The Rainbow Club

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**************************************************************** The Rainbow Club ***********************************************************************************

I just out of the Army and was looking for some thing to make my riches at. I had all my savings from the army to invest and being Bisexual I was thinking of a book store or a bar. So traveling around to all the stores and bars I found a bar for sale that had living quarters above plus a apartment that was rented to a lesbian couple. This bar had a mix clientele of lesbian and gay men so it would be right for my sexual fun.

After the sale I started to fix the basement up to make two rooms that could be entered from the ally behind the bar. This would be used as a orgy rooms for my client's one for each sex. I intended to suck lots of cock and get my ass fucked down there and watch others have their fun there too.

The first night of my ownership I had the bartenders tell all the customers that they new that they wouldn't have to use the ally any more for their hook up's and to ignore the privet keep out sine. Hoping the rooms would get used I took a couple of customers down and showed them around and gave them both a blowjob. At the end of the month I made a good profit and was getting plenty of sex and even the girls that rent the apartment where fucking me.

One night six black men came in that had heard about me and my rooms and wanted to take me down for a gang bang which is just what I like. After giving four blowjobs and getting ass fucked twice they asked if they could come back again and bring a girlfriend of course I said yes

Two weeks later they came in with the must beautiful blond girl of about twenty two or three and in stead of six there was nine. Holy shit this was going to be good. Once on the bed the blond who's name was Ann got a cock put in her mouth and I spread her legs and started to eat here sexy pussy and with my ass in the air of course some one pulled the plug out and put their cock in. Then I was pulled away from Ann's pussy and a cock was put in, by now the cock that was fucking my ass was squirting sperm in me and then it was replaced by a bigger one. From my vantage point I could see the cock in Ann's cunt was pumping cum in her, when that cock was pulled out he shoved it in my mouth. I could taste her orgasm juice and his sperm on his cock I sucked his and was fucked in my ass at the same time, what a rush. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth I had a good view of Ann's cunt being fucked by a big fat cock and I was sure I would get to clean that one too. The cock up my ass was pumping sperm and I could feel it's spasm's as he ejaculated, good grief was he ever going to quiet coming. Finally he pulled out and number three was sliding in and this one was the biggest one I have ever had, it had to be all of six inches around and I could feel his ball's slapping me, god they had to be huge. Now the fat cock in Ann's pussy was ejaculating it's sperm and some was leaking down his shaft and would be there for me to clean off when he pulled out. The cock in Ann's mouth spread cum all over her beautiful face then Ann was turned around and I liked the cum off. With two cocks left to service Ann got one more in her pussy and I gave one a blow job while the biggest cock fuck my ass he was hammering me pretty hard but still not coming. The guy in her pussy blew his load and I cleaned his cock, then they put Ann's cunt under my face and pushed my face into her pussy. Her cunt was full of sperm and it was leaking out, I cleaned and licked until it quit leaking. Finally the big cock up my ass was spewing it's sperm and the spasms where the strongest that I have ever felt.

Eight of them left but one guy stayed and said he had some thing special for me and Ann, he stood her up against the wall and had me kneel beside her he put his cock in her pussy and then pulled it out and then put it in my mouth. He did this over and over and his cock kept coming out of her cunt covered with cum for me to clean. When he finally came he put his hand's on the back of my head and throat fucked me and I could feel his sperm squirting down my throat, then he and Ann left.

I went back up to the bar and closed for the night, Kim was on duty and she came up to my quarters and spent the rest of the night with me. I managed to give her one good fuck and ate her out to another orgasm.

Ever thing was back to normal if you can call my life normal I was giving two or three blowjobs and getting my ass fucked two times every night. Then Tyron call one afternoon wanted to come over and get a blowjob and that he haven't got a nut of sense that night of the gang bang. When he arrived he had a big bulge in his pants and the way he looked it wouldn't take long to get a mouth full his cum.

Tyron's cock was 8 14 inches long and 4 12 inches around just right to feel good in my hand or mouth and really good up my ass and he shot one of the biggest load I have ever had. I took that beautiful cock in my mouth and he push it down my throat I pushed it back so I could suck it and in short time he was spewing his seed and spewing and spewing it was the best load I ever had in my mouth.

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