Teenage Hormones pt. 2

When Logan comes down to the kitchen the next morning, he finds his Mom at the stove preparing breakfast. She has her back to him and is dressed as usual in her terrycloth robe. Logan chuckles to himself because he now knows from the previous night that she is wearing absolutely nothing under that robe. He tip-toes quietly up to her, encircles her waist with his arms and plants a wet kiss on her neck. She expresses her loving approval by pressing her butt against his hard cock. Logan returns her romantic gesture by sliding his right hand into her robe and gently tweaks her left nipple.

“Be careful, Honey. Your Sister can walk in at any moment. You promised to keep our secret from her and your Dad,” his Mom cautions.

“I know, Mom, but I can’t keep my hands off of you. I want to kiss and lick every delicious inch of your sexy body.”

“And I would love for you to do just that, Honey, but not while your Sister is around.” Mom reaches behind her back and squeezes his hard cock. “As soon as your Sister leaves for school I want some more this big fella!”

Logan pours himself and cup of coffee and then takes his place at the head of the breakfast table. Becky comes into the kitchen a moment later and is shocked to see Logan sitting in their father’s chair. Mom is seated in her customary place, which is to the right of Dad's chair. Becky's shock turns to anger once she realizes that her Mom had been stroking Logan’s cock under the table when she first entered the kitchen. The sudden surfacing of her Mom’s hand from under the table and the guilty expression on both their faces was a dead giveaway. Couple that with what she witnessed the night before is all she needed to assume, that they were again being sexual with each other. She is tempted to call them out but decides to approach the issue later after she’s had more time to assess her options thoroughly.

“There’s a stack of blueberry pancakes on the stove, Becky. I cooked enough to feed an army so, feel free to help yourself,” Mom says.

“Oh…so you got up early this morning and cooked Logan’s all-time favorite breakfast,” Becky sneers! It is fairly obvious she is a bit angry when she snorts, “What’s the special occasion?”

Logan and Mom look at each other in surprise and then at Becky. Mom is blushing a crimson red and meekly answers, “No special occasion, Dear. I just thought it would be nice since we haven’t had blueberry pancakes in a while.”

“It couldn’t be because…?” Becky stops in mid-sentence and says, “Never mind. Just forget I said anything. I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I am not fully awake yet."

Logan looks first to his Mom and then to Becky and firmly says, “If you have something to say, Becky, then let’s hear it.”

“No, I don’t have anything to say,” she snaps. “I just want to eat my breakfast in peace and then go to school.”

Mom fearfully speculates to herself that Becky may have spotted her playing with Logan’s cock under the table when she walked in on them. Logan is trying to figure out if Becky had somehow learned he’d had sex with his Mom the night before. It was a fact that his Mom had been rather vocal each time she had an orgasm. It would stand to reason Becky had been awakened by their noisy love-making and probably ventured down to investigate. She could’ve secretly witnessed everything from the dark stairway. He’s curious to probe further to determine just how much she really knows and how much is just speculation. He decides to hold off until he has a better grasp on the situation.

Becky eats her breakfast in silence and then goes to her room to get ready for school. Thirty minutes later, Becky is on her way to school. As soon as Becky is out the front door, Mom is on her knees with Logan’s cock in her mouth. "Ahhhhh," Logan moans as his Mom’s tongue enthusiastically rolls against the sensitive tissue of his frenulum. He can't believe what he is seeing; his own Mom is actually giving him a blow job. Logan had never really experienced a blowjob before. A couple of the girls he'd dated had licked and kissed the tip of his cock as they'd jerked him off, but none of them had even tried to take it right into their mouth.

Logan watches as his Mom tilts her head up slightly, and looks him straight in the eyes with the sexiest look he'd ever seen in any woman. And then she starts to force more of his hard cock into her throat. Mom gags once but continues until the head of his cock enters her throat. She holds it stable for a second and then pushes it a half inch further. She flexes the muscles in her throat, giving him the sensation of a vagina squeezing his cock. Logan feels the start of an orgasm bubbling up from his balls but fights it off. He is not only experiencing his first blowjob but his first deep throat blowjob, and it is coming from his Mom. He almost dumps his load into her mouth, just thinking about it.

By the time lunch rolls around they’d had sex in every conceivable position, in practically every room of the house. Mom’s pussy is so sore she can hardly walk, and Logan wants to dip his fatigued cock in a glass of cold milk or a bowl of ice water. They shower together and then retire to their separate bedrooms to nap and recharge.

Becky goes straight to her room without a word to anyone when she returns from school. She Googles ‘mother-son incest’ and finds it’s more prevalent than most would think. She learns that statically ‘mother-son incest’ is second only to ‘brother-sister incest’ and it occurs in families spanning every socio-economic level. It's not confined to the poor, uneducated classes. Some of the wealthiest and best-educated families have secrets that include incest of some sort. Becky decides that she desperately wants to become part of the ‘brother-sister incest’ statistics and Goggles "How to seduce your brother." She spends the rest of the afternoon plotting just how she is going to lure her big brother into her bed.

