THE INDIA CHALLENGE 1: Director Mary Borden's Request


This is a new episode to the story, THE BOSS’S SLUT, Tina James. This is an addition to the story of a woman who has found the person she is and, in the process, truly comes to love that person. It is recommended that you first read the previous story in this series for background and character development continuing into this story:


The man who opened her eyes and soul to the person trapped inside her was her boss, the company CEO and Chairman of the Board, Charles Woodburn, who knew exactly what her potential was and he was confident her potential could be brought out in her. The story of how that happened and what it led to is provided in THE BOSS’S SLUT. The role of the boss’s slut is not only to satisfy the needs of the boss, Charles Woodburn, but also select client whose business and accounts can be beneficial to the firm.

This story carries on from that. One of the characters who ends playing a significant personal role in her life is Mary Borden, one of the Director on the Board for Charles Woodburn. Mary and Tina find a close personal relationship though neither are lesbian. It is Mary Borden who approaches Tina and Charles about a business venture in India that could have huge benefits for both her company and Charles’. The man she is dealing with in India, however, has some very different ways of doing business, so different that the skills of a slut would be most beneficial.

This is that story, THE INDIA CHALLENGE. Should Charles find the venture worthwhile, and should Tina agree, the business challenge laid out may be more of a sexual challenge than Tina has ever dreamed possible.


Four months had passed since I participated in the Hansen Industries celebration and private motivation cruise from Key West to Miami where I was surprised by being greeted at the cruise terminal by Mary Borden. Mary was the lone female on Mr. Woodburn’s Board of Directors and president of her own company. It was as a member of the Board that we first came together, a very eventful Board meeting and an even more eventful dinner for the Board at Mr. Woodburn’s home that did not include his wife, Deborah. Those shared moments eventually blossomed into a non-business and very physical relationship.

The Board dinner without Mrs. Woodburn wasn’t about Mr. Woodburn hiding anything from his wife, it was just that the activities of his slut (me, Tina James, Mr. Woodburn’s Personal Slut and Executive Accounts Director) never involved her when it was business. The business distinction was significant because there were many times that I served both Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn as his slut, privately. Initially, in the relationship, I extended to Mrs. Woodburn the same privileges of my body as I had freely given to her husband. She was as eager a participant as her husband, which included requiring me to be naked inside her home and I would sometimes spend entire weekends at their home. After some time, however, she recognized a deeper potential in our relationship and rejected the idea of my being a slut, but instead a friend. We ended up sharing many things together including their dogs.

My personal relationship with Mary Borden was with the full understanding of Mr. Woodburn. None of us wanted a conflict in relationships that could complicate personal lives and business responsibilities but my slut relationship with Mr. Woodburn and his sharing me with others seemed to already open that door. To our credit, we managed to walk that line without creating conflict even when she pressured Mr. Woodburn that I needed a few days away from work to decompress after serving the company in my unique way for two days on the small cruise ship with 12 strangers. The fact that Mary intended to provide the method of diversion for me personally was not lost on Mr. Woodburn.

The direction my career had taken proved to be challenging professionally and exciting personally. I continued to be both Mr. Woodburn’s Personal Slut and Executive Accounts Director and, according to him, excelled at both. My relationship with his wife deepened into one I relished in which I could completely relax and share anything. In turn, she found a companion more than willing to explore new and stimulating experiences that were very often shared with her husband.

Mary Borden continued to be a complicated personal and professional relationship. As a member of the Board of Directors, she had to remain above conflict within the company in order to fulfill her responsibilities of oversight. As an individual, she found herself attracted to a relationship that was anything but devoid of conflict. Neither she nor I were lesbian in any form. We were certainly bi-sexual, but even that was a surprise to her. It left both of us confused about what our relationship was. Although much of our time together, when we could be together, was comfortably sexual, we also experienced satisfying times alone when sex wasn’t the primary motivation for being together. It was something we agreed not to think too hard about and simply allow whatever was to come … to come.

When the message came that Mr. Woodburn wanted to see me, it was a day like so many others. The request from Mr. Woodburn was also like so many others. I closed the open files and documents on my computer and neatly arranged the documents on my desk before quickly rising from my chair, slipping back into my 4-inch heels and walking deliberately from my private office on the 11th floor to the elevator for the secure 12th floor.

I stopped briefly at Trudy Michaels’ desk. As Mr. Woodburn’s Personal Assistant, she would know anything possible about anything, but this time she could only tell me that ‘Miss Borden’ was inside. It wasn’t that she wasn’t aware of my personal relationship with Mary, but within the office it was held closely private. Trudy and I shared everything since she had previously been Mr. Woodburn’s ‘mistress’ until she expressed her desire to end the relationship after she became serious with a man outside of work. That was the interesting part of Mr. Woodburn’s work relationships. They weren’t secrets from his wife and they were fully consensual by both participants and could be ended at any time. Trudy was getting married soon and I was to be her Maid of Honor. It was a common joke between us that that distinction did not include ‘trying out the groom’.

