He Did it in My Mouth (2)

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All Brynn could think about in the days after meeting Cal in a darkened corner of The Basement recreation center a few days before, was how disturbed he felt. It had been a huge step to suck on a grown man's penis for the first time even though he had wanted to do it for a long time. He just hadn't imagined it would happen so early in life.

He thought of himself as innocent in the matter of cocksucking because it was Cal who had made everything happen while Brynn had remained passive.

Cal had not returned to the rec center for a few days and that gave the boy space he needed to "normalize" himself so he could related to Taylor, his only friend and Cal's granddaughter.

He already felt like a traitor because he had gone with her grandfather and he had not refused when Cal had exposed himself and he had gone along with it when the gray-haired man wanted to put his penis in the boy's mouth. Brynn hadn't even resisted when the man began to fuck his mouth and he had not moved a single muscle the entire time that Cal was ejaculating all over his tonsils.

It was wrong. Not because sucking cock seemed wrong, but rather because Taylor was his friend. She trusted him. How awful would it be if she discovered he had blown her grandfather?

Yet, the boy couldn't help himself. He liked the man's attention and acceptance and praise for being a good cocksucker. Those things felt like warm blankets on a cold night for a boy who was skinny, cumbersome, insecure, and not boy-like enough to fit in with many others.

After not seeing the man for a few days and Brynn wondering what had happened to him, Cal appeared. He brought Taylor to The Basement recreation center in the morning and left without acknowledging Brynn. The boy felt confusion and resignation that what had happened with Taylor's grandfather would not happen again. He was a "one-time" thing for the older man and that was not a good feeling.

By early afternoon, things changed again.

Brynn was alone by the swings when he heard a car horn. When he turned, he saw Cal's older luxury four-door parked and the man motioning for him to come. As if snagged by some Pied Piper, the boy found himself walking the Cyclone fence to an opening and back up the sidewalk to the man's car.

With it being a one-way street, Cal had parked with his driver's side next to the curb and he motioned for Brynn to get in on the passenger's side. The man's eyes darted as he encouraged the boy to hurry.

He said he had been out of town. "About the basement the other night" he continued. "II don't do things like that. I didn't know what you thought about it. Hell, I'm not sure what I thought about it. All I know is I like you." He looked away. "And well, yeah, I liked what we did---you know---the other day."

Brynn's brain felt like a circular firing squad. Every thought that fired through one way was struck by an opposing one from another. He was elated to see the man yet it had also been agony when he had thought it was over.

"And, uh, well, have youbeen thinking about it? Tell me you have."

Although the boy had not been able to get it out of his mind, he simply shrugged.

Cal began to lift his button-down shirt and that is when the boy was astounded! This manTaylor's grandfather!had been playing with his cock the entire time! Right there! On a public street! In broad daylight Next to a playground!

And, his cockit wasit was bare andstanding straight out. Completely hard! Confusion dazed the boy's head again.

Cal noticed the boy watching. He looked around and, while holding his adult-sized boner with his left hand, he tugged the back of Brynn's head with his right. "Go ahead Brynn. Just a few minutes."

Brynn knew. Of course he knew! This man wanted to put his penis in his mouth againright then; right there.

He nudged the boy's head and Brynn complied and his mouth opened and Cal's cockhead pried through his lips and the man's hips pushed up and his hands pushed down and in just a few seconds, he was in the boy's sweet warm mouth. His "Ahhhhhhhh" was so hushed, it was almost silent.

In a matter of seconds they were moving together in slow-motion fellatio and the boy remembered how much he liked the feel and even more, how much he liked pleasuring this man. As if there hadn't already been enough surprises, Brynn's ears detected one more.

"Pampah! Pampah!"



Cal yanked the boy's head up and told him to sit back in the passenger's seat.

"Pampah! I didn't know you were . . . Brynn. What are you . . . ? What are you----"

"He looked feverish princess," her grandfather Cal said. "It's a hot day. I told him he could come sit out of the sun."

"Oh so that's why he looks like that. But, Pampah, why are you here? Are you picking me up early?"

"No princess. I had some errands to run and was passing by. I saw Brynn and now you."

"Why don't I get in and we'll do something?" she asked. "Like, all three of us."

Cal laughed. "No, no Taylor. I have some things I need to do. I'll pick you up just after 5pm."

"Okay," she pouted. She leaned into the car to hug her grandfather and when she did, her oval top showed her braless, smooth, budless chest. Even Brynn could see the man checking her out.

