Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 4: Brother's Incestuous Rescue

Incestuous Flesh Massage

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Four: Brother's Incestuous Rescue

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

The protesters were outside The Lady's Touch Massage Parlor, holding their signs, accusing us of being a lesbian bordello. My arms were crossed as I glared out the glass door at them marching by, a group of mostly women led by Mrs. Armstrong.

That fucking hypocrite. She loved everything her daughter and I had done to her. The married, Christian woman was lying about who she truly was. That she wasn't a dyke. Or at least bi. She came here yesterday for another massage appointment. She chose the blindfold massage. When I walked in, I found her already stripped naked and eager for it. When I suggested getting another masseuse, not telling her it would be her own daughter, she leaped at it.

She had no idea that Stefani, her daughter, and I worked here. She had used Carmelita the last few times. I thought it would be a great surprise. Stefani and I ate Mrs. Armstrong's pussy and fucked her with strap-on dildos and vibrators. She devoured our cunts and reveled in the lesbian passion. When we pulled off the blindfold, she freaked out when she discovered her daughter had eaten her out.

She said such horrible things to her daughter, accusing us of seducing her into sin like she wasn't there to have sex with her female masseuses. Now she was leading her church in protesting us. My hands clenched.

Our clients were canceling now. We were a new business. We didn't need this. They were smearing our reputation. We couldn't afford to take this heat. I wanted to go out there and claw out that bitch's eyes. I spotted her, her dark-red hair swaying about her shoulders as she held her sign, shaking it with the words: “Lesbian Predators. Happy Endings Massages are Illegal.”

“Fucking puta bitch,” muttered Carmelita. She was wearing a pastel, silk robe like the rest of us, hers short and hugging her shapely body. Her golden-brown skin contrasted with the pink. Her dark hair fell around her face. She wore a collar around her neck with the words: “Mistress's Cunt.”

Her Mistress, and younger sister, Juana stood nearby. She flexed her fingers, staring with a blank face at the window, her lower lip trembling. She looked paler than usual. The Lady's Touch was her baby. She had come up with it, a place where we could massage women and, if they were willing, to have sex with them.

Not prostitution. They weren't paying for the sex, but for us to massage them. That was it. Everything else was just consenting individuals enjoying each other. The escort loophole.

“Lesbian Whores go to Hell!” another sign read.

My nostrils flared.

“I can't believe this,” muttered Stefani. She stood by me, her fiery hair sweeping about her head. Her breasts rose and fell. “My mother is a fucking pile of dog shit! She ate me out. She devoured my pussy and enjoyed it. I felt that tongue of hers fluttering through me to the root.”

“I know!” I hissed. My large breasts swelled my robe as I drew in a deep breath.

The phone rang. Lee, my half-sister, grabbed it. “Lady's Touch Massage Parlor. How can I help you?” She paused. Her elfin face fell. She sighed, nodding. “I understand. Yes, yes, we hope this goes away soon. Okay. Bye.”

“Another cancel?” Juana asked.

“Another cancel,” Lee said, setting the phone down. She was our receptionist. I borrowed her from my younger brother. She settled down on her chair behind her desk. She leaned back, staring at the ceiling. “Stefani, your mother needs a spanking.”

“She needs a good fucking,” Stefani muttered. “Not that I would ever touch that cunt again.”

“Fucking puta!” snarled Carmelita. “Mistress, let me go out there and tell all those protesters just how she ate my cunt. The last time I massaged her, the moment I walked in she asked me to sit on her face. She begged for it. She didn't care about the massage, she just wanted to eat my snatch.”

“They won't believe you,” I said. “She'll just claim that we're lying to smear her and her fucking zombie church members will believe her.”

“And there's my dad,” Stefani said, shaking her head. A man stepped up, older, tall, his hair dark. Mr. Armstrong had his own sign. He joined his wife. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “He'll never believe that my mother's a lesbian whore. I barely believe it.”

“Fuck,” I muttered. “This is all my fault.”

“No, it's not,” Juana said, glancing at me. “I don't see you out there protesting us.”

“I gave that puta lesbiana bliss,” Carmelita growled. “That woman loves pussy, Sister-Mistress. I want to hold her down so you can whip her ass.”

Juana smiled.

“Well, damn, this is a mess, isn't it?” a new voice said.

I turned around to see my brother, Clint, stepping out of the hallway, Melody at his side. I blinked at the sight of him then realized he must have come in the back door, responding to my text. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a tucked in t-shirt, fresh from college. Melody was dressed more conservative than usual. My blonde half-sister, and one of Clint's girlfriends, wasn't wearing her skinny jeans that clung to her hips or a skirt so short she could “accidentally” flash her pussy. She was an exhibitionist, so the conservative dress she wore, something perfect for church, was a shock. It was white with flowers, falling past her knees. She had a little, knit sweater over it, left unbuttoned. The purple added a splash of color.

