it and I’ll go wait in the living room with you!”

He ran off to his room to look for the DVD. As I made my way past the dining room, I noticed that my parents and aunt/uncle had made their way to the porch in the backyard.

Dougie quickly popped the DVD in and took his seat on the other end of the 3 person couch. The movie actually had enough action and jokes to keep me interested. Looking at the hunk that was Captain America also wasn’t hurting my interest level either.

“Hey Sarah, you want some ice cream while we watch?!” asked Dougie. “We have mint chocolate chip and –“

Rasing my hand, “Stop, you had me at mint chocolate chip” I said, smiling at him.

“Ok I’ll get some” he laughed.

He came back with 2 good sized bowls of ice cream and like a gentleman, asked me to pick which bowl. I grabbed one and began to dig in. After a few bites, the coldness that the dessert brought began to kick in and I moved my legs onto the middle section of the couch in an attempt to bundle myself up and keep warm. Almost immediately, I noticed that this had an effect on Dougie. He began to slowly take glances at my legs and feet. Again, I felt extremely turned on. But, this time, I no longer fought the feeling. I slowly extended my legs a little further out, until my feet were nearly by the side of his legs. I could see Dougie getting even more nervous and taking more and more glances. He was sitting straight up, but angled himself slightly so that if he wanted to switch his gaze from the movie to my legs, it wouldn’t look too obvious. I didn’t want to embarrass him or let him catch on that I was letting him get an eyeful so I just pretended to be occupied by the movie.

After my last bite, I set the bowl down in front of me on the floor. I continued to let Dougie take his glances, and was actually hoping he would try and go for a feel, but no such luck. I forgot that even if his hormones were starting to kick in, he was still an extremely shy 12 year old kid. I felt the need to go to the bathroom, so as I swung my legs off the couch to stand up, I was suddenly met with the unwelcome feeling of ice cream on my left foot.

“Ah!” “It’s so cold!” I shrieked. I quickly picked my feet off the floor and held them up in such a way that Dougie could see what the commotion was about.

“Hehehe” he giggled.

“Oh you think that’s funny, do you Dougie?” I said, with a smile. “Well I bet you won’t find it funny when I wipe it on your shirt!” as I began to half-heartedly aim my feet at the front of his shirt.

Catching an ankle in each hand, “Hey my mom just got this shirt for me! She’ll kill me if it gets dirty already!” he fired back while laughing.

“Well you better find some way to get it off!” I joked, “Or I’m going to wipe it on your face!”

These words just about froze him. As soon as I said it, he subconsciously licked his lips. He was floored by the opportunity that I just gave him but at the same time was afraid to do anything in case I was just joking.

Seeing his predicament, I decided to take away any fear. “C’mon. I dare you to lick it off” I playfully taunted. “I bet you’re scared to!” I said, with a smile.

With those words, a smile almost instantly came across his face as he realized that he wouldn’t get in trouble if he did. Still, extra cautiously, he picked up my left foot and slowly licked the sole, maintaining eye contact the entire time, seeing if there was any reaction from me.

Instead, I just continued to smile at him. “Well you better hurry up before I change my mind and use your face instead!” I teased. “And you better make sure you get all of it!” I added.

Hearing that, Dougie no longer showed any hesitation. He slowly licked my sole from the beginning of my toes all the way to my heel. Then very softly, moved back to my toes and slowly slid my big toe into his mouth and lightly sucked.

The feeling was exhilarating. I never really had much of a foot fetish, but given the situation we were in, it was such a turn on. I could feel my pussy getting wet and was so tempted to just slide my hand down my shorts and play with myself while Dougie continued to worship me feet.

Seeing that I wasn’t freaking out, he moved on from my big toe to the others, making sure to enjoy each one. He took more and more time as he made his way to my pinky toe and by the time he got there, my foot was more of a mess than before he started! And he looked like he was in heaven!

Finally, I said “I think you got it all Dougie” – snapping him away from his personal euphoria.

“Oh sor..sorry” he stammered, as he quickly let go of my foot. His face had all of a sudden turned red again, and just like that, he was back to his shy self.

Not wanting to embarrass him, I quickly grabbed my left foot and brought it close to me and pretended to inspect his work. “Well looks like I was wrong and you weren’t scared! And you definitely did a good job” I said while playfully laughing at him.

“Of course!” he joked. “I love mint chocolate chip ice cream!” he said, in an attempt to save himself.

We cheerfully watched the rest of the movie, laughing with each other every time the Hulk said a one-liner. When we finished, the parents had made their way back into the house and were preparing to cook dinner.

“Dougie, if you guys are done with the movie, you should go show your cousin the pool!” my Aunt said. “It’s not good for you to stay indoors all the time.”

“But mom, I don’t want to go swimming.”

“But honey, your cousin probably does. She’s been stuck in the winter for the last few months unlike you!” she said, slowly poking at Dougie’s chest.

Dougie’s face seemed almost a little panicky and was definitely flushed. Then I realized that he was probably a little embarrassed to be in a bathing suit because he was a little chubby. Why can’t parents ever see when they’re embarrassing their child?

“But mom, please don’t –“

“Hey Dougie, how about we go outside and play with your water guns instead?!” I

“Yeah”, “let’s do that instead!” he shouted. “I’ll go grab them from the garage and I’ll meet you outside.”

I smiled quietly to myself as I looked at his enthusiasm and then headed back upstairs to change into my bathing suit. As I took my shorts off, I realized that my panties were absolutely soaked. I couldn’t believe just how wet this 12 year old had me! Realizing this little window of time I had alone, I quickly shut the door and locked it. I crawled up on the bed and my fingers expertly found my clit. I was so horny already that I didn’t even have to wet my fingers, instead wasting no time in slowly rubbing my little knob.

As I continued to play with myself, I slowly closed my eyes and reviewed what happened on the coach an hour earlier. Only this time, instead of just sitting there letting Dougie work, I stuck my fingers down my shorts and began playing with myself. I inserted one finger, than two, in my pussy as I stared right at Dougie sucking on my toes. Slowly I began to pick up pace, fucking myself faster and faster, all the while Dougie was sucking on my toes with more and more passion. Soon enough both of us could hear the sounds coming from my pussy and my own breathing becoming louder and louder as I gasped for more and more air. Dougie moved from one foot to the other and with his free hand, softly began to caress my calves and thighs. Fully succumbing to the moment, I raise my hips and slid my shorts down to my knees, giving Dougie a perfect view of my shaved pussy. I switched between fingering myself and rubbing my clit and soon enough, that familiar feeling came. As I fucked myself even faster, I gripped my teeth and forgetting all else, screamed in elation “oh my gooood, I’m cuummming!” As I slowed my hands down, my body gradually began to come back down to earth.

When I opened my eyes again, I was back in my room. Looking down, my hands were now drenched in my juices. With no hesitation, I slowly sucked the juices off of each finger, just like how Dougie did with my toes. Finally, after fully relaxing and regaining my senses again, I moved to my suitcase in search of my bikini.

I had only packed one and since I knew it was going to be just a family gathering, it wasn’t anything too special or revealing; just an ordinary 2 piece bikini in a solid aquamarine blue color. But with that being said, I was sure me in any 2 piece bikini was definitely going to catch the attention of Dougie. Despite what I had just done, I was actually still looking forward to teasing him again. I quickly grabbed my ipad and the pool bag mom had packed for me and headed towards the backyard.

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