DNA Chapter 4

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Anne worked way into the afternoon, finally she leaned back and stretched her stiff back. On the screen lay the plans for a simple addition to the DNA viruses running around, that should make the transmission much more difficult, but not impossible. She had to stop the problem now before it spread.

Jim wandered into the kitchen, "Finished?" he asked.

"Yep, this should stop you, Julie and Paul, passing this on to anyone, if you have any more 'accidents'. How are Julie and Paul?"

"Julie is handling it quite well, but Paul, I don't know. He is very withdrawn. Perhaps you should talk to him."

"Tonight, today I have to prepare and test this." She gestured at the screen. "Julie needs to get some more clothes, You live near the institute, don't you."

"Yeah, you drop me and Julie off there and you and Paul go on to the lab." Jim said.

"I don't think we should take Paul, he needs to rest."

"We can't leave him here by himself. He needs to be with you to work things out."

Anne nodded, she would have to treat him carefully till she could undo the damage. "Alright, you get Julie and I'll get Paul."

Paul was in the dining room, staring out the window. He turned when Anne entered, "I don't know who I am anymore." He said close to tears.

Anne put an arm around him, "It's alright Paul. I'm here, I will sort this out I promise."

He looked up at her and nodded, "Okay." He said, managing a weak smile.

Jim and Julie had already piled into the back seat and were laughing at some joke one of them had cracked. They look like lovers, she thought. Paul climbed into the passenger seat grimacing as he moved the seat belt strap between his large breasts. All four were quiet until they had reached Jim's apartment. Jim and Julie got out and watched the car pull away.

"Paul is really starting to flip out, I thought he'd be more used to this by now." Jim commented worriedly.

"Well, he is a typical, macho, old-style male. He probably thinks becoming a woman, even half of one, has made him some sort of second class citizen."

Jim sighed, feeling again the still strange weight of his heavy breasts. "Well come on then."

He went up the first flight of stairs and unlocked the door to his apartment. He looked sadly around the obviously male occupied rooms, they seemed to be part of his life long gone. Being in so familiar surroundings reminded him how much he had changed. He felt so aware of his new body, his breasts shifted in their silken confines with every slight movement he made. His jeans fitted snugly around his wide womanly hips. He felt so out of place, this was no longer his apartment.It more properly belonged to Julie now.

He shook off the feeling and dug out some clothes for her, while she looked around the apartment. "Are you sure you live here? We haven't gone to the local landfill site by mistake."

"What do you expect, the Ritz? A single man lives here, you should expect a little clutter." He said, slightly annoyed.

"A little clutter? Looks like a bomb has hit it."

"I'm so sorry, it's the maid's day off." He grinned at her and she couldn't help returning it. She looked at Jim and felt herself growing aroused again. A small part of her worried he might notice, then she notice his eyes glance down and his grin widened.

With that all semblance of control went and Julie took Jim on her powerful arms and pressed her lips against his. Jim melted in her strong embrace, this was so different than with Paul, there was none of the fear he had felt when he had been with him. Julie's tongue pushed opened his lips and Jim felt himself become very turned on. His large sensitive breasts were crushed against Julie's wide torso, he was really wet between his legs and he knew that he must have Julie's cock in his strange new feminine place.

"Jim! You BASTARD!" A voice screamed from the door, the lovers broke off and stared at the source of the voice. At the door stood a petite Asian girl, who was very, very angry.

Jim gasped in horror, it was his girlfriend Catherine! She was directing her rage at Julie, who didn't have a clue what to say.

Catherine advanced on Julie. "You disappear for days without a word! And then I catch you with some cheap whore!" Jim felt slightly annoyed about the insult, but he could imagine how this looked to her. Julie was just searching for something to say when Catherine delivered a vicious slap, turned and stalked out of the flat.

Jim and Julie stared at each other open mouthed. Then Jim collapsed on the bed, "Well that just about wraps up a perfect weekend!" He realised he didn't feel as upset as he should, he wanted Julie more than he had ever wanted Catherine.

