A special day

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We need to be ready for guests today. There are five dogs ready to be picked up by their owners and we will present them at a small gathering. You, slave, and toy have spent the morning getting things ready for the group of people who will be here to receive their new service dogs. Because they are specially trained service dogs they are very expensive each selling for over $100,000. The rich are only able to afford them and so we need to look rich as well. You will receive for your good work a slave collar of fine gold, wide and of the best craftsmanship. I present it to you and lock it around your neck. The simple golden rings in your breasts I now add golden ornaments to. This does make the weight heavier but you are beautiful and able to wear such. Your tail is laced with gold and the base which fucks your ass at all times is gold. you wear nothing else and i have cleaned you thoroughly with a new shaving of all your extra hair. Toy is also dressed for the occasion with a slave collar of a thin band of gold, no nipple rings, and a colorful tail firmly implanted in her ass. Since she is pregnant we will watch to see if any of the guests are able to tell. Her naked body is also beautiful. Slave is wearing a heavy iron collar with golden ornamentation and a heavy leopard like tail.

As the guest arrive you greet them and escort them to the salon where they will receive their dogs. Slave and toy provide refreshments and then leave to prepare the dogs for the new owners. once everyone is here and have all admired your naked beauty the presentations will begin. the dogs are of several types and sizes. Each owner has in the past become acquainted with their animal. For a type of contest in the presentation each new owner draws a number which will decide the order that they will receive their dogs. The first dog is a small toy poodle which slave goes to get. When it is brought in and is greeted by the new owners they decide --- front. Because we promise only the best trained dogs this means that there will be a demonstration of the dogs abilities. Front means that the dog will fuck facing the user. Therefore, you seat on the floor and open your legs to the dog exposing your cute pink pussy and call the dog to you. He does as trained and comes immediately. Now, as you lean back he licks and noses your cunt giving you a chance to begin to moisten your cunt. he licks more and more and soon we see his little pink cock start to emerge. Now, you take your breasts and play with them tugging on the rings to pull at your nipples. you are wet and ready to be fucked just as he is ready to fuck you. Laying on your back the poodle mounts and placing his paws on your stomach he feels for your wet cunt. it is not even needed for you to draw him to you. He finds the hole and after a short trial forces into you with vigor and rams his little cock as deep into you as he can. Those watching are smiling, happy to see you fucked and I know that the new owner is proud of her dogs ability. She starts to rub her pussy through her clothing as she watches and thinks of how this will feel in here own pussy. Now the dog is fully inside you and has knotted your pussy. he stops fucking and all can see that he is cumming, filling you with his doggy sperm. We wait and have more refreshments while the little guy softens and can finally pull free of you. When he pops out he first licks your cunt to clean it and then goes to lick himself. Slave now takes him to the new owners attendant and turns him over. you go to the owner and allow her to inspect your pussy to see how much cum he has deposited in your cunt. She checks with her fingers, inserting them deep within you and when they show how well fucked you are you take her hand and suck them clean.

Now, the next dog.

The next number belongs to a hard mean woman, who is the owner of a very large great dane. While slave goes to get her dog she calls you over and asks my permission to inspect the effects of the poodle on your pussy. Not being sure that I want her to touch you I agree that she is not to handle you at all roughly and may only gently inspect. She does this carefully, slowly inserting her fingers into you to feel the cum and then have you clean her fingers. She runs her hands all over your lower body and turns you to where she can look at your tail. She thinks for a moment and then quickly grasps your tail ripping it from your ass she decides that you will perform with her dog in your ass. You smile take the tail from her, clean it off with your lips smiling at her and walk over to the arm of a chair. The dog is much bigger than you and you need something to lean on to keep from falling over when you are being fucked. You present your ass for all to see and bend at the waist exposing your cunt and ass to the dog. Slave had some trouble holding the dog who is excited and already beginning to show his monster cock. his tongue easily covers all of your ass and pussy in each lick. with a gasp you give a quick shudder from the sensation of his tongue licking. it is both rough and hugely sexy. When he goes to mount you he is able to place his paws on your shoulders even though you are almost standing. as you push your ass back at him he slides from his sheath exposing a cock thick and long, nearly as big as the arm of toy who is watching with a fearful look. None of the customers seem to realize that you have done this before. of course, you trained this dog. First he pushes into your cunt and forces you almost off the ground. The bitch owner growls that you are to be fucked in the ass not the cunt. I explain that you were allowing the dog to moisten his cock and watch as you remove it from your cunt and line it up with your ass. He rams his cock deep into your ass. Again and again he forces his huge cock up inside you lifting you up onto your toes. as he pushes to reach a release he tries to force his knot inside your ass. it is easily as large as the head of a baby. with a small cry you feel it push hard and you open yourself to receive the knot. when he is sealed to your ass and he fucks hard you are shaken like one would shake a doll. you have lost control to the dog. Finally he slows and starts to flow cum into you. More and more cum enters your ass to where all can see your belly begin to bulge from the amount of cum. Slave allows him to turn so that you are connected ass to ass with the huge dog keeping him buried deep inside of you. All can see the pain of having your ass stretched and bowels filled with cum on your face. the bitch owner only smiles and walks to your face where she lifts her skirts and pushes her pussy up to you to be licked. Before I can confront her about this transgression you smile and nod to me and taking her around the waist you begin to suck her soaking cunt. You know that when she tries to fuck her new toy she will be ripped open and have many painful days ahead healing--if she heals. shortly you manage to bring her to a loud wild orgasm and the dog pulls from your stretched ass with a loud pop. Cum flows from you in cupfuls. toy collects the cum as it comes out of you and offers it around to the women to be sampled. Not a surprise they decline to taste it so toy drinks all of it and proceeds to go to you and clean your ass. I return your tail and you stand tall and brave before all having shown that you are able to do what few could. the dog is now turned over to the women's attendant and where the first owner stayed to watch the others this owner is requested to leave.

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