It started with my mom 2

My mother quickly got off me and grabbed her robe and put it on, as I reached for my boxers and did the same, my mother was the first to speak out “Emily please have a seat so we can explain”

Now let me tell you a little about my aunt she was wearing a red dress and high heels, my mother was chubby but she isn’t, however she did inherit some of my mom’s features, she is 30 years old and about 5ft 6in,with a well-rounded butt and a slim waist and her tits as I later found out was a 40DD, she worked out regularly and dated on and off, but I have never seen her anything serious, she started modelling when she was 16 because local shops started to notice her for her big tits and big ass on the small frame and approached her with quite a lot of offers. My mom and my aunt are really close, and at the back of my head I was a little worried if their relationship was irreversibly damaged by what she saw.

I watched as my mom go through the details since last night what felt like an eternity, to my surprise my aunt listened without saying a word, after what it felt like ages my mother came to the end of the story, and my aunt looked right at me, and right back at my mom and sighed, “well I can’t say I don’t understand, you have not even looked at another man ever since Steve passed away, and I and glad you found comfort in Brian than in some stranger” she then smiled and looked right at mom “don’t worry this will only be between the three of us”, my mother sighed in relief and hugged my aunt lovingly and whispered “thank you” to her ear.

As both of them came down from their moment they broke off the hug my aunt stood up and came over to me and hugged me and whispered to my ear “you take care of her now”, I smiled and relaxed and immediately realised my cock was poking in to her belly, so is quickly broke off the hug and replied “I will, I promise”. She then turned to my mother and said “I’ll go now and I’ll call you later”, to which my mother said, “ohh no em (short for Emily), I assume you came here for a reason, please tell me we have all the time in the world” my aunt softly smiled and set her bag down back at her table “well the thing is, I took a loan to build the house I am currently in, and I haven’t been getting any gigs lately, so I’m rapidly burning through my savings paying back the loan, and after this month I won’t even have money for food, so I was hoping to ask you if I could move in for a couple of months and put my place up for rent till I pay back my loan.”

My mother put her hand on my aunts, “ohh em, you know you don’t even have to ask we’d love to have you here, ill have 2 rooms ready for you by Thursday” my aunt smiles and looks and my mother lovingly and says “thank you” and then my mom jokingly says, “but you don’t have permission to bring strange men into my house” to which my aunt immediately replies ,”I won’t have to if you share Brian with me” the room fell dead silent ,and finally my mother spoke up “em…. Are you serious?” and for the first time in my life I saw my aunt blush, “I didn’t mean to say that out loud,” as then she looked at me and continued “ever since his 17th birthday party I have had a crush on him, and he is such sweet kid and over the years I somehow manged to try my best and act as his aunt and not as a little girl around him, but seeing you with him today, just brought back all those feelings..” she said looking down.
My mother slowly got up and went to my aunt “I understand what you mean em, and I’m not at all mad, we can both share Brian…….. if he is up for it” as both of them looked towards me and I could only smile, my mother stared to walk away saying “im off to have a shower, he is all yours till I get back…”

As I looked back at my aunt her bag was on the coffee table and her dress was on the floor, which was soon joined by her bra and panties, “so Brian do you like what you see?”, I slowly nodded as she started walking towards me and soon her pussy was right in front of my face, I stood up took her face in my arms and gave her a long lingering passionate kiss, thought the kiss she kept feeling the length of my cock through my boxers and moaning into the soon as the kiss broke off my boxers was on the floor, and then my aunt led me to the kitchen while holding onto my hard on.

Once there she sat me down on one of the armless chairs and sat down on my lap and bought one of her nipples to my mouth, I locked the nipple between my teeth firmly and started licking and sucking the hardening nipple, I did the same with the other and whispered to my aunt “I can’t take it anymore, I want to be in you…” my aunt smiled as she lifted herself up and guided my cock into her pussy and immediately put her lips on mine. We shared a slow passionate kiss as she slowly bounced up and down on my cock, during this time I noticed two things my aunt was not as heavy as my mom…and my aunt had the tighter pussy too, feeling quite good I slipped my hand under my aunts thighs and lifted her up and put her on the table, my aunt wasn’t expecting this as her eyes flew wide open and her legs wrapped around my hips, now we were going at it like rabbits, and my aunt started moaning in the sluttiest way I have ever heard a woman moan, as i felt my orgasm coming picked her up back again and slammed her against the wall and stated slamming un and out of her in fast long strokes, my aunt stated shouting “mmm fuck yes Brian fuck my cunt hard, cum in my pussy, I held her by her neck and started pistoning in and out of her like a pile driver ,my aunt screamed hard as she started to have her orgasm shouting “ohhhh fuck yeeeessss!!, FUCK ME! FUCK ME !FUCKME BRIAN! GIVE ME YOUR CUM! KNOCK ME UP!” the combination of my aunt Cumming and her words did the trick as I grunted “fuck” and slammed in one last time into my aunt pouring buckets and buckets of cum into my aunts pussy….once I was done my aunt wrapped her arms around me and hugged me mashing my face into her boobs and sighed “ohh Brian, why didn’t we do this before”, I smiled and carried her back to the couch and was about to lay her down when she said ”no sit down I want you to stay in me a little while longer.”

I smiled and said okay as I sat down with my aunt still wrapped around my the time my mother came out after her shower my aunt was slowly humping me while sucking on my my aunt heard my mommy come back she broke off the kiss and got off me and my semi hard slimy cock bounced against my tummy with a [smak]. As she was pulling her panties back up my mother came in and playfully said ”what did I miss” to which my aunt replied “nothing that you won’t be able to see again” as she snapped her bra back in.

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