Julie felt his sore cheek, "So Paul wasn't the only one cheating on his girlfriend." She said.

Jim realised the absurdity of the situation and he collapsed in a fit of giggles. "Come on, Anne will be wondering where we are." He finally said. He handed the small case of clothes to Julie and they headed back for the short walk to the institute. Julie put her arm around Jim as they headed back to the institute, he found it very comforting. I'm falling for her like some lovesick schoolgirl, he thought. Do I want to do this, if we carry on like this I'll end up in bed with her. No, this is different than with Paul. She'd make life bareable if we stay stuck this way, more than bareable. She smiled up at Julie, who looked down warmly at him.


Anne held the batch of test samples in her hand, it seemed to work. The viruses effectiveness was reduced significantly, it didn't help her in her fight to turn the three back into their old selves, but at least it would mean no one else would suffer from the problem.

Paul sat on the far side of the lab, she had tried to interest him on what she was doing, but nothing she could say or do would bring any response from him. Finally she had left him to it as she worked.

He sat and watched her as she worked, he couldn't shake the sneaking suspicion that this wasn't some big trick he had pulled on her. That she could turn him back at any moment, but she was doing this to punish him for his infidelity. He remembered the way the guard had leered at him, as they had entered the building and cringed. He couldn't stand to stay in this weak body a moment longer.

He racked his memory, who could he turn to? Then he remembered, a few years before he had represented a biology researcher, who had been accused of stealing someone else's results. What was his name, ah yes. Dr Michael Kingston. Paul had got him off on a point of law, he knew he had done it, but he had been hired to clear his client. Anne had told him of his reputation in the research fraternity, it was obvious she didn't like him at all. If anyone could turn him back, it was Kingston.

Anne was still engrossed with her samples, he edged over to her purse, inside was about enough money to get a taxi to his house. From there he'd have access to enough to money to get to Dr Kingston. He took the money and was disconcerted when he realised he had no pockets, forcing him to wear a skirt was obviously another one of Anne's jokes.

He stuck the bills in his bra and went over to Anne, "Anne, where are the bathrooms in this place."

"Out the door, turn right and you can't miss it." She said without lifting her eyes from the microscope. He was out the door as quickly as he could and he glanced down the corridor, there were a few people around, but Paul got no special attention except from the lustful glances he got from many of the men. His skin crawled when their eyes moved over his ample curves, and he desperately avoided eye contact. Soon he was by a fire escape and after checking no one was around he slipped outside.

In the street he felt even more vulnerable, especially in the tight sexy skirt. It felt so confining, but left him feeling exposed and vulnerable at the same time. One problem he didn't have was flagging down a taxi, the driver was drooling over his steering wheel as he admired Paul's tits. He refused any attempt by the driver to start a conversation on the way to his house. He seemed to think suggesting Paul was a model was the height of compliments. After what seemed forever to Paul, they arrived and he pulled the bills out of his bra to pay him. The driver's eyes bulged to an extent Paul didn't believe was possible as he did so.

He ran to the door, feeling the taxi driver's eyes on his ass all the way there. He slammed the door behind him, and leaned against it, his breasts heaving with the fear he felt. He looked down at them straining in the bra. I'll be rid of you soon, he thought.

It was about half an hour later when Jim and Julie arrived in the lab. "We had to say Jim was Paul's twin sister when we came in. Where is Paul anyway."

Anne looked up with a frown on her face, "He said he was going to the bathroom. But that was some time ago, where has he gone?"

Jim cursed and ran down the corridor to the toilets. He ran into the ladies, feeling like an invader as he did do. There was no one there. He ran across into the men's toilets startling a man who was using an urinal. Apart from him the room was empty, he asked the man "Have you seen my sister? She looks exactly like me, but she is wearing a skirt."

The man managed to get his penis back in his pants and zip them up. "Uhhh I thought I saw someone like you get in a taxi as I got here. I'm not sure, it could have been her. She was wearing a tight, black, skirt."