About six o'clock, Mom asks Logan to tell his Sister that dinner is ready. He walks down the hall toward her bedroom and finds Becky’s bedroom door is slightly ajar. Logan can see his Sister standing in front of a full-length mirror. She is completely nude and is casually brushing her long blond hair. He is treated to a full-frontal view of Becky's slender young body which is shamelessly reflexing in her mirror. He is riveted by her exquisite state of undress. He feels guilty for violating his young Sister’s privacy but can't move away from her bedroom door. He is barely able to catch his breath. He couldn't have planned this chance sighting more perfectly if he had tried. He loses all track of time as he fantasizes about ravaging her body and has no idea how long he paused there gaping.

There is no doubt in his mind that his Sister is absolutely stunning. She occasionally pauses to turn sideways and study her breast from different angles. Her areolae are about an inch in diameter, and her nipples are hard; standing out from her breasts like little cherries on an ice cream sundae. She wets her fingers and pinches each nipple causing them to stand erect. They are even more beautiful than he remembers from the day at the swimming pool after he’d brazenly groped his Mom’s body while applying sunscreen.

At one-point Becky closes her eyes and traces the lips of her vagina with a wet fingertip, letting out a low moan as she puts pressure on her clit. She brings her finger to her mouth, examines the wet juices, and then licks the moisture off. Logan begins to rub his swelling cock through his thin running shorts, not thinking his Sister might catch a glimpse of his movement in her mirror. He's too late with that thought because she freezes for a moment. A second later, her eyes lock onto his in the mirror. For a brief moment, they only stare at each other, and then Becky reacts by slowly turning to face her brother. She smiles and blows her brother a kiss. It takes Logan a minute to recover from the initial shock of being caught gaping at his Sister’s nude body.

“Mom told me to call you for dinner,” he stammers and then quickly retreats back downstairs.

Becky smiles and silently congratulates herself for successfully carrying out phase one of the plan to lure her brother into her bed. She closes her bedroom door, lays down on her bed, and fingers herself to a magnificent orgasm then joins her Mom and brother for dinner.

It’s after midnight when Logan is stirred from a sound sleep as he feels someone slither into bed with him. He’d been sleeping on his side facing away from the door. He feels two hard nipples press against his bare back and a soft hand slide into his boxers. Logan’s cock springs to life as she slowly strokes his cock up and down while nibbling on his earlobe. Logan is just before ordering his Sister out of his bed when his Mom whispers in his ear.

“I’m sorry for waking you up, Honey, but I desperately need this big fella here again,” she pleads.

She rolls Logan onto his back, straddles his waist, slides his cock into her wet pussy and begins riding his cock cowgirl style. She places both hands on his chest for balance and then rubs her clit enthusiastically against his pubic bone. Logan starts to tweak her nipples as she increases her forward and backward motion against his pubic bone. Logan cautions her not to get too loud because she may wake up Becky. She tries to be quiet when her orgasm explodes, but she can't contain herself. She squeals loudly, and Logan pulls her to him and shoves his tongue into her mouth to muffle her shriek. It really didn’t matter because Becky had heard her Mom sneak down the hall to Logan’s room. She lays in her bed, fingering herself through two orgasms as she listens to her Mom and brother have sex. Her last orgasm is timed perfectly to coincide with her Mom’s climax.


Dad is still out of town, so Mom decides to treat Logan and Becky to a pizza dinner at their favorite Pizzeria. They find a booth near the back of the Pizzeria and Mom quickly slides into the booth next to her Son, leaving a seat across the table for her Daughter. Becky appears irritated because she suspects her Mom chose the seat next to Logan so she can secretly fondly his cock all through dinner. Becky seethes with jealousy and plots her revenge for later. Mom orders a glass of wine with her meal; Logan has a beer, and Becky must settle for a Coke. Logan is wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt with his college logo on the front. Becky purposely drops her napkin on the floor and then bends down to retrieve it. She glances under the table and can see up one leg of Logan's khaki shorts. The head of his semi-hard cock is clearly visible.

Becky slips her shoe off, slides her bare foot up Logan’s pant leg and massages his hard cock with her toes. Logan is taking a swallow of his beer and spits a mouth full of beer across the table. He tries to push Becky’s foot away before his Mom sees what she is doing, but he is trapped against the wall on one side and against his Mom on the other side. When he is unsuccessful at removing her foot, he covers his lap with a napkin, so Mom doesn't see Becky's foot. Mom helps Logan clean up the mess as Becky continues to massage his cock with her toes. It doesn’t take long for him to blow a load all over his Sister’s foot. She pulls her foot back, scoops cum onto her finger and while her Mom is not looking, she brings her finger to her mouth, winks at Logan then licks her finger clean.