“Yeah, it's fucked up,” I said, my heart beating faster. Clint looked strong and confident. He had black hair swept back and a chiseled chin. He was strong, his t-shirt tight about his muscular torso.

“So we're going to do something about it,” Clint said, a smile growing. “Take care of this problem.”

Melody nodded. She held up the sign she was holding low. It read: “Massages not Prostitutes! Lesbian Whores Go Away!”

I blinked at that. “You're going to start protesting against us?”

Melody gave me a big grin. “It's all Clint's idea.”

“She's going to be our inside woman,” Clint said. “We're going to crack this and find a way to turn Stefani's mother.”

“Awesome,” Lee said.

Melody gave Clint a hot kiss. Our half-sister thrust her tongue into his mouth as she shuddered against him. She was the mother of one of his children. His queen. She and Pam were the two of us sisters he loved the most, followed by our little sister Alicia. Melody broke the kiss and then sauntered back down the hallway, her heels giving her conservative skirt a delicious sway.

She couldn't help herself.

“We are going to take care of Mrs. Armstrong,” Clint said, glancing at me.

“Yes, we are, Master,” Lee said, bouncing on her chair.

I smiled at my brother. This relief swept through me. Just seeing him made me think this would all work out. The knot in my stomach relaxed just a bit. I hugged him, pressing my large tits into his chest, and kissed my brother. I thrust my tongue into his mouth. His hands grabbed my ass, kneading them, pulling me tight to him. I wiggled my hips, his fingers kneading me.

He was a great man. He reminded me so much of our deceased father. I felt safe in his arms. This naughty thrill ran through me. My hips wiggled from side to side. His hands dug into my rump. I felt his cock hardening against me.

Clint broke the kiss. His eyes stared into mine. “We're going to fix this.”

I smiled at my younger brother. “Thank you.”

“Ooh, there's Melody!” Lee squealed.

I turned around and glanced outside. Melody was slipping into the crowd, sidling up to Stefani's mother. They spoke for a moment, and then her mom gave her a warm embrace. After they broke apart, Melody brandished her sign, shaking it with the rest, looking like she belonged.

I shook my head at how easily she was in there.

Clint stepped back from me. His face grew tight. He looked around the room slowly. A deliberate scan. His gaze swept over Carmelita kneeling before Juana, the younger sister petting her slave's hair. He passed Lee who was know kneeling on her chair. She was an adult now, but still acted like a bratty girl. Her short, black hair swayed around her head.

My stomach tightened again as I waited for Clint to unveil his plan. How would he fix this? How could he fix this? Those women were accusing us of being prostitutes. How long before the police got into this? Before the media found out? We didn't need this level of scrutiny on us. Then they would find out we were committing incest.

That was illegal.

Clint's eyes froze as he glanced up at the corner of the room. His brow furrowed. “You have cameras?”

“Only in here,” I said. “For security.”

“We wouldn't want our clients thinking we were recording what was going on in the massage rooms,” said Juana. The twenty-one-year-old had her head on straight. “We're not idiots.”

“Lee, pull up all the footage of Mrs. Armstrong's visits,” Clint said. “See if there's anything we can use.”

Lee grinned, “On it, Master.”

Lee began clicking and typing on the computer. She had her tongue thrust through her lips. She had such a look of concentration. I'd never seen her like this before. It was almost like the expression she had when she was fighting off an orgasm, but there was no passion in her eyes. She was actually putting effort into something that wasn't fucking.

“Okay, I have her visits on the appointing calendar. So” Lee smiled. “Ooh, so not yesterday, but three days ago when she had Carmelita massage her, they exchanged a kiss right here. Ooh, lot's of tongue and ass groping. She has her hands beneath your robe, Carmelita.”

“That puta loves my ass,” muttered Carmelita.

A smile spread across his lips. He pulled out his phone and began texting on it. His dark eyes had this glint in him. I swallowed, shuddering. What would he use that footage for? Some sort of blackmail. That was a start, but would it be enough?

Lee's phone beeped. She snatched it up and glanced at it. “Okay, Master, I'll get everything on this list.”

“Text me when you're there,” Clint said as Lee hopped off her seat, snagged her purse, and darted towards the hallway.

“I will,” the energetic girl shouted as she darted away, her hair swaying behind her.

“What is she buying?” I asked, a tremble racing through me.

Clint sat down on one of the waiting chairs, his cock bulging his jeans. “We have some time to kill. And everyone here looks like they need some stress relieved.”

