Interview with a Rapist

Interview with a rapist.

It didn’t start out that way, just sort of happened. I didn’t leave my house thinking I am going to go out and rape the shit out of someone. I was just enjoying the sunshine. You know, just watching the people on the beach, listening to the shrieks of the kids as they ran around on the sand, build castles or buried each other.

It was a normal day and I was taking a break from writing. Didn’t I tell you I am writing a book? Oh! Well I am. It is a technical manual about travel patterns to and from work. The local council commissioned it as part of a study towards urban regeneration. At least, that’s what they call it. If you ask me, it is an excuse to knock down the social housing, move all the migrant workers and build multi-use housing at the better end of the market.

Sorry, I get side tracked easily these days.

Anyway, I was just sitting in one of the shelters, trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible. I burn easily and just stay looking like a lobster. You can keep all those tanning creams, they don’t work on me.
Anyway, a beach ball came flying into the shelter where I was sitting. You know, one of those inflatable ones with red and white stripes on it. The ball was closely followed by a young girl. She was wearing an all in one swim suit. I think it had dolphins on it. I remember it was a light blue, the colour of early morning. She giggled as I handed her the beach ball. Her blond hair was wet, like she had been in the sea. I could see that her swim suit was a bit wet around the bottom half. I guessed she had only been in a short way which is sensible here, there is a rip tide further out, catches too many people every year, I don’t know how the Coast Guard puts up with it.

I guessed she was eleven or so. She was very slim, with no tits or anything much to show. Her little bulge had turned into what is it they call it? Ah yes, a camel toe. The fabric had folded into her crack, quite sexy really, if you like little girls. I don’t much.

Anyway, when she had hold of the ball, she said, thanks mister. Then she turned, to run back to the beach. I remember seeing that her bathing costume had rucked up into her little ass, showing her cheeks with sand all over. I just sat and watched as she joined her friends on the beach.

What do you mean was I turned on by the sight? She was a little girl for fuck’s sake. Christ! You guys are perverted.

Fuck me!

Anyway I am calm, let me tell my story please.

Anyway, I must have sat there longer than I intended. I was supposed to be concentrating on this travel plan, but somehow, the day just slipped by. It was only when I realised I was hungry that I left the shelter.
That’s when I saw the little girl again. She had changed now into day clothes. A little printed dress and a pair of those plastic shoes cloggies, sloggies, or something like that. She looked pretty and her hair had been done. It was dry and hung to the middle of her back.

She was holding her mother’s hand and talking nineteen to the dozen, her little voice carrying all the way across the road.

Yes I followed them.

I don’t know why, just I dunno, a magnetic pull or something.

No, it wasn’t the kid, although she was pretty, but Mum was really pretty. I could see her bikini through the sarong she had put on. Shocking pink two-piece that really only just about covered her sex. Turns out it was a thong, nothing but string and the sarong she had on didn’t hide anything. I remember thinking, wow! What a hot ass. The top half didn’t have much to say either, just barely covering her nipples and little more than string, just like the bottom half.

They walked half a block or so, on the far side of the road. The town side, away from the beach.
I already told you I followed.

No, I didn’t want to fuck the little girl. I ain’t no fucking pervert. Fucking hell! You guys are sick puppies.
After half a block, they stopped at the Maritime Building. You know, the one with the concierge at the front who thinks his shit don’t stink. Yup, that’s the one.

The little girl gave her mum a kiss on the cheek, waved and went inside leaving mum on the sidewalk. She waited for a few minutes until the girl waved off of one of the balconies

I don’t know what floor probably fourth or fifth.

Do you want me to tell you what happened or, are you just going to keep on asking stupid questions?

Thank you.

So, mum takes off, walking on past the beach shop with all the buckets and spades and the other shit that never seems to sell. It just hangs out there on the awning, blowing around in the breeze.

Yes I followed her. How do you think I got to her house?

About a half mile. She stopped and blipped her car.

I don’t know. I think it was a jeep.

Anyway, she just poked her head in and got something from the dash and put it in the straw bag she was carrying. Her ass was in the air as she lent inside. Oh yes, it was a fucking hot sight.

No I don’t know what it was. No she didn’t see me. I was quite a bit behind her, just keeping pace, you know.

Well then, she shut the door blipped the car again and started walking up the verge towards her house.

No I didn’t know it was her house, well, not before hand anyway.

What’d I do? Well I just stood there watching the front of the house for a while. Then, after, I dunno, twenty minutes I guess, I went between her house and the one next door into the back yard. There is an alleyway, a bit overgrown with lilac bushes.

They have a pool, just a small one.

Oh yeah, ‘course you know. You’ve been there.

There she was, stretched out on one of the loungers.

Yes she was naked.

What did I think? I thought, fucking hell! She is naked, out in the open and I thought, lucky me.

After a while of me just watching her, she sat up and grabbed a bottle of sun lotion. I gotta tell you, when she started rubbing that lotion all over her body, I thought I was gonna blow my load right there and then. I was getting a full frontal, well from the middle up anyways. She was sitting sideways on the lounger.