When Cal reached to hug his granddaughter, his shirt momentarily pulled away from his cock. Brynn panicked that she might see her grandfather's cock and somehow figure out what they had been doing.

It seemed so crazy! A young girl's chest was unwittingly exposed to her grandfather while her grandfather's penis had unknowingly been exposed to his own granddaughter.

"Damn, that was close," Cal said. "Okay Brynn, you meet me here at 7pm. Right here. Where I'm parked. Tonight."

That evening as he walked to meet the man, Brynn realized he could no longer blame everything on Cal. As each of his steps hit the concrete, they became evidence of his own premeditation and responsibility. He knew what was going to happen and yet, he had chosen---on his own---to make the walk and meet with the horny older man.

He arrived at the one-way street and saw Cal's big four-door. The man smiled as the boy got in and he brushed the boy's wispy hair from his brown eyes and complimented the boy on his soft and effeminate look.

Cal drove to the corner, turned left, drove beyond the front of the rec center, and turned into an entrance to a large private parking lot. He pulled up to tubular steel gates and clicked a button on a plastic box he had pulled from somewhere. The Iron gates lifted and closed behind them.

He drove to the back of the large lot and into a space between a block wall and a large bus. He turned off the engine and sighed.

"Ahhhhh yeah, Brynn. So glad you made it. I been really wanting toyou knowsee you again. Talk to you. Never did ask you how you been. Your mom? She still working a lot?"

The boy answered with nods, shrugs and sometimes with single-word responses.

Cal's hand went to his shirt and began tugging. It tugged on his pants and In a few seconds, his rigid cock appeared and was visible enough from the illumination of distant lights.

"See that? That's how glad I am to see you," he smiled while waving it. "Been like this ever since last time. Made me happy, Brynn."

Brynn felt warmed and wanted to please the man again even it meant having semen in his mouth, an act that was not yet pleasant but seemed necessary.

"Why don't you . . . you know . . ."

His hand nudged the boy's head as before yet, unlike before, he felt little resistance as the boy permitted his face to be pushed to the older man's lap. Cal said he was a "good boy" and Brynn spread his mouth around Cal's rock-hard and needy pecker.

The boy swooned quietly with the feel of the stiff shaft invading him and then lewdly pushing in and out slowly.

Brynn didn't know if it was lust, queerdom, or the need for Cal's companionship, but he felt driven to suck on this man's cock whenever and however Cal wanted.

And all seemed to be falling into place---except for his thoughts about Taylor! His best friend. He was betraying her in what seemed like the most traitorous way ever. He was sucking on her grandfather's penis and he had already made up his mind that he would accept the man's semen as often as the man wanted. How shameful to continue to befriend her when, in the dark, he was engaged in oral fornication with her grandfather!

The battle inside of him was apoplectic and its storms roiled his insides with silent, quaking thunder.

The man pulled his head up to face him.

"You know Brynn, for someone who only sucked one time, you're a helluva cocksucker," he crooned. "That tells me you're probably ready to do what men like to see their boys do."


"Well, I know this might sound hard, but it really is important. You can ask any man. They'll tell you."


The man's smile seemed plasticized. Then he spoke.


The very word sent shivers through the boy. Yet, he knew, deep within, that whether or not he liked it, he would do it because it was what men wanted and what they expected.

"It will all be okay," Cal assured as his face broke into a broad grin. He eased the boy's mouth back onto his needy erection and his hips pushed slowly upward and his cock slowly fucked while his fingers pressed to the boy's skull.

"Ahhhhh yes Brynn. You will make me a very, very happy man. Ahhh yeah. Just let me fuck you."

His hips moved upward and then down for several minutes before he had the boy sit again on the passenger's seat. Then, Cal straddled the boy's legs and eased his erection to the boy's mouth and pushed it in and began to slowly fuck once again.

"Yeah boy, justjustlet mefuck your pretty mouth."

His hips thrust slowly and his strokes were expert, never deep enough to touch off the boy's gag reflex (which neither knew didn't exist) and it seemed to Brynn that this man might have fucked many mouths before.

He felt like a whore, being in a dark car and getting fucked. It seemed whorish and even more, this man should have been home with his wife. In a warped and depraved way, Brynn felt flattered that Cal was fucking him instead of her. It was sordid and even more traitorous than thoughts of Taylor, but for whatever reasons, those thoughts provoked within him some evil pleasure.

"That's it!" Cal exclaimed. "Just like a girl. Be a girl for me, Brynn. Let me fuckjust let mefuckyou!"