“Yes,” Juana said. She turned her sister's head, pulling her towards her crotch.

Carmelita didn't hesitate to open her little sister's robe and bury her face between Juana's thighs. The Hispanic slut licked and lapped at Juana's cunt. The younger girl threw back her head. She shuddered in delight, her robe parting open. Her small breasts came into view, her nipples puffy and hard.

I glanced at Stefani and arched an eyebrow. I knew I could use a distraction. This day sucked. I wanted to claw out Mrs. Armstrong's eyes and fuck up her face. If I didn't do something, I would march out there and get myself arrested.

Stefani licked her lips. She loved sharing my brother.

She grabbed my hand, squeezing it, then we knelt before Clint, my large breasts jiggling and bouncing beneath my robes. I stared up at my brother. He had a huge grin on his face, sitting like a king over us.

Our hands reached up his jeans. That rasping sound of our hands sliding over his jeans echoed through the room. It was a wicked sound that had me trembling. My pussy clenched as this wicked heat swept through my body.

Our hands reached his crotch, feeling his dick throbbing beneath him. He needed to be freed. Our hands unsnapped his jeans. The zipper rasped. Our hands tugged down his pants. He lifted his ass, smiling at us, eager for it.

His thighs were muscular. Hairy. I shuddered, touching him. My hands slid up my brother's leg for his boxers. He was huge. Hard. Eager for this. I licked my lips as we drew out his cock. We grasped his big dick.

“Ooh, yes, yes, you nasty, pussy-licking cunt,” moaned Juana. “Get that tongue in there. Make me cum harder, slut. I want that tongue making me explode.”

Her passion made me shudder. Juices leaked down my thighs. I had nothing beneath my robes. My cream trickled down my legs. I shuddered as I swayed from side to side. My hands gripped my brother's cock, Stefani's joining me. We leaned forward, his cock throbbing and twitching.

Precum beaded out the tip. I licked my lips as we leaned in. My cheek rubbed against my girlfriend's. Her silky skin felt warm against mine. Then our mouths pressed in this cock. We teased my brother, nibbling on the spongy crown.

“Damn,” Clint groaned. “We're going to make everything right. Trust me.”

I shuddered in delight, whimpering. My tongue darted around the crown of his dick. We caressed him. His spongy crown felt amazing beneath our touch. He throbbed in our grasp. His precum spilled out as we pumped our hands up and down his dick. Our tongues lapped around his crown.

We brushed each other. Our lips caressing as our tongues touched each other. I shuddered each time our tongues slid around each other. My cheek rubbed against hers as we shared his cock. His salty precum. My hips wiggled from side to side, that heat dribbling out of me. This wonderful passion surged through me.

We sucked on him. We pumped our hands up and down his dick. We stroked him. Precum bubbled out of his dick. We worshiped his dick together. Loved him. Stefani's lip slipped over his cock. Her cheeks sucked hard.

“Damn,” Clint groaned as my lover bobbed her mouth up and down his shaft.

“Mmm, love my brother,” I purred. “This is how your mother should have acted. Loving your mouth on her cunt. Thankful that we gave her pleasure.”

Stefani growled around my brother's cock. She sucked hard. Her cheeks hollowed. His dick twitched in our hand. Then her mouth popped off, and she flashed an angry look up at my brother as I sucked his dick into my mouth.

“Hell fucking yeah, she should have!” Stefani hissed. “I ate that bitch's cunt like there was no tomorrow. She gushed all over me and Yunie's faces.”

Yunie was her nickname for me.

Her passion inspired me. I sucked hard on my brother's cock. I bobbed my head, loving him. He groaned. A wicked shudder rippled through me as I blew my brother. His dick throbbed in my mouth. I sucked him. Loved him.

My tongue darted around his cock. I caressed him. Stroked him. He groaned as I pleased him. His hands clenched into the armchair rest. His eyes burned with his passion. I bobbed my head, sucking and loving him. His precum spilled into my mouth.

“That fucking cunt devoured me!” Stefani hissed. “I came so hard on her face, and she loved it.”

Clint grinned. “I love your passion, Stefani.”

I popped my mouth off my brother's dick, moaning, “Yes!”

Stefani swallowed my brother's cock. His face twisted with pleasure as she sucked. She bobbed her mouth, sucking with an angry fervor. I watched in awe, this incestuous thrill shooting through me as she bobbed her head. Her fiery hair danced about her shoulders. It caressed my face, a silky swipe that sent tingles racing through me. Her cheeks hollowed.

