A test of love

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I first met Debbie when she was 15 and still in school, I was a little older at 19years. She was very beautiful, slender, petite, with a gorgeous athletic body, loving and tender with a Julia Roberts mouth and smile and a wonderful caring personality. We were firsts with each other sexually.
All my family and friends adored her.

We married when she turned 19 very much in love and moved away from home on transfer with my work. After about 2 years into our marriage I was given some subtle hints by a friend that my brother was closer to Debbie than he should have been. I confronted her about this and she confessed to having let him kiss her at a party she had been to on a solo return visit to our hometown. Debbie implored that was all that had happened and asked that I forgive her and it wouldn’t happen again. She loved me, I was the world to her and didn’t want to wreck our marriage.
She confessed to being lonely in the city away from our families and she had just needed some extra loving.

On our next home visit I decided to watch any interaction between Debbie and John my older brother. He still lived at home with my parents and that was where we would be staying. My parents being away overseas on holidays we had the place to ourselves.

John asked us to accompany him to the local bar for a some drinks and hear a new band. Lots of people where at the bar and I chatted with some old friends for a while leaving John and Debbie at our table alone. They where unsure where I was, but I could see them and could see John’s hand under the table stealthily touching Debbie legs, she didn’t attempt to stop him just kept chatting looking at him. I returned to the table and we left to go home soon after.

Staying up for coffees when we arrived home Debbie went to ready herself for bed, she came back into the lounge room wearing a very short satin dressing gown and I could tell looking at her that’s all she had on by the way it clung to her body exposing her erect nipples and clinging to her thighs and hips, she looked stunningly sexy and beautiful in the robe with her hair down, smelling fresh and perfumed.

I had to know if any thing was going on between them so I made an excuse to go to and get my wallet out of the car, but instead went to the window of the lounge room where the curtain didn’t quite meet at the side. I could see them cuddling then kissing, John running his hand up under her dressing gown caressing and baring her naked ass, his fingers trailed around the creases of her body lingering at the cleft of her ass before Debbie opened her legs slightly bending forward and allowed him to trace his fingers down through her ass crack to play with her between her legs then I could see his fingers entering her obviously wet pussy.

I could see she was loving the attention with her eyes closed and clinging to him at the same time rubbing her hand up and down his penis outside of his clothes. It was so erotic to see another mans hand feeling Debbie and how she had responded, how she had opened her legs for him wanting him to feel her body.

I was confused with feelings of anger and hurt but then lust took over wanting to see more, I then wanted to see Debbie fuck another man. I had a raging hard on seeing his hands play with her ass cheeks and then feel her down through the crack of her ass, her bending forward for him to get a better feel of her opening pussy, at the same time exposing herself to me unknowingly.

I quietly returned to the lounge and caught them breaking from their embrace watching his hand drop quickly from under her dressing gown. They both knew I had seen John move his hand from under her gown. John apologised to me and left the room saying goodnight, Debbie sobbed and asked again that I please forgive her, She said she loved me but just wanted to know what another man felt like and John happened to be available to her. She didn’t want our marriage to end but just wanted to experience more in her life.

Pretending to be angry we went to bed where Debbie sobbingly cuddled up to me, telling me how sorry she was and how much she loved me, kissing my neck and running her hands all over my chest, pinching my nipples before sucking and playfully biting them, she knew how to turn me on and how much I loved her sucking my nipples.

Her hand went down to my hard cock which she started to expertly stroke before going down in the bed and coming up to engorge my penis with her mouth giving me an incredible blowjob licking, sucking and kissing my balls and going down to rim my ass for the first time ever, I know she was trying to turn it around between us and it was working , she was in control. She blew me and swallowed my load, then told me again how much she loved me and asked if I was still angry with her.
I then confessed to her that I was incredibly turned on knowing that another man wanted her and how she had responded to him. I also confessed that I had watched them through the window and saw John fingering her, how she opened up for him, how sexy and wanton it was and that I nearly blew into my pants.
You bastard, she said, playfully hitting me saying I was a perve and needed a to be taught a lesson.

