The Beginning of the End_(2)

Last night I was laying in my bed thinking about my best friend. She was also my cousin.
I fell asleep thinking about her. Sometime in the morning I heard a lot of commotion. Car doors shutting, my front door opening and closing, and I heard people laughing. I just shrugged it off and went back to sleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep before I felt someone crawl into bed with me. Again I just shrugged it off. I went back to sleep, about 10 am I woke up and decided it was time to get up. When I sat up I felt a hand brush up against me. I jumped up and threw the covers back, and there she was, the angel I call my best friend. It was my cousin shawnia or shay as we call her, sleeping in my bed!

I went and took a shower to wake myself up to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. When I returned to my room she was gone. I thought to myself, yeah Dustin you were definitely dreaming dude, loosen up and just play some video games and relax. So I booted up my PS2 and put in guitar hero 2 and sat down and started playing. I must have been playing for about and hour when I felt an arm encircle my neck and a head on my shoulder. By instinct I knew it was shay, I paused my game stood up turned around and picked her up in my arms and kissed her on the lips.

A little background about us then back to the story. Shay stands at a height of five foot four, about 95lbs, C cup tits, and an ass that will not quit. She has brown hair with blonde streaks in it, blue eyes and a smile to die for.
Me I’m six foot two and a half, two hundred and ten pounds of all muscle. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a nice smile.

Back to the story. Shay and I have been messing around since she was about nine and I was twelve. As we got older our relationship grew stronger. Now she’s 15 going on 16 and I’m 18 going on 19. When I was 13 my mom decided to move us over near Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania. Shay was heartbroken and so was I, but we moved on with our lives. With me living over 300 miles away there was very little opportunity for us to see each other.

When I was 16 my mom received a call that my grandmother was in the hospital and in bad shape. She wanted to see all her kids and grandkids. So mom and I started packing the car, my mom called my older sister Destiny and told her that gram was in the hospital and wanted to see us. Mom and I took turns driving out there. When we arrived we were staying with my older brother Mike.

We settled in that night and the next morning we left for the hospital to go see my grandmother. We stayed and visited for a few days then we left for home again. In June we received a call that my grandmother needed to see us again so we went out to visit. Gram asked that all of her kids would stick together no matter what. That was a problem, my mom had 2 brothers who were very abusive to her. When it came down to her last will and testament all my mom asked for was grandma’s jewelry. Everyone else wanted money and her property.

That was the last time I ever saw my grandma, she died July 7th 2009. I still miss her today. We never went to the funeral or anything. We just couldn’t afford it, and our car wasn’t running right. That was also the last time I ever saw my cousin shay.

After I kissed her I set her down and just hugged her. It had been so long since I had just held her in my arms. It had been 2 years since I last saw her and now looking at this angel I realize she is the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“Hey aunt Chris said its time to eat.” My mom is aunt Chris. Her name is actually Crystal. “okay babe go ahead I’ll be out in few minutes I want to finish this song.” As she left the room I was thinking how nice it is to have her here. But the question that coming into my head was what are they doing here? Not that I mind, but they just showed up. And last night I was laying in my bed thinking about her and now she’s here all of the sudden.

I finished playing my song and saved it then I shut it off. I went out to the kitchen got a cup a coffee and sat down and just as I started to eat my sister and her boyfriend walk through the kitchen door. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, I was furious, I knew why she was her and what she wanted. “Hey Dusty can josh and I use your truck for a couple days?” No, the last time you used my truck it ended up in the shop costing me over five grand worth of parts, and even more for labor, besides that I need my truck for the next two weeks.” Dustin that’s not fair dude, yes it’s your truck but what’s one day going to hurt?” I’ll tell you what if you need a truck that bad take my old dodge its parked out back, here are the keys, but my only rule is fill it with gas and if there’s anything wrong with it when I get it back its coming out of your pocket.

After breakfast I went out to the garage and started up my K5 blazer. Shay came out and asked if she could come along but I told her no because I was going to work. I gave her a kiss and left. When I got home I saw a tow truck pulling up with what looked like my dodge. I felt anger and rage filling into my body. Then I saw my mom coming out of the house with a look of shock and anger on also. I parked my truck and went back outside when a state trooper pulled up and asked if I was Dustin. I said yes and asked what happened to my truck. “Well son this is how we found it out on old route 30 near the old steel mill. Someone said they saw a man and a woman hitch hiking on old route 30 and gave them a lift. They went back to where they picked them up and went oh I’d say maybe a mile or two down the road and saw this here truck lying upside down in a ditch. They called us and we went and picked it up. Now do you know the man or the women that had your vehicle?” The man was my sisters boyfriend josh and women is my sister destiny.” Okay son then would you mind signing this and where would you like your truck?” Out back behind the house.”

I said goodbye to the officer and went into the house up to my room. Shay was playing on her laptop and I just laid down on the bed and cried. I had put over a hundred grand in that truck and now it was totaled and my sister was nowhere to be found. My mom woke me about an hour later and told me she was off to work and my aunt just arrived home to Georgia.

