Surfside chapter ten

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Chapter Ten

The evening ended shortly after. No one had paid much attention to the video tape that Jean had brought by once the action started. It had served it's purpose though and Jean placed it back in it's place on the shelf in her video store. She scanned the other pornographic videos on the shelves and picked up one after the other and examined the pictures on the covers.

Mental images of the previous night came to her. Hard throbbing cocks pounding into Cheryl's mouth and pussy. Sharon fingering Steve's asshole as he came. She even imagined what it must have looked like to the others as she fingered herself with her legs spread wide, exposing her cunt for the group to see. The thoughts of the orgy sent a hot burn through her groin. She had to arrange a party. She had to have it happen again. The lust and the excitement that they all felt couldn't be denied by any of them. She would arrange it when Kevin came to work. Somehow they would work together to arrange another party, but this time they would invite Judy. The bitch would be shown the video of her and Sharon and then the blackmail she had threatened would be reversed.

Kevin arrived at his usual time and met Jean in her office. "Good morning Jean", he said as he entered her office and sat down. Jean was anxious to see him and as she closed the blinds she turned to him, "Did you enjoy yourself last night Kevin?" It was a stupid question and she knew it. It was obvious that he had enjoyed himself. Kevin smiled at her, "That party was a blast Jean. Cheryl told me on the way home that she didn't think she was capable of doing the things that she did, but she enjoyed everything. I think she's found a drug that she can't get enough of. How about you Jean? Do you have any regrets?"

Jean laughed out loud at the question. "I'm wet just thinking about the party last night. I've never been so excited in my entire life. You do remember Judy and her role in this entire affair? Well, just before you arrived this morning, I decided that I'm going to throw a party myself. You and Cheryl, Sharon and Steve and I will be there and I'll invite Judy. I'll show the entire group the video we have of her and Sharon and see how she reacts. If she reacts as I think she will, we can introduce her to our exclusive club. What do you think?"

Kevin loved the idea but was troubled. "What if she tells Steve about you and me to get even for the video?" Jean sat next to Kevin, "I told Steve about you and I on the way home last night after the party. You introduced me to something I'd never experienced before. I shared those experiences with Steve. We were living together like brother and sister. The sex was gone from our marriage and you changed all that. You might even say that Steve is grateful. If Judy tells Steve anything, it won't work. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she's confronted."

Kevin was relieved that the pressure was off and asked when she planned on throwing the party. "Ask Cheryl if she's game and if so, I'll set things up for this coming friday night, if that meets with everyone's plans." Kevin nodded in agreement.

Jean rose and turned toward Kevin and looked down at him. Her hands pulled at the fabric of her skirt and it inched it's way up revealing her shapely, nylon covered legs. Kevin's eyes were riveted on them as more and more was exposed. His cock was starting to harden in his pants and he felt his heart throbbing deep within his chest. Jean's skirt was now hiked up as far as her stocking tops and her garter belt, then her panty covered pussy came into view.

Her mound was full and protruded obscenely. He could see the outline of her large outer cunt lips and the parting of her slit beneath the black silk panties that covered them. He reached out and slowly pulled her panties down. Jean kicked them away and opened her legs slightly. Her cunt was beautiful. It was covered in a heavy growth of black cunt hair. The lips were swollen with excitement and had parted invitingly.

"Come on Kevin! Suck my pussy for me baby." She grasped his head and guided his face to her cunt. His mouth made contact with her pussy and his tongue snaked out and into the hair covered mound in front of him. He found her clitoris and licked at it, covering it with wetness. His tongue then dipped deeper and found her tunnel. It was already wet with her juices as he plunged his tongue deeply into her hole. Her perfume was exquisite and in his excitement he grasped her buttocks and kneaded them as he pushed his face deeper and deeper between her legs.

Jean unbuttoned her blouse to the waist and exposed her breasts to the cool air of the office. Her nipples were hard and she pinched them and moaned in pleasure as she gyrated her hips in an effort to rub her pussy into Kevins sucking mouth. Kevin paused for a moment and stripped. "Bend over the desk Jean and show me your beautiful ass."