"Shit, thanks George!" Jim said and ran out the door.

How did she know my name, thought George.

Jim burst back into the lab. "George saw Paul get into a taxi, he must have panicked."

"Damn!" said Anne. She grabbed the samples she had been working on and ran for the car, with Jim and Julie in close pursuit.

She sped through the city, breaking the speed limit most of the way. By some miracle they were not stopped and soon they were back at Paul's house. Anne fumbled with the keys and opened the door, "Paul!"

There was no answer, they spread out and searched the house. Anne went upstairs and ran into the bedroom. Several pairs of pants were thrown on the bed and on the floor was a black, leather skirt. She picked it up, it's still warm, she thought. We just missed him. She looked out of the bedroom window and looked at the panoramic view of the city it provided.

He could be anywhere out there.


Anne raised the door of the garage and looked at the empty space inside. "He's taken the car."

"But where the hell is he going to go?" Julie asked in a deep voice that still surprised even her.

"I haven't a clue, I doubt Paul has either. He's probably just running in a blind panic." She sighed, the last few days were the worst she had ever lived through. "I know it's not much of a hope, but we better look through the city for his car."

As Anne had suspected the search was fruitless and it was near dusk by the time they got back to Anne's house. As Jim was passing the phone it started ringing and on reflex he answered it. "Hello?"

"Oh, there you are Julie. I've been trying to reach you all day." It was a woman's voice, he had a sneaking suspicion who it was, but he wasn't sure.

"Well, here I am."

"Your father and I are wondering when you're coming home. You said you'd only be over Anne's for a day." It was Julie's mother.

Jim thought fast, "Well I've got someone for you to meet, I'll bring him over tomorrow."

"Oh? Anyone I know?" said Julie's mom, obviously very curious.

"Aunt Anne's assistant at the institute, he's very cute." Now where had that last comment come from?

"I remember Anne telling me about him, bit of a hunk apparently."

Anne had said that? He blushed deep red, "Well you'll find out tomorrow. I'll see you about five o'clock, okay."

"Fine, goodbye dear"

"Bye, mom." He hung up and breathed a sigh of relief, Julie's mom hadn't noticed that it wasn't her daughter she was speaking to.

"Mom?" said an amused deep voice in the doorway.

Jim looked at Julie and threw her a brief smile, "Yep, I'm taking you to meet your parents tomorrow."

Julie looked confused, "Pardon?"

"Well, I can't move back to your house. Your parents would soon realise I wasn't their daughter. But you're old enough to move out into your boyfriend's apartment."

Julie worked it out in her head, "So you're going to introduce me to MY parents as your boyfriend and then move in with me at your old apartment."

"Well unless you have any objections?" said Jim.

Julie moved her broad hands over Jim's wide hips and grabbed his soft ass. Jim found himself getting very turned on again, "I want you so badly, Julie."

"Having fun, are we?" Anne said.

Both Julie and Jim jumped apart and looked a bit guilty. Anne decided to ignore what had been going on and held up to vials. "These should stop you passing on the DNA viruses in your bodies to anyone else. It won't make it any more difficult to remove the virus when I can work out a safe way of doing it." She handed one each to Jim and Julie. Julie drank hers in one swallow, Jim looked at it before he did the same. He was beginning to feel he would be trapped in femininity for the rest of his life and was surprised to find it didn't depress him as much as he thought it would.


Jim was driving his car in the evening twilight, in the distance a figure appeared with their thumb stuck out in the universal sign of the hitchhiker. As he got closer he saw that it was a buxom young woman, he felt himself get an erection and thought, well maybe if I play my cards right. He pulled over right over and she got in, they said nothing as he drove off. After a while, she turned to him and said, "Pull over here, I must have you."

He did so and then he reached over to her and their eyes locked, a moment of dizziness struck Jim and he was suddenly in the passenger seat wearing a dress. He looked over at the driving seat and saw his old body, somehow he knew the girl was in there. His old body reached over and caressed his breast, causing Jim to moan. He felt a fire build within him and Jim knew he, no she must have the man's prick buried within her.

