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.I sat in a chair and watched Trish talk on her cell phone. I don’t think she could realize just how sexy her body and face had grown into. I secretly wished I looked like her at that age.

I had watch her tits grow full, her legsfill out to stunningly beautiful, her hair grow long and she knew just how to fix it so sexy looking. I watched every male take a second look at her, and smile. She knew how to use her beauty to get what she wanted. She liked the male attention and flaunted her sexiness just enough to satisfy her……for a while.

I heard her and her girlfriends talk in her room about who they would love to have sex with. That’s when I became concerned. Her male math teacher at school, was just one of a long list she wanted to have hot sex with. She named off a endless list of guys she wanted….and then I think I heard her whisper…..having sex…daddy…something, and they both giggled and the other girl said something about ‘she would too‘. I couldn’t help but think she wanted to have sex with her dad.

I felt I had to do something as she was becoming way to horny and it sounded like she wanted to have sex with every male she met.

It was time for a ‘mom and daughter’ talk about her desires.

That night I had her crawl in bed with me for some ‘girl’ talk. She was pumped when I got on the subject of having sex with guys. She took over the conversation with intimate questions. She ask what is was like having sex with her dad.

Now what do I do?

I tried to change to talking about other males. She scooted over next to me. She gotclose to my ear and said: “Come on mom, … tell me what he’s like in bed…please.” She was determined to try and pry the details of having sex with her dad out of me. I looked at her sweet face and finally said:

“Ok,… (big sigh)…. but this is very private intimate information, not to told to anyone else ever. This is strictly between you and I.”

I watch her wiggle and say quietly ’ok’. She was smiling real big anticipating what I was about to tell her. Her eyes were big and she was already breathing fast, and acting all horny. I wondered if I was doing the best thing for her.

It was too late.

After hearing the conversations she’d had with her girlfriend about wanting to have sex with her own dad, I figured I‘d better tell…almost… all…….

I started in to tell her all the very intimate things about her dad.

“ I guess it first started when we were in a club house a bunch of boys had built out of scrap wood. It was in the back of a long back yard in some big bushes. Your dad looked all around to make sure no one was watching and we darted in. We smoked our first cigarette that afternoon. We thought we were so grown up as we both gotdizzy. I had heard a new word some girl at school had used. I ask him what it meant.

‘Blowjob‘. He smiled and said he’d show me what is was. He sat on an old wood box and had me get on my knees in front of him. He told me guy and girls liked this and he would show me how to do it. He said first he wanted to feel my titties. That felt really good. He then started kissing my neck and feeling my pussy. That was even better. He put my hand on his crouch to feel his stiff cock and then took it out of his pants.

It was my first to see one in person and to touch. He said kissing and licking a cock was the start of a blowjob. He whispered he would train me to do it just right. I started in licking his cock as he felt my titties and ran his fingers through my hair. He guided my head and put my mouth over his cock.

Up and down my mouth went. I never wore a bra and he played with my nipples and they got hard. He said I was doing it just right and to keep going. I liked the secret stuff and was pleased I was making him happy. He began to groan and move my head faster. He said not to take my mouth off his cock, no matter what happened.

I did as he said when he groaned and I felt warm stuff filling my mouth. He said to swallow it down. I did. It was exciting and gave me tingles in my pussy doing this. He had a lot of the white stuff and some ran out of my mouth. I had never tasted anything like it and he called it ’cum’ and said I did it perfect.

He then put his hand inside my panties and rubbed my pussy with his finger. I twitched as it tingled so much. He had me then stand up. He pulled down my shorts and panties. He began to lick my pussy. It was an awesome feeling as he was giving me a ’blowjob’, only he called it ’eating a pussy’. Whatever it was called it felt wonderful.

We came back to the club house every chance we got. We would whisper: (“…club house.”) to each other and off we would go. He then taught me about ’going 69’ and we turned and did that a lot.”

I looked over at Trish and she was hot, and breathing hard. She had one hand on her pussy rubbing it. “Mom, that is the hottest story I’ve ever heard. Please tell me more.”

Trisha thought……

(Mom doesn’t know it…. but she told me just about what dad and I have been doing lately. That’s why the story was so hot to me. That same clubhouse was still there and dad was teaching me all about sex.)


I wanted to say maybe tomorrow, but now I was all stimulated myself. I said: “Don’t you want to go get in your bed and ….a…do your ’rubbing’ in there?” She took a big breath, reached over and turned out the light. She whispered: (“…I want to rub myself right here, as you tell me more. Do you ever rub yourself?”)

I had already told her many intimate things so I told her: (“…. yes I do when I think of hot sexual things.”) She immediately said: (“…lets do it together, …..Ok?…you just keep talking while we rub.”)

Masturbating with your own daughter caught me by surprise. I’d never even thought of such a thing. I had girlfriends who I fingered myself with as a teen, but my daughter? The reaction I had shocked me. I got abig shot of arousal when she said that.

It was dark in there but we could see a little from the street light. I reached down and took my panties off and took my top off. Trisha did the same. Us both being naked just made it all the more exciting.

I pulled my knees up and put two fingers in my wet pussy. I said: (“…your dad will be back tomorrow, so this is the only time we’ll get to do this.”) Trisha said: (“…maybe, mom, you know I’ve heard you guys having sex before and watched you a few times guys too.”)

She continued: (“…you see that vent there, well, if I stand on my chair in my room I can see right in here…”)

I ask her: (“…how did you figure that out?”)

She said: (“…mom…daddy showed me how to do it, he said I could watch if I wanted to. It was to be our little secret, but your so cool, I just had to tell you.”)

I had to act surprised, but her dad and I arranged that for her a while back. I had to chuckle to myself. Watching or being watched is real exciting. I did it when I was little at a girlfriend house. We watched her brother fuck their older sister. I have to admit,… ‘that‘….was really hot to watch. Knowing your being watch was something her dad and I found exciting.