Jean pulled her skirt all the way up, exposing her heart shaped buttocks and leaned over her desk with her ass raised for Kevin's enjoyment. She parted her legs and Kevin could see her hairy cunt lips, parted and waiting and nestled deeply between her buttocks. Kevin knelt down behind her and spread her cheeks. His tongue lashed at her cunt lips. He slipped a finger deeply into her pussy and placed his tongue over her asshole.

Jean jumped at the intrusion. It shocked her but felt delicious as he licked her, his finger fucking furiously into her pussy. She reached her hands back and grasped the cheeks of her ass and spread them widely for him. It was as if she were giving him permission to invade her back there. She had never done this before and again Kevin had opened her lust to new adventures. She moaned loudly and swayed back and forth and Kevin continued to lick her and plunge his finger in and out of her.

His cock was rock hard by this time and he rose and placed the head of it against her asshole. He rubbed it up and down, titillating her ass while she writhed beneath him waiting for the inevitable. "Shall I go ahead Jean? Do you want me to do it?" Jean's desire needed nothing more at the moment and she cried out "Yes! Fuck me in the ass Kevin. Shove your cock up my ass baby. Do it now, I want it."

Kevin slowly shoved his cock into her ass. Her ass contracted around the head of his cock as it slowly slid up inside her. She moaned and relaxed as more of his magnificent cock inched it's way into her. She felt tinges of pain at this new invasion but the pleasure was exquisite. Finally, he had her impaled on his cock. She was impaled all the way to his balls. Her body was convulsing in pleasure that she had never felt before. Her fingers found their way to her dripping cunt and she inserted two fingers and started finger fucking herself.

Kevin could feel her fingers on his cock as they moved around inside her cunt. He pulled his cock slowly from her ass and then again slowly pushed it back into her ass. Each time he withdrew it from her he pushed back into her a little faster. Her ass had completely relaxed now and he fucked in and out of her furiously. Her body was shaking, she was moaning and yelling obscenities at him in her pleasure.

Kevin could feel his cum starting to swell up inside him. He leaned over her back and whispered "Do you like it baby? Are you cumming for me?" Jean cried out "Yes Kevin I'm cumming again. Fuck me Kevin. Cream inside my asshole baby. I want to feel your cock pump it's cream inside my asshole." The words spurred Kevin on and he pumped his cock back and forth into her now wet asshole. His balls started boiling and he felt the first squirt of his cream rise and splash inside her. Her asshole grasped his cock and contracted onto it. His balls continued to explode as jet after jet of his thick cream errupted from his balls, filling her ass with his juices.

He removed his cock from her and fell into a chair. He was exhausted, drained and fully satisfied. She was quivering all over. Her body still experiencing pleasure as her asshole and cunt continued to contract in a long orgasm. She dropped to her knees. Her head lay on the desk and she gasped for air as the excitement dwindled and then faded away. She rose to her feet, pulled down her skirt, turned to Kevin and said "Kevin, you're unbelievable. You're a sex machine for me baby." She left to clean herself up while Kevin got dressed.

Kevin called Cheryl at work and told her about Jean's invitation. Cheryl was thrilled and agreed that they should go. Judy came in the store for work at her usual time. She looked pretty good to Kevin since he'd seen her in the video with her face pushed up between Sharon's legs licking her pussy. She'd had a really nice pair of tits on her also, but it was that hairless pussy that had Kevin's rapt attention. Clean shaven, completely hairless and spread wide open for Sharon's tongue to lick and finger fuck. Kevin wondered what she tasted like. What it would be like to rub his mouth and tongue around between her spread legs and suck her swollen clitoris while she writhed around beneath him. He wanted to fuck her too. He wanted to hear her screaming obscenities while his cock rammed into her pussy. He wanted to look into her eyes while his dick creamed in her cunt, filling it. He wanted to hear her beg him not to stop fucking her, while she came and her juices mixed with his flowed down her inner thighs down to the crack of her sweet little ass.