It is after eight o’clock when they return home from dinner. Mom suggests they have a cup of hot chocolate and watch a movie. Logan’s cock is still throbbing from Becky’s foot action at the Pizzeria. He can’t wait to get a little privacy so he can jack-off and relieve the pressure. He manages to slip away to the downstairs bathroom and empty his sack. Mom puts some water on the stove for hot chocolate, and Becky goes to her bedroom and changes into her sleeping attire.

When Becky returns to the family room, she finds Logan has settled on the sofa and is surfing the TV channels looking for a program that will appeal to his Mom and her but not something too girlie for him. She is wearing the usual long cotton t-shirt that comes down to mid-thigh. She is barefoot and not wearing a bra. Her pert breast jiggle and bounce with each step. She flops down in a wingback chair across from the sofa and starts flipping through her iPhone. Logan can see her nipples harden occasionally. He looks over his shoulder at his Mom in the kitchen to see if she has noticed him ogling Becky’s tits.

Becky sees him look at Mom. She knows he is looking to see if Mom notices his gawking at her tits. When Logan looks back at Becky, she smiles and winks. Logan can feel his cock starting to harden again. He puts the remote down as Mom serves the hot chocolate. Mom returns to the kitchen to get a cup of hot chocolate for herself. Becky folds her legs under her and to the side as she leans on the armrest of the chair. She looks Logan squarely in the eyes, smiles, stealthy lifts one leg and gives him a quick glimpse of her bare pussy. He almost spills his hot chocolate in his lap. That would have been a real disaster because it would have drawn attention to his hard cock that is fighting to get out of his shorts. Becky finds the whole thing amusing.

Mom returns to the family room, sit in Dad's chair, and sips her hot chocolate. Every once in a while, when Mom isn't looking, Becky flashes Logan again and winks. His hard cock is aching so badly, he finally has to excuse himself for bed. Becky playfully asks if she needs to tuck her big brother into bed. Mom tells her to stop treating him like a baby. He flees to his bathroom, and within seconds, his cock explodes into the toilet. There has to be at least a cup of cum spurting out of his cock. Logan peers at himself in the bathroom mirror and jacks off two more times before he cleans up the mess and goes to bed. He falls asleep dreaming of Becky crawling into his bed and smothering him with her naked tits.

The next night after dinner, Mom is cleaning the kitchen, Becky moves close to Logan and whispers, "My room in ten minutes."

Becky disappears down the hallway toward her bedroom before Logan can ask her what she wants. He’s baffled by her action but excited to have been summoned to her room. Yet, at the same time, he’s apprehensive. His sister has always been a mystery to him. He has never been able to figure out what was really going on inside her female mind.

Ten minutes go by rather quickly, and Logan finds himself outside his Sister’s bedroom door almost hyperventilating. He takes a deep breath and lightly knocks on the door to her inner sanctum.

"Come in, Logan," she murmurs in a soft voice.

He guardedly steps into her room and asks, "What's going on, Sis?"

"Have a seat, Logan. We need to talk," She answers in a serious tone.

Becky is sitting at her computer wearing her usual sleeping attire. He can tell she is braless because the ever-present hard nipples are staring through her nightshirt at him. No matter how hard he tries to control his eyes, they automatically go to her tits. Becky grins at her brother and says, "That's what I want to talk to you about, big brother."

"What?" he asks innocently trying to feign misunderstanding.

"Cut the damn bullshit, Logan,” She snarls! “You know very well what I’m talking about. You can't seem to keep your eyes off my tits."

He doesn't say anything. To tell the truth, he didn't know what to say because Becky has him dead to right. He can't help it. His eyes automatically go straight to her tits without his knowledge or forethought. He is finding it harder to keep the promise made with his Dad; which is not to fuck Becky before Dad has his chance with her.

She gazes at him for a few minutes then asks, "Why is it that you can’t stop gawky at my tits, but you will not squeeze my tits or rub your cock against my butt like you do Mom?”

“Damn it, Becky! Why do you keep insisting I squeeze Mom’s tits and rub my cock against her butt?

"Because I've seen you do it with my own eyes," Becky snaps. "And before you say anything else, I need to tell you that last week I watched from the stairway as you and Mom fucked like two sex-crazed teenagers on the sofa in the family room.

Logan is caught off guard but is not surprised at her comment. He had suspected she knew something by the way she had been acting lately. He thinks for a minute and then timidly asks, "Does Mom know you saw us having sex?”

"Yes. I told Mom a few days after I witnessed the two of you together. At first, I wasn't going to say anything to her, but when I walked into the kitchen the next morning and saw her playing with your cock under the table; I knew I had to confront her."

