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My name is Katie I'm 13 years old I live with my father in the middle of no wear in England,when I was 6 my mother died of a heart attack that left me my dad my 11year old brother jack my 12year old brother John and my sister Rebecca who was 16 for some reson not long after my mothers passing Rebecca moved out me and jack never was told why she did me and jack usta play I'm the pool a lot with my dad and John as soon as I hit that age at only 10 years old it was not easy for me at all being the only girl in the house full of boys is not easy on the day I got my period I woke up screaming as they was blood in my panties I ran into jack and johns room who was now 15 and 16 but being all teen brothers seeing a 10 year old sister crying with a top on and blood panties in her hand they just called dad and told him to deal with it dad told me all about sex and periods and soon after I learnt how to put tampons in.
I woke up today after a long 13th birthday the night before and looked in the mirror and saw my mother when she was younger I had long brown hair with peachy skin and bright blue eyes I have a curvy body and size B breasts ever since I got pubic hair I shaved it off I hate the feel of it so here I was standing fully naked in my room looking in the mirror when all of a sudden some one touches my shoulder I jumped so high and tried to cover it was my dad still half a sleep "uh dad you sleep walking" my face must be red"Lil slut" my dad replyed huh what I ain't a slut why is he calling me this "dad r you sleep walking" "NO I CAME IN TO WAKE YOUR LITTLE ASS UP TO SEE YOU LOOKING AT YOUR SELF" where did my dad go why he acting like that "dad r you ok" "NO I AM FUCKING NOT YOU MADE ME GET A HARD ON WITH YOUR BODY NOW YOUR GOING TO FIX IT" omg omg I don't wanna suck his dick "please daddy no please no" I feel him picking me up "dad what r you doing put me down" and just after I say that I'm in the air and hit my head on my wall,oh no I can taste blood in my mouth what just happend but I could not speak or move as Im not too dizzy to move when a sharp pain is down between my legs and now I'm more aware of what's going on"DADDY NO PLEASE OWE STOP DADDY NO PLEASE IM A VIRGIN" "NOT NO MORE BITVH SEE DADDY'S COCK IS IN YOUR SLUTTY PUSSY" as I try wiggle out I feel my dads fist punch my face and all the pain is gone 'am I dead' I open my eyes trying to remember what happend to me as I try lift up I feel pain in my legs arms every wear mainly my breast,vagina and face I look at the clock 1:48pm I'm sure I woke up at 8:30am this can not be right as I get up there is a pool of blood and some kined of white stuff on my bed and now it all comes back to me my dad raped me after I woke up he come in my room and raped me tears r now rolling down my face,my bedroom door slowly starts to open so I curl up into a tight ball Maby this will help "sweetheart r you okay baby girl please wake up" it's my dads voice after every think he's done today and he comes in like that what a asshole "NO I AM NOT OKAY YOU JUST RAPED ME YOU YOU BASTARD HOW DARE YOU I HATE YOU"
"honey I'm sorry I did not mean to do that I am so sorry please don't leave" normaly I would say Its ok daddy if he cursed at me by mistake or stepped on my toe but he raped me and that ain't right "IS THIS WHY REBECCA LEFT COS YOU RAPED HER TOO" "yes baby girl I'm sorry so sorry I try to controle my self but some times I can't" I can see in his face that he means it but he needs to learn that no I wont run away like my sister and I won't forgive him strait away "get out my room dad" I must of sounded horrible cos there's tears running down his face and in a way that's what I want I want him to feel kinda hurt like i did "please baby girl this is killing me lets just forget it and moved on like like it never happend" what the hell is wrong with this man "NO GET THE FUCK OUT NOW" that short second I'm on the floor and my dads hand is round my neck "YOU STUPID LIL GIRL THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH ALL THE SHIT YOU SAY TO ME I WILL RAPE YOU WHEN I WANT LIKE RIGHT NOW" he rammes his 8" hardon right into me all I can do is cry as other wise I may lose the capable to breath "MMMMMM DADDY'S LITTLE SEX TOY FUCK YEA SEE DADDY'S COCK AIN'T THAT BAD IS IT KATIE BET DEEP INSIDE YOUR ENJOYING IT LITTLE SLUT" his hand starts to come off my neck but it grips my boobs "daddy please stop your hurting me" "LIKE SHIT DADDY IS ALMOST CUMMING AND YOUR GOING TO HAVE IT IN YOUR PUSSY WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT MMMMM FUCK YEA" by now he's fucking me fast hard and deep I feel like all I wanna do is die how can a loving man turn into this I don understand "IV JUST CUMED IN YOUR PUSSY HAHA LITTLE WHORE" he leaves me here on my floor naked still coverd In blood and his sperm I can't even be botherd moving any more he's won I'm useless agentst him,I just lay here crying remembering my brothers my sister my mother and how my dad usta treat me all thos years a kined man now this.part 2 on the way

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