Her old body moved over to Jim and she gladly welcomed him, ready and willing.

Jim suddenly sat bolt upright in the bed, fully awake in an instant, he felt a strong need deep within him. The hitchhiking dream again, he thought, but it never went this way before. He lay back in Anne's double bed and examined his feelings. Much, if not all dislike of his new body was gone. His male state, a part of him for a quarter of a century was now a fading memory.

He lay there in the quiet of the night, the house seemed empty. In fact Anne was asleep downstairs on a bed made out of seat cushions. Then he remembered Julie was in the next room.

Jim felt another stab of desire run through his body, after their shaky start, something had clicked between them and Jim realised he loved her and was pretty sure Julie felt the same for him.

He slipped out of the bed and stood in front of the mirror. He pulled off his night-dress and admired himself in the mirror, he was beautiful, his breasts large, but firm. His skin silky soft, his body curving in all the right places. As he looked at himself he realised that if Anne did come up with a cure he might not want to take it.

He walked, nude, to the door and looked across the landing at the spare bedroom door. In there lay a good specimen of masculinity and Jim knew that all he wanted was to be possessed and entered by it. He walked softly over to the door and put his hand on the handle. He asked himself if this was what he really wanted or was it just his bodily desires. No, he really wanted to do this, more than anything on Earth.

He opened the door and slipped silently into the dark room.

In the darkness Jim could see a bulky shape in the bed, he walked over to it his heart beating furiously. He was surprised it didn't wake Julie it sounded so loud. He looked down at the sleeping form drinking in her body, then slowly so as not to disturb Julie, he slipped into the bed next to her.

He was now facing Julie's broad back and he carefully slipped a hand round her muscular body to her cock. Even asleep she was half erect, I wonder if she is dreaming about me, thought Jim. Slowly he started to rub her foreskin back and forth, just as he used to build up to masturbation when he was a man a million years before, it seemed now.

Julie stirred as Jim brought her fully erect. Jim became fully aroused himself as he stroked Julie's rigid, hot cock.

Without warning Julie suddenly twisted around in the bed to face Jim. "You little minx," she whispered. "Couldn't wait any longer, could you?"

Jim grinned, but before he could reply Julie kissed him hard and wrapped her strong arms around him. He felt himself melting in her firm embrace. He surrended totally to Julie, this was far different to his experience with Paul. There was no fear in being with Julie, he trusted her fully.

He luxuriated in every sensation, he gasped as his breasts were crushed against Julie's strong muscular chest. One of Julie's strong hands slid down between Jim's thighs and slipped a finger inside him.

She smiled when she found him wet and ready, slowly she started to run her finger in and out of his slippery vagina. Jim tensed and gasped as she did so, the still alien feeling quickly caused him to loose all control. Julie added two more fingers and started to rub his clitoris, he started to buck his hips against her hand moaning in a high feminine voice that filled her with a desire to flip Jim onto his back and roughly fuck him.

While Jim was totally under the control of his new body, Julie managed to pull back enough to reach down to the side of the bed where a packet of condoms lay. Being a practical woman she had always carried some around with her, but she had never thought she would one day wear one. She tried to open it one handed, but she quickly gave up and concentrated on bringing Jim to his first climax of the evening.

Jim's moans had escalated to loud yelps of pleasure, his vagina gripped Julie's hand and screamed as he came. Julie slowed the pace of her hand and kissed his sweat covered forehead. Jim still could not believe the sensitivity of his new soft body.

"That was wonderful, Julie." He focused his eyes on Julie's other hand. "What's that?"

"Well, we don't want anymore accidents do we?" He waved the condom in his face and started to open it.

"Let me," said Jim. "I have more experience and you don't want to tear it." He took the condom from her and deftly opened it. He squirmed down the bed until his face was level with Julie's rigid cock. He planted a kiss on its bulbous head, which brought a bass moan from Julie, before rolling the condom down the hard length. He made sure that no air was trapped in the tip, he didn't want it to burst and the last thing he needed was to double the chances of getting pregnant.