Brynn wasn't about to go anywhere. Cal had control. His hands hands were on the boy's head and his cock was sexually assaulting the boy's mouth and he had Brynn pinned to the passenger's seat.

And, Brynn also wasn't going anywhere because he had fallen into a deep lust for Cal and the need to pleasure the man and the increasing craving to receive the man's semen.

"Ahhhh yeah, baby," Cal crooned as he movements became more pronounced. "Such a good girl."

'Girl'? Is that what he said? It wasn't objectionable to Brynn but hewell it was a stupid ideabut he wondered ifif Cal was thinkingyou know, of his granddaughter; Taylor's mouth. Was he imagining having sex in Taylor's mouth and just using Brynn's as a substitute?

For more than fifteen minutes, the two copulated in their hedonist union until the man began to graon. "Ahh. Ahhh. AhhhHhhhh!" the man gasped. "Close Brynn. Close. Very close" He huffed and his body heaved and he began pushing in longer and more powerful strokes and then

He did it!

Taylor's grandfather began ejaculatinng in Brynn's mouth!

His cock spurted once and then again. It didn't stop. Six, seven, eight shots of jizz filled the boy's mouth and Brynn began to struggle. But, Cal held his head and finished and then just went inactive, his cock still buried deep in the boy.

Brynn's system was trembling from the power of what had just happened. He couldn't move. He didn't swallow. He didn't know why. In those moments, he didn't know anything.

Seduced. Sucked. Fucked in the mouth. Cheeks burgeoning with spunk. By this manthis man he liked. .

Taylor's grandfather still held Brynn's head pinned to the seat as he released a sated sigh. Yes! He had just relieved himself; his balls, in the mouth of a pretty boy.

Cal was silent. It was probably two minutes of silence but it felt like a half hour. Then he spoke. "Now Brynn, you will make me very happy and men will like you if you swallow. Will you do that for me?"

The boy's head responded in a slight nod.

As Cal began to ease his cock from the boy's lips, he told Brynn to show the cum in his mouth, then swallow. Brynn did exactly that although wondered why those things seemed so important to the man.

"Ahhhhhhh good boy, Brynn. Now swallow, boy. You can do it slowly, but swallow it all. That's what separates great cocksuckers from bad ones."

The boy wasn't certain if he would ever be ready for what he was about to do, but he understood that it was important.

Cal was stroking his cock again. "Ahhhh yeah boy. Do it slowly. Three or four swallows. I want to watch. Do it Brynn. Swallow. Swallow!"

The boy's face scrinched and his eyes watered but he did it. He swallowed some and then he swallowed more and then he swallowed the last and then he looked at the man and smiled because he knew he had done well.

At Cal's command, Brynn opened his mouth to prove he had swallowed it all and the man nodded and ran his hands through the boy's hair.

He pulled his pants up and drove the boy back to the one-way street.

Despite it being the second time he had been fucked in the mouth, Brynn's internal wars concerning Taylor seemed as great as ever. At the same time, he felt himself coming into agreement with certain facts and it seemed like a part of him was beginning to accept that he was a cocksucker. After all, he had never refused, he had sucked the man's cock twice already, he had not resisted when Cal had wanted to fuck him in the mouth, he knew men wanted to ejaculate in a cocksucker's mouths and he had not refused that either. And, he had swallowed all of the spunk the man had deposited.

It seemed so convoluted though. The very sperm that had conceived Taylor's mother and led to the conception of Taylor herself, was now the very sperm that was inside Brynn.

He had no idea how he would face her now that he was carrying her grandfather's sperm. He wasn't her best friend, but she was indeed his and yet he had done something that felt so diabolical and he would die if she ever found out.

It took awhile for him to fall asleep. He could still taste Cal's semen and could feel a gob of it still trying too ooze down his queer throat.

The next day, he did his best to act normal around Taylor, but he literally trembled inside. It was bad enough that he was betraying her, but it would be 1000 times worse once she realized how long he had kept the secret and how many times he had looked in her pretty eyes and never flinched.

What a despicable friend! Yet, with Cal, he had begun to accept part of himself that was helping him to come out of his shell, at least a little. Perhaps worse was his growing confusion about whether he wanted Cal or his cock more.

And what if he had to choose between the two? Which would it be? She was his friend but her grandfather was his lover; the man he needed.

It seemed inevitable that during the day with Taylor, he would lock his lurid memories deep inside but release them fully during those secret nights when Cal's hard cock would transport him to a world of frenzy and lust.

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