Watching a Movie With Friends Part 3

“I’m up for more if you two are,” I said.
“I believe it’s my turn,” Trisha said as she laid back. “Come fuck me with that big cock, loverboy.”
How could I resist an offer like that? I looked down on Trisha’s naked form and admired her C-cups and bald pussy. She writhed in ecstasy, grinding her legs together while running her hands up and down her bare body. Her smiling lips parted revealing her tongue, which she flicked at me.

Nicole had nuzzled up behind me, her hands making their way down my flesh to my growing cock. She gripped it and helped it resume full attention by slowly stroking it back and forth. Her huge tits pressed up against my back as she pushed me forward.

“I want to put your cock into Trish’s pussy,” Nicole whispered seductively into my ear.

“Oh god Nikki, shove his hard cock into me. I need it now!”

Nicole guided my rigid pole into Trisha’s quivering lips. Her snatch fit perfectly around my cock. I sank all the way down until my balls pressed against her supple ass cheeks. Nicole shifted so she had better access to Trisha’s clit. She flicked it back and forth as I pulled almost entirely out before slamming back down again. I sped up my rhythm, causing tiny moans to come from the perfect girl I was fucking.

“I know you’ve been wanting Johnny to fuck you for a while,” Nicole cooed.

“Nikki…let me…taste your…pussy,” Trisha managed to get out amidst my thrusts.

It didn’t take Nicole long to swing one leg over her friend’s face and lower herself down. No sooner had she straddled Trisha’s face before she emitted her own whimpers and moans. Trisha was really going to town down there. The sight of Nicole playing with Trisha’s tits while grinding her pussy down drove me wild. I leaned over and pulled Nicole’s face to my own. Our tongues intertwined as I reached up and took a nipple in each hand. I kneaded them back and forth but had to get two hefty handfuls. There was no way I could cover Nicole’s massive melons, but I sure tried. I was fucking Trisha while she ate Nicole’s pussy. Nicole was playing with Trisha’s tits with making out with me, and I was playing with her tits.

After a while Nicole dismounted and pushed me back saying she wanted to switch positions with Trisha. This was fine with me, so switch we did. Nicole’s pussy was significantly tighter, so I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Trisha lowered herself onto Nicole’s face. Her hands went to Nicole’s tits and mine went to hers. We each leaned forward and the making out continued. I tasted Nicole’s juices on Trisha’s lips, and the taste was exquisite. My thrusts were becoming increasingly urgent and I knew I was about cum. As if it were fate Trisha began moaning loudly into my mouth.

“I’m cumming,” she groaned.

“Me too!” came Nicole’s stifled reply.

I felt a surge of pussy juice wash over my cock and balls. That was all I could take, and began to shoot my own flood right back into Nicole’s sensational cunt. I let out a grunt and unleashed my hot stream deep into her womb. We each shuddered as wave after wave of orgasm washed over us.

Trisha and I each collapsed off of Nicole and just laid there. Nicole’s legs were convulsing as her orgasms kept coming. I looked over to see her fingers working hard on her swollen clit. The girl was insatiable. She couldn’t stop at one or even four or five orgasms. Her shoulders heaved up and down as she gasped for air. Trisha and I looked at each other in amazement. We couldn’t believe we were watching our friend cum over and over again. Seven, eight times. The bed sheets were absolutely soaked with a mix of our fluids, but more kept pouring out of Nicole by the minute. I rose up and positioned myself between her legs, though she didn’t seem to notice. By the tenth orgasm I couldn’t take anymore and had to taste that sweet nectar. I dove in face first. Nicole huffed and panted as my mouth found her engorged clit. I sucked it into my mouth as another surge of her liquor shot out. I drank what I could and lapped up what I missed. My fingers found her hole and slipped in easily. I made a “come here” motion with my finger and found her G spot. This sent another two consecutive orgasms through her.

Nicole pushed my head back and turned on her side while closing her legs. I moved up to spoon her from behind. Trisha moved in front of her, but faced us. We laid there for a while, just basking it absolute paradise. I fell asleep for a bit, but awoke on my back with my legs hanging off the bed. I thought Nicole and Trisha were gone, but then I heard them talking softly down by my feet.

“Do you think he’s awake?” one of them whispered.

“Let’s find out,” the other answered.