I continued with her request to tell about having sex with her dad. Her watching some doesn’t tell her what we were thinking and feeling.

“We had our little place in that clubhouse and things progressed. It was more training for me. He knew hot to get me so hot, so fast and now to have sex with each other We got naked one afternoon and he first felt and sucked on my titties. He then kissed lower down my tummy and started licking my clit. He put a finger inside my pussy and massaged my G spot and wouldn’t let up.

I moaned and squirmed until I felt like I had to pee real bad. I was wonderful as my pussy massaged his finger back. I was losing my breath when I started to squirt out my pussy….wow it made me squirm hard and moan out. It was then when he put his cock in me. It was tight but slipped in a little at a time. I felt the peak of sexual excitement and we fucked for the first time.

That was also the first time we kissed and let our tongues go crazy. The sex was to quick as I felt him squirt gobs of cum in my pussy. We held each other tight and It was heaven for sure. We lay there panting and just enjoyed our togetherness…..”

I heard Trisha moan and shake the bed as she orgasmed. I was right with her moaning and squirming as our bodies felt the euphoric pleasure…..

We lay there panting and rubbing our pussy’s. I finally said out of breath: (“…there are a lot more stories…..and….I’ll save those for another time.”) I looked over at Trisha and heard her barely whisper: (“….daddy is so hot…”)

Trisha thought…….

Someday…….dad and I will tell mom that we have been going to that same clubhouse thing in the back yard for months now…..

Mom thought……

Her dad and I will tell her, that I decided to share him with her and our glorious times, to take her to the clubhouse and repeat the wonderful thrills we had.

Her Dad had already told me what is was like having her in the clubhouse. He said:

“She wasn’t like you, she already knew all about sex. She just wanted to have sex with me. She didn’t want to stall around and as we sat on the floor, she got right on top of me. I never got a word in as she started in kissing me like a grown woman. She was ready and her hot little tongue was wild. She said: “…feel my titties daddy, and put your hand inside my panties. I did as she asked and felt her warm ass. She had my pants undone and pulled down in no time.

Down she went to suck on me. She then turned around and put her pussy down right on my face. She was really horny and rocked her pussy on my face. She was a horny as you and I are for each other today. She‘s happy…that‘s all we care about….now come over here and lets make her mom dad happy.”

As time went by, Trish eventually told me about those times with her daddy in the clubhouse, and what it was like……


That first time, I had been waiting for this and now I was going to show daddy I knew all about sex already. I’d already had sex with girls and boys, but none compared to him. He was just letting me have my way and I was so turned on I was going to make this as special as I could.

I turned around and pulled him on top of me now. I started putting his big cock slowly in my hot pussy. I kissed him all over his face. He was getting real hot just like I wanted. I whispered: (“…oh…. daddy…I’ve wanted you for so long…..you’re the hottest daddy in the world…”) He was so excited he put my legs on his shoulders and we started to moan.

Oh yes, that was the feeling I was waiting for. His cock was big and filled my pussy so good. I had to hold on tight as he started going a little faster and we were breathing so hard. I was moaning and getting dizzy as it felt so good. My pussy was alive with good feelings and it massaged his cock as we fucked. Our moans told us we were going to cum as I held his ass cheeks tight. As it all increased higher and higher…..

I Suddenly felt his cum burst out and shoot in me as we both moaned out. I locked my legs and shook out of control….I felt a burst of joy warmly flow over my body. I saw colors and beautiful bursts of light in my head. He kept shooting cum in me until all time seemed to stop. We locked together and blended our good feelings together as it got all quiet,…. except for our panting and my kissing his sweet face….


Her dad and I have loved each other since day one. We love to make each other happy. One day we were all in the clubhouse talking. Her dad and I had pre-arranged a little surprise for her. I was sitting on the rug on the floor and her dad got behind me. He reached around and started feeling my tits. Trish’s eyes went wide open. I said: “Did you ever wonder what I would be like to watch your mom and dad having sex?….well…we’re going to show you.”

She gulped big and started in watching us. Soon her hand went between her legs to slowly rub on her pussy. We were excited having her watch us just a foot away. He laid me on top of him on my back and took off my top. I had no bra on and his hands felt me up real good. We got real hot and soon took off all our clothes. Now I was on my back as we went for some ’69’. Trish was breathing hard as her intense eyes watch us suck and lick each other. She got on her knees and stuck her hand down her panties to finger herself. She whispered: (“…you guys are awesome…this is so hot to watch.”)

He turned and put my legs up on his shoulders. I moaned and squirmed with the anticipation of him putting his cock in me. Trish’s face was all over us taking in the view of us fucking. It was very stimulating to us too to have her soclose and watching us. This was a first ever for us to do this. We started in and it was wonderfully exciting with me moaning and him fucking me hard. Trish began to moan a little too. I wrapped my legs tight around his neck as I felt a big climax coming. Trish’s face was right next to my pussy watching the action. I began to moan loud as our ’cum together ’ golden moment came to us. Trish was orgasming right with us.

It was indescribable the shaking, moaning and fast fucking we did. Trish’s fingers were a blur going in and out of her pussy as she bucked and moaned with the pleasure she was getting….

Having your young teen daughter watch you and her dad have sex…… was beyond awesome…but….

the most intense part came a week later when I watched her dad have sex with Trish….they both got me so hot, then they both licked me at the same time into a mind bending climax as we all came gloriously together…

Later…all Trish could do was whisper from her euphoric mind, and say…..

(” mom, dad,… you guys… are a perfect match.”)

So far…. We’ve decided it’s not quite time to tell Trish that her dad and I are…

(brother and sister.)

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