“What did she say?”

“Let’s just says we had a nice long mother, daughter talk and came to an understanding.”

“What exactly is that understanding?”

“I won’t go into all the details just yet, but I basically agreed not to tell Dad about your shenanigans with Mom. And I should also tell you that Mom is aware of you gawking at my tits and she knows that I want to fuck you too.”

“You told Mom that you wanted to fuck me,” Logan shriek?

“Yes, I did!”

“Oh my, God! What did she say to that?”

"WellMom was really cool about it. She’s aware of your obsession with my tits and said I should just show you my bare tits and let you get it out of your system,” Becky smiles.

“I don’t believe you.”

“I’m not lying,” Becky quickly replies. “Mom suggests I let you see them, touch them, squeeze them, or whatever else you need to do to get it out of your system once and for all."

"And suck them?' He eagerly asks.

"Yes, and even suck them if that's what it takes for you to get past this hurdle."

"Wait a minute. Does Mom know we are in here talking about my fascination with your tits?"

"It was Mom’s idea for us to meet and settle the issue. She sees the way you gawk at my tits. And she is perfectly aware of the way your cock gets hard when I come around."

"Are you telling me Mom really gave you permission to show your tits to me?"

"That's precisely what I am telling you,” Becky beams. “She said we could even fuck if we want.”

“Why would Mom agree to that?”

"It's like I said before; I told her I knew you, and she was fucking each other every chance you got, and I promised not to tell Dad if she didn't object to the two of us having a little fun together

“And she agreed to your terms?”

“That she did.”

“Okay…I guess we should start off slow and I will just examine your naked breast for the time being.”

“That’s all you want to do,” Becky disappointingly exclaims?

Logan shrugs his shoulders and answers, “Well…I guess so for now.”

Logan sits in amazement as Becky locks her bedroom door, and then removes her cotton nightshirt. She has on a pair of sexy navy-blue bikini panties and is sporting a prominent camel toe. Logan thinks he detects a wet spot right in the middle of her camel toe, but can't be sure because of the dark navy-blue color of her panties.

She looks nervous but smiles and asks, "Do you want me standing, sitting in a chair or on the bed?"

“What,” Logan mumbles half dazed?

“You heard what I said, Logan. Now snap out of it and get this fucking show on the road!”

Logan is stunned by her language but excited about the opportunity to play with his Sister’s tits and chooses the bed. Becky sits on the edge of her bed and waits for him to make his initial move. He doesn't know how to get started, and neither does Becky. Licking her dry lips, she looks up at her brother and waits with anticipation. Logan can't help but admire the beauty of her young naked body. Her satiny skin glistens with a light sheen of sweat, her long blond hair is wildly tousled as usual, and her nipples are rigid and appear ready to burst.

Logan slips off his jeans and sits next to his Sister and just stares at her magnificent orbs. Her nipples appear to be very, very hard, and the flesh around her breasts has a crimson glow. His initial hesitations are slowly melting away, replaced by a strong desire to give her what he has always fantasized about. The only thing keeping him from ultimately fulfilling that fantasy is the promise made to his Dad.

"Logan, why did you take your jeans off if you are not going to do anything more than examine my tits?" She is very matter of fact about it.

"I don’t know, Sis. I guess I just wanted to be comfortable. In case you don't know it, my cock gets really hard every time I get around you, and it is very uncomfortable squeezed into the confining space of my jeans," he groans. “Also, if the mood strikes me, I may even let you play with my cock.”

She appears to be satisfied with his explanation and gazes up with doe-like eyes, anxious for him to begin. Her gaze never leaves his eyes as it becomes apparent, she wants this as much if not more than him. She bites her lips and sighs while her blue eyes become glazed, and she begins breathing harder. Her eyes plead as she leans close and whispers what she desires from him next. Up until then, he had no clue as to what she really expected from him.

Logan tries to be gentle at first because he is her big brother, but he senses she wants him to take charge. He cautiously caresses one gravity-defying 36C breast then the other. They feel so firm yet spongy when he squeezes them. Becky looks at him as though she is afraid, he will damage them. She takes a deep breath when Logan begins to roll one nipple between his thumb and index finger. He can feel her heart beating rapidly under her breast.

She lets a low moan escape when he leans forward and takes a nipple into his mouth. Her first instinct is to push his mouth off of her nipple, but he refuses to surrender that nipple and sucks harder. Her breathing picks up, and instead of forcing him off of her breasts, she pulls him closer to her bosom. Logan becomes braver and carefully slips his hand inside her navy-blue panties. She spreads her thighs and welcomes his exploration. After a few minutes of enthusiastically devouring her nipples and fingering her pussy; she starts to hyperventilate and then tremble. A minute later, his Sister stiffens as her orgasm engulfed her whole body.

