Passion on the Run

Finally! 6 weeks after signing up for the competition and you got the information, as you read you’re thankful that your friend told you how to train…. Then you see the date for the first leg of the competition…. Tomorrow!

All the instructions tell you is that the competition is set over 3 dates, first leg is a marathon, second and third leg to be confirmed later and where to go for the first leg start. On the day you arrive an hour early and sit in your car, your nerves are strung so tight you start thinking you won’t be able to go through with it… then you see people turning up…..

God, they’re all men! Is the first thought to enter your head… as you wait you see they start to leave, relieved you start to relax, you check your watch 15 minutes before you have to sign in, you decide to move now before you get cold feet. As you enter the building you are met by another woman, as you chat you start to relax and she help you fill in the forms.

She shows you to your changing room and before she leaves she reminds you that all clothing and personal items will be returned to you at the far end of the course and to make sure all your clothes are in the bag…. Seeing you pause she says ‘you were told the race will be run completely naked, so that the tasks can be completed in the shortest time?’ you stammer that you understand… ‘She says don’t worry the on the whole no one will see you as course is fenced off and miles from the nearest road’ the only thing you’re happy about is that you were told that there would be no men running in the competition!

Leaving the building you walk to the start point, when you get there you see that there are already women there waiting, they all look as nervous as you! By the time of the race there are loads of women waiting… the announcement comes over the speaker ‘contestants ready….’ Nows the moment of truth…. You slip the dressing gown off and hand it to the official…..

‘GO’…. Everyone starts running, you remember the map…. 8 miles of running track through woods and fields with 3 stops for set tasks…. you feel good knowing you’ve been practicing and training for this….. You feel the cool air rushing over you naked body…. Feel you nipples start to harden as the breeze caresses them…. You start to blush and then feel stupid, you notice other women running near you…. It’s easy to see their nipples hardening too….

As you run you realize that you’re near the front…. Excited that you’ll be able to take more time with the tasks you speed up a little…. Ahead you see a flashing sign… as you near it you number appears with an arrow pointing the way…. You were warned about this, no runners will know what the others tasks were…. Ahead you see a large tent set to one side of the track, outside stands a woman with an envelope in her hand…. You take the envelope and step into the tent…. This is where you see if you’re as free as you think!

Inside the tent it’s almost dark….. As you move further in you can just make out a shape…. Moving closer you realize it’s a man… and he’s naked too… opening the envelope you read the task…. ‘Contestant your task is to pleasure this man for 45 minutes minimum without his fulfillment, penalty points will be deduced in the event of failure….’

The man stands and you’re shocked to see he is already aroused… ‘Fuck he’s huge!’ staring you guess he has to be at least 9 or 10 inches long!.. Stepping closer you reach out and touch it…. And you jump as it twitches under your finger tips…. Wrapping your hand around it you start to stroke up and down…. Feeling it get harder and warmer as you do…. At the same time you feel yourself start to tingle between your legs, the tingling getting stronger as the cock in your hand gets harder….

Feeling your hand getting sticky you look down and see a drop of fluid on the end…. You can’t resist dropping to your knees and coming closer you breathe in the delicious smell of his pre cum…. Slowly you lean forward and touch the tip of your tongue to it…. His cock twitches…. Moving your mouth closer you suck on the end…. Fully tasting him for the first time…. Your pussy twitches…..

Sucking the cock deeper into your mouth you start to move your head back and forth…. Faster and faster, each time you feel his cock start to twitch you stop so he doesn’t cum and you get kicked out of the race… now the man is groaning and panting… you feel his hands on the back of your head trying to force you to finish him off…. You pull away and stand as he gasps!

Turning to him you lean in and whisper…. ‘I wish I could but I want to win!..’ the counter on the wall shows 10 minutes of the task left…. ‘Now what??’ you think to yourself….. Then it hits you…. Turning round you step back into him so his cock is rubbing between your arse cheeks….. You start to move up and down and grind yourself back into him…. What would your friends think of you if they could see you now!