I then felt two sets of hands on my cock and balls. Apparently I was still hard. I felt one of them kiss the right side of my shaft. The other then kissed the left side. They slid up and down kissing the entire length. One then took the head into her mouth and sank all the way down to the base. Since Trisha had learned how to deepthroat, I wasn’t sure who it was. I got my answer when Nicole slid up next to me and started lightly kissing my face. I opened my eyes to see her smiling down on me.

“We think you can go once more. We also decided that you are going to fuck my throat.” She said very sternly, like I was being disciplined.

“Whatever you want Nikki,” I answered.

I sat up and Nicole laid on her back, with her head hanging over the edge. Since Trisha was still blowing me, I didn’t know what to do. I stood up, but Trisha stayed latched on. I was a little unsure what to do next, but Nicole raised her head up.

“Bitch, you need to get off that dick, and let him do what I commanded him to do,” she said harshly, but after she laughed, I knew she was just playing.

Trisha begrudgingly surrendered control of my tool to her friend and I situated myself in front of Nicole’s head. With her hands on my ass, she pulled me closer. Her mouth opened and accepted my entire length before pushing me back again.

“I want you to fuck my throat as hard as you can, and when you cum, I want you to shove your cock as far down as you can. I want you to shoot your seed into my stomach,” she demanded. “Do you understand?”


“Just come here!”

“I’m just going to watch,” came Trisha’s voice from next to us. “Well, that and I play with myself.”

I buried my stick in Nicole’s eager throat and began thrusting it in and out as hard as I dared. Nicole’s hands pulled on my ass causing me to go even harder. “Well, if she wants hard, then I’ll give her hard,” I thought. I stopped for a minute to spread my legs a bit, grabbed the headboard with one hand, and one of her tits with the other. What came next can only be described as a hate fucking. I slammed my cock into her throat as fast and hard as I could. In and out! Faster! Harder! Faster! Harder! Slam! Slam! The bed started moving until it hit the wall. Slam! Bang! Slam! The headboard was bouncing off the wall, and even though it was cinder block it still caused the room to move and shake. Pictures fell off the desk. Slam! Harder! Faster! More! The bed sounded like it was going to break apart from the impacts. Bang! Sweat was flying off of me. I thought I was killing her, but her hands kept pulling my ass towards her gaping mouth. Slam! Bang! Harder! Faster! I felt a vibration in my balls. She was moaning. She loved being face fucked like a slut. I saw a stream of liquid shoot of her pussy. She was cumming just from me fucking her throat! She moved one hand down to her clit and worked out another orgasm in no time. Slam! Bang! Faster! Harder!

I knew the end was near. With renewed energy, I fucked her face even tougher. Faster! Harder! I heard glass shattering over my shoulder, but I couldn’t stop. From deep down, so far down it seemed to come from the pits of hell, I felt my molten lava rising. This volcano was about to blow! I grabbed on to the headboard as hard as I could and shoved every last inch of my raging instrument as far down as I could. The geyser of cum sprayed deep into Nicole’s abused throat. I bellowed her name as the most intense orgasm I have ever had pounded over me. Jet after jet leapt from the tip. I felt like I was cumming my soul into Nicole. Liquid washed down over my balls as she overflowed. She pulled me in as tight as she could, not wanting to miss a drop. She tried her best, but there was simply too much.

I slowly and gingerly pulled back. I collapsed in to the chair behind me, exhausted. I looked over to Trisha. Her hand was on her clit, but she was frozen. She had stopped toying herself almost immediately, shocked at what she was watching. I looked at the wall in front of me. It was covered in Nicole’s own cum. She had squirted so hard, it hit the wall 6 feet away. Nicole rolled over and sat up. She was also shocked at what had just happened.

“That…” she began.

“Nikki, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” I pleaded.

“No, Johnny. That…” she paused to take a breath,”…was amazing. I have never cum so hard in my life.”

She smiled at both of us and wiped her mouth. I looked to see what the glass shattering sound was. I had knocked a glass of the small coffee table in the middle of the room. Good thing it landed on concrete, so it would be easy to clean up.

“Well, I was hungry before,” Nicole said patting her belly, “but I’m definitely full now.”

She let out a small burp. We each looked at the others, and then all three of us busted out laughing.

The End

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