I found out that shay was spending the summer with us. She asked if we would be ok and I said yes. After that she got in her car and left. I took off all my clothes and walked back to my room just to find my angel naked and sitting on the bed with her ass air in the ready to be fucked. I climbed up behind her and started to eat her out, I wanted her to have one orgasm before I started.

“ Oh shit baby don’t stop doing that! I’m so close, oh, oh, oh, yes! Fuck, oh god you know all my spots.” After she came I slowly slid my cock into her, god she was always so fucking tight and I loved it! “Oh shit baby I forgot how good your pussy feels on my cock! I can feel your pussy clamping down on me.”

It has been two years since we….. “Oh fuck I’m cumming again! Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh god!” Shit I haven’t cum like that since we last fucked.” Baby I’m getting close do you want me to pull out?” No! I’m on birth control cum in me, shoot your cum deep inside my juicy flaming hot wet pussy!”

That was all it took, I shot eight ropes of my hot cum deep inside her pussy. I asked her to join me for a shower then lunch and she agreed. The shower was filled with hot kissing, and a lot of passion. After we got out and dried off we got dressed and headed down to the kitchen. I made my famous steak, she made mashed potato’s and green beans.

As we set down to eat I heard someone out in the garage and then my truck starting up. I jumped up and ran out to the garage and what do I see my sister and her boyfriend tear through the garage door as they take off. I told shay to throw me the last set of keys hanging up. As I ran out back I opened the shed door and there she was, my 1979 Z28 custom Built Camaro. I told shay to come on and grab my cell phone. She got into the car and I tore off down our paved road to get onto 222, I told her to call officer Pendetti and tell him my blazer was stolen and I need to know which way it was heading. ( it has a gps locator in it)

“He said to make a right then a quick left off the ramp onto old route 30.” So she’s heading back to where my other truck was totaled?” He said yes and wants to know if you want support?” I need a chopper, and as many officer as he can spare” Dustin, I’m on my way and I’m going to guess that your driving your Camaro right?” Yeah I’m not too far behind them unless they hit they trail up ahead I’ll be ok” Shit! Just as I thought they took the trail is that you behind me in the dually?” Yeah!” Ok stop I need that truck”

He and I switched vehicles and I hauled ass up the trail. When I got to the top and started down I saw them get out of the truck and go into a cabin. When I stopped and got out I looked on the seat and there was a gun, a nine millimeter berretta. I ran over to the cabin and looked in, my sister, her boyfriend and two others were sitting there counting a stack of cash. I heard one of them ask if they had got the vehicle and my sister said she stole my truck. When the two guys turned their heads I knew who they were, Jimmy one of my old friends, and Jason his cousin. “Fuck are you guy crazy! He’s going to come after us, which truck did you take?” We took the Blazer, the keys were in it.” He won’t find us that was his only other vehicle, we destroyed dodge.” That’s where your wrong, see me being his old best friend, he showed me another car, one only your mom knows about. He has a 1979 custom built Z28 Camaro. It does close to two hundred.”

They all just started counting the money again, my sister said she put two million in one bag so far, so she told jimmy to take it out and put it in the truck. He brought the money out and put it in the truck when he turned around I knocked him out, tied him up and put him in the back of the dually. Then josh and Jason walked out holding guns, they separated and started looking for him, I knocked josh out and tied him up and put him with jimmy, then I knocked Jason out and did the same.

When I went into the cabin heard the shower running and I could hear my sister singing in there which normally meant she was taking a shower. When the water shut off I just stood out there and waited. The door opened and she stepped out and yelled that she was ready. “Game over Destiny, you totaled my dodge, and then you steal my blazer, and what jimmy said about the Camaro was true, now turn around and put your hands behind your back.” Wait cant we fuck first maybe I want to see what you cock feels like.” Ok pull your pants down and get on your hands and knee’s”

She got down on her hands and knees with her legs spread ready to take my cock. I pulled my 8 incher out and shoved it into her pussy, she moaned, I moaned, she was tight and super wet. “Fuck Destiny your tight, my going to have to fuck you more often, fuck I’m cumming!” No! Not in me I’ll get pregnant” To late I’m done, now get up and pull yourself together, lets go were leaving” Where are the guys?” Tied up in the back of that truck right there.” Where’s your truck?” It’s all ready been taken, get in and buckle up this is gonna be fun.”

I started the diesel truck up and turned around, I started driving back out to the road when my sister asked if I was going to have her arrested too. I told her no but she had to move in with me and that we were going to fuck until she had my child. She agreed, we got back out to the road, I gave Jake back his truck and the guys were put into police cruisers. My sister asked my where the blazer was, I told her it was at the house already.

So I told her she was riding in the back seat of my Camaro, she asked why not up front, “because shay is up front, she’s my angel so she rides up front.” We went to my sisters house, packed her shit and threw it in the trunk, went back to my house and went inside.

A week later she said she was pregnant with my child. I took the three of us out to dinner, then a movie then home.

End Chapter One…

If you want more let me know and I’ll write more.

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