I put my hand on the doorknob and winked at Trudy. She was well aware of what would likely be expected of me when I entered the office. I knocked on the door with my other hand, waited for his comment, and entered the office. Since it was only Ms Borden as the other person in the office with Mr. Woodburn, I had a hand moving behind my neck to loosen the clasp and the other pulling the zipper down as my eyes took in Mr. Woodburn behind his desk and Ms Borden in one of the visitor chairs across from him. I paused only a split second to get his nod that I was acting appropriately. As part of being his Personal Slut, I was required to strip to my stockings and heels upon entering his office regardless of the intention of my entering unless he had a visitor with whom it wouldn’t be appropriate.

I still had no indication from either of them if this was purely business related or more social, but my entrance wasn’t conditioned by that knowledge. Both of them gave me their full attention as I wiggled the mid-thigh length pencil dress over my hips and down my legs. I stood naked for a moment for their observation before hanging the dress on the nearby coat tree. Another of Mr. Woodburn’s restrictions was that I never wear underwear unless absolutely necessary for maintaining some business decorum. When I wore a business dress, like today, there wasn’t much of a striptease effect.

As I passed behind Mary, I allowed my fingertips to graze her shoulders as I took the other visitor chair, sitting comfortably with legs crossed like hers as if nothing was out of the ordinary. In fact, due to the conditioning of the repetition of this action nearly every day since taking my new position directly under Mr. Woodburn (pun definitely intended), it was not out of the ordinary for me to be naked in his office.

They both smiled at me, Mary shaking her head at my composure. Although she was familiar with the arrangement in Mr. Woodburn’s office and was a recipient of my open sexuality, it still took her by surprise that it occurred so comfortably.

“Ms Borden has a venture her company is pursuing in India and has come to us for assistance.” I nodded at his comment and glanced at her assuming she would be picking up on the explanation. Apparently, this was entirely a business meeting.

“You need the firm’s assistance in landing the business?”

She looked nervously at Mr. Woodburn, then shifted in the chair to directly address me. “Not exactly. You might not be aware that your firm and mine has a long-standing agreement about business together. It was something the lawyers felt necessary to establish to avoid the appearance, real or imagined, of any impropriety since I am President of one and a Board Member of the other. No, if I am successful in landing this project, it will be yours at the established rate for the size of the project. It makes it very clean.”

I looked at her intently and I think she found it more awkward than either Mr. Woodburn or I did that I was so comfortable in a business role while still naked. The awkwardness had been drilled out of me long ago by Mr. Woodburn.

“So, if it isn’t the relationship we can bring to the project, what isn’t clean about it that still needs our involvement?”

Her response was nervous, whether it was professional or personal I didn’t yet know. “I’ve discussed it with Charles to get his perspective before even bringing this situation up.” She looked at Mr. Woodburn.

“Tina, I advised that a discussion was all that could be considered at this point. I gave no indication of what might be acceptable.”

“Sorry, you two, but … blah, blah, blah. There is noise but nothing of significance. You two know me too well to be killing the poor bush you’re beating around.”

“You’re right, of course. I apologize. It’s just a rather delicate situation. I’ve never even heard rumors of such things happening in our world today, but …” She looked at the exasperation reaffirming itself on my face and stopped. “Right … blah, blah …” That got me to smile. “Okay, here it is … there is a huge project in India and my people have done a magnificent job of positioning us. All indications are that we are in the primary position, a proposal that is significantly better than the next proposals. The wild part is that I challenged out people to review all the numbers because when I hear we are significantly better positioned I get nervous if we missed something. The feedback is that we have a healthy profit margin that still allows room for negotiation, but negotiation it appears we won’t need to use. It appears that others just might be nervous about doing business in India but we have validated the financial backing and it is all sound.”

“Where is it in India?”

“That might be part of the issue, too. The project is in an area of India away from major population centers. It’s a large infrastructure effort controlled by a small group led by the strength of a single man. His power in the region is said to be extensive. He has exhibited strange stipulations for doing business in the past. He is essentially acting as a general contractor in that he is approving all major contracts on the project.”

“Who are you up against?”

“Effectively, just some Europeans. The others are too far behind.”

“Strange stipulations? What does that mean? Is that the part that involves me and not the firm?”

She looked at Mr. Woodburn and nodded. “This guy is said to live and wield his control in the region like some prince of centuries ago. To finalize any major dealings, he has required an exhibition of sexual proficiency for the entertainment of himself and guests.” I looked at her in disbelief, though I shouldn’t have been surprised if it dealt with me alone. “Typically, he wants to be entertained and the woman’s background wasn’t important. Companies were said to hire prostitutes.”