She rubbed that lotion all over her arms and then over her tits, making sure she got under them, pushing those beauties up. And then, oh my God! She stood up and started rubbing the lotion all the way up her legs. Bending all the way over, her tits swinging, as she started at the ankle and worked upwards until she rubbed some more over her fanny. I like shaved twats, hers is shaved.

I watched is what I did. I mean, come on guys, a red hot woman is rubbing lotion all over herself, giving you the view of a lifetime and you’re telling me, you wouldn’t watch?

I was in the shrubbery, turned out to be the best place.

She lay back down again on the lounger, pulled her shades down and just lay there soaking up the sun.

That’s when I got closer.

No I wasn’t thinking about screwing her, just wanted to get a better look is all.

She was gorgeous. About five eight, hundred and twenty pounds or so I guess. Fantastic tits, not fake, tanned from head to toe and looking like a lottery win to me.

Well that is where it started to go wrong. I must have made a noise or something, because she opened her eyes, spied me and started to yell at the top of her lungs.

Well of course I had to shut her up. No I didn’t use anything other than my hand. It covered her mouth pretty quick smart I can tell you. She was screaming fit to bring down the wroth to Jehovah.

I told her I didn’t want to hurt her, just wanted to look. I guess she didn’t believe me, because she started to struggle and wriggle like an eel. Thing is, with all that lotion on, she was just as slippery as an eel.

No, I am not trying to make a joke.

So I clocked her one, just a little tap, smack on her jaw. Guess she couldn’t take a punch. She went out like a light.

What I do then? Well there she was, perfect body, perfect shape, perfect tan and dead quiet. I felt her up, naturally. Rubbed her tits some; God they were gorgeous. Then I slipped a finger or two into her cunt. Being that she was out for the count, it was easy and the lotion made everything just so nice; Smelled of coconut by the way.

So anyway, I dropped my strides because I was going to give her a length and thought I would take advantage of the situation. What guy wouldn’t?

Well I managed to get my dick in, wasn’t too easy because she had her legs closed so I was straddling her and the lounger, but I made it. That was when she woke up and all hell broke loose for a moment. She fights like a cat, claws like a tiger, it wasn’t until I drew my fist back to pop her again that she quietened down. I guess she knew that if she kept on fighting, I was going to bust her up.

So anyway, I pulled my cock outta her cunt

Sorry, what do you want to me to call it? What? Vagina? Are you kidding me? Can we settle on twat?

Okay, so I pulled my cock out of her twat and seeing she was being compliant, told her to suck it. I had to repeat myself, I don’t like having to say things twice. She sucked it, not too well at first, so I told her how I wanted it. She gagged once or twice, but managed to get most of it in.

What was I doing? Well apart from getting my dick sucked, I was fondling those lovely tits of hers. A good B cup I reckon and pointing straight out.

Then I told her to turn around. She was crying a bit and I told her to shut the fuck up. She turned over and I got to see that lovely ass. I had to kneel on the pool side flag stones. It was a bit uncomfortable, but it was okay.

So then I slipped Old Jim straight into her cutwat. It felt real good, all slippery from the lotion and hot as Hades inside. I just started pumping away, ramming into her on the lounger.

What? Oh, she just lay there, saying nothing, doing nothing, but that was okay because I was going to get a nut on and there was fuck all she could do about it.

That’s when I got the idea. I ain’t never been inside a woman’s dirt box.

Yes her anus, fucking hell! Are you two retards or what?

I pulled Old Jim out of her twat, lined him up and shoved him straight into her ass. Fuck me but did she yell. I shut her up by grabbing a fist full of hair and yanking up her head. Worked a treat. I fucked her ass good, ramming the old boy into her guts and yanking her hair. Was like riding a bronco only more fun.

Well then she pleaded for me not to cum in her ass. I got to admit, I was going hell for leather and had a mind to just ignore her pleading. But I guess she must have plucked at a heart string or something because, I pulled out of her and dragged her off the lounger by her hair, onto the flag stones, on her knees.

I remember saying, dontcha want it in the ass baby? Well okay then, instead, you suck me right off and you swallow the load. I guess I might have threatened to bust her up if she didn’t swallow it. Girl took to it like a pro. She sucked Old Jim like there was no tomorrow, brown stuff and all.

Yup she gagged, but just kept right on doing it. Gotta say, it was the horniest thing I ever seen.

And then I let her have it. The whole shemozzle, right down her throat and she swallowed just as quick as she could. I jerked Old Jim off just to make sure there was nothing left and was just thinking, what the fuck am I gonna do now, when I saw the little girl again. She was standing by the back patio doors, silently watching.

How you think it made me feel. Fuck man, I panicked. I picked up my clothes and ran like my ass was on fire.

Yeah, I guess it was stupid leaving all that evidence around. Yeah I shoulda worn a rubber, but as I said. I wasn’t out for nothing, just a break from writing was all.

How did I get to the little girl? Well that is a different story and now I want my Lawyer.

Oh and fuck you too. Asshole.

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