She reminded me then that I had already cum and she needed an orgasm, I need a fuck and you blew your cum into my mouth, If you really want me to take another man then I will go into John for a fuck and you will have to wait for me to return to you. She put my hand onto her pussy to let me feel how wet and ready she was, saying its my turn now, don’t wait for me I intend to enjoy this, you perve.

She kissed me passionately got out of my bed naked and went down the passage to his room. I laid on the bed trembling, confused, incredibly turned on but unsure if I really wanted this to happen, I knew she was going to do this, let another man fuck her with me knowing, I wondered how can we make our love last, but I knew I couldn’t stop her and she was honest enough to tell me what she wanted.

I just had to see her with him but the door to his room was shut so I went outside down the pathway to see if I could peep through the window. As luck would have it he hadn’t pulled his curtains fully across and I could see fully into his room via the full length wardrobe mirrors and he had on a small bedside light giving me full view.

Debbie was under the covers with him, they where kissing, groping each other and rolling around in the bed, it wasn’t long before the covers fell off exposing their naked bodies entwined with each other. John was kissing Debbie on her neck and nibbling her earlobes, which she loves, and gradually kissed his way down to her breasts, sucking and nibbling her nipples, holding his hands under her neck I could hear her sighing and gently rocking herself taking in the sensations of her aroused nipples being suckled. She had her hands around his neck pulling herself onto him as he worked his tongue down her belly getting lower and lower always looking into her eyes. He found her pubic hair and slowly ran his tongue around in little circles through it before still going lower, Debbie was quivering on her back with a look of anticipation in her eyes and then when his tongue found her clit she responded by lifting her legs up and clamping herself around his ears pulling him into her. John kept licking and sucking her clit as she moaned and writhed on the bed, her eyes open with a glazed look with her hands pulling his head down on her and opening her legs as wide as she could to give him all of her pussy to lick. John stayed down on her for an eternity before untangling his body from her turning around and giving her his engorged cock to suck on.

Debbie slowly kissed the head of his cock running her tongue around and around before lightly licking behind the head and nibbled her way down his shaft to under his balls just as she had done to me only minutes earlier, slipping the head gently around her lips she started a little rocking motion causing his cock to go in and out of her mouth, gradually going lower and lower on him until she had him all in her mouth down to his balls, she quickened her pace but John could take no more and pushed her away obviously about to blow. Debbie giggled at him clipping him around the ears and telling him its about time he fucked her.

John pushed her down onto her back spread her legs and pushed his cock to the lips of her pussy, he teased her by rubbing the tip of his penis up and down her slit until she clamped her legs around his back and thrust herself onto him I heard her cry out as his penis entered slow and long in and out then he quickened his pace thrusting in and out in and out. He piston fucked her hard and fast.
Debbie was loud as she screamed in pleasure pleading with him to fuck me fuck me hard, harder, harder. John rolled off Debbie turned her on her belly and pulled her legs up into a doggy style, the view this gave me was sensational as I was directly behind them, I saw his cock tease her slit as he rubbed it up and down with his cock before thrusting into her, the view of his ass and balls was so erotic fucking my wife I found myself hard and wanking like crazy biting my lip and trying to keep quiet.

John wasn’t satisfied he got off the bed telling Debbie to stay in that position. He got a tube of lube from his drawer. I had seen Debbie’s naked body from every angle before but this was different to me now she was a woman fucking and the exposure of her ass in the air looking at me was so erotic her little asshole was open and so inviting and I wasn’t surprised when John with cream on his fingers started to finger fuck her little asshole. She writhed in absolute ecstasy swaying her hips side to side as he penetrated her with his thumb in her ass and other fingers massaging her pussy, she was moaning and screaming out to him to fuck me fuck me now please fuck me.

Debbie pushed John back on the bed and straddled him holding his penis in her hand and rubbing up and down her pussy to her asshole , she gently pushed the tip his cock into her asshole screaming out before pushing herself slowly onto him, it was amazing seeing his cock enter her ass with Debbie easing herself onto him before starting a little rhythm pattern, John couldn’t last he pushed her off and turned her around laid her on her back and positioned himself on top. She open her legs wide as he pushed her higher up in the bed Debbie put her legs around johns back as he teased her with his hard cock before penetrating her in one gentle thrust, again and again she pleaded to be fucked . John again pushed her legs higher she was completely exposed to me with their fucking. I had a view of his hard long penis dangling from his body with his balls hanging down his ass and exposed and moving in and out of Debbie’s pussy, the sight was so erotic as his penis opened up her slit, her asshole was open and puckered where he had been fingering her a moment ago.