Suddenly you feel his hands moving round the front and grabbing you breasts! rough fingers pinch your nipples sending shocks of electricity to your wet throbbing Pussy….. ‘Fuck’ you think and you know you want him inside you! But if he does you know you won’t be able to stop until he’s filled you to overflowing……

He pulls you back against his chest and whispers in your ear…. ‘Let me… I won’t tell anyone…’ pinching your nipples harder with one hand he bites your ear and his other hand finds you pussy lips…. Forcing a finger between the now soaking lips he starts to rub hard…..

You forget all about the race…. Leaning forward you offer your pussy to him…. Without waiting he pushes deep inside you…. So deep it feels like he’s going to split you in half…. Then he starts to move back and forth….. Faster, harder… and just as you feel he’s going to cum deep inside you… the timer sounds…. You want to carry on but he’s suddenly pulled out and you’re left with a throbbing pulsing pussy…. You spin round to see the woman standing there with another envelope….

She leads you out of the tent and points…. On shaking legs you start to run, more stumbling than running down the track…. As you leave you look back and see the woman watching you…. Wishing you could sneak back and finish with the guy you turn and run on to the next stop…. 5 minutes after leaving the tent you see a movement to the side of the track and realize someone is running near you…. Slowing down you run around a bend and there in the middle of the road is the man!
Still as hard as when you left him….. As you get close you pussy starts pulsing to your steps….. He reaches out as you try to pass him and grabs your arm…. Pulling you into the trees at the side of the track… leading you deeper he stops at a clearing and whispers in your ear….. ‘I didn’t finish….’ Pulling back from him you gaze into his face and tremble…..

If you say no will he listen??? Suddenly you realize you don’t want him to listen! You feel a complete slut! Pretending not to want it you try to pull away…. His grip tightens and before you can do anything he’s behind you and you feel his hard cock against your arse cheeks again…. Rubbing up and down…….. You feel you body respond on its own…..

Gasping out a faint ‘no please…’ you feel his hands on your breasts again…. This time pinching your nipples so hard it hurts….. BLISS!’…. feeling you tense he moves forward without letting go… making you stumble forward…. You reach out and stop yourself from falling by grabbing a tree…. Too late you realize that you’ve bent forward enough for him and you feel his throbbing cock enter your pussy hard…. It feels like it’s grown in size even more than in the tent!.. Now he holds your waist and starts moving faster…. Not giving you time to get your balance he fucks you so hard you’re almost crying with the pleasure……

Deeper and deeper his cock goes…. Your pussy can’t help but respond….. Pulses of pleasure ripple through you and you start to cum….. Harder and harder he fucks you…. You can’t stop him and you don’t want too…. You feel you legs start to give way but he won’t stop…… suddenly you feel his cock twitching and a hot flood hits your sore pulsing wet pussy as he fills you until it’s running down your legs…..

Slowly you drop to the ground still shaking from orgasming….. As you look round you see him standing there…. His cock still standing up hard as a rock….. Without thinking you reach up and grasp it…. Raising yourself onto your knees you suck it into your mouth and lick your combined juices off it….. Slowly you start to move you head up and down his shaft… using all you know to keep him aroused….

You feel his cock twitch and his breathing becomes faster….. Knowing he’s going to cum again you suck harder and faster….. Forcing his cock down your throat wanting to get as much in as you can to please him…. Suddenly his cock is bucking and you almost gag as hot cum hits the back of your throat and shoots down your throat….. Your body responds and another wave of orgasms hits you!

Slowly you let his cock slip out of your mouth and you slip to the ground…. You lay there naked and full of cum….. After a while you open your eyes to find he’s disappeared and in his place you see the woman from the tent! You try to stammer an excuse…. When the woman says nothing you go quiet…. You know you’ve been disqualified from the race…..

As you move to leave she looks at you and stops you…. ‘Nice try’ she says…… ‘How would you like to be one of the tasks for the next race???’

Well are you game?????

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