Teachers Pet.

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"Maria, Can you stay behind, I need to talk to you."
I went over to his desk and waited for the others to leave.
"Maria, I've noticed how beuatuful you have becme since you got older"

I stood still.

"You are one of the most sexy things i've ever seen"

He was stroking my thigh under my skirt.

"Excuse me sir?"

"Of course it would be wrong for us to anything, but only if other people knew"

"Sir, are you sugesting we sleep togethor?"

"I knew you'd get it"

He leant over and whispered in my ear

"Meet me here after school, Say im helping you out with homework, You may go now"

I walked out of the room, He was my teacher! He wasnt bad looking but he was a lot older. The rest of the day passed quickly and at 3.30 I was knoking in the door of his classroom.

"Ah, Maria, Come In."

I came in and sat at one of the desks.

"Now, Maria, One question, Are you a Virgin?"

I nodded

"Good then, you'll be nice and tight, now take of your clothes."

I removed my school shirt and skirt, When i was in my bra and panties he moitioned for me to take them off. When I was fiinaly naked, I saw him staring at my trimmed pussy and small breasts, He said nothing but the bulge in his trousers said it all, He removed them, and told me to get down on my knees. I did.

"Now suck"

I slipped my mouth over his fuck meat and began to lick, It was weird but my body started to love it, While i was doing this he grabbed onto my breasts and held them tight. After 10 minutes he told me to ge up and lay myself out on his desk, He oppened my legs and stuck his cock deeply into me, It hurt and I cried out but he told me it would get better in time, He built up a rythym and I began to enjoy it, as i reached my climax I was begging for more, hot cum seeped out my pussy and he licked with his toungue, At 4.30, he told me to get dressed.

"Now tommorro, Wear a skirt and no panties underneath, I will move you so as you open your legs I'll have prime seats"

He sent me away and when, I got home, I mastrubated till i got the same sensation he had given me.
The next day I did as he told me, I wore a short skirt and no panties underneath, I put a spare pair in my bag, I didnt want any other teachers getting ideas!
When I got to his class, he made me sawp seats with a guy near the front, He had me sit with my legs open all period and he kept pretending to drop his pencil so he could see my wet pussy. After choool, I met him and had the same amazing sex but he gave me a new thing to do the next day; He handed me a dildo that had a special strap on it so it would stay in, I was to wear that all day! He helped me put it on and he made me walk home with it in! I walked a bit bowlegged but i sure felt good!
A few days later he asked me to come over to his flat for some tutoring, He gave me directions and I walked over, I expected him to be alone but with him were 5 other naked men and a girl who looked younger than me sucking there cocks, Him (Mr Knightley) looked up when I enterted the room, he barked at me to get undressed and the other men laughed as I got undressed quickly.
Mr Knightley pulled me other to him and told me suck, One man took out his cammera and filmed it, I was humilated, After some switching, I ended up with a young man who was very rough with me, The other girl was crying and I bent over to put an arm round her, to see if she was ok. The guys saw this and said;
"Aw look, Maria is getting sick of just us men, she wants pussy to!"
The picked me up and told the other girl to sit on my face, I choked back tears and stuck my toungue into her pussy, It was oddly enjoyable.
After a long afternoon, Mr Knightley realized i was pretty exhausted.
"You can go home now, This one will keep us going."
I made to get dressed but he stopped me as I slipped on my shirt and handed me a short coat.
"Thats all sluts are alowed to ware"
Humilated, I slipped on the tiny coat and ran out the door..
The next day at school I was cornered by some guys in the year above.
"We know what you've been doing with Mr Knightley, We heard you doing it last week."
I Stuttered.
"I..I d..ont k..know w.what yo..ur talking a..bout"
"You do slut, now we wont tell anyone if you do us a favour"
"Y'know bitch, Meet us on Saturday, Right here"
One gave me my breasts a squeeze and they told me to piss off. Whatever they had in mind could'nt be anyworse than What Mr Knightley did.
On Saturday, I made my way to outside the school, they were waiting.
"Your late bitch, We aint waiting for a slag like you,"
but even so, they pushed me into the busehes and pulled at my clothes, they quickly stripped and forced me onto my stomoch.
"Kightley ever give you it up your tight arse?"
I stayed silent
"Answer me bitch!"
"No, You mothafucka!"
One of them slapped me.
"Dont talk to us like that!"
Before I knew it his hard dick was in my mouth, The other one pulled my ass cheeks apart and slowly stuck it in
"OW, Stop it, please stop!"
The pain was so acute, It made me cry. He continued to give me anal while I had the other ones dick shoved back in my mouth. The weird thing was, I was starting to enjoy it.
"Listen to the bitch, shes loving it"
I moaned. I was a complete slut and I loved being one.


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