She squeals and then places a palm on each side of Logan’s face and pulls him to her lips. He can feel her tongue anxiously poking at his lips, trying to gain entry to his mouth. He lets her in, and their tongues dance and twist causing both their heads to spin. He had no idea his sister could kiss like that. It is the most thrilling, most passionate kiss he’d ever experienced. That includes the kiss from Mom. He doesn't know how long that kiss lasted before she breaks away and says, "Oh my God, where did you learn how to do that?"

He assumes she’s talking about sucking her tit until she orgasmed and without thinking, he said, "Mom taught me."

"What the hell do you mean, Mom taught you?"

"I’m sorry, Becky, but I promised Mom I would never reveal any of the details of our sexual endeavors."

"Too late, Logan. You opened this can of worms. Now tell me everything that is going on with you and Mom. I want to hear all about your incestuous affair with our sweet Mom," she demands. "By the way, you do know it's incest when you have sex with a blood relative; don't you?"

“Yes, I know it’s incest when I have sex with Mom.”

“That means you can’t use the incest excuse as the reason we can’t have sex with each other.

Becky's eyes actively scan her brother’s face waiting for his response. He doesn't know how to answer. He just sits there with a dumb expression on his face. Becky is quiet for a considerably long period. Logan can see the wheels turning in her mind. It is apparent she has many more questions rumbling through her head. He is getting turned on just thinking about the information he had learned from his Mom about how to please a woman. His cock is threatening to pop out of his boxers.

Becky finally breaks her silence when she says, "You say Mom taught you how to cause a woman to orgasm with your tongue on her tits?"

"Absolutely! She taught me things about using my tongue on a woman in ways I never dreamed about."

"Did she teach you to use your tongue anyplace else on a woman's body to make her orgasm?"

"As a matter of fact, she did. Why do you ask?"

"WellI hear girls at school talking about" Becky blushes and looks away from him. He can tell she is struggling inside with what she wants to ask him. He lets her stew for a moment and then motions with his hand for her to continue.

"They say that it feels terrific when a guy licks you down there," She blurts and then looks away. Her cheeks are bright red, and her breathing has increased considerably. Even though they had always been able to talk to each other about almost anything, he knows it took a lot for her to say that to him.

"And let me guess," he grins. "You would like to find out firsthand what it actually feels like, but are too embarrassed to ask me to show you."

Becky stares at the floor and shakes her head yes. Logan tries not to act too enthusiastic about her request. He has wanted to taste her pussy almost as much as he’d wanted to play with her tits. He gives her a loving squeeze and asks her to slip her panties off and lay back on the bed. She quickly flops onto her back, raises her hips, and slides her panties off in one smooth, swift motion. Logan crawls between her splayed legs and kisses her inner thigh. He plants a series of gentle little kisses to each thigh as he makes his way up to the promised land. He takes in a deep breath inhaling her feminine aroma while using his thumbs to fold back her labia. After a few puffs of warm breath in that area, her clit pokes its head out of its hood. Just as he moves in to make contact, Becky put her palm on his forehead and says, "Your tongue only, Logan; I’m not quite ready for you to stick your cock in there!"

"I promise, Sis. I would never do that unless I had your permission."

She removes her hand from his forehead and says, "Okay, but promise me it will be just your tongue until I say differently."

Logan assures her he wouldn't violate her trust and begins his approach again. He spread the lips of her vagina and again blows gently on her opening. He had learned that technique from a porn site, and his Mom had loved it when he did it with her. Just like with Mom, Becky's clit pushes out from under its protective hood. He returns to kissing and licking her inner thighs while listening to her moans and gasps. He moves back to her pussy where he runs his tongue over her wet labia. Becky lets out a deep guttural groan, and then he feels her hand on the back of his head; guiding him, just like Mom did, to the places she needed him. He begins licking her hot folds, listening to her moans of pleasure as he continues running his tongue up and down her pussy lips. He parts her folds with his tongue and lets her juices flow.

Logan works his tongue deep into her pussy before moving up and taking her clit into his mouth. As he begins sucking his Sister’s clit, he works a couple of fingers deep into her pussy. He alternates between licking and sucking her clit, and she becomes more and more excited. It isn't long before she is thrusting her pussy hard into his face as the next orgasm washes over her.

Once she comes down from that orgasm, he proceeds to lick on and try things that had pleased Mom. He brings Becky to the edge of her next orgasm and then shoves his finger into her anus just as she explodes with orgasmic bliss. She successfully stifles a scream. He can feel the lust and pure enthusiasm coming from her as he sucks her clit between his lips and gently flicks it with his tongue. Every once in a while, she stiffens and uses her hand to push him deeper into her silky tunnel. After a while, she can take no more and pushes him off of her sensitive vagina.