“This time it is different, apparently.”

“Yes. Apparently, he doesn’t like American companies. He is going to require something different. I don’t know all the details. There is a local coming on a flight tonight. I have someone picking him up at the airport. He can meet with us tomorrow for more explanation and information. Or … I can just send him home.”

“What would stop you from meeting with him?”

“What I do know is … the woman, this time, has to be an American executive.”

I looked at Mr. Woodburn and shrugged. He shrugged back. I turned to her, “No sense being rude, we can at least hear what he has to say.”

She thanked me, then Mr. Woodburn. She moved to get up, excusing herself to finalize the arrival of the man and prepare for the meeting tomorrow. It was agreed to meet at her company offices.

On impulse, I stood and followed her to the door. “Ms Borden …”

She turned at the door, “Miss James?”

Mr. Woodburn laughed, “Would you two stop and just kiss?”

We chuckled. “Thank you, Sir. I wasn’t sure I should step outside the door to do it.” We did kiss, then I leaned into her and whispered, “Plans for tonight with the guy coming in?” She shook her head. “Dinner and …?”

She kissed me, again. “Especially the ‘and’ …”

* * * * *

“So, you really don’t know much more?” I was sitting across from Mary at a small table in her favorite and very expensive restaurant.

“Tina, I’d tell you anything I knew. I was just warned this power guy, a Mr. Chowdhury, likes kinky sexual demonstrations. I heard talk of being fucked by four big men, some dogs may be involved. Like I said, prostitutes were used.”

I was quiet for a moment and my gaze was deep inside the wine in my glass. She chuckled, “You’re really considering this, aren’t you?”

“Maybe more really curious than interested at this point.” She nodded. “That’s the strangest thing I have ever heard, though. I mean I know sex is used,” I held out my arms, “but for such a blatant display to set up exhibitions for guests to enjoy … weird.” She nodded, again.

She leaned forward and glanced to both sides, “So, my slutty lover, what about tonight?”

“God, I hope so. All this speculation has my motor running.”

She laughed, “Your motor is always running.” I smiled. She knew me so well. “Speaking of motors, are you wet right now?” I nodded and gave her a look like ‘dah’. She smiled. “Do you have underwear on?” I nodded. She looked at me curiously.

“I know how much you like taking them off me.” She smiled more. “A black lace thong.”

“Here’s what is going happen … I can’t take them off right here so we’re going to the hallway to the restrooms where I will take them down your legs. I will return here and you will wait long enough that you are sure I am waiting and watching. You will carry them back here dangling from one finger at your side.”

I looked at her in disbelief. I glanced around the room. “Are you sure? Is there anyone here who might know you?”

“That’s why we are both going so I can check the other guests.” I shook my head but stood. She was right behind me.

At the restroom door, she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me intensely. This idea had her motor running, too. When we broke, there was a younger woman standing near us. We apologized, embarrassed, but she said she loved it. She had been glancing our way for a while and admired the looks we were sharing with each other. She wished she and her boyfriend felt so intensely in public. She asked if we were partners. We said we weren’t lesbian but were exploring whatever it was we felt. She smiled. Then I saw the look in Mary’s eyes and knew she was going to say or do something I might regret.

Mary knelt before me, lifted my dress and pulled my thong down my legs. I placed a hand on her shoulder for balance as I stepped out of it. The woman’s eyes were huge but the smile on her face was just as huge.

Mary put a hand on the woman’s face and gave her a peck on the lips. Her fingers came up to her lips, her eyes flitting between Mary and me. Mary added to the stunned woman, “If you want to encourage your boyfriend into something more, be watching for her when she returns to our table and have him watching, too.” She nodded and bumped her way back to her table where she leaned into a young man, both of them looking our way.

Mary turned to me smiling, “Don’t disappoint me, now.”

I shook my head at her, “You’re terrible. That poor woman almost fainted.”

I waited the time I figured it might take Mary to return, then peek out to see she was seated. I glanced at the other table and the woman was saying something more the man who turned in his chair to watch.

I took a deep breath, the thong hooked on my left index finger. I spun it once and strode out into the restaurant. For the most part, few noticed. I know the young woman and her man did. She gasped and I could hear it from 15 feet away. An older woman gasped, too. I made it a point of not looking at her.

We left quickly after that.

* * * * *

I grabbed a taxi, but Mary had her car, which took her longer. I was waiting when I heard the elevator ding down the hall. I opened the door. She was still halfway down the hall.

“That was so hot! I can’t believe you had me do that!” She stopped and smiled. Her eyes traveled over my body. I was stripped completely naked. No stocking or heels. Completely naked. I was ready for her. I needed her. “If you don’t get in here quickly, I’ll have to come out and drag you in.”