Julie reached down and put both hands under his armpits and effortlessly pulled him up on top of her. He leaned down and kissed her passionately feeling her tongue press strongly between his teeth and he submitted to her strong embrace. He felt Julie's arms drift down his back and lift his pelvis above hers, he quickly got the idea and reached down to grab her large cock. He positioned it at the entrance to his vagina and she slowly, teasingly lowered Jim onto her almost painfully hard penis.

Jim luxuriated in the fantastic sensation of having a cock filling him up. Julie's eager hands gripped his large breasts, trapping his erect nipples between her fingers. He started to slowly move his hot cunt up and down her penis, able to enjoy the sensations for the first time. He was more than happy to take his time, but Julie was getting more and more worked up. At last she understood what it was like for men, there was an aching pressure in her balls that just demanded to be relieved. She gripped Jim's breasts even tighter and yelled "Faster, Jim! Faster!"

Jim just smiled he knew exactly what it was like to be on the other end, he wondered when Julie would take matters into her own hands.

He didn't have long to wait, Julie put one arm around his slim waist and struggled into a sitting position. Jim locked his legs around his muscular waist and Julie twisted him onto his back and started thrusting strongly into him. Jim could imagine no other place he wanted to be, no other person he wanted to be. In a moment of clarity he realised that even if Anne came up with a cure he'd want to stay in this body the rest of his life. His second climax started building and building until it finally crashed over him, flooding his whole body. He screamed as the passion shot through every part of his body again and again. He wrapped his arms and legs around Julie, pulling her as deep as possible into him.

He gripped her cock with his vagina as hard as he could and Julie finally found release. She strained as she shot her copious load into the condom. Once again all the exquisite sensations seemed to be centred on her cock, which felt a mile long. She collapsed on Jim, feeling quite light headed. Probably all the blood rushed to my cock, she thought. She noticed she had called it her cock, for perhaps the first time it felt a natural part of her.

"Get off me, you're crushing me!" squealed a voice under her thick with laughter.

Julie pulled out of Jim and rolled to the side of him. "I never realised how intense it was for a man." She said.

"Funny," said Jim. "I was about to say the same thing about being a woman." They lay together silently for several minutes with Julie stroking Jim's long silky hair.

Finally Jim said, "it's going to be months before Anne can get a cure together, if ever. But for the first time I'm thinking about not going back to being male when she comes up with a cure."

"Well there can't be two of me running around, when I change back, you'll have to as well."

He looked at her, "Do you really think that in even a months time, you'll want to change back. You're already starting to adapt."

She thought for a few seconds, "perhaps. Well we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."


Anne found Julie and Jim in the kitchen kissing, she wasn't that surprised. That morning she had finally developed a cure, of sorts. When she told them Jim seemed very disappointed.

"So you can turn us back then?" He said in a quiet voice.

"No. It's very dangerous. Out of twenty tests I did, it only worked in seven of them. The ones that failed destroyed the DNA totally. I'm going to write up and announce my discovery, this is sensational enough for me to get a good research team working under me and that will give me a better chance to develop a cure. But it'll take time."

"It's alright, Anne. We expected that." Said Julie, "We can't stay here forever, so we've decided to go to my parents tonight and then we'll both move into Jim's place."

Anne's mouth dropped open, "you're taking this a bit too fast aren't you?" she said amazed.

Jim shrugged, "Perhaps, but I can't stay here and I couldn't fool Julie's parents for long. So moving in with my boyfriend is the only thing I can do without raising much suspicion."

Anne couldn't fault the logic and she wished them luck.

Jim and Julie spent the day fruitlessly searching the city for Paul and his distinctive car. He was probably long gone, but even if he was still around the chances of finding him were virtually nil.

In the afternoon Jim picked out some of his smart casual clothes for Julie, first impressions mattered. Especially with the announcement they were going to spring on her parents. Jim himself went for a long deep blue dress that reached his ankles.