They hold each other close for a while. It is getting near midnight, and both are nearing exhaustion. Logan’s jaws are aching, and his tongue is on its last lick. He leans over and kisses Becky on her lips and lifts himself to get out of her bed.

She places her hand on his arm and asks, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to my room. We sure don't want to fall asleep and let Mom catch us in bed together."

"Don't go just yet." She hesitates a moment and then says, "I want to make you cum before you leave."

"But I thought you said you were not going to let me fuck you?"

"I'm NOT going to fuck you right now. I just want to suck your cock. You made me cum at least five times tonight, and the least I can do is suck your cock until you cum at least one time."

"Have you ever sucked a cock, Sis?"

"No, not really, but how hard can it be?"

"I don't know, Becky. It takes a certain amount of skill to give a first-rate blowjob," he remarks. “I just can’t visualize my little Sister knowing how to give a blowjob.”

Logan should have kept his mouth shut. The hurt in Becky's eyes threatens to spoil an otherwise remarkable evening. He tries to backtrack and undo the damage he has just caused. She puffs up into a fit of anger and turns away from him. He knows he has probably ruined what could've been a beautiful brother/sister experience.

"I'm sorry, Sis. I would love for you to give me a blowjob. It just surprised me when you offered. A brother has a hard time visualizing his little sister sucking a cock. I still think of you as the little girl whom I taught to ride a bicycle."

Becky rolls back over to face him with a big grin on her face. He knows there is no stopping her now and slips off his boxers, releasing his seven-inch cock. Logan can't tell by her expression if she is impressed with his cock or frightened by its size. He sits on the edge of the bed, and Becky kneels on the floor between his hairy thighs. She stares at his cock for a minute before leaning forward and taking it into her mouth. She begins sucking and bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Within seconds he pushes her off his cock and screams for her to stop. She looks shocked and hurt. He tries to explain without making matters worse.

"Becky, you were biting me," he tries to explain in a loving voice. "I'm sorry, but I shouldn’t have assumed you knew how to suck a cock. I should have cautioned you to cover your teeth and not let them grind against my cock; especially the tender plum shaped head."

She starts to sob. "I'm so sorry, Logan, I wanted to make it feel as good for you; as you made it feel for me. I had always heard girls say they sucked their boyfriend's cock and thought I was supposed to actually suck it as I was just doing."

"It's okay, Becky. Let's start over, and I will talk you through it."

She nods her okay, wraps her soft fingers around his cock, and waits for his instructions.

He begins by saying, "The tip of a man's penis is by far the most sensitive spot on his cock, particularly the underside of the mushroom." He points to the frenulum. "This spot is the female equivalent of the clitoris. So, focusing attention on the tip is going to work well to push any man over the edge in the most intense and pleasurable orgasm possible."

He looks Becky in the eyes to see if she is following his explanation. She smiles and nods for him to proceed. She leans forward and touches her tongue to his mushroom and gives the frenulum a gentle lick.

Logan takes a deep breath and continues. "There are many good techniques you can use to pleasure the tip of a man's penis. Let's start with Kissing and licking the tip of the cock. That is a fabulous way to start off any blow job and draw out the length of the blowjob. It's also perfect if you like seeing and hearing a man squirm in beautiful orgasmic agony. Kissing his penis and balls is easy, just think back to how you would kiss him normally on the lips: Just purse your lips together and give the penis small tender pecks. Then open your lips slightly so that you can gently squeeze the top of the penis between them. And with saliva on your lips, gently run them over the tip of his penis until it is well lubricated with your spit. Now use your wet lips to gently suck on the top of his wet penis while swirling your tongue around the tip. Make damn sure your teeth never come in contact with the penis."

Becky rubs her soft wet lips over the tip of his cock until it is well lubricated with her saliva. He is pleased with how she eagerly follows his instructions with such enthusiasm.

“Learning to suck a cock is something you learn over time. No one expects you to be an expert the first time you try. You only have to remember a few things to start. The rest will come naturally as you practice and explore new things.”

Becky tries his suggestions, and while holding her brother’s penis steady in both hands, she starts making a slow circular motion with her tongue around the plum shaped top of his cock. She alternates direction and speed to add some variety. Logan immediately feels his orgasm begin to stir deep in his balls. He has to stop her for the time being because if he blows his load right then, it will cut the lesson short. He decides to cover some fundamentals to give his pending orgasm a chance to settle down.

"Everyone is familiar with the UP & DOWN technique. It is the most elemental method of all blowjob techniques. Mastering that move first is a smart way to get comfortable giving a blow job before progressing to more advanced techniques and tactics such as deep throating.”

“What is deep throating,” she asks?