Then she popped her mouth off and I swallowed the tip. I tasted Stefani on my brother's cock. It was incredible. A thrill. The naughtiest indirect kiss. I bobbed and sucked and worshiped him. I loved him. I sucked with all my might. My hand gripped his dick, bumping into Stefani's.

“We're going to make your mother understand who she is,” Clint growled as I loved him. “We're going to make her see the light and take her in hand.”

“Yes!” Stefani moaned.

Clint grinned. “This is going to be wild.”

I popped my mouth off his dick, groaning, “If I was a mother, I would never treat our daughter like that!”

Stefani swallowed his cock, sucking on him.

“I would love her, Clint!” I hissed. “I would teach her such naughty things.”

“Yes, you would,” he said, grabbing my hair. He held my black locks in a tight fist. “Damn, Zoey, you would make an incredible mother.”

I shuddered while Stefani squealed. Her mouth popped off and I took over. I sucked him. Loved him. Then I let Stefani work her magic. We traded back and forth, the heat building and building between my thighs as we loved my brother.

Juana moaned in the background. She groaned as her sister feasted. Lesbian incest. A beautiful thing. Why couldn't that bitch understand that? I sucked hard on my brother's dick. This heat surged through me.

Then I popped my mouth off of his dick and passed it to my lover. She groaned and gasped as she worked her mouth up and down his shaft. Her saliva ran down his cock. I licked it up, tasting her on my brother's cock. This heat built in me.

“Fuck,” growled Clint. “We're going to fix your mother! Goddamn, Stefani.”

“Make him cum, Dandi,” I moaned, using my nickname for my lover. “Just make him explode.”

“Yes!” my brother groaned. “I'm almost there!”

Stefani popped her mouth off his dick. Our hands fisted him. Her hand caressed the spongy tip of his crown. It was incredible. His face twisted. We aimed his cock at us. I groaned, trembling, watching his slit beading with precum, the clear fluid spilling down his crown.

“Cum on our faces!” I moaned to my brother.

“Shower us!” whimpered Stefani.

“Zoey!” my brother growled. “Fucking Stefani!”

His cum erupted. Hot spurts of jizz exploded from his cock. It spilled over my face. His seed splashed across our features. A spurt landed on my tongue. That wonderful, salty treat soaked my tongue. I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. My tongue flashed across my lips, gathering up his jizz as more and more fired from his cock.

That wonderful spunk covered my face. That incestuous seed. Clint groaned through his pleasure. I loved it. He painted my face. It ran down my features. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. My breasts rose and fell in my chest. My pussy clenched. Juices dribbled down my thighs.

I groaned, my hips wiggling back and forth. My robes swayed around me. I licked my lips. That wonderful seed dribbled down my face. I groaned as my heart pounded in my chest. I leaned back, panting in delight.

Clint rose as the cum dribbled down me. He grabbed me by the hair, pulling me to my feet. I shuddered at the dominance. I let my brother do things to me. I submitted to him. I wasn't his sex slave, more his sister with benefit. He was just a sexy guy. I just couldn't help myself.

He was so powerful.

His cum ran hot down my features as he bent me over the receptionist desk. Stefani rushed around the other side, leaning over it, smiling. Her dimpled cheeks were smeared in my brother's pearly jizz. She leaned over before me as Clint flipped up the short hem of my silk robe.

His cock smacked my rump.

I shuddered as Stefani kissed me hard on the lips. She thrust a tongue coated in jizz into my mouth. I kissed my lover and savored my brother's seed on her tongue. My pussy clenched as Clint smacked my rump again. His precum flicked across my rump, feeling hot before cooling.

“Look at that ass,” Clint said. “Doesn't she have a great ass?”

“Oh, yes,” groaned Juana. “I love her ass.” She let out a throaty moan. “Ooh, you want to make me cum again, puta?”

“I want to drown in your juices, Sister-Mistress,” purred Carmelita.

His cock slid across my rump. It smeared over my asshole. That hot coating of precum made me shudder. I shuddered at the feel of it. He nuzzled into my pussy. I whimpered into my lover's kiss as he pressed into my cunt.

He slid into me. I shuddered. My pussy clenched around his cock. I groaned at that wonderful feel of my brother's dick in me. He stretched out my cunt. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring him around inside my twat.

“Fuck, Zoey,” Clint groaned, his hands sliding up my body, caressing me through my robes. “You are feeling tight today.”

“Tension does that,” moaned Juana. “Relax your sister. Give her a massage.”

“A hard cock massage?” Clint chuckled. “I can do that. I love giving my women cunt massages.”

He drew back his cock, my pussy clinging to his thick shaft. I broke the kiss and moaned, “Yes! I need this! I fucked up.”