She gave me a look that dared me. I secured the door so it wouldn’t close completely and strode down the hall to her. This time I pressed her against the wall and we made out right there until she finally relented and hurried us back to my apartment.

* * * * *

We lay in bed after a vigorous session of 69. We both orgasmed and collapsed in each other’s arms in bed.

“I need to leave, I’m sorry.”

I mumbled into the side of her head, “I know. No sorry, okay. I am thankful for each moment with you.”

She raised her head, kissed me hard, then, “What’s happening between us?”

I cuddled, “I don’t know, but I am happy.” She held me tightly. I looked at her, “What you did in the restaurant … I think you might be a bad influence on me.”

She laughed a laughed of pure hilarity. “I sincerely doubt that.”

* * * * *

The man’s name was Ishaan. Mr. Woodburn and I met him in Mary’s femininely appointed spacious office. He introduced himself simply as Ishaan. He told us he was assigned to be our representative if we continued. He was upfront that Mr. Chowdhury was more than a little eccentric and his ego and belief of being intended to rule the region has created a condition with his wealth that he can demand whatever he wishes in that region of the country. His feelings about Americans comes from an association to the British, though Ishaan recognizes the conflict in such thinking.

He has never been involved in one of these before but was briefed by Mr. Chowdhury’s people to effectively relate it to us. As we already knew, this exhibition would be different because prostitutes could not be used. Typically, the activities last for one or two days with up to three events per day, but (and he stressed the but) Mr. Chowdhury is unpredictable and there is no telling what he might plan. Ishaan was clearly nervous as he relayed what information he had been given in his heavily accented English.

The exhibitions have included four large men with the woman and dogs on occasion. Mr. Chowdhury likes to witness the exotic and there is no set program for these when they occur. Because it is an American company he may have a desire to try to humiliate us in the process even if it is a closed situation. That could certainly be assumed since he has changed the requirements for the woman to be an executive.

I looked at Mary and she recognized the questions I had and nodded. “I don’t understand what the significance of this challenge is. How can someone commit to this challenge without knowing the full requirements?”

“This is all I am given and all you will be given. Your company will sign a non-disclosure of the activities to protect him. If your woman representative succeeds in each stage, she will go to the next stage until he deems he is satisfied. The maximum is two days with two or three exhibitions per day. The two or three times a day allows for the woman to rest and prepare for the next. I am only told the women in the past have been fully, sexually used.”

I turned to face him fully, “Have any gone the full two days?” He shook his head. “But, since we’re American …” He shrugged. “And, what happens if this woman doesn’t complete the full challenge? What if she quits at some point and just can’t do any more or isn’t willing to do some act required?”

“I am only told the completion of the challenge is a final acceptance. In other words, complete the challenge and reap the rewards of the business. If the challenge is not completed, evaluation of doing the business would continue.” I asked what his involvement was if he hasn’t been involved and does not work for this Mr. Chowdhury. He will receive a commission from the man if successful and he is very motivated to assist us succeeding. He promised to seek every bit of information he can find from others and leaks from his circle of contacts to assist us. He confided that in a debt settlement with his father, Chowdhury took his sister for a concubine. Yes, the practice continues in some parts. With the commission he could receive, he could buy back his sister.

I collapsed back into my chair. Not only was there a huge business project on the line, but a man’s efforts to secure his sister from a life as a concubine to an egotistic man wielding his power like a feudal master. And, all that hinged on participating in a sexual challenge nobody still understood. Fucking some men to further business was one thing, but entering into a situation where it wasn’t only men, but dogs for the entertainment of a man and his guests who leaned to the exotic … what might be involved?

Ishaan broke my reflection, “Am I to assume you would be the female representative?” I nodded with a look at Mary and Mr. Woodburn. They both looked concerned. “I am sorry, but I will require documentation that you truly are an executive involved with this company. Also, I am sorry, but a picture of you naked. These things must be sent back for acceptance.”

Mary explained that I was an executive of the firm who will be working with her company in managing the financial aspects and that I was the executive in charge. She passed along information from the website indicating executives, an organizational chart showing my reporting to the CEO, and references. He nodded his acceptance of the information, then pulled out his phone and looked at me. He was embarrassed.

Mary contacted her assistant outside, informed her that we were not to be disturbed for the next 10 minutes and her door would be locked from the inside. With the door locked, I stood and undressed. Unlike most other situations, this time it took longer since I was wearing underwear. It seemed appropriate to allow an impression of how an executive might dress in attractive but not overly sexy underwear.

He assured the confirmation should be quick. India. I had never even considered going to India … for any reason.


The story continues with Chapter 2: Challenge Day 1.


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