“Try to picture my cock sliding in and out of your mouth like I’m fucking your vagina. As you get comfortable with that, you try taking my cock deeper and deeper until it slips into your throat. That's known as deep throating, which is an advanced technique we will cover later. Taking my penis deeper and deeper into your mouth runs the risk of triggering your gag reflex, but try not to worry about that because it's entirely natural, and most guys don't really care if you gag a little because that feels good to their cock also."

Becky lowers her mouth to his cock again and takes it deeper into her mouth until her gag reflex prevents her from going any further. She backs off and looks up at him for approval. He smiles and compliments Becky on her sincere effort. He can see she is pleased with herself.

“Okay…while sucking, you can add some variation by using your tongue to massage the cockhead too. The cockhead is the plum shaped helmet at the tip of the cock. You can add to the pleasure to that area by humming. There isn't anything more to this technique other than just gently sucking, licking, bobbing your head, humming and taking the penis in and out of your mouth."

Becky goes to work implementing that technique, and Logan realizes too late that he shouldn't have suggested the humming. Before he can warn her, his orgasm explodes in her mouth. She pulls off quickly and the second blast hit her in the face below her mouth. The third and fourth blasts hit her chest and drip down over her breast. She jumps up and rushes into the bathroom for a wet face cloth. He notices her lick some of his cum off the back of her hand as she hurries toward the bathroom.

Logan knows that after that explosion he is out of the ballgame until he can recover. He thinks Becky is ready for a break anyway. Her brother decides to cover some more basics. He figures talking about eye contact followed by the hand job technique should allow her time to rest and him time to recover he thinks to myself.

"Becky, I want to take a minute and cover a few rudimentary things that will improve your blowjob ability. Making eye contact with your boyfriend while giving him head can be super intimate and intense and even appear a little bit submissive. Guys get turned on by a sexually submissive woman.”

“So, how do I know when to use eye contact, and when not to use it?”

"That's something that will come with experience. Unbroken eye contact can also be a bit intimidating, so use it sparingly with someone you just met. If you have just started dating a guy and you proceed to give him a ten-minute blow job maintaining unbroken eye contact throughout, then he may feel a little awkward. Remember, most guys prefer a submissive woman. Eye contact is good, just don't force it. Don't make overly intense eye contact. You have to judge how much eye contact to use by his reaction. You can break the sexual ambiance and kill the mood if you are trying awkwardly to maintain eye contact with your guy during the whole blow job. So, if you notice that your boyfriend breaks eye contact with you or gets uncomfortable whenever you try to make eye contact with him during oral sex, then just forget about using that technique."

Becky locks eyes with her brother, wraps her wet lips around his cock and swirls her tongue around the sensitive mushroom. He almost loses his load again when she adds a low humming vibration. She definitely has that technique mastered. He has to push her mouth off his cock and move on to prevent another premature ejaculation.

“Using your hands is a powerful blowjob technique while giving oral sex. In fact, you can deliver way more pleasure and enjoyment by using your hands on the penis and balls during the blow job. Jerking a man off while giving him a blowjob at the same time is a super way to maximize his pleasure. Just take the first inch or two of his cock into your mouth, then wrap one hand around his shaft and use your other hand to massage his balls. While using a simple technique like that you can run your hand up and down his shaft and at the same time, give him a pleasurable blowjob."

Becky caresses Logan’s semi-hard cock in her hot little hands. As soon as she tickles his balls with her fingertips, it springs back harder than before. He knows the break wasn't going to last as long as first anticipated. He can already feel the blood begin to surge back into his cock.

"Speaking of working a man's balls, using your mouth and tongue to stimulate them is an excellent blow job technique that adds even more pleasure to the overall blow job. Whatever you can do to the penis with your mouth, you can do the same to the balls. The big difference is that the balls are super sensitive to pain, so make sure you don't apply too much direct pressure, or worse don’t accidentally use your teeth on them. I can't stress enough how important it is to be aware of your teeth anytime you get near a man's sex organs.”

Becky smiles and nods to show her understanding. She leans forward and takes his mushroom into her warm mouth. She circles it with her tongue while applying gentle suction. She bobs her head a few times and lets his cock slide deeper into her mouth. Each time she bobs her head, she takes his cock a little further into her mouth. It isn't long before Logan’s cock is at the back of her mouth. She gags a few times, but he can feel her throat relax and let him enter. She holds the head of his cock maybe an inch inside her throat. He can feel her throat muscles begin to spasm and massage his mushroom. Logan can feel his orgasm bubbling up, and tries to warn Becky.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," He cries as he attempts to push her off his spurting cock. She pulls her head back just a little and holds the tip of his cock in her mouth as his cum begins to flow. She makes a tight seal with her lips, and her brother can feel the muscles in her throat and jaws move as she sucks and swallows every drop of cum from his spasming cock. He can feel his balls emptying into her suctioning mouth. He thinks he is going to pass out. After a minute, he has to push her off his sensitive gland. She continues to lick and fondle his balls. There is no doubt she has found something she enjoys, and with a little more practice, she will become very skilled at it.