“You did not fuck up!” hissed Stefani. “Yunie, you gave my mother an hour of bliss, and she repaid us by being a bitch. This is all on her! And we're going to make her pay!”

She kissed me hard. I shuddered as her mouth planted on my mouth. Her tongue thrust past my lips. It was incredible. My tongue darted around hers. I caressed her. This delicious pleasure surged through me. His cum ran down our faces, meeting in our kiss as he slammed into me.

He fucked me hard. He plowed into me. He fucked me with prowess. That cock slammed into me. My pussy clenched around him as that big, thick dick massaged my twat. Pleasure rippled through me. I moaned into my lover's kiss.

“We're going to teach your mother a lesson, Stefani,” Clint growled. “I promise you.”

She squealed into my mouth.

“Goddamn, this is going to be fun,” Clint grunted. His hands ripped open my robe.

He grabbed my large tits. I shuddered as he massaged them. He kneaded my big breasts. This wicked heat surged through my body. His cock drove hard and deep into me. He buried into me again and again. That wonderful rapture shot through me.

My pussy clenched around him. I gripped him. I held onto his dick and let him massage me. Every one of my brother's thrusts into my cunt built and built my orgasm. This aching pleasure surged through me. I moaned into my lover's mouth. Cum dribbled down my face as I loved her. I caressed her tongue.

This was a treat. A delight as my brother's cock plunged into me. His balls, heavy with his incestuous cum, smacked my clit. I loved it. He thrust into me hard. My snatch gripped him. This pleasure burned through me. My eyes squeezed shut.

“Goddamn, Zoey!” groaned Clint. “We're going to teach her! She's going to love it! You'll see! She'll be a slut in truth! A fucking dyke! She'll lick both your cunts with a smile on her face!”

I broke the kiss and moaned, “Yes!”

I knew my brother could fix this. He was amazing and—

His phone rang. He grabbed it, fucking into me at the same time, and grinned, “Lee, you at the store?”

“Uh-huh, Master,” Lee moaned. “I'm heading to check out.”

“Good, switch to Facetime,” he growled and hung up. He set his phone on the desk before us. He opened up the app for the Bluetooth vibrator as he fucked into me, fingers tapping.

My eyes widened. Lee often had vibrating dildos or butt plugs shoved into one or both of her holes. My brother could turn them on and drive her wild whenever he wanted. He selected one, told it to go on an increasing vibration, and set it on a one-minute timer before it would start. Then his phone beeped.

He tapped the Facetime app notification.

Lee's face appeared, framed in it. She had a naughty look on her face. “Ooh, Zoey, you're dripping in cum. Taking care of Master.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned to my half-sister as Clint fucked me. I stared down at it, watching her as Clint slammed into me. “You're buying all the the” It was hard to think with that cock churning me. It was echoey where she was. It was clear she was in some sort of hardware store.

“Yep!” she said, a big grin on her face. “This will be so hot!”

“It will!” I moaned as Stefani licked up a line of cum off my cheek. Her tongue was hot.

Lee's eyes widened. “Oh, Master Ooh, you turned on my vibrator and and Oh, my.”

“I want you to cum, slut,” growled my brother. “Right there in the store. You've been a good girl. You deserve a reward.”

“Thank you, Master!” gasped my half-sister. “Oh, yes, yes!”

I grinned, watching a flush cross my half-sister's face as our brother fucked my cunt. Lee's hips wiggled back and forth. Her eyes grew glassy. She gripped her phone, moaning and groaning. She wasn't fighting it.

My pussy grew hotter around my brother's cock. This was hot. I licked my lips, watching the pleasure crossing Lee's face. She beamed in delight. Her body trembled. She caressed her lips as her figure shook.

“Ooh, the vibrator's buzzing faster, Master,” she moaned. “A few people are looking at me. Ooh, yes, yes, how high did you turn it up?”

“The max!” growled Clint, his thrusts growing faster. He slammed into me, his hands gripping my heavy breasts. “You're going to feel it soon.”

“Ooh, I am feeling it!” she moaned. “It's churning up my pussy.”

“Cum, you naughty slut!” I moaned. “Our brother's cock is burying into me. He's going to cum in me. Just flood me with all his seed.”

A hot thrill ran through me as I said that. My orgasms swelled faster. I wanted my brother's cum in me. This yearning ache, more than just my desire to climax, built inside of me. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring my pussy around my brother's cock. I squeezed around him.

I humped back into him. Our flesh slapped together. I moaned, staring at the phone. Lee's face twisted. She threw back her head, groaning like me. That vibrator must be buzzing at full speed in her cunt, driving her wild.

“Master!” she groaned. Her phone shook. “Oh, fuck, Master! I'm going to cum!”