The piston action with each thrust of their bodies intensified until John plunged all the way up to his balls inside of her pussy. His ass cheeks kept opening and contracting as he emptied his cum into her holding himself fully in with little pump actions. Debbie’s swollen and wet glistening pussy was holding him into her draining all of his cum into her, panting and screaming out yesssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I cummmmmmmming.

They laid in this position for ages before John finally rolled off Debbie wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.

I couldn’t cum, I wanted to save it, so I fled back to bed and anxiously waited for Debbie to return to me. I must have dozed off as I didn’t hear her return but felt her nuzzling up behind me and nibbling my ear.
Hi honey she said, did you miss me? well I have just been fucked by your brother do you want to feel? And placed my hand between her legs to feel her wet swollen pussy. It was like velvet to my touch I could feel his cum in her and with the smell of sex on her was very erotic.

I know you where watching outside the window I heard you, did you get a good view of John fucking me you perve. I knew you would be there so I turned on the light so you could see your little wife take another man and darling, I loved it wasn’t he good at fucking me? I am full of his cum in me right now. Did you enjoy watching your wife being fucked by another man darling? Tell me darling isn’t that what you wanted, tell me did you really enjoy me fucking another man?
I confessed to her that I had been very aroused watching her fuck scene and described to her how erotic it had been, but I am scared of losing you I want us to be always together as man and wife.

Debbie said if she wanted other men in her life it would be for sex only, she loved being taken by another cock and wanted more, and she wouldn’t stop me taking an other woman providing that she knew it was going to happen.
Debbie said she loved me deeply and we would always be together, now we have opened up a new way of living for each other. Maybe, Debbie said, we could all be together in bed and take each other, if we want to. You could both have me, I could have both of you, that would be fun. I would love to be in bed with you and another girl, its my fantasy so lets make it happen one day.
She knew that would turn me on as we have always read stories together from adult mags of threesomes and with girls together.

Debbie pulled me closer to her, kissed me on the lips and placed her hand between her legs to feel her wet pussy still full of Johns cum.
I had to have her now, got on top of her and entered her pussy with a thrust and piston fucked her until I blew a load of my cum into her. She bucked up and down with me raking her fingers up and down my back exploding into an intense orgasm with me as we came together wrapped in each others arms.

In the morning I was first out of bed, showered and making breakfast when John sheepishly appeared, he stammered and stuttered an apology to me before I quietened him and told him it was okay that I knew he had fucked Debbie, I watched you, I enjoyed the show but you should be more careful with your curtains. All I ask is that it is our secret and to warn you that Debbie is my wife and that is how it always will be, don’t fall for her, you won’t be the only guy to fuck her with my blessing.

Debbie appeared showered, glowing and seductively dressed in a little flared mini skirt and top, she wore no bra and I was unsure of panties until she exposed a white thong when she put her arms around John and gave him a big long kiss on his lips running her hands all over his ass putting on a seductive show for me.

She then came over to me and planted a long loving kiss on my lips running her hands over my ass, I took advantage of this and ran my hands under her skirt and felt her up in front of John showing him her ass making sure he could see me play with the girl he had fucked a few hours earlier. I could see he was aroused again and had to push down on his penis to stop it slipping out of the top of his shorts.

Debbie lovingly smacked my ass before laughingly asking well boys what are we going to do about this today? You know darling I slept with John last night and I want to sleep with him again. In fact I want to sleep with both of you together, all of us in the same bed, but later tonight when my pussy is not so sore.
Come on she said, you can both take me shopping and buy me something to wear to bed tonight.

From that memorable night Debbie and I have enjoyed a succession of guys and girls together over many years, John has spent many weekends with us and even took Debbie overseas with him as his wife leaving me at home alone.
We are still together, very much in love and still continue to bring other men and women into our lives.

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