Logan pulls his Sister up into his arms and kisses her on the lips. She repays his kiss with vigor. He can taste the saltiness of his own cum in her mouth and says, "You are a swift learner, baby sister, and with a little practice, no one will suck a cock better than you."

"And I plan to get that practice every night from now on," she smiles. "You can expect this to happen every night, and you are damn well going to return the favor by eating my pussy every night."

Logan rolls out of bed, but Becky stops him again. “Where do you think you are going?”

“I’m going back to my room before Mom finds out we spent the night together.”

“Get your ass back in this bed and fuck my brains out, silly. Mom doesn’t care if we spent the night with each other. In fact, it was her idea. She set this whole thing up.”

“What do you mean, she set this whole thing up?”

“Think back to earlier in the evening, Logan. Did Mom insist we watch TV with her like most nights?”


“Did she come to check on us and ask what we were doing in my room?”


“That’s because she knew how much I wanted you to fuck me, so, she coached me on how to lure you into my bed.”

“No way!”


“I don’t believe you.”

“Remember when you came to call me to dinner the other night and saw me posing naked in front of my mirror?”


“Mom showed me how far to leave my door open to give you the best view, and she coached me on what to do as you as you spied on me from the hallway.”

“She didn’t.”

“Yes, she did; right down to sticking my finger in my pussy and licking the juice off while you watched.”

Logan is dumbfounded and stands there shaking his head.

“She texted me to let me know you were on your way so I could time everything just right.”

“She didn’t.”

“And remember the night we went to dinner at the Pizzeria? Mom made sure you were trapped between the wall and her so I could jack you off with my toes and then lick your cum from my finger.”

Logan sits on the edge of her bed. He has a confused expression on his face and finds the whole thing unbelievably arousing. His cock is so hard it feels like it is going to explode.

“Mom told me she had done the same thing to a boy she knew in college and found it so thrilling, she had to encourage me to do it with you while she watched but pretended not to be aware of what was going on.”

Logan slides his hand up his Sister’s thigh and tickles her pussy with his fingertips. She giggles and says, “And when we got home from the Pizzeria it was Mom’s idea that I dress for bed with no panties on. She told me to sit in the chair across from the sofa and flash my pussy at you a few times. I got so wet doing that, it was all I could do not to finger myself right there in front of both of you.”

Logan leisurely circles his Sister’s clit with his index finger and then inserts it to the second knuckle, looking for her g-spot.

“Mom and I both were sure you would sneak into to my room later that night and fuck my brains out,” she continues. “However, you never showed up, so Mom planned tonight for us to consummate our long overdue sexual unity.”

Logan leans forward kissing first her clit, then her belly button and later on to her luscious tits. After he had given each nipple ample attention, he moves up to provide her with the most passionate kiss ever. Logan tries to recall how many times he'd pictured this moment, dreamed of it, and now, it is actually going to happen. He looks down as she pauses for a second before finding his cock and guiding it into her sopping wet pussy.

He sees her take a deep breath and then wrap her legs around his waist, anchoring her heels behind his thighs and pulling him deep into her waiting wetness. It only takes a few minutes before they climb towards a climax together, their stomachs and pubic hairs slick with sweat, slapping together with each thrust. Logan's rock-hard cock and Becky's soaking wet pussy feel like molten flames. His balls tighten, as the burning starts deep inside his swollen sack. His face turns red and contorts in a grimace as he cries, "Oh my God, Becky! Here it comes! Oh, fuck I'm going to cummmm baby!"

"Oh fuck, Logan! I’m almost there too,” she screams! “Please don’t stop now! Fuck me harder and faster! Please! Please!"

Their minds drift into a fog as simultaneous orgasms wash over the two of them. Logan’s cock spurts an ocean of cum; two, three, four times into his Sister’s womb as she gyrates under him. Becky feels her brother’s hot ejaculation; at the same time, her orgasm consumes her whole body. She stiffens, and with her heels locked tightly under his ass cheeks, she pulls him deep into her pussy. A moment later, Becky knows he's finished when his hard-pulsing cock gently twitches and then begins to soften. She rewards him with a few more squeezes from her vaginal muscles. Becky’s jubilant laughter fades to become happy giggling as each additional squeeze of her pussy gets another involuntary twitch from her brother’s cock until it slides out of her sated pussy.

Lost in lust and consumed by passion; Logan collapses onto his Sister, licks her earlobe and whispers,” Becky, that was the best fuck ever!”

“Even better than Mom?”

“Believe it or not; Yes, even better than Mom!”

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