“Me, too!” I moaned. “Sisters cum together!”

“Yes!” Lee groaned. “Oh, Zoey, yes, yes! I'm almost there! Master, Master! I'm almost there!”

“Cum, you naughty slut!” Clint growled as he buried into my cunt.


Lee's shout was unmistakable. Her camera shook as I knew she was orgasming in the middle of the store. Her pussy must be convulsing around the vibrator buried in her twat. My snatch squeezed around our brother's thrusting dick. Clint buried deep into my twat, his balls smacking my clit.

Pleasure burned through me. I quivered, my eyes widening. I flicked up to Stefani's emerald depths. My lover grinned at me. She grabbed my hands and licked up more cum off my cheek. I whimpered as my orgasm swelled and swelled.


That wonderful sensation of his heavy balls striking my clit.

“Yes, yes, yes!” howled Lee.


My pussy tightened. My brother's dick massaged my pussy's inner depths I couldn't take it. As Stefani's cum-coated tongue reached my lips, I came. My pussy convulsed around my brother's dick. He buried into me. I whimpered, my tongue dueling with my lover's as Clint fucked me hard. He pounded me with such passion.

This heat swept through me. I shuddered. Stars burst across my vision. My hips wiggled back and forth. I squeezed around his cock. My tongue fluttered around in his mouth. It was this wonderful heat that burned through my body.

My flesh spasmed and convulsed. Clint grunted. Lee moaned.

“Master!” she howled. “I'm cumming again! This vibrator! Oh, fuck, it's amazing!”

“Go and check out, slut!” he growled. “Check out with your pussy spasming!”

“Yes!” Lee howled.

Clint buried into my convulsing twat. His dick felt amazing into me. His hands squeezed my tits. I moaned into the jizz-flavored kiss with my lover as my brother's cock erupted. His hot cum spurted hot and fast into me. This wonderful heat burned through my cunt. My eyes fluttered. My body trembled.

Molten, incestuous seed flooded my cunt.

I broke the kiss with Stefani to squeal, “Yes, yes, yes! Flood your big sister's twat! Ooh, Clint, you're such a stud!”

“You are!” groaned Juana. The lesbian knew. She fucked Clint sometimes, and he also enjoyed her sex slave whenever he felt like it. “Oh, fuck, Carmelita. Nurse that clit! You're my pussy-munching slave!”

I loved it. My mind melted beneath the incestuous rapture. My pussy writhed and spasmed about my brother's cock, milking out every drop. I shuddered. I kissed Stefani so hard. Our tongues dueled together as my cunt wrung my brother's balls dry.

“Fuck,” he grunted. “Damn, Zoey, you were hot for it today.”

I whimpered, breaking the kiss. “I was. Ooh, yes, yes, you fired so much cum into me, Clint.”

I shuddered as he pulled out of me. This wicked surge shot through me, followed by a pang of regret. If only I wasn't on birth control and

I blinked at that thought. My head spun. I gripped the desk at the dizzying wave that shot through me. I squeezed my pussy tight, clamping it down to keep my brother's jizz in me as I panted, my breasts swaying.

“Oh, my god,” Stefani moaned. “I fingered myself so hard while you fucked your sister, Clint. It's so hot!”

Clint sank down into a chair, grinning at us. “Zoey, I need your phone.”

I blinked, my pussy relaxing. A trickle of his hot cum ran down my thigh. “My phone?”

“We need to move onto the next phase of the plan,” he said. “It's going to be great. We're going to teach Stefani's mother her place, but we have to get her into position. We have to educate her.”

I shuddered, loving the masterful glint in his dark eyes. For a moment, it was like our father sat there. I trembled. I knew our father always wanted Clint to take charge of my sisters and me. He molded his son to do that, but Dad passed on before he could see it.

My eyes burned for a moment. I blinked them and then My regret really swelled. I stared down at my stomach, my robe open. I rubbed myself, my large tits swaying. I imagined my stomach growing round and—

“Your phone, Zoey?” Clint said.

I blushed, shaking my head. “Sorry. Right. Where's my purse?”

“Breakroom,” said Stefani. She was sinking down before my brother. She sucked his cock, soaked in my pussy juices, into her mouth.

I shuddered as Clint groaned. He ran a hand through her fiery hair. I hurried away, more of Clint's cum running out of me. He pulled out his own phone, doing something on it as I vanished down the hallway.

I reached the break room and fished my phone out of my purse, nudging aside my birth control case. It held my monthly supply of the pill. I stared at it, biting my lip. I shoved that back deeper and grabbed my phone. I opened it and frowned

My brother had sent me a video file. I hit play as I headed through and groaned. It was Mrs. Armstrong, her dark-red hair falling around her hair. She was being led into the reception area by a perky Carmelita.