Julie was far more nervous than Jim as they reached her parents house. It was very painful for her to be treated as a stranger in her own home, however since she knew her parents so well she knew the right things to say. Jim seemed to be able to pull off his impression of Julie without too many mishaps, which they put down to nervousness at introducing her boyfriend to them.

Their daughter's decision to move out did phase them a bit, but their liberal attitudes plus the fact that Jim had a good job working for Anne allowed them to accept her decision without much fuss. After the meal Julie's father took Jim into the backyard for a 'man to man' talk about responsibilities. Julie's mother prevailed on them to stay the night and Julie found herself in the odd position of having to sleep on the couch while Jim slept in her bed.

Jim himself felt a bit of an intruder in her feminine bedroom and was a bit nervous when her mother came in for a chat.

"This is all a bit sudden, darling." she said

"He's an angel mum. I've never been happier."

"Well, okay. His home is not that far from here and you'll always be welcome here."

"Thanks, mom. I won't forget."

They hugged. "Anyway, Jim's quite good looking isn't he?"

Jim laughed, "hands off. I saw him first!"

Finally assured she kissed him goodnight and left, he felt a little guilty at not telling her the truth. But the truth would probably hurt them more and what he and Julie had not exactly lied to them.

As he lay there waiting for sleep to claim him he thought about his new future. Was he really prepared to spend the rest of his life in a girl's body? Yes, it felt somehow right for him, now. He could go to university and get the doctorate which he always wanted. He realised that at some point in the last hectic couple of days he had started to think of himself as a woman rather than a man trapped in a woman's body.

He, no she wanted to stay in this soft alluring body. She wanted to be taken by a strong passionate man, she no longer wanted to be Jim, she wanted to be with him. She finally dropped off to sleep and dreamt of wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and marrying Julie.

The next day they moved Julie's stuff into Jim's flat and it was evening when they had everything fitted in. Jim told Julie how she now felt about being in her new body. Julie admitted that she already was beginning to think of herself as male.

"Perhaps you should start calling me Jim," he said.

"It would certainly stop us making any silly mistakes in public." replied Jim. "So, Jim. Come here and fuck my brains out."

"Your wish is my command, Julie dearest." He said and joined Jim on the couch and soon they were making passionate love again.


Dr Anne Chamberlain presented her research at the end of the month. Initially she was treated with total disbelief by her research, but tests by other research groups soon vindicated her findings. She was given virtually a blank cheque by the institute to continue her work, and there was already talk of a Nobel prize in the future.

Julie (now calling himself Jim) carried on working for Anne and she got him a raise so he and Jim could move into better accommodation. Jim, now totally committed to her female self, found life as a housewife to be fairly boring and was soon working with Anne on a temporary basis before going to University. She had planned to go in the fall, but events soon conspired to delay that.

She looked down at the result the kit had displayed, her reaction wasn't what she had expected. When the idea that this could happen to her first occurred, she had almost flipped out. But now she wanted it, more than anything else. She did worry about how Jim would react to it, however and she broke the news to him gently.

"It looks like I did get unlucky with my one time with Paul."

Jim looked winded, "yeah. I really am sorry about putting you in that position. What are you going to do about it?"

Julie took his large hand in hers, "If it's alright with you I want to have it."

Tears appeared in his eyes, "I'm glad. Even if Paul is the father, I'll love it like it was my own."

"It's going to be a girl." Julie told him.

"Oh?" He said with a hint of amusement. "How can you be so sure? Feminine Intuition?"

"Don't be silly. Paul had sex with me before Anne gave us the stabilising injection. So the Julie DNA virus will have re-written the genetic code in the fertilised egg. Our daughter will be a genetic clone of me."

Julie (once Jim) was proved right nearly nine months later. The pain of childbirth was excruciating, but she wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was as exhausted mother and daughter lay together that Jim proposed to Julie.

"Just like a man! You pick the weirdest times to do things." she giggled.

"Well?" he asked nervously.

"Of course I will. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

And she did.

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