Max and Trent in Love- Part 2

This story is slightly straighter than the last one, but it is still deeply bisexual and mostly gay. So please don’t read this if you’re not into that stuff. Thanks.
Trent and I had just gotten done with a 2 ½ hour drive from the airport to his house. The drive over was the best one ever; I lost my virginity to my baby’s tight boy pussy! The whole deed was in full view of Trent’s parents, too… I think they enjoyed the show!
When we walked into their house, we all stripped, as their family is nudist (Trent hates clothes with a fiery passion… more skin for me  ) When we got inside, Trent’s sister, Jamie, was sitting near the entrance, with her legs spread wide open as if she badly needed some cock (which she did) and at least three fingers all the way up her cunt. Although my initial intention was to fuck her as soon as I saw her, I decided that me and Trent needed some serious… umm… get-to-know each other time. So, completely pissing off Jamie, we went up straight to Trent’s room, and closed the door. (Usually anyone is available to be fucked by anyone in their house, unless that person’s door is shut, which signifies privacy.)
We laid beside each other on his bed, and just talked. Talked about life in OK, life in his very interesting family, things like that… all while absent mindedly stroking each other.
“Mhm, Snowball?”
“You think you’re ready to cum again?”
Now, I had cum buckets into my bf’s tight boypussy during our life changing fuck in his parent’s car… but I had not cum for several weeks beforehand, in anticipation of my first fuck and a week with Trent’s family. So not even the gallons of cum I pumped up my hubby’s boypussy could have drained my balls.
“Oh, of course, baby!”
I reached my arms around him and pulled him tight, then kissed him deeply. In the car we were fucking somewhat out of love, and somewhat for the sake of fucking, but this time would be different. This time we weren’t going to fuck… this time, we were going to make sweet, sweet love.
As our kissing got more and more intense, our embrace got tighter and tighter. I could hear Trent moaning something like “I love you” over and over. I started to massage his ass and he started to moan louder. Damn, he really likes ass play, of any kind. Mmmmm.
Eventually he started classically kissing down my neck, then down my chest (spending a while on my nips hehe) and then kissing down my happy trail until he met my dick.
“Ohh yeah, Trent! Do your thing!” And he defiantly did do his slutty thing. He took my entire dick in his mouth, then took my balls in with it! My baby was such a good slut.
“yeaaah baby! Mmm!”
I decided that I was gona be fair this time, so I maneuvered my body into a 69 with him. His dick was rock hard, and I took it in my mouth and sucked hard! I bobbed up and down, up and down, and then took my head off his dick and stroked his dick hard and fast. I felt everything I was doing on my dick; when I started stroking his meat, he started to bob so fast that I came right in his mouth! I was going to draw it out for longer, but I decided to screw it after that and just kept stroking until his cum spurted out of his dick and covered my face.
After that, I moved my face next to his and he licked all of his sweet cum off of my face. Then we French kissed so passionately I felt like I was melting! All of his cum wound up in my mouth, and the taste of his mouth and his cum together was incredible!
We made out gently for a very long time, then we finally passed out in each other’s arms.
That didn’t exactly mean our night of fun was over though! My baby is a very early morning person. So he ended up waking up at three in the morning, and he accidentally made me wake up too. I was pretty damn groggy and cranky at first, but then I got a weird very-early-morning wood. Oh, of course, Trent felt it almost instantly. He went down under the covers, and the next thing I know his warm mouth is smothering my dick again. Even after coming twice in a day that feeling only gets better! I let him suck at my dick for a little while, and then pulled him up beside me and kissed him lightly… but before we got too into anything, I turned him around so that we were spooning. Then, without further delay I just shoved my dick into his ass, with nothing for lubricant except what he left on my dick. Most guys wouldn’t like this, because it would hurt… but my baby absolutely loves rough stuff like this!!
I fucked him hard. I fucked him fast. And since I had already cum twice, I fucked him for a long time too. Hell, I mustve fucked him in the same position for a half hour! Finally, after fucking until Trent very nearly passed out, I came deep in his ass. After that, Trent really DID pass out, with me following suit. Even better, we were asleep with my dick in his ass!
I had a rather serious wet dream that night. Mmmm. The dream was about, what else, fucking Trent’s boypussy! Ohh, how I love to breed my boyfriends cute ass.
When I woke in the morning, my dick was still messy and sticky. However, as it turns out, Trent was not there in bed besides me. Knowing that his family frequently fucks each other, I wasn’t too worried, but I decided to go and look for him, and maybe say hi to his other family members.
I didn’t have to look too far though. I looked in Jaime’s room, and there Trent was… and he was fucking the living daylights out of his younger sister…

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