“That was incredible,” Mrs. Armstrong groaned. “I can't believe how much pussy juices gush out of you.”

“You made me squirt,” purred Carmelita. “Takes a rare woman eating my pussy to do that.”

“Mmm, it was just such a yummy snatch,” the married woman said, her wedding ring clear on the HD image. She cupped Carmelita's face with that hand, leaning in and kissing the lesbian sex slave on the mouth.

They melted together, my lover's mother grabbing Carmelita's rump beneath her robe. I groaned, my pussy cum-filled pussy clenching as I watched the sight. The hunger. There was no denying she was a willing participant.

I shuddered and headed back inside as Clint was holding his phone in his hand, speaking into it. “Really? That's her story?”

“Yeah,” Melody said, her voice tinny from the speakers. “She's talking about how she thought a massage would be perfect, and thought women could be trusted. Then she got in there, and the horrible masseuses tried to molest her and rub her and propose doing more for extra money. Horrified, she ran out of there.” Melody made a retching sound. “Her husband was standing next to her, his arm around her shoulder, drinking it all in.”

“Yeah, my daddy's a sap,” Stefani said, popping her mouth off Clint's dick. “And my mother's a fucking garbage heap! You can tell her I said that!”

Stefani sucked Clint's cock back into her mouth with a hungry growl. She bobbed her head on it. Sucking, loving him. I shuddered as Clint said, “Just keep protesting, Melody. I want to hear how she reacts when she gets this text.”

I arched an eyebrow and handed my brother my phone. Then I looked over him as he paused. “What's your mother's cell phone number.”

Stefani popped her head off. “It's 530-555-3953.”

Clint typed that in and then attached the video file to the text message and typed: “This is Zoey. I know you remember eating my delicious pussy. It would be a shame if your husband saw this.”

Clint hit send.

I shuddered, more of his cum leaking out of my pussy. I gripped the chair and then looked outside. One of the protest signs shifted. Clint held his phone in his hand, still connected to Melody. I could hear the protesters chanting through it.

“Ooh, her face just went white,” Melody reported. “What did you send her? This is hot. I have pussy juices running down my thighs. I just want to frig myself right here.”

“That would blow your cover,” Clint said.

My phone vibrated. I shuddered, eager to see the response from Mrs. Armstrong. “What do you want?”

A huge grin crossed my brother's face. His fingers worked fast. He was skilled at texting one-handed. “Choose a hotel. We'll meet there in two hours to discuss this, or this video goes out to the world. I'll tag every single member of your church and your husband when I post this to social media. They'll all see that you're a naughty lesbian slut.”

I almost came when Clint hit send.

This wild surge shot through me. My pussy clenched. Molten cum dribbled out of me.

Melody chortled. “She's leaving. She's making some excuse to her husband. Ooh, what did you send her, Clint? It freaked her out. I'm so fucking wet!”

“You can come in,” Clint said, a big grin on his face. “Zoey's going to have a hot date soon.”

I stared at my brother. “That video is incriminating for her. We're going to twist her arm into recanting, aren't we?”

“Oh, we're going to do more than that,” Clint said, this wicked grin in his eye. “With what Lee is buying, we're going to have quite the fun with her.”

Stefani moaned her delight, sucking so hard.

Clint grinned. “Mmm, you're making a mess, Zoey. Why don't you clean her up, Stefani.”

My lover popped her mouth off Clint's dick. She shot her head up and grinned at me. Then she shifted over. I groaned as my lover grabbed my thighs. She gripped them as her head ducked between my legs.

“Oh, Yunie, we're going to make my fucking terrible mother pay!” she squealed before she buried her head between my thighs.

I gasped as her tongue licked and lapped through my folds. This hot heat surged through me. She licked my brother's cum out of my cunt. My eyes fluttered. I groaned, savoring the delight. My hips wiggled from side to side, grinding on her.

Her tongue darted through my folds. She caressed me. Loved me. I gasped, my heart pounding in my chest. Her hands gripped me. She thrust her tongue deep into my twat. She stirred it around inside of me, teasing me.

She licked out my brother's cum as he moved behind her. I grinned at Clint. That naughty glint appeared in his eyes as he rammed to the hilt in Stefani's cunt. My lover moaned into my snatch. She gripped my thighs, whimpering and shuddering as she feasted on the spunk in my twat.

I leaned back into the wall and savored this delight. My lover licked out all that incestuous seed. She feasted on me, teasing me. Her tongue brushed my labia and clit. She had such a wild look in her green eyes. My large breasts jiggled as I groaned.