Kevin snapped back to reality and realized that his cock had hardened again in his pants. His eyes met Judy's. She looked down at his crotch and saw the bulge protruding obscenely. She smiled as she walked past him, pursed her lips and made a kissing sound. Kevin smiled inwardly. He knew she was begging for it and he was going to give it to her. He and a few other people as well.

The rest of the day went pretty fast for Kevin. He got home and showered. Cheryl arrived shortly after. He was wearing a white pair of shorts and a gym shirt. When she saw him she smiled and said "Hi! Is everything all set for this friday night? Are all the others going to be able to make it there? Kevin said "I'm not sure yet. So far it's you and me, Steve and Jean and probably Sharon. I don't know if Jean has asked Judy yet".

Cheryl sat next to Kevin. She could smell the clean soapy smell a man has when he's just had a shower. She placed her hand in his lap and gave his cock a light squeeze. It immediately hardened under her touch. "Do you want me to do you Kevin?", she asked. He groaned and nodded his head in response.

Cheryl pulled at his shorts and they gave way and wound up on the floor around his ankles. He wasn't wearing underwear and Cheryl saw his penis sticking obscenely, straight up. She wrapped her hand around its base and gave it a few strokes. Her head lowered into his lap and she licked the head of his cock while stroking the shaft. Kevin moaned and held her head still while he lunged his cock into her open mouth. She pursed her lips and sucked his magnificent cock. Her tongue teased the head as he plunged it in and out of her wet mouth. He paused for a moment and said "Get undressed Cheryl. I want you to fuck me here on the couch."

Cheryl stood and stripped quickly. Soon, she was lowering her beautiful cunt down onto his dick. She had straddled his legs and once she had engulfed his entire cock with her wet cunt, she pushed her breasts into his face. Her nipples were erect and needed sucking. He opened his mouth and sucked in as much or tit as he could. He bit down gently on her nipple causing her to moan with desire and pleasure. His tongue flicked at it and teased it in his mouth.

Cheryl was now humping up and down on his cock. He simply sat there while she fucked him. The pleasure he was feeling was incredible. His cock was bottoming out inside of her cunt. Each time she pushed her cunt down onto his cock, she completely enveloped it with her sucking pussy. She was impaled on the entire shaft and it felt delicious. Her lust began to rise even higher now. Each time his cock rammed into the back of her cunt she let out moans and sighs of pleasure.

"Kevin I love your cock baby. It's so big and hard in my pussy. I want it to fill my cunt with your cream. Fuck me hard. Fuck me. Fuck my hairy pussy. Suck my tits and fuck me." Kevin began pumping his cock into her. He held her hips in a strong grip and humped up into her cunt, plunging deeply into her wet, hot pussy. Pumping and pumping faster and faster. His cock stroked into her hard then pulled out slowly while her cunt lips gripped his cock, milking it for his cream.

His cock exploded inside her and she felt it. She screamed "Yes! Kevin squirt it all inside me. Fill my pussy baby." Kevin continued to errupt in liquid jets of cream. The cream splashed inside her and ran out of her sucking, dripping cunt. The pleasure was indescribable. She felt like screaming one moment and crying tears of pleasure the next. Her vaginal walls were now contracting around his cock in an orgasm. Her womb was sucking the cream from him and the contractions were sending her to paradise. She flailed around as he continued to jab into her cunt, his mouth was still locked on her nipple and he bit down at his moment of release. This sent shocking waves of pain and pleasure through her entire body and she screamed in both torment and ecstasy.

Her climax reached it's peak and then subsided. She wrapped her arms around his head and hugged him to her breasts while she ground her pussy down hard into his lap. Both of them had enjoyed each other and it was good. The surf continued it's relentless lashing of the shore and sandy beaches at Surfside. The evening air started to cool down and cool winds started blowing through the windows at Cheryl's house. They lay in each others arms and let the cool air gently lull them both to sleep. They slept fully satiated.

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