First time fucked right

Firstly, let me apologize for the mistakes made in my first story published here. Everytime I went into the text editor, text would disappear, then reappear. I spent hours trying to connect the dots or at least see the end of the story. Eventually I gave up and just said whatever. I'm guessing that this site is a drupal install and an older version.

While still with my ex wife, I was chatting it up with other degenerative perverts on a mobile sex site. I'm pretty sure the site began with the best intentions, but over the years every chat site becomes a perv site. Anyway I was talking to another dude who seemed to have the same interests. When I showed him a picture he didn't run away and cancel his subscription, so I must've been doing something right. Normally it was against my ways to talk to guys in such a manner, but I wasn't getting any at home and was really really horny back then.
After some time I forgot about this ingernettin friend and stopped chatting on the site. About a month later I received a strange call. The caller swore he knew me, it was that guy again I had perved with in the chat room. We talked for a long time. I eventually mentioned how I'd like to be a bottom sometime. He was disappointed as he was a bottom too. Well it didn't matter much, as we were both handsome man whores. So he finally talked me into meeting him somewhere in-between the cities we lived in. The anticipation of this sexual rendezvous was killing me. I was nutting in my pants daily, waiting for that time to arrive. I was so horny waiting for the day, that sometimes all it took was a nipple pinch to get me off. When the day finally came, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.
Then my fears took over as I reached the place where he said he'd pick me up. I thought "he's a murderous rapist, hell think I'm ugly, he's not coming, he's a gaybasher and its a setup" every bad scenario ran through my brain, fully detailed in 3d. Then this little white car pulls up and starts waving at me. "Hey man, whatsup?!" Oh shit! He was a lot cooler than I thought, and said he really liked how I looked and he didn't look so bad himself.
Damn, I was terrified over absolutely nothing. You see, I don't like males at all, but I love sex. All forms of sex. However the male species is ugly and barbaric, cruel and tarnished. This speciman however was an exception. A handsome Latino with manners to boot. One of those rare caring, sensitive, raised right by his momma types. So the world isn't ready to be flushed down the drain just yet afterall. We rode in his car forever. He was so worried about what I was thinking, but I was having a great time just riding around with this guy. The coolest part was, neither one of us were gay, just mistreated by ignorant ladies, thrust into searching for something new and different. We eventually made it to his house with a case of beer and I was impressed. He was doing really well and had a very nice place on the outskirts of town. We chatted for hours, trying to break the nervous tension of two horny guys.
He finally leaned in on me and my first real kiss with a guy started here. I had never felt anything like it. He was well shaven, but I still felt the stubble on his face, so there was an exhilarating mix of smooth wet kissing and some stubble rubbing. Hard and soft, I loved it. He showed me hos computer and he had saved all of the pictures I'd sent him. This was too much. We started kissing again and he began rubbing on my crotch. My six inch cock instantly jumped up and tried to break through my jeans. I was so horny I was breathing like I'd just ran a triathlon. He stopped, held my hand, and led me to his room. It was huge, with an oversized pillowtop bed in the middle. He got me all worked up, stroking my cock through my pants, then said "ill be right back." He took forever, so I went ahead and stripped and got underneath the thick covers, all ready for my new experience that I had lusted for for so long.
My dick stood straight up and was already lubing itself with precum. He came back in wearing nothing but boxers. He came to the edge of the bed and his attitude was totally different. He told me to suck his meat, so I nervously leaned across the large bed and took his cock out. I was shocked to see peircings on the head and under the tender soft parts, making his eight inch stick look that much more appealing. I placed a sucking kiss on the tip, with the fat of my lips, and let the saliva drool out, then pushed my mouth down his length, as though it came naturally to me. I sucked his large phallus the way I had always wanted mine to be sucked. He became as hard as a rock and began to pant and moan. Midsuck he asked me if I minded the peircings. I said I don't know about it going inside of me later, but it made it look really good and sexy. He said "don't worry, you'll learn to love it". His sudden empowerment scared me. Earlier he was as shy as me, now he was in charge and I was merely his little slut. I sucked his cock like a champ, even deep throating him, holding him there while I swallowed his head.
He put his hands on my head and took charge, he was suddenly fucking my face, I could hardly keep up, trying my best to not choke on his large member. His balls were banging on my chin, and my nose was being squashed by his pubes above his piece. I couldn't breathe anymore, so I sort of just opened my mouth and throat, instead of sucking him, and covered my teeth with my lips at the same time. This encouraged him to fuck my face even harder. Just before he was about to cum, he stopped and told me to flip over onto my back. Being very new to this, o was a little confused, so he turned me where he wanted me, grabbed my legs and put them on his chest. He had me spread eagle.
I thought he was going to eat my ass at first, but I was wrong. He placed his dickhead at the entrance to my asshole and started to push. I began to protest, I wanted to use some lube or something, but it was too late. I felt him enter me quickly. Two inches sunk into me, with the little amount of spit I had left on his tool. He reared back and shoved his whole member inside of me. I was instantly turned on, lusting for more like a dog in heat. I began to moan and squeal. He started fucking me hard and raw. His precum lubed me up from the inside. My cock was pointing straight up and swung in motion with his rocking into me. My ass had never been so full before this moment.
Whole new sensations swept over my body. I was being fucked like a dirty slut. He began to lean into his thrusts and was now over my body. I felt his piercings reaching the end of my rectum, banging against something inside of me. "Oh please stop, it hurts" This only seemed to turn him on more. My head was swimming in emotions and some awesome new feelings inside. I was awash in pleasures I had previously not known
. He grabbed my raging hard on and stroked it while he pumped me full of his meat. This was too much and my dick erupted, shooting straight up and into his chesthair. This made my sphincter tighten and he had to stop. He said I nearly cut his dick off with my ass, I had squeezed him so hard. He slowly pulled out of me and pushed my legs, making me roll over into the bed.
I got onto my hands and knees, still wanting more, and he followed suit, getting behind me with his swollen muscle in his hand. He spit on my asshole and shoved his cock in, pushing into me as far as he could. He now had a better angle and hit the end of my asshole again. "Ahhhhh!" I yelped. It hurt so bad when he hit the end of me. He just ignored me again and went crazy, fucking my asshole like a madman. He was giving long powerful strokes now, using me with everything he had in his arsenal of fucking tricks. He kept plowing into the end of me with that big long piece of his and I lost my balance, my face landed in the pillow and my cries became muffled. Now I knew where the term "pillowbiter" came from. He fucked me for an eternity, long enough for my dick to get hard and come again. He was grabbing my ass with his big hands, and when he finally started getting close to blow, pinched my ass so hard that he left a scar. This made me jump and squirm, which was what he wanted, because he pulled his giant schlong out of my ass and pulled my face to his cock, shooting long streams of cum mostly into my mouth, but also across my face and neck. Some of it landed in my eyes, gluing them shut. It must have been a long time for him as well, for there was so much of it! I swallowed what I could, and then let my head fall into the nearest pillow. I was in some sort of sexual shock. He layer with me and put my head on his large muscular chest while I continued stroking my cock under the blanket. He went down and finished me off with his slightly more experienced mouth. Then I laid on his chest again and passed smooth out. Stay tuned to find out what happened the next day.

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