Melody walked in from the back hallway already unbuttoning her conservative dress. “I felt like I was wearing a raincoat. I hate this dress!” She threw it off, baring her toned body, her round breasts jiggling. She rarely wore underwear. She cocked her hips, her hazel eyes bright. “Ooh, I see you're having fun without me.”

Clint grinned as he thrust over and over into my girlfriend's pussy. “You should have heard what I did to Lee.”

“She's cumming at the checkout line,” I moaned, grinding on Stefani's loving mouth.

Melody giggled. My half-sister ran a hand through her loose, blonde hair. She didn't wear it braided any longer. Her tongue flicked over her lips, pussy juices dripping down her shaved flesh. Then she grabbed my breasts, leaned over, and sucked on my nipple.

I gasped at the naughty feel of my sister's lip around my nub. She sucked with hunger, sending delight jolting down to my pussy. My twat clenched around Stefani's probing tongue. My lover reached deep into me. She stirred around inside of me. It was this wonderful delight. I savored every moment of it. My head shook from side to side.

What a wonderful delight. My body trembled. The rush of heat washed through me. I wiggled my hips from side to side, grinding on her mouth. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest as I savored this amazing delight burning through me.

It was an incredible treat. My eyes widened. I bit my lip, groaning my enjoyment as my girlfriend feast on me and my sister nursed. I stared at Clint. My brother fucked Stefani harder, faster. He rammed his cock into her crotch, her butt-cheeks rippling.

“Oh, my god, your brother's cock!” Stefani moaned into my snatch. “He's churning me up!”

“Just enjoy your pussy massage!” I moaned, the pleasure rushing through my body. My head tossed back and forth. This heat surged through me. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. I whimpered, licking my lips.

He plowed into Stefani harder, faster. That wonderful cock must be driving her wild. She moaned into my twat, her tongue flicking through me. She searched for any more of my brother's cum, swirling around in my twat.

I gasped and shuddered. I stroked Melody's blonde hair as she sucked and nursed on my nipple. Her lips hollowed over it. I groaned. This wave of heat surged through my body. My cunt clenched. My head shook from side to side.

I loved the heat. The passion. The delight coursing through my body. The heat churned me up. It was this incredible passion. My pussy clenched around her naughty tongue. She fluttered in up through me then flicked my clit.

Sucked on it.

“Dandi!” I moaned, shuddering on her. My hands flexed. “Oh, yes, Dandi. Right there. Oh, my god, just nurse right there!”

She sucked hard on my clit. She loved my bud just like Melody loved my nipple. Both their sucking sent such jolts of rapture shooting electricity through me. My eyes fluttered. I whimpered, my hips wiggling back and forth.

Clint grinned at me as he plowed into my lover. “You're going to cum so hard.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned.

“So am I!” Stefani whimpered.

“Fuck her, Clint!” I moaned, my hips undulating, grinding my hot snatch on my lover's mouth. “I want her exploding. She needs a hard cum. She deserves it for having such a horrible mother!”

“We're going to fix her cunt of a mother!” Clint growled. He thrust harder, fucking his cock over and over into my lover's cunt.

“Yes!” I moaned, trembling.

My head leaned back. Melody suckled hard on my nipple, nursing from me. Naughty tingles raced through my body, ending at my pussy. My clit. Stefani nursed on that bud. My juices flowed. The heat billowed through me.

I came.

My pussy convulsed. Rapture rushed through me. I swayed, my boobs jiggling. My right nub throbbed in my sister's mouth. My toes curled as the rapture rushed through my body. Stars burst across the room.

“Yes, yes, yes, bathe my face!” Stefani moaned. “And you, stud! Bathe my cunt! Fill me with cum!”

“Yes!” Clint growled.

He buried to the hilt in my lover's cunt. I heard him growling, knowing he was flooding her pussy with his fertile seed. I shuddered, rubbing my stomach as I bucked through my orgasm. Stefani moaned into my snatch.

“Fucking, yes!” my lover groaned.

Melody popped her mouth off my nipple, her hazel eyes bright. “Ooh, we're going to have so much fun with your mother, Stefani.”

“So much fun!” I howled, my mind melting from the rapture.

Then my phone chirped.

I had a text message.

Clint growled then ripped his cock out of my lover's pussy. I trembled, my orgasm peaking in me. Stefani lapped at my cunt as my brother snagged up my phone, holding the purple case in his hand. His eyes lit up.

“Holiday Inn Express, downtown Sacramento, ask for Betty Jones at the front desk,” Clint read.

I smiled. “What do I do when I get there?”

My brother grinned at me. I knew it would be naughty. I couldn't wait.

To be continued

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